Judge orders Ohio village to pay back $3 million to lead-footed drivers

by Brooke Singman | FOXNews.com
February 14, 2017

Speed cameras became a cash cow for the small village of New Miami, Ohio.

The town, with a population of about 2,200, collected over $3 million in revenue from heavy-footed motorists after it installed stand-alone speed cameras along one of its major throughways, US 127. The speed cameras in New Miami, which is less than one square mile, automatically fined motorists $95 if they drove faster than 50 miles per hour.

It proved to be a lucrative venture for the village just 35 miles north of Cincinnati. Flush with cash, it raised its annual budget from roughly $1.5 million to $2.5 million in 2013.

But now, the Village of New Miami must pay back every cent of the $3 million it collected from the speed cameras, which were ruled “unconstitutional” in 2014 when drivers filed a class-action lawsuit against the village.

An Ohio judge ruled in favor of drivers, who claimed they were unfairly ticketed.

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  • We the SHEEPle says:

    Same with Radar Tickets. Supena the actual radar unit used at your traffic stop. (Record the Make, Model, & Serial Number of the unit while sitting in the police car.)

    In The CourtHousePimp’s office, call the unit as the witness. (The cop has no idea how fast you were going. Anything he says is hearsay as to what the Radar Unit said, (sic)!

    When in the witness stand/box ask the unit, after being sworn in under Pain & Penalty of Perjury, Are you sure it was me? – Etc., etc., etc.

    You can see where this is going. The CourtHousePimp and the various CourtHouseWhores get very ‘discombobulated & twiderpated’, but that’s OK when you are having fun!

    The accused has a right to face his accuser. The Radar Unit is your accuser. Cross exam the dumb thing!

  • justinwachin says:

    Speed cameras have the capability to be frauds. Under the traditional method of pulling over speeders a person has some idea when they were caught and whether they were speeding. Under the cameras a person gets a notice at a later date in the mail. They have no idea of whether they were speeding and have very little chance to defend themselves.

    Speed cameras require calibration. A money hungry locale can always tinker with the adjustment so they catch citizens who are driving the speed limit. Out of town victims are unlikely to show up and challenge the ticket in court.

    The speed cameras do little to slow people down. They are all about revenue collection. Along the way the victim also gets hit with higher insurance premiums. Hopefully this ruling will encourage others to go after the governments running these rip offs. The motorists should also sue for damages–increased insurance premiums as a result of the traffic violation. When the local government has to borrow money to make their victims whole these cameras will get turned off everywhere.

  • teaman says:

    Well, I am shocked, there is a judge with Justus in mind and he lives in Yankee land. This crap was nothing but a speed trap designed to steal money from the people. This is the kind of thing that Gooberments do that constantly look for ways to get and spend more money instead of looking for ways to live within their means, like hardworking taxpaying people are forced to do. It is way past time that all Gooberment, at every level, be forced to control spending and live within their means. Thanks Judge for doing the right thing!!

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