School district issues email clarifying flag ban

August 25, 2015

Sunday night, the Dickson County School District sent an email to FOX13 to set the record straight about a story we first brought you this weekend.

School leaders in Dickson County decided, after a summer of controversy surrounding the confederate flag, the wise thing to do would be to ban all flags and banners.

They now say they are not banning all flags at school, they are only banning flags from flying on the back of pick-up trucks on school property.

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  • sanderdog says:

    Get some of those big flag stick on’s. Put them on the Windows. Stick it in their faces.

  • donemyhomework says:

    It’s like Animal Farm by Orwell.

  • 1inamil says:

    Stupid decision!

  • tom2 says:

    The problem is parents have too few alternative education sources. Establish a voucher system and these schools will shed their dictatorial traits. Public schools define “free” as another four-letter-word to be mocked and denigrated. Teachers and administrators need to learn that parents are customers to their business. And as long as public schools function under democrat management, we’ll see no vouchers and no free enterprise.

    1. sanderdog says:

      The voucher system is what is needed. In fact, education should be taken from the state entirely. They seized in the 50’s and 60’s. About 20 years it was ok. Then down hill as it became a tool of the leftist scourge infecting America. Mention voucher and watch the libs heads explode.

  • Cody Baker says:

    The country has gone too far on this ‘offensive’ crap…. you can’t say this – you can’t say that.. cause it OFFENDS someone…. the Muslims & the Blacks.. and the Who-Ever’s….. it maddening.. No one is OFFENDED… I guarantee you that .. but it’s the BLACKS favorite word and…..NOW.. ‘the Muslims’… cause they know as soon as that OFFENDED hits the screen… an apology must come forth.. or you have to take ur sign down… The blacks and now the Muslims.. OWN that word… OFFENDED….. just as the Blacks OWN the word Negro… only in another term which sounds like it… I think we should start calling the Ni*gers the real name for them.. NEGRO’s……. …. and stop this African American crap… They weren’t born in Africa… if so.. they can move back home then if they’re not satisfied with this country …. soon they will resent being called a COLOR…. then ya’ll be forbidden to use that either…

    1. sanderdog says:

      I think the thing a lot of people like about Trump is that he cannot be intimidated by the leftist loons. If they ask him to take it back, he goes why. I am right. Their eyeballs bulge and their blood pressure peaks.

  • amarvin says:

    They cannot ban the flag. It flies over all public and government properties. They do not have the authority.

  • mousekiller says:

    For those that have no clue as to the proper way to display the American flag. The American flag is to NEVER be Flown from the rear of ANY vehicle. I too get up set when I see these so called Americans that know nothing about the flag they are flying or the proper way. They ( the ones flying in the rear of pick up truck) are wanting every one to think they are really patriotic. When it is not true. it is how it is displayed, not the flag itself. If you don’t know how to do it DON’T. Since they removed the pledge of allegiance from schools there are thousands of ignorant people every day displaying their ignorance about the flag.

  • whoisshe? says:

    Absolute ignorance don’t pay your taxes people.

    1. sanderdog says:

      Yep. Next time there is a tax vote .Vote no. The board and administration will understand in a millisecond.

  • Angela says:

    Our freedoms are being taken away right and left! Is this school going to ban the American flag next? We are going to have a government like Russia and
    Iran if this sort of garbage continues. Christians and Jews are under attack by
    this Administration and now local communities are following suit in various ways. Let’s not vote for any extremists! Let’s use common sense and get
    the right people in schools, community politics and especially government.
    Common sense is a good thing! Let’s use it.

  • Ron Kohn says:

    This is total B.S. First they’ll take away your flag, then they remove your rights to be a Christian, take away your second amendment right to legally own a firearm, let criminals roam the streets. It’s time to take America back!

  • Mort Leith says:

    If they removed the Confederate Battle Flag,, then they should ALSO remove the Stars n Strips because THEY owned slaves too,, especially the war criminal Gen Sherman, who owned slave before and WELL AFTER the war of Northern Aggression was over !!

    1. mousekiller says:

      To be correct . Back then every slave had a job, a roof over their head and food on the table.

  • Terry Rushing says:

    So this “school” is now exercising dictatorial power over the personal property of students? What if they decide they don’t like Ford products next? Or perhaps Haynes brand underwear? The administration is nothing short of a bunch of PC pukes.

    1. sanderdog says:

      Do not see how they can actually enforce it. They can throw the kid out of school. Then he will sue. Then they will fold like the commies they are.

  • Devasahayam says:

    Nothing to “clarify”, the school district acted like it was the British commander against Ft. McHenry and banned display of the US flag (last I checked, MS is a US state — where the US flag should be flown at will)!

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