Vandals spray-paint at least 20 vehicles outside Trump rally in Bangor

BANGOR, Maine — Several attendees left Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Bangor to find their parked cars vandalized with white spray paint.

A Bangor police spokesman said officers were “seeking witnesses and reviewing video” in the criminal mischief case at the New York City billionaire’s us-against-them speech blasting “ a rigged system” at the Cross Insurance Center.

More than 20 cars parked between the Bangor Raceway and Buck Street were hit with lines of white paint. Attendees said the owners of some of the cars appeared to drive off without noticing the vandalism.

Paul Foster, a painter and Trump supporter from Eastbrook whose van was painted, said the rally “couldn’t have been more peaceful,” but he blamed the vandalism on Trump opponents, saying “there ain’t no thinking about it, I know so.”

“Why can’t they do a peaceful protest instead of painting cars, all of this, to make their statement?” he said.

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  • Born in the South and proud says:

    Awww, we all know that these liberals are all so peaceful and would never do anything like this. If you notice it is always liberals that are out attacking others and shutting down conservative speakers. I haven’t seen or heard of any of this crap being carried out by conservatives and Trump supporters. If it was happening by conservatives the screwed up media would be so upset that it would be all we hear about.
    Trump 2016 Let Freedom Ring

  • Quarks says:

    If you are a conservative republican, or appear to be, and you display signs or appear at events in support of republican candidates, then expect violence, and personal property damage from one-digit-IQ-liberal-left-wing-democratic-slugs. It is inherent behavior for sub-morons who are incapable of living in a civilized society…and they continue to reproduce at an exponential rate. Since they will eventually dominate the population of the US, imagine what the country will resemble in 25 years…I predict a significant increase in the population of knuckle-dragging-Neanderthals grunting, groaning, and awaiting for their next handout, which will never arrive.

  • Linda Joy Adams says:

    The Devil’s mad. he’s (she’s, or whatever) is about to be ‘had,’ Sorry for all who are suffering trying to support the candidate of our choice .. Sometimes from our own party regulars. whose ‘establishment’ is being shaken to the core.. and the DEMS HAVE ALSO GONE THROUGH IT.. Please do vote! That would make the DEVIL GLAD and want him-her- it gone never to bother us again so we can be self governing and have a nation of, by and for all the people and not one run by GEORGE SOROS NOR ANY OTHER. OF HIS ILK. who cares little about the people but with more power and wealth stolen from each and every one of us Love your blog…. Linda Joy Adams

  • Old Vet says:

    Oh My GOD, if my wife caught you defiling her little RAV4 she would de-nut you in a heartbeat……hahaha

  • Karll says:

    Stay classy, democrats!

  • retired4ever says:

    You’ve got to be a might deranged to believe what the left offers so I’m not surprised they would vandalize instead of protest; they attack just like hrc did to the women that outed billy boy.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    These jerks are nothing but 21 century wanna be “brown shirts” who will be tossed aside by the Hilda-Beast if she wins. They are not going to get the kind of socialism that they think they are going to get. It will be Nazi style socialism, that has no room for the non productive. No room for street gangs, blm, or occupy wall street, and any other group of what they will call mis-fits, are they in for a surprize.

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    These people that damage oher peoples property is just cowards and THUGS.

    1. Larry says:

      Dim o crats

  • RB says:

    Why do these sort of things only happen to people attending a Trump campaign event? Surely Hillary supporters couldn’t be doing this. (sarcasm)
    Earlier in this campaign there were quite a few Trump events that turned violent. Naturally Trump got the blame even though in the vast majority of the cases it was either Bernie supporters or Hillary supporters who started the whole thing.
    It just shows the whole lying, corrupt side of the Democrat party. No Trump supporter attending a Trump rally would start anything violent with another Trump supporter, just like no Trump supporter would spray paint the car of someone else attending a Trump rally. Only someone supporting a Democrat candidate like Hillary would do it.
    And yet the press continues to blame Trump for anything that happens at a rally. Unbelievable.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Not enough people and cars show up for a Clinton rally to spray paint, but yet she continues to always lead in the polls, I can’t figure that one out!

      1. RB says:

        Good point. Recently Hillary held an event where about 4,000 showed up. The media said that it was one of the largest Hillary rallies ever.
        Trump’s rallies are sometimes 4 or 5 times that on a regular basis.
        It’s been proven that on several occasions fake supporters were hired by Democrats to fill seats at a Hillary rally.
        I’m with you, I can figure out how she leads in the polls either, unless the polls are rigged, and since many of the polls are done by liberal owned news services, that’s entirely possible.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          The only thing I can figure is when the system puts Hellary in office, they’ll just say, all U have to do is look at the polls!!!!!

          1. Glenda Jordan says:

            Bingo!! Just what I been saying since July with all the talk ’bout voter fraud. Demorats think they have all the details covered. I read somewhere Trump supporters will wear anything red (hat,shirt)…I can’t wait! If we see for example 100 ppl in red vs 40ish not-I believe it could start a civil war they try put hilter in. I live in a blue state but I see more and more ppl are turning to Trump as hilter is despised.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            I hope they continue to turn to Trump, we can’t afford for Hellary in the house, our country will be lost!

          3. bytheway4 says:

            glenda, what an idiot you are, we have a “hitler” in the white house that said ” it’s my way or no way? and you are siding in with a worse than hitler, She is a murderer, a habitual liar, she hates America , she supports ISIS. She just sent guns and ammo to the ISIS, She just had a Iranian man killed. Because he worked for America, She reported him to the Iran communist and when the man arrived in Iran they were waiting for him and then Executed him then and there because of hillary. She is evil and is satan.

          4. Glenda Jordan says:

            I’m an idiot and siding in with worse than hitler??? #1 I refer to the cackling witch as hiLter not hiTler #2 I certainly am no idiot and would rather die before I ever supported barryo or the criminal clinton’s! I’m confused by your post as I agree besides your insults to me…you been smokin’ something??

          5. bytheway4 says:

            Glenda, I’m sorry I misunderstood your comment. The last sentence threw me off, I’m very sorry.

          6. Larry says:

            Did you read Glenda’s post? HILTER she said!

          7. Born in the South and proud says:

            Bytheway4, I think you misread Glenda’s post Trump 2016 God Bless America

          8. bytheway4 says:

            born, I just apologized to her. Thank you for sending your comment to me.

          9. bytheway4 says:

            Glenda, I’m sorry I misunderstood you. The last sentence threw me off.

          10. Glenda Jordan says:

            T/y for the apology. I thought it was a simple misunderstanding because as I said I agreed with all else of your post. I didn’t want to be critical…I know few ppl that work 3rd shift (my son is one) and when they are lacking sleep there’s lot of that misunderstanding stuff. We are on the same team…Trump!

        2. Glenda Jordan says:

          These polls lie like hilter!! I’ve heard it reported from Newsmax and Fox hil’s rallies are barely bringing in a crowd of 500. Encouraging…check out youtube-Trump rally in Ohio 3 days ago…21k people!!! Hilter can only dream of rallies like this.

      2. Born in the South and proud says:

        You’re right Rodney, it would only take one small can of paint to do the few cars in the parking lot. Amazing, but like you point out very small crowds at her events but she leads in polls by large amount. PURE BS and lies.
        Trump 2016

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Totally agree my Southern brother!! 🙂

  • Rodney Steward says:

    This just adds voters, these paid vandalizes are proof that the Clinton’s and the system is worried about something!!

  • Dennis B Anderson says:

    For all of you people who were spray painted. Go to Wal Mart and get some mineral spirits. I buy it by the gallons because I am a painter. With one hand a rag moistened with spirits in right hand, and a dry rag in left hand you can play
    wax on wax off grasshopper. The cooler the weather the better it will work. This might save someone who is ignorant to how things work $1000.00, and higher insurance rates you think? The chemical wont hurt you wash with warm soap and water. Next go to there neighborhood and do the same to them.

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