Shooter of Philadelphia policeman described as quiet, devout Muslim

PHILADELPHIA – The gunman who claimed allegiance to Islamic State after shooting a Philadelphia police officer was described by people who knew him as a devout, quiet Muslim who became more “combative” after trips to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

As police charged Edward Archer on Saturday with attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault of a law enforcement officer, investigators continued to examine what prompted the 30-year-old construction worker to open fire on a police car. Two people who knew him described a pious man who began expressing interest in Islam in his teenage years and devoted his life to religion. He participated in a local Muslim football league and worked on construction jobs, they added. They said they did not understand why, at nearly midnight on Thursday, he approached officer Jesse Hartnett, 33, and fired 11 rounds, some at point-blank range, through the car window. Three shots struck the officer in his arm. Archer later confessed to the attack and said he pledged allegiance to Islamic State, police said. FBI Special Agent Eric Ruona said Archer had traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and Egypt in 2012 – a trip that a family friend said changed him.

“He became more drastic. More combative,” said Jannah Abdulsalaam, who asked only to be identified by her Muslim name. “He was kind but I noticed that change.”

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  • Faithful American says:

    “Quiet, devout Muslims” do NOT make trips OVERSEAS to be SCHOOLED by Muslims in the Middle East about HATRED and VIOLENCE!

  • Smitch says:

    A quite devout Goat Humping Rag-Head!

  • Smitch says:

    When he is found GUILTY, auction off the tickets for a chance to win! The winner get 3 shots @ 100 meters with their weapon of choice!

  • He as nothing more than a Pig of Satan, as all Muslims are! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and Allah is nothing more than Satan himself! Thus, all the atrocities and perversions within that sick Death Cult of Satan’s Rabid Pigs of Islam!

  • Dave N. says:

    We are reasonably lucky that so few are devout Muslims. If they were all devout we would be in a world wide war at this moment, or are they just laying in wait for a better time or opportunity, you decide for yourself. Educate yourselves and understand the Islamic ideology, make an effort to understand at least some of the Quran and the Hadith, fail to do so at your peril. Both are absolutely clear how nonbelievers are to be treated and what if any value anyone has including moderate or peaceful Muslims. Be certain you understand Islamists have an entirely different view of life, both for themselves personally and for all those in the world around them.

  • motleyalaskan says:

    So maybe the trick is to say if you go spend time in an Islamic State you should remain there?

  • rhondareichel says:

    not Islamic according to the mayor???

  • KDC says:

    Quiet devout Muslim, huh? How many quiet devout “anybody” do you know pops a police officer emptying his pistol into the officer’s car! Yeah, real quiet and devout!

    1. Pam says:

      Maybe not so quiet, but truly devout. He made his “pilgrimage” to mecca and then came home and awaited an opportunity to kill an infidel.

  • TexRancher says:

    Wake up AMERICANS (Including Congress) This is your religion of peace at work. More ideology than religion. They are always so peaceful until someone or something triggers them! Islam and our Constitution cannot coexist! They will always be demanding special attention and “rights”. They do not now and never will ASSIMILATE! They will always be determined to convert/or kill the infidels. (us)

    1. Sickofit says:

      Yeah let’s just keep letting more & more of them in!! What’s happening is exactly what our POS wants!! He’s a disgrace!

    2. Faithful American says:

      I agree with EVERYTHING you said EXCEPT when you said it is more IDEOLOGY than RELIGION. If you have STUDIED Islam, as I have, you would KNOW that this is a SATANTIC RELIGION: these people have been TAUGHT from the TIME they are TODDLERS to KILL their RELIGIOUS ENEMIES. In fact the Quran (Koran) ORDERS them to “kill the infidels”, who to THEM is ANYONE who is NOT a BELIEVER in ISLAM. Their RELIGION is what DRIVES them to KILL and those who are DEMONICALLY POSSESSED want to KILL the CHILDREN of God, the GOD of our JUDEO-CHRISTIAN HERITAGE!

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