School District Demands ‘Safe Zones’ for Migrant Students

by JOHN BINDER | Breitbart
February 2, 2017

The Tacoma Public School Superintendent is now demanding “safe zones” for migrant students after President Donald Trump’s immigration executive orders were signed earlier last week.

Superintendent Carla Santorno told parents of the Tacoma School District in a letter, that she would like to see safe zones for students so they can be hidden from federal immigration officials, should authorities show up to any schools looking to deport them.

“Our schools will be a safe zone for immigrant students to learn and thrive,” Santorno wrote. “The diversity of our student body, our community and our staff is a strength that benefits all of us and should be celebrated. Our rich cultures and the more than 70 different languages spoken in our schools provides all children with the opportunity to learn from others with dissimilar backgrounds and recognizes our common humanity.”

Santorno also said the Tacoma Public School Board would be reviewing a resolution that would further help provide migrants with a “safe zone.”

“Every school has been directed to provide a safe, private location where students may seek assistance, information, and support related to any immigration law enforcement that interferes with their learning experience,” Santorno continued. “To support this work, our School Board is evaluating a Resolution in support of every student, every day in an equitable and inclusive environment.”

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    safe zones ? for migrant kids ?

    …where is the LEARNING ZONE FOR OUR KIDS ? NO ONE BEFORE THE AMERICANS…ALL ELSE ARE SECOND…WHY DO THEY WANT TO BE HERE ? TO EAT CHARITY ? TO SUCK WELFARE ? TO LAZE ABOUT IN DRUG FOGGED DAYS? the parents are either criminals hoping for a future for their children…or legally permitted residents hoping for a better future…WE DEMAND A GRAND FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN…and the DemoCorruption Cess Pool gives us massive spending without results, teachers who can’t, class rooms of propaganda, teacher unions of communist bent….and less education than a slap across the face ! DemoCorruption does rot everything !

  • Tiger says:

    What about this do people not understand???????????????

    Federal Immigration and Nationality Act

    Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

    “Any person who . . . encourages or induces an alien
    to . . . reside . . . knowing or in reckless disregard of the
    fact that such . . . residence is . . . in violation of law,
    shall be punished as provided . . . for each alien in respect
    to whom such a violation occurs . . . fined under title 18 .
    . . imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.”

    Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality
    Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A):

    A person (including a group of persons, business, organization,
    or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he:

    * assists an alien s/he should reasonably know is illegally
    in the U.S. or who lacks employment authorization, by transporting,
    sheltering, or assisting him or her to obtain employment, or

    * encourages that alien to remain in the U.S. by referring
    him or her to an employer or by acting as employer or agent for
    an employer in any way, or

    * knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.

    Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, imprisonment,
    and forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the
    crime. Anyone employing or contracting with an illegal alien
    without verifying his or her work authorization status is guilty
    of a misdemeanor. Aliens and employers violating immigration
    laws are subject to arrest, detention, and seizure of their vehicles
    or property. In addition, individuals or entities who engage
    in racketeering enterprises that commit (or conspire to commit)
    immigration-related felonies are subject to private civil suits
    for treble damages and injunctive relief.

    Recruitment and Employment of Illegal Aliens

    It is unlawful to hire an alien, to recruit an alien, or to
    refer an alien for a fee, knowing the alien is unauthorized to
    work in the United States. It is equally unlawful to continue
    to employ an alien knowing that the alien is unauthorized to
    work. Employers may give preference in recruitment and hiring
    to a U.S. citizen over an alien with work authorization only
    where the U.S. citizen is equally or better qualified. It is
    unlawful to hire an individual for employment in the United States
    without complying with employment eligibility verification requirements.
    Requirements include examination of identity documents and completion
    of Form I-9 for every employee hired. Employers must retain all
    I-9s, and, with three days’ advance notice, the forms must be
    made available for inspection. Employment includes any service
    or labor performed for any type of remuneration within the United
    States, with the exception of sporadic domestic service by an
    individual in a private home. Day laborers or other casual workers
    engaged in any compensated activity (with the above exception)
    are employees for purposes of immigration law. An employer includes
    an agent or anyone acting directly or indirectly in the interest
    of the employer. For purposes of verfication of authorization
    to work, employer also means an independent contractor, or a
    contractor other than the person using the alien labor. The use
    of temporary or short-term contracts cannot be used to circumvent
    the employment authorization verification requirements. If employment
    is to be for less than the usual three days allowed for completing
    the I-9 Form requirement, the form must be completed immediately
    at the time of hire.

    An employer has constructive knowledge that an employee is
    an illegal unauthorized worker if a reasonable person would infer
    it from the facts. Constructive knowledge constituting a violation
    of federal law has been found where (1) the I-9 employment eligibility
    form has not been properly completed, including supporting documentation,
    (2) the employer has learned from other individuals, media reports,
    or any source of information available to the employer that the
    alien is unauthorized to work, or (3) the employer acts with
    reckless disregard for the legal consequences of permitting a
    third party to provide or introduce an illegal alien into the
    employer’s work force. Knowledge cannot be inferred solely on
    the basis of an individual’s accent or foreign appearance.

    Actual specific knowledge is not required. For example, a
    newspaper article stating that ballrooms depend on an illegal
    alien work force of dance hostesses was held by the courts to
    be a reasonable ground for suspicion that unlawful conduct had

    knowingly assist an employer to violate employment sanctions,
    ALIENS. Harboring or aiding illegal aliens is not protected by
    the First Amendment. It is a felony to establish a commercial
    enterprise for the purpose of evading any provision of federal
    immigration law. Violators may be fined or imprisoned for up
    to five years.

    Encouraging and Harboring Illegal Aliens

    It is a violation of law for any person to conceal, harbor,
    or shield from detection in any place, including any building
    or means of transportation, any alien who is in the United States
    The sheltering need not be clandestine, and harboring covers
    aliens arrested outdoors, as well as in a building. This provision
    includes harboring an alien who entered the U.S. legally but
    has since lost his legal status.

    An employer can be convicted of the felony of harboring illegal
    aliens who are his employees if he takes actions in reckless
    disregard of their illegal status, such as ordering them to obtain
    false documents, altering records, obstructing INS inspections,
    or taking other actions that facilitate the alien’s illegal employment.
    Any person who within any 12-month period hires ten or more individuals
    with actual knowledge that they are illegal aliens or unauthorized
    workers is guilty of felony harboring. It is also a felony to
    encourage or induce an alien to come to or reside in the U.S.
    knowing or recklessly disregarding the fact that the alien’s
    entry or residence is in violation of the law. This crime applies
    to any person, rather than just employers of illegal aliens.
    Courts have ruled that “encouraging” includes counseling
    illegal aliens to continue working in the U.S. or assisting them
    to complete applications with false statements or obvious errors.
    The fact that the alien is a refugee fleeing persecution is not
    a defense to this felony, since U.S. law and the UN Protocol
    on Refugees both require that a refugee must report to immigration
    authorities without delay upon entry to the U.S.

    The penalty for felony harboring is a fine and imprisonment
    for up to five years. The penalty for felony alien smuggling
    is a fine and up to ten years’ imprisonment. Where the crime
    causes serious bodily injury or places the life of any person
    in jeopardy, the penalty is a fine and up to twenty years’ imprisonment.
    If the criminal smuggling or harboring results in the death of
    any person, the penalty can include life imprisonment. Convictions
    for aiding, abetting, or conspiracy to commit alien smuggling
    or harboring, carry the same penalties. Courts can impose consecutive
    prison sentences for each alien smuggled or harbored. A court
    may order a convicted smuggler to pay restitution if the alien
    smuggled qualifies as a victim under the Victim and Witness Protection
    Act. Conspiracy to commit crimes of sheltering, harboring, or
    employing illegal aliens is a separate federal offense punishable
    by a fine of up to $10,000 or five years’ imprisonment.


    A person or entity having knowledge of a violation or potential
    violation of employer sanctions provisions may submit a signed
    written complaint to the INS office with jurisdiction over the
    business or residence of the potential violator, whether an employer,
    employee, or agent. The complaint must include the names and
    addresses of both the complainant and the violator, and detailed
    factual allegations, including date, time, and place of the potential
    violation, and the specific conduct alleged to be a violation
    of employer sanctions. By regulation, the INS will only investigate
    third-party complaints that have a reasonable probability of
    validity. Designated INS officers and employees, and all other
    officers whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws, may make
    an arrest for violation of smuggling or harboring illegal aliens.

    State and local law enforcement officials have the general
    power to investigate and arrest violators of federal immigration
    statutes without prior INS knowledge or approval, as long as
    they are authorized to do so by state law. There is no extant
    federal limitation on this authority. The 1996 immigration control
    legislation passed by Congress was intended to encourage states
    and local agencies to participate in the process of enforcing
    federal immigration laws. Immigration officers and local law
    enforcement officers may detain an individual for a brief warrantless
    interrogation where circumstances create a reasonable suspicion
    that the individual is illegally present in the U.S. Specific
    facts constituting a reasonable suspicion include evasive, nervous,
    or erratic behavior; dress or speech indicating foreign citizenship;
    and presence in an area known to contain a concentration of illegal
    aliens. Hispanic appearance alone is not sufficient. Immigration
    officers and police must have a valid warrant or valid employer’s
    consent to enter workplaces or residences. Any vehicle used to
    transport or harbor illegal aliens, or used as a substantial
    part of an activity that encourages illegal aliens to come to
    or reside in the U.S. may be seized by an immigration officer
    and is subject to forfeiture. The forfeiture power covers any
    conveyances used within the U.S.

    RICO — Citizen Recourse

    Private persons and entities may initiate civil suits to obtain
    injunctions and treble damages against enterprises that conspire
    to or actually violate federal alien smuggling, harboring, or
    document fraud statutes, under the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt
    Organizations (RICO). The pattern of racketeering activity is
    defined as commission of two or more of the listed crimes. A
    RICO enterprise can be any individual legal entity, or a group
    of individuals who are not a legal entity but are associated

    Tax Crimes

    Employers who aid or abet the preparation of false tax returns
    by failing to pay income or Social Security taxes for illegal
    alien employees, or who knowingly make payments using false names
    or Social Security numbers, are subject to IRS criminal and civil
    sanctions. U.S. nationals who have suffered intentional discrimination
    because of citizenship or national origin by an employer with
    more than three employees may file a complaint within 180 days
    of the discriminatory act with the Special Counsel for Immigration-Related
    Unfair Employment Practices, U.S. Department of Justice. In additon
    to the federal statutes summarized, state laws and local ordinances
    controlling fair labor practices, workers compensation, zoning,
    safe housing and rental property, nuisance, licensing, street
    vending, and solicitations by contractors may also apply to activities
    that involve illegal aliens.

  • Tiger says:

    I got news for this one and all of them. It is against the law to harbor, aid, give a job to or anything knowingly to an illegal. They best to get lawyers to protect themselves. The law is on his side.

    1. Bob says:

      Bad news is they just don’t care. For the last 8 years, and possibly longer, they have been able to get away scot free with ignoring the law. What they were not counting on is a new Sheriff in town. Best was to combat this is to just enforce the law, “public opinion” be damned.

      1. Tiger says:

        I was debating with a liberal who insisted that Hillary won the popular vote. I was sending her all the video of the thousands of people, in states across our nation that were at every single Trump rally. The rallies always brought in over 20,000 and at one filled a stadium with more people than Elton John had brought in. Then I sent her a video of side by side pictures Trump crowds vs Hillary and it dawned on me, not only did they depend on rigging the election but because FAKE news was all they saw and FAKE polling numbers they really had not a clue of the FACTS and were astounded at the results. When anyone seeing the FACTS would have known Trump was the Bomb. So they still don’t get it.

        Even Hillary was complaining if she were so far ahead in the polls why was Trump winning state after state. So even she didn’t get it til she got it. Now the Australian PM has the nerve to call Trump and to want him to honor the deal to take, I am hearing from Aussies apologizing for this move over 2,000 people, they kept on an island, wouldn’t allow into their country and no other country would take them, that these people are murdering, raping and committing child abuse. Trump would loose nothing and only gain more respect by not honoring this horrific deal. He has the right, just as O told the Ukraine sorry can’t honor what another administration promised you, it wasn’t a treaty. In fact Trump best to not accept this because already other leaders gloating over their ability to make Trump bend to their wishes, because he is known as a strong leader.

        Take a look at this article, I was stunned what O did to our treasury and how congress allowed this.

        1. Bob says:

          When you steam crabs, you don’t put them in the boiling water. You put them in cold water a slowly turn up the heat. They don’t know they’re done for that way. Same with the election…Once she colluded with the DNC to destroy any chance Bernie had, she figured it was a direct line to the White House. She never counted on the water heating up. Never saw the crowds as a problem as she IS Hillary after all. It was her destiny, her right to be elected. Anyone who disagreed with her was a misogynist and placed in her “basket of deplorabes” (you meet the nicest people in that basket). She never realized a person who talked like the guy in the seat next to you at a ball game could EVER have the mass appeal that SHE had; could NEVER win an election. Well if you never went to an event with out being in the Luxury Boxes, if you can’t figure out a subway fare card, you don’t know what the others say or do. And they have more votes than the “millionaire and billionaires” she railed against, yet took their money.

          1. Tiger says:

            Great post Bob and now they are reverting to Bloodshed, yep Bloodshed and it’s our blood they want to shed. Many Democrats are now calling for a coup and Hollywood milksops also actually saying it. They want Bloodshed. I also caught onto the new Mantra from Pelosi, Trump is reckless and putting us in danger etc, trying to build up to Impeaching him. If they can’t go over they go under and with the worms they are they are already underground.


          2. Bob says:

            Good news here is that most Conservatives are not afraid of or wish for a total ban of guns. They want bloodshed? Bring it on. While not the greatest shot in the world, I did proudly wear the marksmanship awards on my uniform prior to retirement. While not a member of the NRA, I do practice my Second Amendment rights routinely so the skills learned would not deteriorate. And here I was worried the Zombie (Democrat) Apocalypse would never come.

          3. Tiger says:

            LOLOLOL well they believe the military will turn on Trump. Just remember last visit to military base O told them to follow their conscience, a code word right there and Clapper said the military might not follow any orders from Trump. We will have to wait and see.

          4. Bob says:

            I entered the Military under Ford and retired under Bush 43, serving under Presidents I could not respect and some I could not respect enough, and NEVER thought about Mutiny. No matter how idiotic the order, my oath required that I “obey the laws of the President and the Officers appointed above me”. The Service does not demand blind obedience (like the DNC does), however you are required to obey lawful orders and complain later (there is a method for that). Knowing that this is a foreign concept to libbies, who think the oath of office should include “…if I agree with them” is why most libbies make bad service members. President Obama, in his speech to the military telling them to resist orders they did not agree with, would have been guilty of Sedition under Article 94, UCMJ had he served in uniform. He doesn’t get it, but that is why he never could have served in Uniform.

          5. Tiger says:

            Great post, I served under Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. and would never have served under O. As an Officer my Oath was to the Constitution and not to obey the president. You know why and so do I, those in charge must make quick decisions downrange and that gives them the right, this wasn’t honored under O and as the last Commander of Seal Team Six wrote in his book O’s changing the Rules of Engagement and making them go through layers of higher ups before acting downrange has gotten many killed including an entire Platoon. I think if in that Platoon that is when Officer or Enlisted I would have fought the enemy tooth and nail and faced the consequences.

            Indeed you are so right Bob O should have long ago been tried for Treason and let us also face the fact he could not have gotten a Secret Clearance due to his past and the people in it. Yet he was privy to all our nations secrets. A grave mistake was made by this country with O and the doors of Hell have been opened and the Demons let loose across our country. This is a fight between Good and Evil.

  • texexpatriate says:

    It is this kind of nonsense and Anti-Americanism that caused me to stop going to Washington to fly fish. Oregon, too. The cities have turned those two states into ugly holes where leftists collect and congregate. Pretty soon the towns of those two states will be as freaky as down in California.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    There safe zone is coming here LEGAL, following our RULES and LAWS, so simple!!

  • Jim Strong says:

    The best safe zone for these morons would be in a box six feet in the ground.

  • teaman says:

    Should not happen…….PERIOD!! If you are not a CITIZEN, you deserve nothing and what you “do get” is by the grace of God and taxpayers. If you are in our country ILLEGALLY, you must be vetted carefully and, to a certain degree, watched until you prove your worth of existence in our Nation. I am really tired of the perverted bleeding heart liberal crap. If these migrants want/wanted a safe industrious place to live and work, why did they not stay in their respective countries and fight even unto death(just as many naturally born citizens have done) for that to happen instead of coming here and living off American taxpaying citizens. Enough, is Enough!!! If you want these migrants here bleeding hearts, you foot the bill out of your own pockets for all vetting and the maintaining of their existence……PERIOD!!!

  • justinwachin says:

    The school should lose its federal funds if it goes this route. Prayer and the 10 commandments were removed from public schools. Those same schools should be told that they will obey federal immigration laws. If school administrators refuse to obey the law they should be arrested and fired.

  • Niko says:

    Let these morons make safe zones ,there is still the paperwork of the illegal filth in the schools. Let the Feds roll up and arrest all those teachers and morons in charge. Arrest records means no more jobs for these libretard bastards. This could turn out to be a great thing having these morons bite themselves in the ass. Like a 2 for 1 sale. Take the illegal kids and their plantation handlers all in one fell swoop…

  • Bob says:

    How about “safe zones” for students who dare to support the President? They are in more danger at schools than immigrants.

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