Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran marries longtime aide

JACKSON, Miss. – U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran — the Mississippi Republican whose 2014 primary campaign drew national attention over an aspiring blogger’s photos of his bedridden wife — has married his longtime aide, his office said Monday.

The wedding to Kay Webber took place privately Saturday in Gulfport.

The senator’s first wife, Rose Cochran, died in December at age 73 from dementia after living in a nursing home for 13 years.

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  • paintinc56 says:

    AHH, did the CORRPUT, LYING P O S finally make the who re he has been screwing while his wife was dying a honest woman, how sweet!! He has been taking the crack on taxpayer funded vacays/political junkets for years as part of his staff.
    Keep in mind this slimy pile has voted with Democrats for most of his sickening, corrupt 37 year political career. Good to see the mindless morons of Mississippi vote the P O S back in after he lied & said his primary challenger, Chris McDaniel was a racist & would take blacks back to the days of slavery. Then his campaign rounded up the black Democrats to vote for Cochran who promised them all the welfare benefits they could ever need.

  • Ron Long says:

    Don’t confuse Thad Cochran as being a Conservative, he is an establishment Republican. Family and religious values matter, without those we have ciaos, these values are Conservative values and no longer Republican. If you cannot tell the difference, perhaps you should not vote next time, Remember that Cochran was also the Dems choice as they supported him. Conservatives tried to replace him and lost due to extremely suspicious voting where Dems voted for Thad in the Primary, illegally. The law in Mississippi is if you vote one way in the Primary you must vote the same ticket in the Election, the Dems chose Cochran over their own candidate, that should tell you something.

  • Terry Rushing says:

    Ahhh, the RNC’s “pick” for Mississippi. After all the lying and cheating that the “republican” power brokers did in the primary to keep the aging (but compliant) Cochran in office, they should be sooo proud that there is young (and apparently agreeable) blood to help the old man. It’ll give the old buzzard more to live for.

  • Capdragon says:

    Uhhh, this is the same woman that his staff denied him having a relationship with ?
    Isn’t that special, Republicans, christo-fascists and conservatwits win the family values awards yet again.
    NOT !!!!

    1. Graywolf12 says:

      About as bad as a Demorat named Edwards.

      1. Capdragon says:

        You are right there – but you don’t see Dems telling others how self righteous they are, etc,etc.
        If you conservatwits woulds just once, own it, it might help your image.

        1. Ron Long says:

          Au contre Capdragon, you do see Dems preaching self-righteousness, look at all of the PC claptrap we are bombarded with daily, all liberal and all Dems. Conservatives are trying to save your Country, so show a modicum of respect.

          1. Capdragon says:

            How about a nice cup of STFU, ron.
            You are either in a self imposed state of fugue, asleep, or just willfully ignorant.

          2. Ron Long says:

            The US of A is a free Country and I will not STFU!!! You may disagree with what I say, that is your right, just as I disagree with what you say. You will rue the day when people are forced to STFU because it will apply to you as well.

          3. Capdragon says:

            Then quit the Republican party, stop being a hypocrite, and think before you post such drivel.
            Then no one will respond to tell you to STFU.
            Easy fix.

          4. Ron Long says:

            I am not an establishment Republican, I am a Conservative. I believe in the Constitution and the US of A. What are you and what do you believe in?

          5. I Seigel says:

            I believe in the Bible. The part I like the best is the part where all the guys seem to have all the wives they want. But there seems to be some confusion, too. It seems they were FOR divorce before they were AGAINST it. What’s up with that? Anyway, I believe in the Bible (or at least the parts I like).

        2. elda says:

          First of all Cochran is not a conservative. Second it is a sliding scale. The farther to the right you go the higher it is to the good values and less cheating where as the farther to the left you go the more it becomes murky and to the point of those like Bill, Hillary and Obama down right stinky. Yes there are absolutely very upright and moral progressives and yes there are ultra conservatives that have succumb to temptation. The difference is that the left just think no one should be held accountable and make no bones about not having any principals and so are not held accountable.

          1. Capdragon says:

            Your post is obviously just a parody of facts, right ?
            The Dems are not the ones setting themselves out as models of virtue or messengers of some god.
            That has been the career of most Repubs for the past 50 years.
            The opposite is actually true, elda – we pretty mcu require accountable from all, it’s your slime ball hypocritical christo-fascist repub who screams for perfection from everyone bu them selves.

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