James Dobson Predicts Major Christian Persecution In The United States Coming Soon

by WND
April 23, 2015

“The heart of what’s happening is an attempt to impose a new morality on all of America,” said Maggie Gallagher, a traditional-marriage advocate for 25 years.

The author of “The Case for Marriage,” Gallagher is co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage and a senior fellow with the American Principles Project.

Homosexual advocates have no interest in a “live and let live tolerance,” she said. “After redefining marriage, the next thing on their agenda is to redefine Christianity.”

Under the new regimen, there will be no difference between man and woman, husband and wife, she said…

Christianity, she said, “will enter a new phase, as a hated minority group.”

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  • Rose says:

    I agree eith everything that Bobbie Sena posted. AMEN!

  • a.i. marvin says:

    Gay marriage is here and has been coming for several years. Dobson calls this persecution ? The dead bodies stacking up around the world is not persecution ?

  • the powerful entertainment industry has literally transformed our culture. there is now no entertainment available that is not obscene, profane, psychotically graphic, extremely excessively vulgar, anti marriage, pro adultery and or fornication, pro sodomy and lesbianism, or all of the above. Our society has become so desensitized that young people when asked if a certain program had profanity or lewdness in it will uaually reply , ” I don’t remember or, ” not very much” . More and more, those who stand against this sort of thing and claim that we should at least consider what the God of Abraham would think about it are considered ” extreme’ .In addition, we have Islamists who want to kill all Christians and Jews. Christianity does seem to be under attack in very many ways. Under our constitution, we are protected from true persecution. So far, we are very safe from all mistreatment except ridicule. We should be very thankful. very prayerful, very vigilent, very unyielding in our stand for true Biblical principled. we also should be very kind and tolerant of all non Christians. We should be very careful to treat them with the courtesy we expect from them.We should nver ever compromise on moral issues of any kind ; not abortion, gay so called marriage, adultery, fornication, evil entertainment,etc. However, we should always hate the sin while loving the sinner.We should be glad that God forbids us to judge people; that he reserves that kind of power to Jesus Christ. We should uncompromisingly judge bad actions and avoid them without ever condeming anyone. We should study God’s holy word daily and pray for his guidance in all we do. It appears bad times are here and may increase. We must obey God and leave the consequences to him.We must trust him to do all judging of persons and all condemnation of persons. He alone is holy. He alone is powerful. We should love, adore, and trust him. He is in control and he wins in the end. Love to all, Bobbie Sena

    1. mireya johnson says:


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