Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Starbucks Race-Baiting May Lead To Violence

March 18, 2015

Those who do wish to engage in a conversation about something as volatile as race are not open to change, they are either already the choir of believers in equality or are racists looking for an audience. Either way, no change will result from the exchange. In fact, I worry that such conversations could quickly escalate to violence.

I admire Schultz’s courage and applaud his initiative in wanting to take action. It’s frustrating for all people of conscience — or just consciousness — to watch leaders in politics and the media deny the facts about racism in order to grovel for votes or ratings from the most profoundly and proudly prejudiced segment of society.

For these “leaders,” money and power trumps social responsibility. They wish to flatter their way to power through the cheerleading chant of American Exceptionalism. Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Nebraska, Tennessee, and several other states are removing or trying to remove advanced placement exams because they teach actual historical events and not the sanitized-for-your-protection Hallmark version they want.

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  • sara shey says:

    WE MUST Stop this Race crap and it is crap. OLiar and his minions , including the mainstream media, use this to take down our country. I do not trust any article in Time as they have proven to be Anti-Conservative, leftists hacks but I do respect this article.
    I don’t give a rip about the color of anybody’s skin, but I do care a great deal about the bad behavior and hatred anyone displays. If we cannot recognize and dialogue EQAUALLY,and face the problem without being called racists, bigots, blah,blah blah, we will never be able to find a solution. This administration and the Main Stream Media do not want a solution. They continue to fan the flames of hatred and paid “protests”while too many of us sit shaking in our boots—so afraid we will be called “racist”, so we shut up and take this egregious destruction of our once great Nation.
    Speak up and stand up America!! Racism isn’t the problem. A society out of control and putting up with a tyrannical , unconstitutional White House is the problem. So sad

  • NMCajun says:

    KAJ starts off his comments with a racist remark. If you want to address the issue you need to identify the players. Blacks are NOT African-Americans any more than I am a Cajun-American or French-American or that there are Polish-Americans or German-Americans or Mexican-Ameicans. Yes, there are some, but they were BORN in Africa (they themself) and moved here to become Americans. However, even in that instance, the need to hyphenate your heritage is the beginning of racism or division just as much as “liberated” women who need to hyphenate their last names. Just who or what do you want to be??? Make up your mind. I am proud to be an American just as I am proud of my cultural background of being a Cajun.

    Half of my family is black and the other half is white. I had never seen “color” until the day it was crammed down my throat by militant blacks at the 1968 Olympics. I do not agree with slavery or how blacks were treated in this country in the past, but I doubt that the majority of you are aware that those slave owners who were hated the most and who were the meanest toward their slaves were black slave owners. OH, NO!! We don’t want to talk about that. It would ruin our plight.

    From what I can see with my own eyes (because the biased media throws gas on the fire of racism just to have something to write about), if there is going to be any change it is going to have to start with the blacks policing their own ranks and making sure the facts are true and that justice is equitable – both ways.

    If you want to talk about racial injustice, lets start with Native American Indians and six million plus Jews, and Italians, and all the other nationalities that came to this country to find equality only to find racist attitudes. And don’t get me started on the thousands of white boys and girls who were sold into slavery in this country. It’s time to grow up, America and take back your minds. We live in the information highway and you’re allowing the media and the race-baters, et. al. to control your actions, your morals and your integrity.

    Though I am not a big fan of MLK because of his lack of morals, I do support whole heartedly his comments that a man should be judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin. I submit that a good starting point would be for ALL of us to be color blind and to get rid of “political correctness” once and for all.

  • Kenneth Shrader says:

    Right on. Race is not the issue. The issue is respect and taking personal responsibility for ones behavior. Martin Luther King fought for principles whereas, Obama. Holder. Sharpton, Jackson, use race to ignore criminal activity, hatred of law & order and all police of any color. In history the Irish, Italians, Asians and every race and religion on earth focused on and appreciated the freedom to determine their own destiny in the USA. Unfortunately, only the aforementioned black “so called” leadership (and liberal, self serving media) use race or religion as an EXCUSE for violence.

  • David in MA says:

    Racism, racism will exist forever, forever, get it and get over it.
    Because black people either keep it alive or invent it.
    It has become a “meal ticket”, that’s why.
    If, when they yell “Racist”, they were ignored, it would stop.
    Because their “meal ticket” would also stop.

  • James in Texas says:

    Wow, an exceptional and successful Black American, who has gained wealth, success and fame, and all he has is that “Whites just don’t understand that racism exists”! Sorry, but yes we do, and I am sadden that this is all you have to putforth! Every single day “some Black person” tells all of the Americans, who by the Grace of GOD, were born with white skin, are “All” racists just because we don’t understand that “all Black people” are just misunderstood and being discriminated against. Go in Peace, and try to remember that “You” also were born the “color” you are by the Grace of GOD!

    1. Johnnyappleseed says:

      Great point, look at the successful blacks, they did not let color of skin hold them back, they thank God they were born in America, land of the free, and home of the brave.
      “Freedom to succeed, freedom to fail, no where else on this earth has it been more available, translates to personal responsibility

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