Obama Castigates Judge For Ruling Against His Imperial Amnesty Decree

by CNS News
April 9, 2015

A federal judge has wrongly prevented “common-sense policies” from taking effect by blocking President Barack Obama’s executive action that seeks to shield millions of immigrants from deportation, and the federal government plans to continue its fight in a higher court, the White House said Wednesday.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the policies are in the best interest of the economy and supported by businesses, faith leaders and local law enforcement across the country, “including in some communities that are located in pretty red states.”

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen refused late Tuesday night to lift a temporary hold he imposed on the president’s policies in February after 26 states — led by Texas — filed a lawsuit challenging the changes. The U.S. Department of Justice had asked Hanen to reverse his decision, but the Brownsville, Texas-based judge said the government had not “shown any credible reason” to immediately reverse his ruling.

That means the Obama administration is still temporarily barred from implementing policies that would allow as many as five million people to remain in the U.S. even though they live in the country illegally.

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  • Sheileagh says:

    The sheer arrogance of the misfit ‘wanna-be-king’ in OUR White-house, has no bounds. This arrogant buffoon & his lackeys really believe that they are above the law & that THEY make the rules; they have no respect for our Constitution & could care less about the legal citizens of America. Obama, in his final, dying throes of a completely failed ‘reign’ of uselessness, is desperately tying to leave some significant mark in our American history. He does not give a damn as to whether what he manages to do ~ if & when he manges to accomplish anything at all before we boot him to the curb ~ is either useful or beneficial to America. He is an utterly miserable failure who does not even have the basic decency to shut up & retire quietly… He will continue to whine & cry, growl & threaten, even as he sinks into the losers pit of pathetic oblivion, at the termination of his ill conceived & thoroughly dysfunctional contract with America.

    1. DEANNA says:


  • Kathy Baratelli says:

    The man in the White House who claims to be president, even though he hasn’t presented a valid birth certificate, is now demanding unconstitutional amnesty for millions of illegals in spite of a judge’s ruling twice against his executive order. He needs to be removed from office and tried as a traitor over his lies and cover-ups in Benghazi, his order for the IRS to target conservative organizations for non-profit status during the 2012 election, his trade of five high-level terrorists for an American deserter without consenting Congress, and for lying to the American People over and over; and his lying continues with the Iran nuclear weapon agreement.

  • ItsJo says:

    Good for Judge Hanen in standing up for the law, and our Constitution, that Obama wants to totally ignore, as he continues to garner “More Dem Voters down the road, with his ‘Illegal Amnesty Invasion’ of our Republic.” Obama has brought ALL these Illegals-including the ones from the Middle East, as he does secretly, and NO ONE IN CONGRESS STOPS HIM, as he has turned “America, into A DUMPING GROUND-that taxpayers’ must foot the bill for”
    We NEED MORE JUDGE HANEN’S OUT THERE, WHO WILL STOP THIS TRAITOR TO AMERICA, WHO THINKS HE’S A KING, NOT A POTUS. Of course he’ll whine, and stomp his feet as any child who throws tantrums does, when they Don’t get their Own Way. Sick of him turning this nation, into a Dumping Ground, as he does so Deliberately, to Punish ‘arrogant(his words) America.”
    He learned his “Anti-America Hatred, from his Communist Mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, for 10 yrs. as Davis, Hated America And Obama continues with his Marxist March AGAINST our Republic. This, is why Obama is Always “Ridiculing American’s, Christians AND America, as he also is using Saul Alinsky’s, “Rules For Radicals”, which promotes 13 rules-one of which is “ridicule your enemies, as no one can fight against ridicule.” He also taught these methods to Acorn Thugs.
    Too bad, the gullible-on the take- fools who voted this guy in TWICE, didn’t realize that the “Biggest Con of Chicago-Obama, conned them and NOW WE ALL HAVE TO SUFFER IN AMERICA, for their stupidity/gullibility.”

    1. Kenneth Williams says:

      Itslo your words are exactly the way millions of US AMERICANS feel and one thing you left out is the fact that we the people need to recall or replace all the RINO’s that are voting with Obummer and a good example is the speaker of the house Boehner and the Senate top dog McConnell and the 2 senators from TN Corker and Alexander who also are voting with Obummer. other that that he has everything right on.

  • LeRoy E. Robinett says:

    I have great admiration for the Judge. However, I firmly believer it should go further by removing this treasonous traitor from office and tired for his treasonous actions against this country. He is illegal traitor in the position of President.

  • Gerry says:

    I have been waiting for obummer’s whining and crying over not getting his way with this judge. He and the WH staff are lying again when they say law enforcement is all for his policies. I can believe that ” some ” businesses would like this so they can pay in refried beans and some of the phony faith leaders,as he calls them, like sharpton, jackson,wright who see a chance to bilk more people out of money. I don’t believe any red states would ever fall for his schemes.

  • teaman says:

    Let me see if I understand this correctly, the Obambulating Manure Spreader wants to ILLEGALLY go around the Law and Constitution to force a Judge to ILLEGALLY go around the Law and Constitution so He can ILLEGALLY use Tax money to support ILLEGALS, YEP sounds like something he would do and at the same time, increasing the dummycratic voting base, again at taxpayer expense! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH OUR PRESENT IMMIGRATION LAWS, EXCEPT THEY ARE NOT BEING ENFORCED! Thanks to Eric Holder, the head of the Black Panthers, no law is enforced unless he and the Manure Spreader likes it!!

    1. Johnnyappleseed says:

      How dare a Judge uphold the rule of law? doesn’t he know who I am?, …I am, who am! referencing his messiah complex.
      “Here come the da Judge, order in da court, here comes da judge”…from an old TV show

  • dww says:

    This guy’s “worshipers” have treated him like a “god”, therefore, he believes he is “god”. The sad part is — he STILL has his “worshipers”!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry Y. says:

    how dare anybody stand up to the great and all mighty obama! please explain how keeping more criminals and giving them jobs, housing and money will help our economy? please explain this to the children of the USA that are poor who’s families cannot find work why some illegals are given food and their parents have to go to churches to get handouts just so they can be fed because illegals are given preference in the job market, this judge has done a great thing now we need the rest of the judges to rule against all obama does, get all the people to speak out against obama I know impeachment isn’t the perfect solution but no one seems to want to go against obama so we need to get rid of him any way we can!

  • Retta says:

    Good for Judge Hanen. Yeah, red states, all the sorry azz employers that don’t want to pay a decent wage or don’t want to do the paperwork. A former acquaintance, living in her 12,000 sq ft house on her 6 acre property thinks it’s fine to hire ill eagles. They all scam her every time and she’s too stupid to see it. She has full house HEPA filtering, so nothing gets dusty. The first time, they (2) took over 4 hours to clean, so they wanted a flat rate. They’re now finished in 2 hours, and get $120.00. They’ve brought in their families so she got rid of her legal, tax paying lawn company to save a few dollars. Four or 5 people lost their jobs because the lawn service ultimately went out of business. People like her need to go to jail, then it would stop overnight. The ill eagles self deported when the economy tanked, they’d do it again. Oblamer is disgusting.

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