Mass. Police Dept. Cancels ‘High-Five Friday’ at Schools to Avoid Upsetting Illegals

A police department in Northampton, Massachusetts is ending its “High-Five Friday” program at local elementary schools due to concerns that “undocumented children” and others may feel “uncomfortable” seeing an officer at school.

The program, started by the Northampton Police Department in December, had officers stand outside of a school each Friday morning to high-five students as they walked in to begin the day.

Now, the program has been canceled due to concerns that it may make minority students and illegal immigrants feel uncomfortable, LawNewz reported Tuesday.

“While we received a lot of support on social media, we also heard a few concerns about the program,” the department wrote on Saturday.

Police Chief Jody Kasper had attended a school committee meeting to discuss potential problems with the program. Questions came up during the meeting on how effective the program would be in the long term and how comfortable the students would be seeing officers at the beginning of the school day. The police department was then asked to temporarily pause the “High-Five Friday,” which it did.

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  • Tiger says:

    They have not rights under our Constitution and if they are in your schools get them out. We owe them nothing and they are more familiar with police than our children. Their parents avoid the law like the plague and I will be so happy when this is over.

    Take our country back, be bold and stop it now and those who don’t want to go along with making America Great you are my enemy and I am sick of the lot of you.

    1. Ramon1710 . says:

      Tiger, you want to be really sickened? Check out some of these pearls of wisdom:
      That these fools could ever be elected to govern us says many bad things about society.

      1. Tiger says:

        I need milk of magnesia just happy to know you know because I know.

      2. Tiger says:

        Great site thank you I will spread it.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Criminals dictating the actions of law enforcement.

    That’s the Monkey’s “Hope and Change” for America, alright.

    “Questions came up during the meeting on …how comfortable the students would be seeing officers at the beginning of the school day.”
    Because the last thing you want is to make the little snowflakes uncomfortable!

  • jbarrus says:

    The more uncomfortable the illegals feel, the better. Make them so uncomfortable that they decide to leave. We don’t want them at all.

  • Bob says:

    The kids would not be afraid. It’s the parents, teachers and the staff who are listening to the media twist every dang thing who are afraid because they are buying into the hype. If the Cops are there for an event, they are NOT going to be checking legal status. And certainly not of elementary school aged kids. How can you believe this utter nonsense? If you truly, honestly want the kids to be comfortable around the Police, QUIT MAKING THEM AFRAID OF THEM. It’s a dumb as those “parents” who can’t control their kids so they bring them to the station to get yelled at by cops.

  • Bobbi17 says:

    Why should I be concerned with hurting the feelings of “Illegal” people in my country? They don’t have the right to be here in the first place. This is the type of crap that needs to be stopped. And it needs to be stopped right now.

  • Jim says:


  • Rodney Steward says:

    Suck it up and get use to it, the PC game is over and your little butts are headed out of this country anyway, high five or not!! Bid things about the little ones, they grow up to be big ones!

  • randy jackson says:

    BS—-more snowflake education official decisions.
    These maggots are producing (pumping out) the stupid snowflake college students yelling at the top of their lungs to support some objective they have no clue about.
    Blind mice leading blind mice!

  • 1Davenportguy says:

    that’s the problem with political correctness, the Americans lose out due worrying about hurting some ones feelings

    1. Sickofit says:

      You forgot to add hurting ILLEGALS feelings.. They shouldn’t be here in the first place!! Then there would be no hurt feelings from true, law abiding American citizens!!
      Deport them all!

  • David Wheelock says:

    well they should be worried

    1. Rodney Steward says:


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