Kasich defend Medicaid expansion, Common Core standards

by Seth McLaughlin
May 2, 2015

Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Friday defended his decision to expand Medicaid under Obamacare and pushed back against the idea that Common Core education standards have allowed the federal government to have more control over the education system.

Conservatives have criticized the Republican governors that have accepted the Medicaid money and for supporting Common Core.

But Mr. Kasich, speaking at the National Review’s Ideas Summit in Washington, dismissed the criticism, saying that the mentally ill, drug addicted and working poor have benefits from the additional Medicaid funds.

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  • Philip says:

    I don’t know what could be wrong with this Gov. Must be a RINO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donald Mccormick says:

    These are just MORE of the results of the AMBIGUOUS provisions through OUT Obama’s health care program to HELP HIM to control the PEOPLE of America.

    COMMON CORE is another Provision of the Obama HEALTH CARE program, it WILL also help to control people because ITS tests asks LEADING and personal questions that could help control people.

    A question like do your parents drink or do drugs might put the parents on a watch list to see if they could CATCH them driving drunk or on drugs another DRUNK or drug offence.

    1. robert says:

      Are you really that misinformed that you think Common Core is part of the ACA or that Obama had anything to do with it’s development. Common Core was developed by the state governors and picked up by the Feds. It has nothing to do with the ACA. If you are going to complain about something at least know what it is and why it;s bad.

      1. Grace says:

        Robert, where did you get your information about Common Core? Common Core was implemented by the elite rich people. These people were not affiliated with Congress, the National Board of Education, nor Local School Board of Education, including parental consent, and yes Obama is involved with Common Core. Therefor It is then regulated by Federal standard teaching in Math, English Language Arts. Science. I have done some research, wrote and told Common Core just how I felt about this. Parents are the sole educators of our children. Who are these people that can dictate what our children have to learn, and why is Obama not letting his daughters to learn through the Common Core Curriculum just like the rest of all our children? The truth is Common Core is plenty controversial. Many of the objections you’ll hear about CC focus on the curriculum. But there is an even bigger issue that few people are talking about: the unsettling alliance between the government and the big corporations. They are the giants who pushed hard to get CC into every school system. The real reason for the push is not to bring test scores up, or to improve student performance. It’s all about setting up the biggest data-mining program in the history of the country. A data-mining program that must have the NSA green with envy… I like it, but the more I read about the CC, the more I feel repugnant against it.

  • robert says:

    He is a true republican, he sees a problem and tries to do something about it. You can call him all your stupid names but he is one of the few republicans that could win against Hillary. He understands the role of government unlike the rest of the stupid party that just says no to everything and think that’s leading.

  • Joann says:

    My sediments exactly , he probably is a communist right along with every democrat in Washington and alot of republicans .

  • David in MA says:

    Is Ohio Gov. John Kasich a socialist/communist/Marxist?
    Might his name be on the Democratic Socialists in Congress Membership List?
    (He was in Congress)

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