Wacko Green Billionaire Promises To Make GOP Pay

April 7, 2015

NextGen Climate, the environmental super PAC founded by billionaire Tom Steyer, announced plans on Monday to punish Republican presidential candidates who reject the scientific consensus on climate change.

The group spent over $70 million in the 2014 midterms attacking Republican candidates in a number of high-profile Senate races, but were unable to stem the tide in what was ultimately a strong GOP year. On a call with reporters on Monday, NGC chief strategist Chris Lehane declined to provide a specific dollar pledge for the 2016 race, but said that Steyer and his allies would “spend what it takes” to make climate a damaging campaign issue for Republicans.

Much of the effort will center on linking Republican attacks on climate science, where the overwhelming consensus points towards man-made emissions causing dangerous changes in the environment, to political spending by conservative billionaires David and Charles Koch. The Koch brothers have pledged to raise upwards of $889 million in the 2016 election cycle, rivaling spending by the two major parties in 2012.

“It is a party that is in essence acquired and purchased by the Koch brothers,” Lehane said.

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  • The redhawk says:

    Is Steyer the NEW REGGIE???

  • Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and their ilk think that because they are billionaires and smarter than he rest of us it gives them the right to micromanage everyone else’s lives according to their wishes. The “settled science” they espouse is their pipe dream. They have no RIGHT to foist it on the rest of us because they are richer than we are.!!!!

    1. pompey says:

      “Settled science” is a oxymoron, not to be confused with a liberal moron. As long as research is being done in a scientific discipline there is no “settles science”. “Settled science” is purely a political term designed to restrict the liberties of the sheep and therefore manage every minute aspect of their lives.

      1. The redhawk says:

        When it comes to “SETTLED CLIMATE SCIENCE and LIBERAL truth” they both are the Best of what OXYMORON stands for

    2. Gerry says:

      Might be wealthier than us but I’m not so sure about smarter. We have seen through their scam created out of greed and the need for power. They spent millions and still got their azzes kicked in 2014 and will again in 2016. So steyer,bloomberg, soros,gore and the rest can take their billions and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    3. The redhawk says:

      OH what the Hell… Let this WACKO greenie use more of his ILL gotten money from the ODUMBO “GREEN” legacy go to Waste like the Millions he wasted in 2014… it is just another HOLLYWWIRD attempt to Justify their “love affair” with the PANSY POTUS for MONEY!

  • James in Texas says:

    This fool must or will not see the truth, that being, he is spending millions of dollars to “convenience” folks who are already “fooled” about so called climate change. He does not have enough money to change the minds of people who can still read and understand the facts that this is not settled science, it is propaganda in its complete form, and nothing more than the ideology of a failed President to complete destroy the financial system of America and make our country the source of the funding of his future huge wealth, Period!

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