Trump’s Arizona Speech on Illegal Immigration Could Attract Thousands

Donald Trump is still talking immigration. And, unlike some in the Republican establishment, Arizona supporters seem to love it.

A speech “on illegal immigration and numerous other topics” by the real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate had to be moved from a hotel to the Phoenix convention center “to accommodate the thousands of people expected to attend” the Saturday event.

The rally, which will also feature the city’s anti-immigration Sheriff Joe Arpaio, already had 3,500 committed attendees Thursday evening when the campaign announced the venue change, according to the Arizona Republic newspaper. Arpaio has faced condemnation for his hard-line rhetoric on immigration and has been found by a federal judge to have violated the civil rights of Latinos.

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  • bobnstuff says:

    Sig Hile Trump. Have anyone her tried to check to see if anything Mr. Trump says is true? What proof is there that what he says is true, he give non. I wondered, so I looked up the 10 most violent cities in the US and the ten with the highest illegal populations and only one city is on both lists. Then I checked to see prison population and another surprise, Illegals are about half as likely to be in jail. How can this be?

    1. Wolfman says:

      Where’d you find statistics about Illegals…. the Government doesn’t even tabulate their existence. So if you don’t know who and where they are… how do you do a statistical analysis of what they do and don’t do???

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I found this piece. Even these people had problems coming up with numbers. The government does keep numbers
        of race and immigration in jails and people who have come into this country in the last 20 years legally or not are the most law abiding in the country. All the facts point away from the illegals causing a crime wave. Crime has been coming down in our country over the last 10 years although last year we had a small increase. There is no crime wave. The high crime cities are places like Flint Michigan and
        Detroit. These are not hot beds of illegals. You are safer in LA then in Cleveland.

        Trump has a real problem with facts. He feeds into people fears and misconceptions. You will notice he never gives numbers or anything to back up what he says. He is doing the same thing Hitler did to gain power. Only instead of the Jews it’s the Mexicans. A lot think he’s a joke but he is very dangers. What I’m surprised that people don’t see is that he is a Dictator, that’s how he runs his companies and that’s how he would run the country. Sig Hile Trump.

        1. Lorene B says:

          One can use the same approach, but one may use it for good and the other may use for bad. I believe Trump has used it and will use it to do good.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Many people say President Obama is a dictator. If you want a true dictator, elect Mr. Trump. There is only one point of view in his world, his.This is how he runs his business and he says he will run the country the same way. In the beginning people though Hitler was good, very high approval rating, one any politician would die for. He said what people wanted to here. Mr. Trump has no history of doing good for anyone but Mr. Trump. Unlike many on these pages I don’t call names much, I just ask for people to do a little digging for the truth, to forget what the media says and make up their own mind.

          2. Lorene B says:

            Hitler was and Obama is a bad leader. We are at a turning point in the 2016 election. Your warning about Trump is well taken. I believe that if he were to become a bad leader, the news media and GOP would shower praise on him, instead,t it seems that he is the black sheep. We are living in a time when everything good is bad, and everything bad is good.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            For our form of government to work it takes a team effort. This is why President Obama can’t get anything
            done. Mr. Trump is not a team player, I would like anyone to show one time he played well with others. He is a dictator, and if that’s what you want alright but don’t get any idea that he cares about anyone but himself. Hitler was a great leader he just lead in the wrong direction and was crazy.

  • Catherine McCoy says:

    Here is a map of Santuary Cities:

    I clicked on where I live Riverside County CA, and they were invited by the Sheriff’s Dept whom the locals know to be overloaded with Military equipment and Swat equipment

    1. Wolfman says:

      Thanks, its the usual suspects in Florida.

  • Fedup says:

    Dems. are all for illegal aliens. They don’t stop and think that the illegals don’t care what party you belong to. Before they murder, rape, assault or steal someone’s ID they don’t ask which party their victims belong too.

  • reggie says:

    Illegal aliens. Period. Disease, they poop out kids, steal jobs, kill people, vote. Fuk dem all.

  • gerald Hughes says:

    Wehave to get behind trump and do everything we can to help elect him, he is not your criminal to the bone politician.
    The tle liberal garbage and the RINOS are afriad that a lot of them will go to jail .
    He is not part of the good ol boy network, and certainly the Clinton outlaw will end up in the pen, if he is elected, jeh Johnson Lunch Lerner and probably the entire upper tier of the IRS
    Let’s get behind this guy, he may well be our last chance to going back to being a republic.

    1. reggie says:

      Never thought I’d say this, but yup. He has so damn much money, he doesn’t need theirs. I doubt that soros could sway him with whatever carrot he has up bummers buttz.

    2. Wolfman says:

      I’m already going to vote for him in the primary and if he loses the Reprobate nod, I have a phone I have a pen. I’ll call everyone I know to write him in…… Damn my ears are starting to stick out and I’m getting an urge to put on my skinny jeans, rajnbow helmet, and ride my pink bike to a beer summit at my neighbor Vladimir “the Impalerir” ‘s house to sell out Amerika. It must be some kind of evil side effect for mocking Yo-Mama’s favorite way of Legislating….uh! I mean Execucuting!!!

      1. gerald Hughes says:

        Hang in there with it, maybe we can accomplish something, if we can’t do anything else, we cn dump a lot of Rinoa.

  • TexRancher says:

    Like him or not, Trump spoke the truth about ILLEGALS. Further, there is a lot more he could have said about ILLEGALS what they are bringing here like Terrorists and worse.

    1. Wolfman says:

      Yo!! Tex what the heck is with Rick Perry??? When he was Governor for Texas he comes off hard as nails. Soon as he starts running for President he acts like he manicures nails!!!

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