Obama Administration Slams Conservative School As Not A Real College

by BLAKE NEFF | The Daily Caller
September 20, 2015

An Obama administration representative took a shot at a well-known conservative college Thursday, saying the school wasn’t included on its much-heralded new “College Scorecard” because it isn’t a real two-to-four year college.

Hillsdale College, a 1,500-student liberal arts college in Michigan, is ranked by U.S. News and World Reports as the 67th-best national liberal arts college in the country. The college is well-known for the conservative identity of its student body and its focus on a core curriculum that emphasizes Judeo-Christian tradition and the U.S. Constitution. It’s also known for its refusal to accept any federal funding (including federal student loans), in order to remain free of most federal regulatory control.

Despite its name, the Obama administration’s new College Scorecard doesn’t grade schools (though it was originally planned to) and instead just offers a bevy of data, such as schools’ graduation rate and the average salary of graduates. But notably, Hillsdale can’t be found on the scorecard, as though it doesn’t exist.

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  • fred says:

    Ironic that a non-real, fake potus tries to discredit one of the few universities actually teaching the truth in History, Economics, the sciences, and of course politics! This criminal potus should be exposed as the fraud he is, and sent to Federal prison for all his crimes!

  • Drake Rocky Eric says:

    So why doesn’t obola shut down the u.s. dept of evil { “education” }. I’ve been trying to get justice done and the u.s. dept of evil is still stealing my refunds.

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    Okay we all understand completely. “why”Hillsdale. Isn’t considered suitable to be found on Obama’s scoreboard of Colleges.This college Hillsdale actually teaches facts not theory. It trains the mind of the individual student to think rationally and in a coherent manner about the founding Principles. Of our once great nations Founding documents. They also” teach ” why , how an for what purpose Our Constitution was written ..

  • Ed Campbell says:

    When they offer a free course o the constitution to anyone who wants to take it, of course obummer;s minions don’t want to put it on their scorecard. Because if more people understand the constitution they wouldn’t be able to get away with much of the crap that they pull

  • Jimbo says:

    When I attended SUNY Buffalo in 1975 I got a knock on my dorm room. A girl announced that “everyone” was going downtown to the courthouse to protest. I asked her, “Protest what?”, and she couldn’t tell me. She just kept telling me we all had to pile into the buses the student council rented.

    I didn’t go. I later found out that the student council had blown the entire year’s activity fund (consisting of mandatory fees students paid) for this protest activity!

    It confirmed what I had known for a long time. Students will protest just about anything, without even knowing what it is about. Liberal Democrats feed on this.

  • Jimbo says:

    Obama is not a REAL president!

  • Bonnie68 says:

    It seems from what I am reading from the initial Daily Caller report there are other colleges missing from Obama’s College Scorecard. It seems that colleges that they do not take any federal funding are missing from the scorecard. So maybe, just maybe, what ever forms that are filled out to receive funding would give the administration the necessary means to rate each school.

    From the Daily Caller report it states: Despite its name, the Obama administration’s new College Scorecard doesn’tgrade schools (though it was originally planned to) and instead just offers a bevy of data, such as schools’ graduation rate and the average salary of graduates. But notably, Hillsdale can’t be found on the scorecard, as though it doesn’t exist.

    I looked at the cards and it did give some good information for the student including graduation rates at the college and a massive amount of information about the college, financial aid, and way to many things to list here. The only thing that I would suggest to anyone before you get upset at Obama for not listing this college is to check out the massive amount of information that will be available to the student is to look at what is available at this site and see if it will be a good fit for your student. If the administra- tion is using the financial forms to collect the information I have no idea how the colleges that do not want financial aid can have verifiable statistics for this project. Maybe you have ideas. I don’t my kids are way past this stage in life.

  • pete G says:

    Truth is Obama doesn’t recognize anything he can’t control. They don’t have to do anything the Government says, their not under his rule. He should give them that taxpayer money he wastes on those baby killers.

  • Ken says:

    Just read in Newsmax where Kerry talks of 100,000 Muslims coming to USA every year starting in 2017. At that rate, it will become a Muslim nation not a Christian nation. Early in his administration, Obama declared this to be a Muslim nation, I wondered about that. Clearly, it was founded as a Christian nation. He seeks to do exactly that. Every opportunity he or his administration has to tamp-down Christianity and promote Islam they take it. This is another example of turning away from Christianity and speaking negatively of USA- a Christian Nation- a Christian Nation before Obama arrived on the scene.
    Now, do you realy think he is a Christian? maybe a ” Rev. Wright Christian”, but Rev. Wright is a black liberation Marxist. A Black Christian Communist. I suppose he will pickup as a community organizer after his Presidency and lead the 100,000 of Muslims, that he will be importing to this Christian nation and do his best to overthrow its Christian principles. Thus, his Muslim nation will be fulfilled. Hillsdale College is a Christian College, at least for now. To Quote Trump, “we have stupid leaders”.

  • Robert Early says:

    Impeachment is the best thing to happen for this pretending king. The other options are not pretty. I don’t believe even Hitler was more hated.

  • bones1941 says:

    Obama wouldn’t get through the from gate to this school . This school doesn’t kiss your ass !

  • BikeIce says:

    Who cares what Bozo the Clown and his administration thinks about Hillsdale College? The average student there goes to it for its Christian/Constitutional education which is just the antithesis everything Bozo stands for……..Marxism, Socialism and Fascism combined into one gigantic oppressive ruling oligarchy for which is he is the pupeter du jour.

  • J_R_K says:

    The problem with Hillsdale College is that it’s honest, accurate, truthful and right. … it’s instruction regarding history are every thing leftists haters hate.

    Of course, if Obama is against any thing, that thing that he is against is probably honest, accurate, truthful and right. He is, after all the current America Hater In Chief, is he not?

  • gavinwca says:

    I can see why Obola would want to eliminate a college from his list, that is accidemately superior, to all the Liberal, Fascist, politically correct, garbage bins, called the Ivey league collages.

  • 4lifeandfreedom says:

    Oh, and could it be because Rush Limbaugh supports Hillsdale College and what it stands for? And that they provide online courses for free to anyone who wants to register, explaining the Constitution, Christian and conservative values?

  • Seedman says:

    I would expect nothing less from nominal Christian skunk Obama’s well monitored deluded administration of evil.

  • 1inamil says:

    Dictator obama is at it again! Keep your nose out of this school’s business! It doesn’t need, want or require your “scorecard”. Go score yourself.

    1. Gnowark says:

      Obamao hates anything that his boss (Valerie Jarrett) can’t control.

  • Gnowark says:

    I hope everyone is aware of all the free online courses Hillsdale offers (non-credit) on our U.S Constitution. Send them a few $ after you try their Constitution Courses to let them know what they teach IS appreciated. https://online.hillsdale.edu/.

  • dkuch says:

    Not a real College, WELLLLLLL, he is not a real president!!!

    1. Webb says:

      So True…But His side just doesn’t care!

  • KDC says:

    That’s really funny coming from him, considering he’s not who he says he is either.

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    Who really cares?

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    These left-wits, right across the country are acting as if they will be in power forever. Are they in for a very unpleasant surprize. I can only hope, that Trump or Cruz will be the next president. Then acting like a “bull in a china shop” take care of all this nonsense once and for all.

  • Debbie says:

    How many more Months??????????

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      one is even too much, in fact one more minute would be too much.

    2. Denise ogrady says:

      To damn many!

  • nonstopca says:

    If the Government CAN”T control it…….”they” will try to kill it.

  • Diane Brenner says:

    I just learned a valuable lesson from this article. I often wondered what would happen if the government didn’t have control over the essential needs of its citizens. I’m sure this College isn’t the only entity that does not rely on the government for its existence, and the article just answered that question. Dismissed. Out of sight. Invisible.
    Perhaps, just perhaps, if all colleges were able to run without federal assistance and without federal restrictions, the youth of America would actually get a real education.

    1. Liz says:

      They use too but now young people are being taught that the info given to their parents is a lie. I was told by a young person the other day that the researchers are finding out more regarding history every day and a lot of history we use to be taught is incorrect, actually I think history is being rewritten to suit O’Bama’s agenda.

      1. Diane Brenner says:

        I have to agree LIz. Things like the Holocaust. There aren’t a lot of survivors from that atrocity, but even they are being accused of exaggerating the truth of what happened. Many young people today believe the holocaust never happened. And, how will the twin towers fare in the future. Obama doesn’t consider it an act of terror. Yes, history is being rewritten.
        But, all in all, our educational system is in the toilet. Government needs to stay out of a schools curriculum. They need only build the schools and make it possible for all children to receive an education. They are NOT educators and should have no say in how or what students must learn. Within limits that is.,

  • bobnstuff says:

    Has anyone checked if they answered the letter when they were asked of information. Did they fill out the form or did they see it was from the government and through it away? Did anyone check?

    1. Webb says:

      Not important…refusing to accept federal funds is the Key!
      Kudos to Hillsdale College…

      1. bobnstuff says:

        There are a number of conservative colleges on the list. Everyone tries to blame Obama, who probably had nothing to do with creating the list. The questions that counts are do these colleges have accreditation and does the government have them in there data base.

        1. Webb says:

          Where is the “Buck” supposed to Stop…

          1. Gnowark says:

            At the very top, but Valerie Jarrett is too busy right now.

          2. Webb says:

            So True…

        2. Gnowark says:

          Obamao probably had nothing to do with appointing hitlery, or the IRS scandal, either. He and Sgt Schultz know “nothink” until it is read to him from the newspapers. But to answer your questions, yes accredited, and hopefully not – if they can’t be controlled they don’t exist in their DB.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I’m sure that with everything else he has to do he sat down and made a list of schools to not to put on the list. The fact that other conservative schools are on the list means nothing.

          2. Gnowark says:

            Nobody ever said destroying our country would be easy. I feel real sorry for him also, poor guy, having to worry about the “real truth” being taught at colleges he can’t control. It probably keeps him awake nights wondering what else he shouldn’t have evaded.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Do you know anything about Hillsdale College, Other then not taking government money this isn’t the ultra conservative school that you are being told it is. http://www.hillsdale.edu/
            Conservative yes, Smart fact based conservatives, Less dogmatic then Liberty University. I think this was a simple mistake that is being used for Obama bashing. From what they say about themselves we need more colleges like this one.

  • eassa says:

    I would love to see the grades obama and his administration would get if they took classes at Hillsdale! They couldn’t make it, but then, we never have seen obama’s college transcripts have we?

  • RuFus92 says:

    A college that offers a true view of how badly Obama and his minions are battering at the constitution of this country. It is no surprise that he would bad mouth it. That alone should tell the world to look it over as he only attacks those who are right in pointing out what an all out idiot and dishonest person he truly is. The truth scares the living s…t out of this guy. Keep at it Hillsdale. Just remember this is coming from someone who is not a real President

  • mtmountainman says:

    Once again, Barry’s crew of evil corruption has proven that they consider “We, the people” their only enemy. They embrace radical terrorists and focus on trying to destroy America.

  • zucccchini says:

    Obama was/is the Entitlement POTUS of our time. He was elected because of his race and re-elected because of same. It was, hopefully, (by the left) to solve their guilt complex over race. All he has done is make things worse for everyone, including his own race. He didn’t have the character to hold public office, let alone the POTUS. He was raised by left wing Socialist family and entered college under the entitlement program. He graduated under the entitlement program and his career, up until election into the Senate, was a ‘community organizer’, (or a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton). He never held a job in the private sector but for a short time and soon extricated himself from that! His tutors were American born anarchist, one of which used bombs to make his point and even served in Obama’s cabinet for a number of years. He is ONE of America’s biggest mistakes..one which we may not be able to take back.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Perfect summary zucccchini. You “squashed” the imposter. He and Hitlery have only one thing in common. They have been attempting to destroy America.

    2. mousekiller says:

      I think instead of using POTUS it should be DOTUS, Dictator OTUS. So much more fitting.

  • Webb says:

    The Obama administration has for six and half years been a Divider of Race and Knowledge…
    Nothing New…A college refuses Federal Funds, so now It’s not a Real College!
    So I guess that makes Americans not Real, since 54 % refuse to accept Obamacare.
    A Progressive view of Conservatives…

    1. Ron Warren says:

      By Hillsdale refusing federal funds the “progressives” CANNOT CONTROL the college. Congratulations Hillsdale for not joining the union. Keep yourself separated from this evil and adulterous (unfaithful) administration.

    2. Denise ogrady says:

      He wants to control everything ! When he doesn’t he snorts and stomps worse then a two year old!

  • MegaMouseGW says:

    obozo the great divider would not know a true college if it bit him on the tail end.

    1. Bonnie68 says:

      The republicans are the GREAT dividers

  • paulrph1 says:

    He is not a real President either so that should make them even.

  • Arthur L. Trevallee says:

    Maybe Osama Obama and his crew just forgot to include Hillsdale College on their list.

    1. reggie says:

      You’re absolutely right. Sicker, snicker.

  • skipsart says:

    Classic case of cur dogs nipping at your heals.

  • Liz says:

    Why would this College be on an O’Bama scorecard? This College doesn’t adhere to his agenda of progressive liberalism and cannot be forced to because it is not subsidized by the Federal Government. He would probably see it as a threat, especially since it focuses on a core curriculum that emphasizes Judeo-Christian tradition and the Constitution. I wonder if his minions might try to shut it down as well as any College that doesn’t conform.

    1. Liberty's Advocate says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. This administration is the most agenda driven administration I’ve ever seen OR studied. If only people had listened in 2008 when he promised to “fundamentally transform” America. But then again, Americans would have to have been engaged, aware of what they had to lose instead of being fat and happy, entertainment-driven sheep.

      1. Liz says:

        I met a few College students in 2008 that were completely captivated by O’Bama. When I asked if they had researched his background (the little that could be found) and were they voting for him their reply was “yes I’m voting for him, he wouldn’t lie to us”. I told them they needed to research everyone they vote for, they looked at me as if I insulted them. I firmly believe he was put their on purpose to further the Progressive Agenda and to bring our great Nation to her knees. The ones backing him knew, if for no other reason, he would win because of 1) his race, 2} guilt pushed on everyone else. He has done everything he promised to do, people should have read his books then maybe he would not have been re-elected. Hopefully we will get another chance to elect someone who actually LOVES and APPRECIATES our great Nation and everything she stands for. I’m fed up with our Country being trashed and apologized for by non-other than our own President.

        1. Ron Warren says:

          The Kenyan-born imposter in the crescent office is not a President. He does not meet the qualifications. He was put there by non-thinking low-informed voters added to names of people lying in cemeteries and street walkers who voted for him in return for cigarettes and money (news videos documented this). When I first heard his name as a candidate my reaction was: “Who in hell is THAT?” When he said “Change is a-comin!” I asked WHAT CHANGE? So there we have it. Promise some people monthly trinkets and they will settle down and accept whatever “trinkets” are tossed down to them by the Politburo who are soft-feathering their nests with taxpayer handovers.

          1. Liz says:

            It is a good thing to have help when it is truly needed but to live of it for generations is wrong, these are leeches.

          2. podunk1 says:

            Both communists and RINO monopolists crave absolute power over society. China rules by police enforcement. RINOS rule by very profitably corrupting government to control wealth, productivity, supply, and demand. A quarter century ago each needed what the other had! Since then US productive infrastructure and capital wealth moved from once sovereign US territory to Communist China in exchange for RINO coordination and free unregulated communist labor forces, simultaneous with corruption of government to rule regulate and control remaining free US competition out of business. Growing Maoist/RINO US government control added alien workforce invasions engaged in very low “underground” criminal tax/regulation evading cash wages, highly taxpayer subsidized by endless welfare, healthcare, education, citizen infrastructures, and even to the extent of forcing businesses to pass “uncompensated service” costs to paying citizen billings!

            August BLS work-forces determined by 1997/2008 12 year (65.50066%) averages vs employed individuals adjusted to a 40 hour week, says joblessness/unemployment was 38,064,000 (22.8%), N OT 5.1%! Outsourcing jobs and in-sourcing criminal alien invaders is sabotage – TREASON! The annual BLS wages with 30% average employer tax/fringes, costs citizens $2.6 trillion!!! Yes, more are reaching retirement age, but our zero interest depression forces most to work and pay taxes till death! We have a president and congress that promotes outsourcing jobs, in-sourcing criminal alien workers, attacks the Constitution, passes endless regulations, gutted the military, out of control spending, looting, and lawlessness as NEVER BEFORE! It’s TREASON!!

          3. primitive says:

            We have NO RINOS! They are almost all REPUBLICRATS and DEMICANS. Almost all vote their own power and pocketbook regardless of the will of the people or the good of the country!

          4. Liberty's Advocate says:

            I think , if Obama refuses to consider that Hillsdale
            College of Michigan is a real college because they refuse to accept federal aid to education (especially since their academic standards are higher than average) the same attitude should be applied to his faux presidency since he refuses to acknowledge the fact that his Socialist/Communist ideas have no merit.

          5. Karin Isbell says:

            So help me, if this Marxist clown is not impeached prior to the next election, goodbye USA. I happen to know Hillside’s.excellency. Of course people like Barak Hussein, like all proles, is bent, come hell or high water, upon tearing down anything that ranks above their intellectual and integral horizon.

          6. Bonnie68 says:

            They can not impeach him because he did not do what the republicans said he did. They lied to you to keep you pi$$ed off and it worked IF he could have been impeached they would have done it. Wake up.

          7. fred says:

            The ONLY reason he is not indicted as an illegal alien usurper is because no Judge will hear the case, and when they do they throw it out on a technicality not on the merits of his fraud which always passes muster, he has been shown repeatedly to have presented fake documents, computer generated by a woman he had killed in Hawaii a couple of years ago so she can’t tell anyone how she sliced several different documents with several different fonts to make a non-certified copy, not a “live birth” document required of anyone not running as a democrat for any office apparently… triple standards always apply to the criminals, haven’t you noticed ? they are sick, twisted treasonous criminals who should be brought to Justice now!

          8. nightowl18 says:

            You are right! If he isn’t the devil or the Anti-christ, I sure don’t ever want to see or meet either! All of his ideas, agenda, Planned Parenthood, etc. are from
            The devil himself. Even this immigration and amnesty stuff, gay rights are all from Satan himself. He and Hillary and all their lies! Poor George Washington, I wish he would come and spook Obama out of office!

          9. fred says:

            He’s just following the Marx playbook of lie, cheat, steal, deceive as much has he can before he is exposed for the fraud we all know him to be…

          10. Liberty's Advocate says:

            I have said for a long tome that his policies and actions seem oriented toward one goal: creating chaos. I believe besides wanting to remain in power during the ensuing national emergency,socialism thrives on chaos while the breakdown of services appears to call for more drastic government action under powers granted by the Patriot Act.

          11. fred says:

            Correct, Communists thrive on creating a problem, then also coming in after that problem has exploded and offering to “manage” it and “get things under control” which is exactly what happened in so many countries like Russia killing off the Czar’s family by deception about 100 years ago! If you know your history, there are parallels everywhere to what is being done to us right now…and it never ends well for the average citizen believe me!

          12. pete G says:

            Bad enough our own are getting all this welfare and fake disability and now SS for illegals. This SOB should be hung in front of the white house so no other President even considers doing what this stinking fool has done.

          13. nightowl18 says:

            You said it! If he isn’t commiting treason. I really don’t understand what we are all paying such high taxes for sll these dumbo-crats in office that do abdolutely nothing. They’re all drinking Obama kool-aid. There are only maybe one handful that are doing theur job. If that many!

          14. robert says:

            we agree ron 100% ovomit/satan isn,t a president he has never been vetted and can,t be verified.he has all his records hidden/sealed and he spends millions keeping them hidden/sealed and his ss# belongs to a dead connecticut person,his white house internet live birth form is a computor generated layered forgery.his father was born in kenyan{dreams from my father}he sent additonal throops to afganistan without congress approval.he ignored a georgia supreme court subpoena{shows his contempt for our laws}his uncle obango is an illegal alien who lives down south,and has a illegal business and obango his been arrested for dw1 but you won,t see any of this in any lame stream bought and paid for treasonous medias.ovomit is the one of the most treasonous gravest threats to we the people and the usa.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

      2. nightowl18 says:

        You go! I must have seen Satan’s horns when I first seen Obama! From
        The very beginning, I knew he was no good for America! From the very beginning he lied to Americans, his transparency bs!

    2. rwp24382 says:

      Colleges in his mind are supposed to be breeding grounds for socialist elites like himself. If they don’t teach Communist ideals, then he must think they are worthless. Here is that guy that said he taught Constitutional law in college, and does everything he can to destroy it. Let’s just say he is a Communist hypocrite and that says it all. This man doesn’t love our country. He is probably upset because of the articles written about him and his violations of the Constitution. Things are going to get a lot worse for Mr. Thin Skin. He hasn’t begun to hear the negative comments are just going to start, unless he sets himself up as dictator or if Hillary is elected. With the disagreements between Obama and Hillary, I think she might even let Obama defend himself against his dismal record. This time he can’t hide behind the race card.

      1. Liz says:

        IF he taught it in college (can we prove it?) he only studied and taught it to go around it or destroy it.

        1. Ron Warren says:

          He has made claims he has never documented–school record and place of birth. Did he study constitutional law in the Soviet Union?–learning how to destroy the Constitution? This Kenyan Muslim is a fake from the beginning. WHEN will America wake up to reality?

          1. Liz says:

            A lot won’t until he stops giving them everything they want. Medicaid, EBT cards, O’Bamacare, years of unemployment checks, O’Bama phones, etc.

          2. pete G says:

            Because of him you can stay on welfare for 5 years, five f—ing years, the man is a lunatic. He told those on assistance if they couldn’t get welfare get disability, in other words fake it. He told the welfare board that they would answer to him if they gave any of these people applying for disability any trouble. He is a f—-ing commie, racist, Muslim POS. Sal Alinski taught him how to destroy a country. The people should have marched 3 years ago against him and thrown his a$$ completely out of the country.

        2. nightowl18 says:

          Or his interption of the constitution. Is there even one student that can verify what he taught? Like everytning else, his whole story and history is fake and false with noone to verify his past records or documents!

      2. mousekiller says:

        He is a Marxist. Not much difference between that and communism but some. He hates himself and he hates this country. He is not black nor is he white and that pisses him off as he is neither. So he uses this country as his own personal bank account with no limits to do with as he pleases. He is a dictator. His actions demonstrate that , His lies demonstrate that and he has on many occasions proven that.

        1. pete G says:

          Two things i watched him say that stuck in my mine 1 i am not a dictator and 2 i am not trying to take your guns away. If you have studied him the way i have you would know that both of these statements are bald faced f—-ing lies.

    3. Bonnie68 says:

      This college does not take financial aid and does not fill out the forms that other colleges have to fill out. The other colleges that do not take financial aid aren’t on the list either. That is simple, there is noway to verify their figures.

    4. pete G says:

      Just another dig by this Muslim dictator. He hates Christian conservatives, particularly white ones. He has managed to screw up this whole country with his diversity push, his open borders and his hate of white Americans.

    5. nightowl18 says:

      I agree, Hillsdale is very pro-constitutional; and obvious to all, Obama is pro-socialist/muslim! Hilladale even has courses on The Constitution. Yay for Hillsdale, wish more colleges and universities were free from
      Federal and government intervention and being forced to have coarses that teach the liberal theology/ideas.

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