Texas residents fight plan to open Muslim cemetery

DALLAS – Muslims say they’re looking for a place to bury their dead. Locals say it’s a plot to gain a foothold in their small rural Texas town.

A proposal to bring a Muslim cemetery to Farmersville has stoked fears among residents who are vehemently trying to convince community leaders to block the project. The sentiment reflects an anti-Muslim distrust that has been brewing over the last year in parts of Texas, most notably 25 miles away in Garland — the scene of a deadly May shooting outside a cartoon contest lampooning the Prophet Muhammad.

“The concern for us is the radical element of Islam,” David J. Meeks, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, told The Dallas Morning News. He said he thinks the cemetery would be the first step toward a broader Muslim expansion in town.

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  • I raise Pigs, and have a small operation, not far from there! They can bring the bodies there and I’ll feed them to the pigs, no problem. Give them a little snack from the grain they get daily! 500 pigs can pretty much wipe any trace the body ever existed! Course, if one of those satan worshiping cockroaches makes any of them sick, then the deal is off!

  • Dudley DoRight. says:

    BS. It is a land grab.

  • unique201 says:

    Keep those Muslims out of your town.

  • Betty Lukich says:

    I agree, they have taken enough from us. Send them all back to where they came from and take their dead with them.

    1. unique201 says:

      They can also take the Obamas and the rest of the Muslims
      he has there including Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and her
      family. Get rid of these Muslims.

      1. Betty Lukich says:

        I agree with that, take The Obama’s along with all the Muslim’s he has working in the White House, along with Hillary Clinton.

    2. unique201 says:

      Thumbs up.

  • pete G says:

    Pretty much a waste of space since because of their ridiculous beliefs their all bound for hell anyway. How would they feel if we killed them because they make lousy Americans.

    1. unique201 says:

      Great idea. Where do you want to start???

      1. pete G says:

        With ISSI.

        1. unique201 says:

          I stand with Pete.

  • Mark Pascucci says:

    To my Texan Brethren: Bring on the power of PORK !!!!! Let’s spread it all over Texas, and the whole Country to keep those d-uche-bags OUT!!!


    I hope the Mayor of Farmersville is not related to the brain dead mayor of Seattle who wanted to give interest free home loans to Muslims because Sharia law prohibits them from paying interest. I would tell them we will give you land for your cemetery, we just have to find an abandoned pig or hog farm first.

  • Kevin Crowley says:

    Throw them to the pigs! The pigs will eat them, no problem! No muss, no fuss! Just don’t feed me the bacon from any pig who dined on the dead desert rats, it’ll be unclean.

  • gfinms says:

    Keep the Muslims out, they will destroy, your community. Dearborn, MI, is the mother of all, Muslim, Fu*k Ups.

  • VirgoVince says:

    Bury your dead in the sewers in your country where you belong, get the fukk out of OUR country and stay out!! WE don’t want you or your remains, here!
    There should be NO mu-slimes allowed in this country since 9/11/2001, WHY are they still here? Spray them ALL with pig’s blood, fly them over to mecca and kick them out of the plane at 30 thousand feet! THAT’s where you bury your garbage!

  • Wolfman says:

    Stand your ground ….look at Dearborn Michigan..baby steps to …control…to sharia law in certain ‘hoods’….lies and stealth ..part of the game plan!! They show no willingness to fight the radicals…therfore they are either cowards or liars…neither is a foundation for a strong community!!

  • Dave N. says:

    I don’t blame them for being concerned about having Muslim’s in their communities. Everywhere they go death and trouble seem to follow. Muslim’s unabashedly want Sharia Law which is not compatible with the Texas State Constitution or the Constitution of the United States. They are completely unwilling to become integrated into society, and as their numbers grow their views and wants become more extreme and focused. Despite all of their posturing and promises their intent is crystal clear, they are here to influence and eventually take over by forcing conversion one way or another. Think about it, what other purpose would bring them here or anywhere else in the world. Everywhere they go there begins a systematic takeover and a string of terrorist activities. The people of Texas have a legitimate reason to be concerned.

    1. pete G says:

      You can thank the Muslim in the white house for this influx of Muslims into this country. he just approved 46,000 more a few weeks ago. He is by far the worst thing to happen to this country since we became a republic, but no one in Washington seems to give a shhiit.

      1. Dave N. says:

        If he were approving the Christians that are being exterminated I could understand it and it would make sense. But its not, it’s muslims which leaves little room for what his intentions may be.

  • carpkiller says:

    How about just pile um up and burn once a month.

    1. Terry Rushing says:

      That works for me. A muzzie roast. Trouble is that the EPA may impose fines for stinking up the air.

  • Sharpshooter says:

    They could always give them an enema and bury them in a match box! Part of the original immigration laws were that the immigrant would assimilate into OUR society, yet they want every thing free and make no attempt what so ever to join society!

  • Luke says:

    I suppose the mooslims think they’re too good to be buried in a regular cemetery. Let them bury them in a relatives back yard..

  • Terry Rushing says:

    Well, if all else fails I suppose they can do like Memphis and go back later and dig ’em up.

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says:

    Do not let them do it, it is just another way of taken over the land that we love and hold dear.

    1. Terry Rushing says:

      Why not cremate them? (Sorta give them a “head start”.)

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