Judge dismisses lawsuits against Kim Davis over marriage licenses

by FOXNews.com
August 22, 2016

A federal judge has thrown out three lawsuits against the Kentucky county clerk who went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, according to reports.

Two gay couples and two straight couples had sued Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis last year over her refusal to issue any marriage licenses following a landmark ruling from the Supreme Court giving same-sex marriage couples the legal right to marry. The ACLU of Kentucky represented some of the couples.

U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning dismissed the lawsuits Thursday and wrote in his orders that there was no longer any issue for the court to decide, the Lexington Herald Leader reported Friday.

According to the paper, Bunning noted that a new state law has removed the names of county clerks from marriage licenses. And a Rowan County deputy clerk now issues marriage licenses.

“In light of these proceedings, and in view of the fact that the marriage licenses continue to be issued without incident, there no longer remains a case or controversy before the court,” Bunning wrote.

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  • Kanawah says:

    The hag needs to be sued into poverty.
    She broke the law. A higher court pushed her out of the way, but she must pay for the things she did.

  • Original Anna says:

    Yes, homosexuals were able to get married whether or not Kim refused. They had and have someone else issuing the marriages so what is the LGBT and ACLU bitching about or is it they are just out to punish and get even with Kim for daring to stand up to their crap. They won forcing people to marry them whether or not it is right or wrong. How is a piece of paper not signed by the clerk elected by the people a marriage license. And what is the difference between a county clerk and a Rowan country deputy clerk. Is one elected and the other isn’t and that’s how the homosexuals got their way again against the majority of the people.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces says:

    Fags and dykes just love suing people for no reason other than they’re sissies. Get back in the closet you mentally ill people.

  • justinwachin says:

    At this point allowing the case against Kim Davis to go further would be a waste of taxpayer dollars. Anyone can get their marriage license.

    Although I do not support gay marriage, I never understood why her office would not issue the marriage licenses. A license doesn’t mean that Davis endorses the marriage. The license indicates that the couple meets the legal requirements to marry. I’m sure Davis’ office has issued licenses to some heterosexual couples which they did not think should marry.

    Many of these suits are more about gay couples and their lawyers making money than anything else. Fortunately this money grab by the couples and the ACLU has been cut off. I guess the lawyers will have to look for some other situation to exploit.

    1. Moki says:

      She originally objected because her name was on the license as the issuing official. That’s why she wouldn’t issue them. The governor and the state made a workaround, but the ACLU wanted to force her, personally, to violate her religious beliefs and issue them over her own signature, and sued in spite of the workaround. That’s what the issue was about.

      If the ACLU had prevailed, religious freedom would definitely have been subordinated to gay rights, and to every right the secular, progressive left decided it wanted to force Christians to comply with, regardless of whether it violated their religious beliefs. This was a more serious matter than many people realize.

      1. justinwachin says:

        I agree she did not want her name on the license. The clerk’s job is basically to see if two people meet the legal requirements to marry and then to process the paperwork. That isn’t an endorsement of a marriage any more than a cash register operator running a pack of cigarettes over the scanner is an endorsement of smoking. I would guess there would be some heterosexual couples that have received a marriage license from a clerk where the clerk would definitely not have endorsed the marriage.

        Any time there is a major change there are going to be issues that need to be worked out. This change came with the expectation that it be implemented immediately. Fortunately Kentucky has had a chance to revise its forms so people can get married without an elected politician feeling that they are being asked to endorse the marriage. The judge was right to shut down this money grab by the ACLU and gay marriage advocates.

  • marilyn mccormick says:

    It shows us though the power of a “Judge” and all the more reason to vote for a conservative for president (Trump). The empty seat on the Supreme Court needs a conservative judge appointed. If a liberal is appointed , they will be in the majority, and every single ruling from now till eternity will be a liberal left. While Conservatives, Christians, Jews, straight, law enforcement, military, traditional marriage and pro life will continue to be blasted at every opportunity. We cannot have a liberal judge appointed to the Supreme Court. Congratulations to Kim Davis and to the common sense judge who ruled in her favor.

  • Anna Nicole says:

    A divorced woman who committed adultery and had children out of wedlock claims that doing her job will violate her Christian values. Bull$#it. If she was a private citizen with a privately owned company & didn’t want to serve a certain type of customer I’d support her till the cows come home. You work for the government, different rules. Shame on this judge for dismissing these lawsuits.

    1. Moki says:

      Judge, judge, judge. You know, all of the things for which you’re judging her took place in her life BEFORE she became a Christian. Most Christians have a past. It doesn’t disqualify them from speaking up. What a self-righteous, judgmental and unconstitutional viewpoint you’ve expressed. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution outweighs the fact that she is employed by the county. And how absurd that you expect her to suddenly change her views or comply with something that had never, previously, been legal.

      1. Dorie N. says:

        You are right on all counts Moki!

    2. Dorie N. says:

      Anna, we realize that you are not a Christian by your commentary. God has forgiven this woman, and we do not have the right to judge her past. Once God forgives you, those who try to harm you will be dealt with by God. I would advise you to repent immediately to prevent severe punishment. Oh, you will still get a kick in the behind, but at least it won’t be a death in the family or your house burning down, or a flood that washes away all memories you created. See God is fair, and He will protect His servants who do Honor Him.

      And no job, no matter where it is, should supersede your faith.

    3. Dorie N. says:

      And one thing more, in many states they do not allow people to have the right to deny service to anyone. In fact, this government presently is trying to deny Christianity the right to believe what is in the Bible.

    4. George says:

      I suppose you mean like the bakers who refused to bake a wedding cake for gays. Those bakers must still be waiting to hear that you support them.

      1. Anna Nicole says:

        I fully support them. I support your sarcasm, as well.

        1. George says:

          I am glad that you are not a judge. I feel way safer this way.

  • Phillip_in_TX says:

    Just because the SCOTUS said that “something is legal” doesn’t make it “right or moral.” The SCOTUS has had MANY rulings that were WRONG before and this is no exception.

    Thankfully, this judge tossed out these lawsuits. And, ANYTIME the “American Collection of Losers and the Useless” gets involved, it is not good for the American people.

    1. Dorie N. says:

      There will be many things legal that are against the Lord’s instruction. As long as we do not accept that behaviour, and are willing to lose everything, including our lives, we will be in the right. We do not have to discipline the wrong. God will do that. He is their judge. And he will reward us for standing our ground.

      1. George says:

        Read your Bible again without distractions.

        1. Dorie N. says:

          I do not have distractions. I believe God wants us to be witnesses in the last days. Thus, that is why what Hilary does or the Democratic Party, cannot phase me. Yes they can wreak havoc on this country, but as individuals we stay true to God and He is our protector. They cannot harm us as long as we stay on the right path.

  • michaele says:

    When a man and a man go to bed with each other,both should have their pricks cut off and when women go to bed with each other both should have their heads cut off if you all believed in God,he didn’t believe in that

    1. Dorie N. says:

      I don’t I know what you are saying here, but God believed in stoning to death those who went deliberately against Him. He was never in favour of homosexuality or any perverse behaviour, and literally destroyed two cities who committed perverseness in their behaviour, and sexual acts. It is about time that people either actually read the Bible and learn something about the God they try to speak for, or shut up about a subject they know nothing about. And if you were trying to say about the same thing as I have, try to paraphrase it better the next time. And we do not go around cutting off dicks, or heads. We leave judgment to God.

      1. George says:

        The best they would get from Christ is “your sins are forgiven. GO AND SIN NO MORE” That second part they can’t live with. After that it is destruction. And yes, God has placed the killing part into the hands of man as can be seen in the Bible. That from someone who actually read it cover-to-cover.

        1. Dorie N. says:

          George, MURDER AND RAPE are sins that cannot be forgiven in the flesh. I would not worry, I do not believe we will be seeing any of the democrats in eternity. And that is not a judgment, but a observation on their actions that they cannot hide.

    2. George says:

      That’s exactly what the Muslims will do with them should they ever succeed in taking America. The LGBT+ will will be short lived.

      1. michaele says:

        That’s why we should kill all Muslim motherfuckers and Islamic motherfuckers

  • junkmailbin says:

    time to recall or impeach any liberal judge on the bench. People thing that federal judges are imune from removal. Well, Congress can disband a whould Circuit Court of Appeals for being useless or a danger if they want to.
    Currentk,y we have two young liberal psychos on SCROTUM. Hilary would get to appoint two or three. At four liberals foe 30 pl;us years, it would be bad. If she appointed three , it would be a solid 5/4 on every issue with the liberal agenda being set in stone

    1. Phillip_in_TX says:

      The problem is Congress is as bad, if not worse, than the judges! With the exception of maybe a “handful” in Congress that are trying to do “the right thing,” they are outnumbered.

      We need everyone in Washington DC (Congress, SCOTUS, “it’s not my fault Obama,” etc.) and have a “mile wide meteor” hit without warning.

  • Estoban says:

    The alphabet people will be furious.

  • Tiger says:

    Boy Howdy about time. Notice please no Muslims ever in trouble for where they pray or what they refuse to do.

    1. Dennis says:

      Sodom & Gomorrah, Babylon, Rome and the USA will fall equally as well if this path of demoralization continues. And, it assuredly will under Hillary and Billary!

      1. Tiger says:

        The bulk of America is still America it is only those in power that are taking us down. Our elections surely are rigged when you have H already ordering drapes for the WH. We are not going to get our country back without a huge fight.

        1. Dorie N. says:

          Let her order the drapes, and then when she loses, she can put them up in her prison cell.

          1. Tiger says:

            Would surely be nice but when Comey turned on us I was stunned.

            Maybe she can make a dress out of them.

          2. Dorie N. says:

            Kinda like scarlet Ohara. Lol Comey is a republican isn’t he? I think he saw what they are capable of and got scared for his family.

          3. Tiger says:

            I am thinking along the same lines. Especially with the five deaths of late of those going to take H out with talking to congress, FBI etc.

          4. Dorie N. says:

            What five deaths? Did I miss something while I was on vacation? I was gone for a month and half.

          5. Tiger says:

            Yes my dear you sure did and here is the story.


          6. George says:

            Yep! he is a real patriot.

          7. Ted Crawford says:

            He did everything that made any sense to do, given that Loretta Lynch was NOT going to indict, no matter what he might recommend. It would have been foolish, even criminal to risk his family for NO possible gain.
            He made it clear in his Congressional testimony, the true nature of her actions. In any case the Progressive Electorate doesn’t care! Like their counter parts, the Trumpites, they will vote for her, even were she to murder someone on Fifth Avenue!

          8. George says:

            You got it. It would have been criminal to ‘risk his family’ for no possible gain.

          9. michaele says:

            Only because Loretta Lynch threatened him

          10. Tiger says:

            When I was growing-up and studying WWII, I just couldn’t figure out how Hitler managed to take over a country of so many people. I couldn’t understand how the Jews allowed themselves to walk into ovens when they outnumbered the guards by so many. But now I know, I am seeing it in my country.

            Somebody is going to write this story if we go down and those like Comey, H and O, Lynch etc will go down in infamy.

          11. Ted Crawford says:

            It’s easy to understand, just like both groups today, they fell for disingenuous, glorious promises from a False Prophet! Sadly it’s NOT anything new to humanity!
            “Pent-up anger and long held frustrations due to economic stagnation, moral decay, spiritual impotency, and political corruption, invariably pave the way for the rise of crass manipulators. Instead of a mastery of truth, such revolutionary opportunists tap into fear and rage, ignorance and prejudice, staging great public spectacles of narcissism!” Guillaume Groen Prinsterer

          12. Tiger says:

            Yes but we are not like so many others who fell. We were not like any of them. Our Republic was unique. The changes and their real hold, training our children has only been the last 40 years. We surely see the results when they interview our college students. My daughter going back to school for another degree is seeing it. She said they recently got a professor fired. They didn’t come to class except for the tests which they bought from others and they claimed he made them too hard and changed them. Prince Alaweed has been in this country along with Muslim Brotherhood for years. The Prince puts billions into our colleges for ME studies and he is into Hollywood, along with main media and he even has money in FOX, have seen some changes there.

            Sigh…………..the pit is deep that they dug, they are ready to bury and snuff out the Light on the City on the Hill. I could leave, we might and take family with us.

          13. michaele says:

            All those motherfuckers should be put in front of a firing squad,nigger bitch Loretta Lynch first,then asshole Muslim nigger Obama and Islamic bitch Valerie Jarrett and his administration

          14. Tiger says:

            Michaele don’t know how this post got through but I am with you as are millions, this is war.

          15. George says:

            Or use them to hang herself.

        2. Ted Crawford says:

          She did that on May 4, 2016! Knowing as she does that she’ll have no real competition for the Office! The Clinton/Trump Presidential Strategy is a stellar success!

          1. Tiger says:

            She has competition we just have a press who is in her pocket and O’s. But the international community is watching and they know she is pure unadulterated crap. By the way bet you didn’t have an idea that Europe is for Trump and that when Biden went to Serbia he was greeted with people wearing Trump Tees and carrying Trump signs and talking about O and H.

            There is no such thing as Tumpites. Millions of all races, all backgrounds and all parties put him where he is and without stuffing ballot boxes. Those for Trump know the truth and they don’t like PC.

          2. Ted Crawford says:

            The overwhelming majority of which (60% to 65%) are from outside the Republican Electorate! IE: the best candidate the Democrats could nominate to run against their own!

          3. Tiger says:

            The world is watching and in their news and on their blogs they talk about this election. When Joe went to Serbia he was met by crowds of angry men and women wearing Trump T-shirts and carrying Trump signs. In Israel the American Jews are coming home to vote and there is a huge prayer group in Israel, praying for Trump. On youtube videos where you see refugees tearing up Europe, you see posts talking about how they wish they had guns and a Trump.

            What is stunning to me and overwhelms me with sadness, is how quickly this Republic was pulled down. It is sad to listen to these college students and “Man on the Street” interviews, hearing the stupidity and the obnoxious ignorance coming out of their mouths, concerning our country. Our Republic.

            When the lady asked Ben Franklin: “What have you given us.” He said: “A Republic madame if you can keep it.” We are losing it to of all things, Communism the very thing people from all over the world ran away from into America.

          4. Ted Crawford says:

            Respectfully Tiger, our Republic fell, for all intents and purposes, on November 5, 1912. Officially on March 4, 1913! What you and I have been watching these past decades is the devolution of the Constitutional Democracy that sadly took it’s place.
            What Obama intended, which, contrary to what many believe, was stymied by the, “do nothing Republicans in Congress”, was the implementation of the final stage of all such Democracies, into a Social Democracy!
            Sadly while, like Wilson, who never achieved his dream, read Nightmare, of a League of Nations, Obama didn’t fully finish the job, if either of the two top tier Candidates win this November, like the UN, that outcome is guaranteed!

          5. Tiger says:

            Can’t dispute what you are saying but I will say Socialism and Democracy don’t go together. They are two totally different trains of governing but I would think you already understand that.

            Remember how difficult it was for Bernie to explain how he is a Socialist and he said he was a Democratic Socialist. We have many new inventions to make a Dictator sound like a friend.

            Trump is not a Globalist. I have listened to every speech. They are always on youtube. He has nobody on his side and too bad that you think he is going to do this.

          6. Tiger says:

            Take a look at this. I knew about this case but this really makes me furious that H can be in our faces running for the top office. She is scum, filth, dirt under the Devil’s feet.

    2. Dorie N. says:

      That my dear, is because we have a Muslim in the White House and most of his cabinet is Muslim. You will hardly see any blacks being charged for refusing to serve either. It will always be white Anglo Saxon Christians who will get the axe from the democrats. Eventually, the democrats will no longer be white either.

      1. Tiger says:

        Amen and you are right and the Democrat party died with O he is a Progressive/Socialist as is H.

        1. Dorie N. says:

          It is hard to decide what he really believes. I think he is one screw up individual who had parents who abandoned him. See, he wants to Honor his biological father who was a Muslim, but he also wants to support the communist agenda that he learned when he was a protege to Frank Davis. That is why much of what he supports is always at odds with one or the other ideology. But we know he hates his mother and grandparents based on what they did and how he treats white america and religious America today.

          1. Tiger says:

            Read a lot of books about him. Have watched what he has done since coming into office and am positive he is for our enemies and hates Americans, Christians and Israel. But just my take.

          2. gospelmidi says:

            Not “just your take.” That is the understanding of many informed, God-connected Christians, as well as the conviction of our enemies, who are:

            anti-Christian(s) and antichrist (who denies the Father and the Son),,

            anti-Hebrew (the twelve tribes) and anti-Israel (the sovereign homeland God entrusted to the Jewish people, with the boundaries promised to Jacob
            and to his descendants),

            anti-America, anti-Americans, and anti-freedom (the liberty to do what is right, without compulsion from
            foreign influence like the UN, European regulators, China’s financial muscle, and multinational corps);

            anti-Western Civilization, laws, and mores, as distinguished from law of the jungle, 7th century death cult barbarism, piracy, and anarchy;

            opposed to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of all men, especially of those who trust in Him as Salvation, and opposed to Yahweh, the G-d of Israel, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Creator of the universe and of all mankind, Who said, “Let Us make man [or mankind] in Our image, according to Our likeness;” (Gen 1:26 NKJV), Who gave the Ten Commandments and instituted the Covenant of blood for the forgiveness of sins, until the time appointed for Jesus to die in payment and atonement for the sins of those who will receive Him, and the sins of the whole world. Too many words: you know Him and He knows you, or else.

            A man is known by his friends AND his enemies.
            We know Mr. Obama by his friends – who are our enemies – and his enemies – who are our friends and allies, that is, US.

          3. Tiger says:

            Yepper never said I was alone.

          4. Dorie N. says:

            On this we agree. His actions do not show he supports this country. So why haven’t the republicans called him on his traitorism? Why haven’t the news agencies recognized that what he is doing will destroy them as well? Why do the majority of fools who supported him not realize that his intentions are not honorable to them or this country? Those are the questions that need to be answered? By someone!!

          5. Tiger says:

            If we win our country back they will be answered and the perpetrators of treason against us, including Soros and others in Congress will be taken out.

          6. Dorie N. says:

            I tend to believe that when God takes control and has judgment, that those who committed evil will be dealt with then. As of right now, there are more evil people in this country than there are good. And it is only if Trump is truly elected, that we may see change take place.

          7. Tiger says:

            I don’t think there are more evil people in America than good, we feel it is that way because evil has been up front in our face for the past 8 years.

          8. George says:

            He is just an America hater with a plan.

        2. George says:

          Neither the Democrat party nor the establishment Republicans have been anything but Progressives for many decades now. Are you wondering why they are not trying to stop each other?

          1. Tiger says:

            No I am not wondering anything. I have kept astride of events and seen it coming.

  • Merlin says:

    If Davis had acted this way in Oregon, she would be on death row.

    1. Dorie N. says:

      Well, we are lucky that she lives in a land that still honours the right of belief. At least, that is how I intend to see the situation.

  • Diane Brenner says:

    Thank you, Kim Davis, for not buckling to those who would deprive Americans of standing up for their rights and their beliefs.
    What is equally wrong is that only the wealthy or those who receive financial support, are permitted to take a stand upholding their beliefs and constitutional rights in this country. No one should be deprived of their rights based on their ability to fight against outrageous legal fees.

  • otoman says:

    It’s about time we come across a no-nonsense judge. Liberal idiocracy has reined way to long. Thank you Judge Bunning. But on another thought. Was this ruling because liberals know if this case went farther, a persons right to refuse would be upheld? Wondering minds want to know!

    1. PatriotGal says:

      Now, Kim should sue all four couples and the ACLU for all expenses.

      1. Tiger says:

        As long as O in office nothing will be fair for Christians only for Blacks and Muslims and illegals.

        1. Ted Crawford says:

          And sadly, thanks in no small part to the delusional Trumpites, the same will be true under President Clinton!

          1. Moki says:

            Clinton is not going to win.

          2. michaele says:

            I hope that oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton would be dead by then

          3. Ted Crawford says:

            Absent some form of divine intervention, she surly IS going to win! Trump can’t get over 30% Favorability! As low as Hillary’s is, it’s still much higher than Trumps! By the way, wouldn’t it be hilarious, if that intervention Trumps needs , were provided by Assange!!!

          4. Moki says:

            You could be right — it might take Divine intervention for Donald Trump to win. And what would that say about Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party, if God actually puts Donald Trump into office in spite of the Republican Party elite?

          5. Ted Crawford says:

            The “In Spite of” here is in spite of Trumps best efforts not to win! In my 45+ years of active political involvement, I’ve never seen a candidate more determined to sabotage themselves than Trump!!!

          6. Moki says:

            LOL. Then it will truly be a miracle if he wins.

          7. Dorie N. says:

            Trump is like my son, and me. There are many of us who speak our minds quite frankly without thinking who it willl offend or be politically correct. Thus, he does have issues. But we know what he thinks, because it never is hidden like Hilary’s intent. He says what he really believes, and pretty much so far, I have not found fault in his comments.

          8. Ted Crawford says:

            You and I, and even Trump, as a Private Citizen, can do these things, though I chose not to. However, the President of the United States CANNOT, not EVER! Not even once! Should he spew some of his adolescent nonsense when dealing with Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jung UN or Imatoilet Khomeini, horrific results might well follow!
            If he let this nonsense about Miss Venezuela blow his skirt up, Kim Jung Un will make his narcissistic head explode!

          9. Dorie N. says:

            I did not get that he was really upset over her comments. He merely said that she was over weight and as the reigning queen, she was obligated to keep her weight under control! I hardly see his comments being insulting. And there has been no proof of those comments that Hilary threw out there. Maybe the issue is that you are upset that Trump is up at three A.M.

          10. Dorie N. says:

            Obama says what ever he likes and does whatever he likes. Guess you just have to be black.

          11. Kanawah says:

            You are delusional.
            The poles do not tell half of what Clinton is going to do to Trump, and most likely she will hand the republicans a blood bath in the senate, and the house is up for grabs.

          12. Moki says:

            No, I’m not delusional. I am hopeful, and believe that I am hearing the heartbeat of the ordinary people in this nation. And it is “the polls,” rather than the “poles.”

            I believe that Donald Trump will win, I hope by a landslide. The U.S.A. desperately needs to boot out Democrats so it can once again be a prosperous, sovereign nation. It is Democrat’s policies and the things that party supports that are devastating this nation.

          13. Ted Crawford says:

            That being true, and you being well aware of that fact, please splane to me Mr.Wizard, why the he_ _ did you support a Liberal Democrat to represent the Conservative ideology???? That’s akin to hiring an Alcoholic to guard your Liquor supply!!!

          14. Moki says:

            The fact is that, Trump’s history of being a Democrat in the past aside, Republicans and conservatives have no other choice real choice. Johnson doesn’t stand a chance of being elected.

            And you know, I used to be a Democrat, before I realized that what they actually stand for is contrary to my values. So maybe Trump also got a wakeup call about the Democrats.

          15. Dorie N. says:

            Reagan was a democrat before he was a republican. When your young, you think you know it all, and some people grow up and get wise. Trump got wise.

          16. Ted Crawford says:

            As absolutely horrific and disgusting as that is, it is, baring Divine Intervention, a given!
            However, you aren’t going to like the final outcome! Within two years, you’ll be considering suicide for having supported such an evil soul! But, like many former Trumpites, you’ll also find that it is too late, far, far too late !

          17. Dorie N. says:

            Supporting trump is better than supporting murder, because it makes us lose our place with God. And all other candidates support murder of innocent souls, so there is only once choice.

          18. Dorie N. says:

            And if she did win through fraud, God will remove her and her running mate. I intend to put my name and my intended votes on the voting paper so that no one can deny my intended vote. We shall see if there is trickery, and if you all were smart you would advocate that too. Tell everyone you know to put their vote in print before they press the keys.

          19. Ted Crawford says:

            As I look through History, I see NO PLACE, in at least the last 2000 years where “God” has shown the least interest in the happenings on this apparently insignificant Planet! He’s clearly not interested or concerned with the terrible suffering of all those Christians in North Africa and the Middle East!

          20. Dorie N. says:

            And to be fair, just what would you have God do? If He does anything, it would be to protect His elect. Those Christians in the Middle East, who are dying are not elect. They are the souls who will be rewarded with crowns and robes of white, for their sacrifice.

            But God cannot intervene until the time comes where Satan has been released. Satan has a two and half month of reign on this earth. (Rev 12:14) After Satan has deceived the whole world, minus those who are His elect; then Christ will come and we shall all change. Christ does not come before Satan. Christ comes to rule here, and He gathers those who are His and rejects those who followed Satan. He will rule for a thousand years, with His elect, and those who realized who Satan was and rejected Him at the last moment, will be the teachers in the millennium. Teaching discipline to the billions who were deceived or who believed in the false teaching of rapture.

          21. Ted Crawford says:

            I see! Therefore God is the Consummate Politician, when he makes promises, such as those at Matthew 7:9 and Luke 11:11 it’s only his party that is worthy of all the benefits he disingenuously implies are universal!

          22. Dorie N. says:

            Obviously you are ignorant about the Bible and God. So it is clear that trying to discuss His plan of salvation is over your ken. You are like an autistic child, who cannot really understand anything. In the first earth age, only six thousand fought with God against Satan and his minions, about one-third of Gods creation who rebelled. Thus, God could have destroyed all the rest except for the six thousand, and chose not to. Thus, you are on borrowed time, and wasting it being a Putz.

          23. Dorie N. says:

            No, He puts in that term “if” that is the determining factor in what happens to the folks. When you ignore those conditions, you don’t get the prize.

          24. Dorie N. says:

            Technically, God cannot really interfere in what happpens to anyone other than His Elect. They have to be alive when Satan comes so that they can allow God to speak through them at the appointed time. And God is keeping the books on what people are doing, and if they are repenting truly for the misdeeds that they do. God knows what you are thinking, so He knows if you are truly sincere about loving Him.

            And murder and rape are the only evil deeds that you cannot get salvation in the flesh. I realize that people change their lives around when they are touched by God, but once you commit those sins, your path to eternity just got harder.

          25. Dorie N. says:

            You must not be very close to God. I see His interest all the time.

          26. Tiger says:

            Sadly the only delusional are the H supporters.

          27. Kanawah says:

            No paper tiger,
            We Hillary supporters know what she is. she is well experienced, steady in command, and is an excellent statesman.

            Trump on the other hand has shown him self to be none of these things, and he would not know the truth if it were carved onto a club and he was beat with it.

          28. Tiger says:

            LMAOOOOOOOOOO Rolling over here what a nincompoop please go and play with your kindergarten class that lives in Na Na land and you think I am a Paper Tiger, just come around and throw this chit at me and see how I take care of idiots.

          29. Ted Crawford says:

            “Steady in command”????? STEADY IN COMMAND”!!!!!!
            Riiiiight, like she was with Benghazi!!
            “Ok, let’s send them. OH…OH…OH wait….maybe not! Ok, Ok let’s send them, but take off their uniforms….OH., OH wait, let’s dress them in Pink Tights, with Green Feather Hats, a Blue Boa and Ostrich Feather Fans! Oh he_ _ let’s just forget it! We’ll just blame it on a video nobody has ever seen!”

          30. Tyronne Shoelaces says:

            Bite me, Ted.
            Signed, Trump supporter

          31. Ted Crawford says:

            Thank you for maintaining the image of the Trumpites, as adolescent, mindless boobs! Now you can return to playing with your little Trump Dolly!

          32. Kanawah says:

            Fortunately, with Clinton, it will continue to be fair for all. With Trump, no one really knows what you will get. He is some one new every day.

            But you can bet that if you are not “old, white, rich, and male, you will not like it.

          33. Ted Crawford says:

            Whatever it is that you are on is Illegal, even in Colorado!!! Within the first two years of Clintons reign, you’ll be dam_ing yourself for a fool, even if you are an entitlement queen! Her idiotic policies, following as they do 8 years of Obama’s, will surely Kill The Goose That Has Been Laying Those Golden Eggs!

          34. Dorie N. says:

            I doubt we will get through more than two years before Iran takes a swipe at us or Israel, and we do have all those Muslims coming here to murder all of us. I hardly think we will have time to do much posting.

        2. Kanawah says:

          Hey paper “?Tiger”

          you missed it all the way around.

          The blacks and Muslims and illegals are just getting their constitutional rights.

          As to “fair for Christians”, the “fair” thing to do is build the wall of separation higher, deeper and infinity wide. They deserve no special rights, although, they think they deserve them.

          1. Tiger says:

            Wow well, well, well the snake crawls out of the grass to speak thinking it has it’s Muslim and black sympathizer along with Christian hater and lover of illegals in the bag. The old bag will be in the bag before this is over and six feet under.

            Illegals, Muslims if not citizens have no rights, our Constitution makes that clear get it right and make sure you notify your in laws in the sandbox you will be coming home or if illegal your folks back in the deserts of Mexico dodging drug lord bullets.

            Ahh so you think you got this country now, boy are you in for a surprise yes a wall will be built and you and all others will be on the other side of it.

            This is a Christian country, built on Christian values. Muslims and illegals did not fight our Revolutionary War or our War for Independence. White Christians did.

            Muslims and blacks did not write our Declaration of Independence, Constitution or Bill of Rights white Christians did.

            You keep talking and you will see where this gets you try something and see what happens.

            Here is a song from Australia but suits you Muslims and blacks and illegals really great.

          2. Dorie N. says:

            While I agree in principle that Christians did establish this country, there were blacks, free men who did fight in the revolutionary war. And there may have been one or two Muslims who did not believe in their Koran who lived in this country during its beginnings. That being said, God created all of us, and we have an obligation to show what Christ stood for. We should get rid of people who are dealing drugs, and prevent those who want to radically change our constitution from coming into this country.
            The way to resolve what has been done is to make sure that no one works who has not signed a pledge to America, and it’s constitution as it stands. They cannot become voting citizens because they came here under wrongful purposes. Muslims because of a Muslim president who chose to ignore the protection of this country first. And illegals because they came here without due process of law, a as such, have no right to be here legally. If they stay, they cannot pass citizenship on to their children. We should pass a law that denies citizenship to anyone who is not related to an American citizen at the time of their birth.

          3. Tiger says:

            Our Founding Fathers said we should never put Muslims into our government they were right. Our immigration laws cover all Trump wants to do and you need to read what past presidents said about immigrants and the importance of their allegiance to this country. We see what happened with a Muslim president.

          4. Dorie N. says:

            I agree with you Tiger, but I tend to believe that we will not be successful in the election. The Republican Party is too divided, and as evil as Hilary is, Obama was worse and he got elected because people voted for uniqueness rather than honor, integrity, and due diligence to the people of this country and not the rest of the world.

          5. Tiger says:

            Good post we will see. She is very ill. She used her concussion to not answer FBI questions. She had a coughing fit that took her over recently again. I am waiting for more information to be revealed on her. Even with the main media in her pocket she knows Europe is watching and they know what she is.

          6. Dorie N. says:

            I have this feeling that she is sicker than even she knows. The sad thing is there are so many who are already evil and are following her down that wide path to destruction. Many in my family, and people whom I thought were friends. Funny how you find out who really was a friend and who were just using you. Even your family can be ripe with evil souls.

          7. Tiger says:

            Family is around the world known for that. When we went in to Iraq our soldiers saw the people rape the museums of all their priceless objects and saw families killing one another for the others goods. I had several soldiers who were stunned at the killing they saw among the Iraqi. One saw an Iraqi kill 15 family members in front of his eyes and it really tore him up he couldn’t stop it.

          8. Tiger says:

            Take a look at how many Muslims in high positions already. I knew it but this site puts it together nicely.

          9. Dorie N. says:

            Illegals are criminals, and do not deserve to be citizens. Muslims do not believe in equality for women, thus, they do not belong in a country where their ideology clashes with the rule of law in our constitution. And blacks have always had their constitutional rights. They must learn to discipline themselves and get their education and learn how to get along with others. And to get away from trying to make a fast buck, because drugs will always be the death of them all. This is a free country, and it will stay that way as long as the people do not go follow democrats who do not have the best interest of the people, all the people who belong here.

      2. Roy Fredrichsen says:

        And false accusations of a public servant exercising her public duties.

      3. otoman says:

        There is law that allows a person to sue another who brought a “frivolous” case against them. However, it does not appear that the judge left that open as an option since he used new state law as an out for Kim.

    2. McFerguson says:

      You’re right. No-nonsense judging in an era of Squishes is an absolute necessity. Keep in mind that “Progressives” derive their name from wanting to “progress” beyond the U.S. Constitution, which is all that stands between us and government tyranny. Worse, the Hildebeest, who stands a 60-40 chance of being the next POTUS, is the Queen of Squishes. If she wins, “no-nonsense” judging will become a thing of the past, the Constitution will be shredded and the ACLU and the LGBTQ community, as approved by the Clinton Foundation, will do the deciding on what is right and wrong in our society.

      1. Dorie N. says:

        Actually the Muslims who will be a majority in a few years will be dictating whether you live or die, and women will again be slaves. So thank the democrats for ruining this country. Most of the past presidents knew enough not to let them in.

        1. McFerguson says:

          Oh, I don’t know about that, Dorie. I do know the democrats want to mess with the demographics of this nation, and I think that’s been their hidden agenda for a few decades now. It’s all about voting and it’s reached a tipping point with loons like Obozo calling the shots. If Clinton has her way, they’ll dilute the majority white vote with non-caucasians by continuing their open-border policies. But it won’t be with majority Muslims given their paltry numbers as we speak. But, who knows, given Hillary’s corrupt proclivities, she may just sell out to the highest bidder in the Middle East. Her dopey husband would love to have a Harem or two to play games with in the White House while the Hildebeest flies around on Air Force One.

          1. Dorie N. says:

            Muslims multiply like rabbits, and they never stop until God stops them. They do not care if their children have plenty to eat or a good education. And they depend on getting freebies. So, I think it is entirely possible for them to out number all races in a few years. It is just questionable if we even have a few years. Next year, in May. It will be the 72nd year since Israel was reinstated in the Holy Land. And Christ told us that He would return before a generation had passed once the fig tree was established in the Holy Land. So, threre are three generations. Forty, seventy two and one hundred and twenty. And who will be alive in one hundred and twenty? See, there has to be Gods Elect still alive and I hardly would believe that if Hilary or any democrat ever gets elected again, that this country will not be destroyed. The book of revelations tells us what will happen.

          2. michaele says:

            All asshole democrat motherfuckers should be put in front of a firing squad

          3. Ted Crawford says:

            You might consider that President Clinton will have a Progressive majority Senate to work with. That being the case, she and they, will have the Supreme Court corrupted within her first year!
            From that horrific base, all things, detrimental to American Freedom is not just possible, it’s highly probable!

          4. McFerguson says:

            Yes, very much so. And what a revoltin’ development that would be!

          5. Ted Crawford says:

            I’m concerned that it will initiate an unrecoverable downward spiral!

          6. Dorie N. says:

            Then vote for trump and take a chance. At least it won’t be the democrat party who has any say.

        2. George says:

          Anything can be fixed. No damage is permanent if we citizens have a spine.

          1. Ted Crawford says:

            Sadly this election proves that undoubtedly, we, the American Electorate Writ large, do not have one! If ‘we’ did ‘we’ would understand that ‘WE’, NOT the DNC or RNC, will decide who’s to be our Representatives in the Government!
            Alas, all one hears is,”We have to vote for Trump, or Hillary will win!” That’s true ONLY as long as we chose for it to be!

          2. Dorie N. says:

            Ted, I certainly do not care for the other two choices. I do care for Ted Cruz, but he is not running. And no one ever wins in a write in campaign.

          3. Ted Crawford says:

            And so it shall remain, as long as we chose to be lead around by our ….noses, by the “hated” establishment! The real power in this country, for the time being, lies with the American Electorate, should we ever actually use it!

          4. Dorie N. says:

            Ted, I do hope that Trump is going to put out the illegals. But even if he builds a wall, that is more than the democrats intended. Frankly, I do not think it matters who gets elected, because Satan will be coming just as soon as the prophecy stated. The one world system will have a crack in it, and Satan coming as a deceiver, pretending to be Christ, will come in prosperously and peacefully mending the divide. And the great apostasy will be that the whole world will accept Satan as if he were God. Does it matter if Hillary is president? I really think she will cause this country to be overtaken by Muslims, and that could lead to civil war. Because they cannot kill us if we have guns. So she must take away our guns.

          5. Ted Crawford says:

            Your assertion that Satan will be accepted as God, mirrors the current situation where…..republicans(?) Accept Trump as a Republican! Does that mean that Trump is the Anti-Christ Mr. 666 himself?

          6. Dorie N. says:

            The antichrist is satan. A non physical being. Anti means instead of, which means satan plans to deceive millions.

          7. Ted Crawford says:

            “…a non physical being”, That, according to the bible is subject to change, as we see by the Nephilim, like Goliath! And even Jesus himself!

          8. Dorie N. says:

            I agree with you to a point. God is in control, and technically, I believe He will allow this country and the world to get as vile as necessary so that Satan can come and pretending to be Christ try to salvage the world. It is through this deception that God will see if mankind as individuals is worth saving. Those who studied prophecy know that Christ will not come until after Satan as the antichrist (instead of) has claimed to be God in the Holy Place in Israel. Thus, if we have to abide the murder and rape of our citizens, it is not the fault of God, but the fault of those who put democrats in power. And it must be that way for prophecy to be fulfilled.

        3. michaele says:

          Kill all Muslim motherfuckers and Islamic motherfuckers

          1. Dorie N. says:

            Michaele, I do not believe in murder. I believe in deportation, and we have a legitimate rationale to send them packing. Their beliefs do not align with our standards as a free country, and they would always be trying to subvert this nation. But once they are here, it will be harder to get rid of them. I say, when even one member of their family does any thing criminal, the whole family has to be deported.

          2. michaele says:

            They don’t belong in the United States of America

        4. michaele says:

          And all Muslim and Islamic motherfuckers including their families will be shot to death one right after the other

      2. George says:


        1. michaele says:

          George I like your post

        2. McFerguson says:

          Sure, waddaya got?

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