Homeschool parents sue New Jersey, allege ‘unlawful, unconstitutional home intrusion’

Nothing really changed after a New Jersey state social worker banged on Christopher and Nicole Zimmer’s front door, and yet everything was different.

Over the next two hours, the social worker quizzed their 15-year-old son, Chris, including questions on whether his parents fought or did drugs. She wanted to see his homeschool curriculum. She wanted to inspect their firearms. She told the Zimmers to sign papers agreeing to turn over their son’s medical records.

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  • Diane Brenner says:

    I’m totally in favor of home schooling provided the parent doing the teaching is serious about her/his commitment to his children. My youngest son was a rebel when it came to school. He refused to do anything required of him. After a discussion with the principal, I began to home school him. In one school quarter of time, his grades went from all Fs to As and Bs. He couldn’t just sit and stare out a window with me. He was a smart boy. He just didn’t care. The school was amazed with the work he did at home with me.

  • Charlie Jordan says:

    How sick can the democrats get?

  • JRuss says:

    What has pushed home schooling is the “no vaccines, no public school”. The new enhanced vaccine schedule requires many more vaccines with each vaccine containing more toxic aluminum compounds in addition to the compound of mercury. Then there is the question [rumor] about the polio vaccine [DPT] containing the same sterilization component as the polio vaccines that were given in India, Indonesia and Africa. And the question [rumor] of some vaccines now containing Nagalase to destroy the human GcMAF that protects us from most diseases.

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet says:

    I think it is obvious school officials in some states are growing concerned about the number of students who are being withdrawn from the communist enforced, muslim influenced education and going to home-school or Christian based private schools and this is just another example.

  • Orris herland says:

    Agenda 21

  • elda says:

    Nothing like a hands on civics class to teach your home schooled kids the truth about our government. Let this event by teach all the other families that are choosing not to turn their kids into progressive robots incapable of independent thought what our constitution has been shredded to and let the public school kids see through the fog.

  • donemyhomework says:

    Obstinate. Definitely an incursion into Civil Liberties.

  • Centurion says:

    No warrant, no entry.

  • Joe Hintz says:

    Statistics have proven: Home schooled kids rate #1 in academic achievement, Private school-#2…we see the result of the public stool systems agenda against our kids!!!!! TO DATE some of the finest minds/most wealthy, and successful were Home schooled!!! I have both-taught in a private school, and home schooled…the success, or failure of ANY “student” still remains upon their own shoulders ultimately!!! That crap about Home schooled kids wom’t learn how to socialize is more gov’t bullshit…KIDS FIND KIDS, simply because they are KIDS, and KNOW how to relate to their own kind!!! AND they become a hell of a lot better “socializers” than their public(toilet) stooled counterparts, due their propietery influx of “MANNERS….NONE of which is part of public stool agenda…Kids do not need PUBLIC/PUBLICIZED sex education!!!!! THAT is all in the bible, and God built all of us with the instinctive to “do it right” without the perverted bias from the “reformers’ ” reprobate minded input.!!!!

  • hbcark says:

    From what I’ve read home schooled children are as smart or smarter than children school in public schools. This is an overreach of bureaucrats who have nothing to do but destroy family life and reprogram all children to think in terms of what ‘Big Government’ wants. The new robotic children of the future will have secular humanist ideology.
    Home school parents should see this for what it is and resist it where ever it is. The questions asked reveal the intent of bureaucratic and ‘Big Government’ intrusiveness.

  • gavinwca says:

    Fascism at it’s best. This is the rino Christies world.

  • bobnstuff says:

    I understand the need to investigate a complaint but you had better handle it with respect to the rights of the family as well. I’m surprised they didn’t us the Homeland Security card.

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