More than 1,000 “unruly” teens shut down Kentucky mall

December 28, 2015

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A suburban Louisville mall reopened Sunday with extra security, a day after closing early when throngs of unruly teens caused disturbances.

The night before, up to 2,000 teens created mayhem at Mall St. Matthews as the shopping center was filled with post-Christmas shoppers, police said.

CBS affiliate WLKY in Louisville reports there has been no confirmation of shots fired inside the mall and no injuries or arrests have been reported.

There were between 40 to 50 officers from various local law enforcement agencies on scene, surrounding the entire mall and trying to break up the large group of young people.

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  • billwhit says:

    Where the hell are the parents? Lock the young scum up and let their parents come and pay to get them out! Kids have no discipline today, start beating their butts again and see if that works, since letting them run wild certainly doesn’t seem to have done one bit of good!

  • Faithful American says:

    LOOKS like this was yet ANOTHER Black Lives Matters CATASTROPHY!

  • Debbie says:

    You let Mom And Dad keep having to go down a bail them out of jail and this mess will stop. I raised 7 and told all of them do not call me. Don’t waist your phone call. Got yourself into this get yourself out. And not one of them ever did. Good kids.

  • Bob in Florida says:

    Until we stop tolerating this type of behavior it will continue (and likely escalate) until malls and like are no longer places law-abiding folks will bother to go.

    If police forces won’t enforce the law (because it is private property?) then the malls need to authorize their private security forces to do what is necessary to protect their investment. It won’t take long for continued behavior of this type to effect the stores bottom line when families and the teen age shoppers are no longer willing to be subjected to the risks of going shopping in these places.
    There a few ‘less than lethal’ methods of persuading thugs that they really don’t want to come back to that location and pull that s–t anymore! Until they learn that you will continue to have problems.

    Your choice – accept it – or not!

    1. Orris herland says:

      Through them out of the store. If they won’t go when asked, use what ever needs to be done to get rid of them.

  • I Seigel says:

    No Child Left Behind!!

    And notice this didn’t happen in a “libturd” area like Portland or Seattle or Boston. It happened in the good ole conservative Bible Belt. Interesting.

  • Rose Boltz says:

    Arrest them all, lock them up with a very high bail. This will get the parents attention. Keep them until the bail is paid in full, tell the parents if it happens again the kids are going up the river for a very long time. Make the parents pay attention and act like parents.

  • teaman says:

    WOW! Another radical scum parade!!!

    1. Orris herland says:

      I guess they are radical scum, or they would not disrupt people shopping in a Mall.

  • rmagnano says:

    “Young people”? That sounds suspicious, where did they come from? No suspicions it was coordinated, Really? Groups formed than broke up than formed in another location. Sure sounds like some means of coordination to me. No arrests? 50 or so policemen were there but no arrests. My instinct tells me they were of the minorities.

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