‘MILO Bill’ Filed in Tennessee to Ensure Freedom of Speech on College Campuses

by Lucas Nolan | Breitbart.com
February 11, 2017

A Tennessee bill designed to protect freedom of speech on college campuses, known as “The MILO Bill,” was filed today with a press conference held afterward.

The press conference was held by Martin Daniels, the representative for Tennessee’s 18th district. Senator Joey Hensley was also present at the meeting, explaining the need for the bill, titled, “Tennessee Freedom of Speech on College Campus Bill,” and the desired outcome of the legislation.

“We just want to ensure that our public universities give all students the right to free expression,” said Senator Hensley. “Too many times we’ve seen classrooms where the professor doesn’t want to hear both sides of an issue, we’ve heard stories from many students that, honestly, are on the conservative side that have those issues stifled in the classroom. We just want to ensure our public universities allow all types of speech.”

“We’ve recently been instituting new board members for some of our higher education institutions. Six of our four-year universities this year are getting new board members, and as a member of the Senate education committee, we try to stress to these new boards that we hope that these universities, public universities, are there to allow all students to have their right to express their speech,” Senator Hensley continued. “We don’t want to allow hate speech or offensive speech but certainly when it comes to political issues, every student should have their right to expression, and this bill goes towards that, trying to allow these students to have their right for free expression.”

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  • Tiger says:

    I didn’t face anything like this when going to college straight out of high school. Most of my professors were older people and my college, North Texas State had strict rules. We actually learned to think outside the box and there wasn’t any political jargon. Too busy giving us a Real Education. Second time around in college, grown and since it was medical degree no problems with such as this. Now when my youngest son in the 5th grade the teachers were younger and very political and PC. Then in College my daughter met with this crap. She ignored it.

    This entire country has undergone a silent and deadly transformation under our noses and the results of their secret and dastardly dealings with the minds of our children are now blatantly seen. They did a good job, but the gig is up. If we are strong, like Trump said I can start it but you all have to keep it going, we can excise it from every nook and cranny it has crawled into and send it back to the Depths of Hell it crawled out of, I am not exaggerating, didn’t Saul Alinsky dedicate his book to Satan? And was not Hillary and Obama his fans?

    Bravo Bravo hear hear champions are coming forth to fight for the life of our country. God Bless them one and all.

  • the whistler says:

    I was in College in 1968 thru 1972…it was the same crap back then. I just didn’t care!! They would try the crowd approach to stifle me and others. We stood our ground and kicked a$$ if it came to that. We never started a fight but we didn’t back away from one either. Odds were usually 3 to 1 against us…we evened them up pretty quick …take out the leaders and the pack runs…they just don’t expect you to keep running them down and taking care of the whole bunch!!
    Best thing about a good fight you can’t really tell who won or lost by looking at them after it’s over…but after the smoke clears it is all about who still walks the walk and who isn’t doing any talking!!

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  • retired4ever says:

    I hope the bill makes the University liable for the actions of rioters IF (big IF) they, like Cal Berkley, don’t take appropriate action to interdict the violence. In this case I think you can hold “moonbeam” and his leftist politicians accountable for the giant stir.

  • teaman says:

    I also hope the bill is setup so lawsuits can move against everyone involved from the top to the bottom. Money is really the only thing motivated scum at any level understands. Hit them and hit them hard!!!

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