San Francisco elementary school removes boys’ and girls’ bathrooms and makes them gender neutral

by KIRI BLAKELEY | Daily Mail UK
September 4, 2015

One elementary school had decided to do away with boys’ and girls’ bathrooms. There will now just be bathrooms.

Miraloma Elementary in San Francisco, California is busy doing away with its gender assigned bathrooms and making them gender neutral for their young students.

Principal Sam Bass said the change was in part due to eight students who do not fit into traditional gender norms – and range from tomboys to transgender.

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  • ObamaIsKillingTheUSA says:

    Simple fix…

  • mousekiller says:

    San Fransisco. The basic training ground for the fruits and nuts. Or as many know it to be called . The Gay Bay.
    I wonder how the people that pushed this would feel if ALL Public bath rooms would have ALL gender labels taken off the bath room doors?. From the 7-11 to the fanciest eating establishment in town .
    Bet that would open some eyes . Then again the Marxist, Communist agenda is to begin the ruination of America by beginning with the children,

    Can you imagine some rich broad changing her monthly pad and some guy walks in and witnesses that? It would hit the fan, . Lets see now. voyeurism is illegal, but I guess if your in a non gender bathroom with the opposite sex it is OK? How is that going to be handled? How are they going to handle huge increase in the molestation of children and or the opposite due to this non gender situation?. Just fill the prisons and keep killing America because they are the leaders of the fruit and nuts brigade.

  • Joy Beum says:

    It’s San Francisco. People with children should NOT live there. City with NO morals. What do you expect?

  • Lorene James says:

    I see Unwanted Attention from some students.
    I see little girls raped,from the gangs that will develope. This is not right.. I WANT MY OLDER AMERICA BACK…No my kids all 4 will be taught at home.Away from the evil taking over our AMERICA…

    1. Joy Beum says:

      Lorene, If you are serious about home schooling, be sure to join a home schooling group which offers legal protection. Authorities have pulled many children from homeschooling homes simply for that reason. Make sure you are legally protected.

      1. Lorene James says:

        Thank you Joe,,for that info.I’ll contact a lawyer first thing Monday morning…Good day to you sir..

        1. Joy Beum says:

          Lorene, Not a lawyer, a home school organization. They have lawyers for you if you need one and can offer a lot of assistance. The obama administration does not want to lose children they could otherwise brainwash.

          1. Lorene James says:

            OK, sorry, yes you did tell me that..Thank you..

  • Robert Early says:

    Help me understand. These parents are still allowing these school administrators to live??
    In my town, they would already be dead. The revolution is soon coming, my friends; and all these creepy bastards are going to hang. I promise you.

  • JOHN STEEL says:

    IS THERE ANY WAY WE CAN PUT ALL THE MORONS IN CALIFORNIA ,AND THEN . SEND THE WHOLE STATE INTO THE PACIFIC OCEAN.? 8 students who don,t fit , so they change the whole system? i am going insane ,reading this unbelievable crap…have i been transported to other planet?

    1. Joy Beum says:

      Geezzzzz John. I am a conservative Republican in Sacramento, CA. It’s not really the whole state that is nuts, just southern and the SF
      Bay area. Lots of conservatives in spite of the majority being libs. We also feel sometimes that we have been transported to another planet when weird things like this come up.

      1. JOHN STEEL says:

        joy, its my frustration lashing out. i realize there are a lot of conservatives on the wrong coast. i am sorry if you got caught in my tirade…..i am from the most liberal city of all. NYC, it hurts my soul. stay well.

        1. Joy Beum says:

          I think there are many good people in places we would not expect, but this country is suffering under so much sin.

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    Time to put kids into charter schools. The fox is guarding the hen house. Must be something in the water supply. If this is the new way I want the old way.

    1. Ellen Clayton Allen says:

      That is exactly what my daughter and son-in-law in California did…..their kids are in a fabulous charter school. I wish my state would encourage charter schools.

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet says:

    This is absolutely absurd; when will authorities in CA realize they are making a BIG mistake? I agree with some others, yank your kids out of public schools and either home school or enroll in a Christian school that knows there is a difference between boy and girl.

  • elda says:

    I have known of several little boys about the age of 7 that molested younger girls. One was a foster child I kept for a few weeks. I am telling you I would yank my kids out of that school so fast. Just the fact it is SF is dangerous enough. I was born down there and I love that area but evil has taken it over.

    1. mousekiller says:

      Evil has taken over every where including the WH. Lock and load

  • reggie says:

    Oh good. Hopefully all the little girls will stand next to the urinals to check them out until the little boys scream. Little boy/girls want to go into the girls’ locker room, turn about is fair play.

    1. elda says:

      I just read a story about a man that thought he was a woman that raped a young man. I think this transgender thing is homosexuals trying to make their illness look normal. It is all mental illness and because we know now that it stems from a developmental arrest, usually from molestation, I see this as setting these kids up for such damage.

      1. reggie says:

        So true. I fear for the little ones. What kind of sick society are we bringing them into. I refuse to be PC, and don’t care what others say. Do I offend for the sake of offending? No, but I will say what should be said.

        1. elda says:

          Homosexuality is a behavior, not a race or different category of sex. Many different reasons exist to send a person there. It can be from molestation at a point in a child’s development that stops the natural progress into normal attraction, it can be a broken bonding issue with a parent of either sex, it can be exposure to the act as an adult either by peer pressure or institutional lock up. There are so many different paths in, but the key thing is it is a behavior as a result of mental disruption and becomes a choice. I am not being mean. I am not trying to change them. I firmly believe we need to be whom ever we are but I draw the line at forcing anyone to accept something they don’t believe in. I do not want to force them to marry someone of the opposite sex but I also do not believe they need to force non homosexuals to accept their life style choice as normal. There is nothing wrong with their bodies, it is their feelings or perceptions that are broken. At this point their focus is in harming everyone that will cause them shame because they do not accept their feelings. It is just wrong.

          1. reggie says:

            Agreed. What I don’t like is the fact that one child, who has major issues, is expecting the rest of the student body to bow to his/her issues and that the ‘laws’ enforce this. I don’t care who or what some one is, unless it injures someone else. Just don’t cram it down my throat, demand that I bow to your demands that I accept and embrace your ideas whether or not I agree with them. Live and let live.

          2. elda says:

            Exactly! This issue affects 1-2% of society and 100% must make allowances for their mental perception of reality. It is not their bodies that are broken, it is their minds. It is not the only mental issue out there. There are also people that believe sex should be with children. So do we allow that to happen? NO. Society used to work because we had strict boundaries and people that did not keep them were corrected. This is what keeps ALL people safe. Bathrooms are based on human plumbing, not feelings. We don’t expose children to things that will harm them…..or at least we used to protect them until they had safely passed through all their developmental stages to a level of safely normal perception.

    2. mousekiller says:

      , Here is how it could or should go. After a major legue foot ball or baseball game the female reporter walks in, begins to talk to the naked, half naked in the shower of the players and just videos all of it for the11 o:clock news. or it ends up in the private smut rooms with nothing but little black bars in strategic places. Just for fun she make the bars a lot smaller . Get my drift?Some of this will stop when the planners and endorsers of this idiocy become embarrassed to the bone.Wake up America socialism does not live alongside freedom.

      1. reggie says:

        Yup! Destroy morality, destroy decency and respect. Let’s all go back to living like animals.

  • Luke says:

    That’s why the new generations of feminized boys don’t like the good ole days where men were men and women were women.
    Why do we pander to less than 2% of the population and succumb to their filthy and evil ways?

    1. elda says:

      It is one more sign of the times. We are being tested to see where we stand on this.

    2. mousekiller says:

      Because the law makers are just like them, same game same goals, same mentality.

  • jerry says:

    If there’s no inside lock; then it’s time to pull your children out of that school.
    Schools are paid by attendance.
    No students=No money

    1. JOHN STEEL says:

      i agree……let then cater the the mixed up individuals , and leave the sane alone.

  • jdbixii says:

    People are not “gender neutral.” If people were “gender neutral,” there would be no militancy with respect to sex and gender would not exist as a determining factor in behavior. There were gender neutral bathrooms for years, before there were separate men’s and women’s restrooms. It was a matter of affordability. Few, if any, homes in America have a bathroom for the males of the family and another for the females of the family. However, after a certain age in childhood, it is not likely that opposite-sex members of the same family are occupying a bathroom at the same time. The causality of the utter stupidity of the people of San Francisco is historic and infamous or notorious, and not to be recommended as a paragon or paradigm for the rest of the nation or world. “Birds of a feather (may) flock (and fly) together,” but their generations will be short-lived.

  • DocJimmy says:

    I graduated High School in California in the early 60’s. It started turning sour even then. Hasn’t got any better and, in fact; has only got worse – as ALL can clearly see; unless of course you’re from or live in Californicate. If you are born a female or you are born a male, then f—‘n deal with it. Even in the absence of a religious upbringing, one should see the physical, emotional, mechanical and last but not least; primal attraction to the opposite gender. Jerry Young in right – put Californicate in your rear view mirror….

  • jerry young says:

    California is not the place to raise your children, for that matter the only ones that will be left in California soon will be liberals, illegals and twinks, if you want to raise your child with morals move out of California

    1. elda says:

      The west coast is no place for decent people yes….but the rest of us are good people.

      1. Paul Dragotto says:


        1. msueh says:

          a little rude, aren’tcha?

        2. elda says:

          Paul, you don’t have to act like the people that live along the California coast to get your point across. The entire state is not bad and you are acting just as bad as those you are yelling at. Get a grip.

        3. Ellen Clayton Allen says:

          You lose all credibility with your crude, disgusting (not to mention, miss-spelled) comments.

        4. Robert Early says:

          Your California is dieing of thirst. Soon, your California will no longer exist.

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