N.Y. lawmaker seeks name change for Donald J. Trump State Park

by Jessica Chasmar
December 15, 2015

A New York state senator has announced plans to introduce legislation to rename Donald J. Trump State Park, saying Mr. Trump “has become increasingly hostile to the core values of our state and nation.”

Daniel Squadron, a Democrat representing the 26th District, made the announcement Monday. He has also sent a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo explaining the proposal.

Mr. Trump’s “discriminatory proposals are unbefitting of a campaign for our country’s highest office,” Mr. Squadron wrote in his letter. “Mr. Trump has shown that he is unworthy of having a New York State Park named in his honor.”

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  • Kent2012 says:

    well danni fly squadron…you should consider renaming New York to Trumpville…

  • billwhit says:

    NY State is a vomit bucket of Democratic Loons, just as horribly inept as those on the west coast, the Cali Loons! I will be voting TRUMP 2016!

  • Hillaryoncrack says:

    This guy will come unglued when Trumps face is put on Mt. Rushmore.

    1. Kent2012 says:

      there has already been some blasting going on the prep for the place for kenyan boyo’s honorific to be placed there, but they have had to expand the site due to the african pretender’s image having to show his head jammed into his posterior…

      1. Hillaryoncrack says:

        LOL! Seriously, if his image went up there we would have to dynamite the whole mountain. It would be a shame, but, gotta do what ya’ gotta do.

  • Alan says:

    But of course. If something offends me personally then it should simply be done away with. Right? I mean after all, don’t we all have the right to live our lives without confrontations of any sort? Okay, all sarcasm aside. Crap, I hear and see things every day that I find offensive but not to such a degree that my delicate sensibilities are crushed by their very presence. It’s called life. Go over your bed-wetting selves and get on with it before you are forced to realize that it’s too late to give a damn one-way-or-the-other.

    1. Kent2012 says:

      it is imperative to remember that certain areas of New York have an overwhelming number of bed wetters, much like LA and Seattle…

      1. Alan says:

        Agreed Kent2012. Living in the Emerald City really isn’t much different than living in LA, except maybe for the weather. Having spent 14yrs in LA and now 25 in Seattle I can say with all sincerity that it surprises me whenever I encounter someone who isn’t a bed-wetter. Liberal havens make for truly strange bedfellows for conservatives.

  • KDC says:

    Donald Trump hostile to the core values? Good grief, the govt.(BO) is hostile to the constituency and to America. What a weak minded wuss! (sp)?

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    Well, Danny Boy, you clearly represent the true New York Democrat: a mean and hateful politically correct hack.

    1. Kent2012 says:

      you forgot “brain dead fool”….of course there will be a chorus of allelujahs from the parasites and the coffee shop socialists in support of danni fly squadron’s suggestions…

  • Whitemanfromtown says:

    The only “Core Values” owned by a demoRAT are perversion and communism.

  • Obwon One says:

    Lots of petty little dictators.

  • Gary Vogt says:

    WTF! Gotta just love liberals…is it possible that this NY nut (elected by nuts..BTW) is a product of ‘no child left behind’? Gheez!!!!

  • Phyllis says:

    The more these democrats from NY open their mouth the more it turns the rest of the country off and toward Trump. We are all so very sick of NY and Calif.opinions.

  • VirgoVince says:

    Talk about ‘hostile’ and ‘unworthy,’ ‘discriminatory’ and ‘unbefitting,’ look in a mirror liebturd pos! Lay off the kool-aid!

  • VirgoVince says:

    Talk about ‘hostile’ and ‘unworthy,’ ‘discriminatory’ and ‘unbefitting,’ look in a mirror liebturd pos! Lay off the kool-aid!

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