Texas high school student suspended over American flag T-shirt

by FOXNews.com
September 21, 2015

A Texas high school student was punished with in-school suspension last Monday after a teacher discovered he was wearing an American flag T-shirt, FOX 4 reported.

The student, a junior whose name is Jaegur, was wearing the shirt — which featured an American flag design with an eagle in the foreground — at Seagoville High School in Dallas when an administrator determined the shirt violated the school dress code.

Jaegur’s mom, Shelly Goode, fears the suspension will show up as a permanent mark on his record, ruining any chance her son can earn a scholarship through the ROTC program.

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  • 1inamil says:

    I agree, this teacher should be fired!! This is BS to the max.

  • tom2 says:

    Once again, we see a bizarre public school response to the nation that lavishes colossal sums on it for less than mediocre performance. Seems time to demand universal vouchers, savings accounts, credits, et al., to fund school choice. This stupid response wouldn’t be tolerated in a private school that competes for customers. In fact the public school system is a very profitable monopoly in a nation where monopoly is a criminal enterprise for everyone else.

  • Thomas Goss says:

    Another example of why I have NO use for the schools and so called administrators and teachers today. Almost every day I hear or read about some bullshit like this happening in my country. I don’t understand how we the people ever allowed this to happen. Ever since this ILLEGAL LYING MUSLIM HALF BREED with his politically correctness got into office my country has gone to hell. AND I DON’T LIKE IT. Fire the teacher and the rest of the administrators who allowed this to happen, close down the school and turn it into another Walmart. The teachers in the schools today are un American and in my opinion on the most part TRAITORS. If the school does not reverse it’s policy about the American flag then every kid in that school that has any patriotism, they should ban together and wear a flag shirt every day for the whole school year.

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    This happened in Texas? California, New York, Massachusetts yes, but Texas?

    1. tom2 says:

      Texas principals are required to be fluent in Spanish. And the Mexican flag is favored over the American flag on Cinco de Mayo. And the schools never mention VE day. And on and on. The problem is no public school is controlled by the public as businesses are. Instead, they’re government schools controlled by democrats. Here’s how it works. Teachers give money to the union. The union gives money to the democrats. The democrats give money to the teachers. I know everyone already knows all this but it needs to be frequently repeated.

      1. Dave In Arizona says:

        My only comment, Tom2, is the unions TAKE money from the teachers, etc. Somehow, it just doesn’t seem right one needs to pay a union for the privilege to work.

        1. tom2 says:

          Because give and take are four-letter words in this context, I’ll accept your assessment as correct. For 30 years, I’ve supported many alternatives to public k-12 schools (aka federal schools), funded by credits, vouchers, savings accounts, et al., but thus far, all for naught. We’re just now seeing the ravages of federal tyranny and intrusion into the 50 experimental state laboratories created by the Constitution. The point remains as it was 30 years ago. The public school system is a monopoly in a nation where monopoly is a criminal enterprise for everyone else. And currently, the result of this monopoly is indoctrination of 50 million kids to a distinctly leftist mindset.

          For example, most don’t have a clue about the reason Trump gave money to both sides of the political aisle. They don’t understand why a few years ago, he seemed more liberal. They believe as a businessman, he should maintain principles not required by law and not affirmed by the Constitution. Most of these kids believe the business community owes an altruistic allegiance to everyone rather than simple, legal profit to shareholders. Most students have no clue regarding self reliance and the magic inherent in a free enterprise system. I have several teachers in my family and inexplicably, all are relatively conservative but all steadfastly defend government schools. I attribute such loyalty to government largesse.

  • Diane Brenner says:

    I wonder what this school’s administrators would do if every student in that school showed up wearing a flag designed shirt.

  • Chuck says:

    Would these stupid administrators suspended a student for wearing a rainbow T-shirt or one with the Mexican flag on it. I think not. The district should immediately fire this idiot, bring the student back to school and apologize to the student and his family. This is America and if the flag annoys some folks, too bad. There are planes leaving for other countries every hour. Be on one. In fact, put the Principal on one to Iran.

  • teaman says:

    If our Nation wasn’t driven by STUPIDITY from the White House on down, this shirt/most shirts would not be a problem. I am so glad this principle had some common sense……which is missing throughout our Nation!

  • amarvin says:

    It’s the policy. Firing people (which won’t happen) will not change the stupidity of school policy. Parents still expect positive results from government schools. That time has long paased. There are FREE and LEGAL options in EVERY state to traditional public schools. Stop putting kids in unworkable situations and it to work.

  • Debbie says:

    And just what is wrong with the American Flag on a shirt? What is going on with this country?

    1. Charlotte says:

      I Too don’t like to see a shirt that is made to look like the flag BUT shirt with a flag on it is Different. YES AM OLD SCHOOL. Put it on your house ,on your car ,or on your back just show them WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN and NEVER BACK DOWN.

      1. Dave In Arizona says:

        Well said, Charlotte.

  • I would think wearing an American Flag would up his chances of joining ROTC, but with the Leftist Twats that call themselves Teachers and Administrators today, it is anything but that! Sounds like our school system needs a cleansing as badly as Washington DC does, to rid it of the Leftist Trash.

  • VirgoVince says:

    Fire the teacher and administrator and close down the school! The nerve of you idiot libturds, just more pc bullshit!! Is there an American flag on a pole outside your building, there damn well better be?

    1. amarvin says:

      No, Vince this isn’t America anymore.

    2. Dajjal says:

      LibTurd should be capitalized and bold faced. The same goes for variants including LibTard.

  • jerry young says:

    this is total bull! if this kid had a rainbow flag shirt on they would have paraded him around telling everyone what a good boy he is but to punish someone for wearing an American flag in America leaves me almost speechless!

    1. grama18 says:

      NOT !! Speechless ! Close the school fire everybody. Start a private school except no funding from D.C, because the shit will start all over again and do not allow unions in the mix.

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