Why Jeb Bush Is Taking a Right Hook to Donald Trump

by Zeke J Miller | TIME
September 2, 2015

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush fired back at Donald Trump Tuesday with a video questioning his conservative bona fides.

The 80-second video hits Trump with a hard right hook, showing clips of him talking about living in New York City, calling himself pro-choice, praising single-payer health care and saying that Hillary Clinton is “a terrific woman.”

“I lived in New York City and Manhattan all my life, so my views are a little bit different than if I lived in Iowa,” Trump says at the beginning of the video, a clip from his 1999 appearance on “Meet the Press.”

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  • girls_mom says:

    Jeb Bush has the backing of the Republican machine and FOX. Bush is taking a right hook to Donald Trump ? Gee, maybe Geraldo Rivera, who seems to be wiping Bush’s nose and burping him, will be elated. This AM on Fox Rivera was disturbed about the remarks Trump has made about Jeb Bush -and cautioned Trump should cease. However, Rivera seems to have selective forgetting as he runs interference for Bush, that Bush consistently hurls incendiary remarks at Trump. Maybe Jeb’s mommy should call him home and inform him that when you’re a big boy out in the real world you need this advice: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

  • dmttbt says:

    If Jeb and all those established politicians are so smart and do such great work, why are they at 4% and Trump at 40 %. I really think Fiona will come on strong once people get to hear what she plans.

  • dmttbt says:

    Jeb old boy Bush has been in politics for many years have you heard him say we should obey our own law and close the border? I know I haven’t heard that but I predict that soon we will hear the others join in on that side. Keep in mind that they have all been saying we need a new comprehensive immigration law. That is English for we enforce what we choose and to ell with the real laws. If real laws were followed our prisons would be full with politicians.

  • Roy Miller says:

    Jeb is supposed to be a big Catholic. I have a relative in prison. Bishop John Snyder sent Jeb a letter asking him to pardon my relative. No response. I called his office every couple of months with no result. However he was Catholic enough to get in the Terri Schiavo mess. Schiavo had been brain dead for 10 years & an autopsy proved it. Jeb is married to a Mexican woman & is fluent in Spanish, can you say “wall” in Spanish?

    1. dmttbt says:

      They can’t say law either. The race riots have already been started in this country over things like a person who had strong armed a store and then ten minutes later is stopped by a policeman and he attacks the cop and tries to take his gun and gets shot. Then they tell the hands up don’t shoot crap and we find that the hands up part never happened. Is this incident what the blacks call a legitimate cause to protest and burn and steal?

    2. girls_mom says:

      Isn’t it ironic that Bush converted to Roman Catholicism and now he’s divorced from his Mexican wife. LOL

      1. brinniewales says:

        I’m not a Bush supporter. Please quote a verifiable source with Internet link that states Columba and Jeb have divorced.

        1. girls_mom says:

          Sorry Brinniewales, it was Neil Bush, the”Bush Lothario” and the quote about Jeb Bush was reported erroneously, as he was mentioned in the same article. Mea Culpa!:)

  • green thumb says:

    For my part, I like Trump and Carson. Both truth tellers. Also not beholden to the political establishment. Jeb’s got too many political and family ties, not to mention all the corrupt financial supporters. Last thing we need is another slick politician.

    1. dmttbt says:

      We don’t need any politicians because that has become synonymous with liar and thief.

  • Bernie Lounds says:

    Jeb Bush may as well move to Mexico.He’ll never make it as an American.

  • KDC says:

    In answer to the title of the article…because Jeb Bush is an elitist, NWO, Est.Rep. RINO. And the GOP is on him to step up his game.
    Go away, Jeb. no one wants a RINO Bush in office.

  • billwhit says:

    Jeb, go home and STFU! No one wants you except your family and friends, the rest of America knows your more Democrat than Conservative! And you still use PC, afraid of your own shadow! TRUMP/CRUZ 2016! Or TRUMP/CARSON 2016! No Jeb EVER!

    1. dmttbt says:

      I can’t think of why anyone who has held office in the past 40 years would have the nerve to ask people to reelect them. Have they done something to be proud of that is being hidden? I doubt it.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Hey Jeb, remember, you live in a “glass house” throw stones, and you may get them thrown back at you. You and the other rinos are already in trouble, want more, then just keep doing what you are doing.

  • 7papa7 says:

    Well Jeb boy, you sure don’t have any conservative moorings. You stand solid on the democratic platform and NOT the republican one let alone conservative one. So when you start wondering about a persons conversion to conservative the first place you need to look is the mirror. I don’t know if the Donalds conversion is legitimate or not but I do know that I like what he is saying about many issues now and that begins with immigration and moves out from there.

  • Ddenney1 says:

    I sorry people I do NOT trust TRUMP!! If anybody had flipped as many times as Trump in the 10 years we would USUALLY call them out for hypocrisy if not a RINO!!! He IS a jerk mouthy narcissistic and arrogant misogynistic and doesn’t really have ANYTHING but anger!! I get it but when he gives his PLAN ask him how he is going to ACCOMPLISH ANY OF IT!!! I guess executive orders will NOT BE SO BAD IF IT YOUR GUY???? So does the Constitution mean anything or is it only one sided???? I will vote for him before a Demon Rat but please be clear headed VOTE CRUZ 2016!!!

    1. 7papa7 says:

      The reason he is catching on is because he is willing to take strong stands on issues important to the people. They are tired of government talking about immigration but doing nothing about it, they are tired of sanctuary cities, they are tired of the crime from illegals etc and Trump slammed it hard which has much of the country saying finally someone who will do something about it. Most of his plan would not be that difficult to see happen from the construction of the wall to demanding Mexico pay for it. That being said there is only one candidate up there who is over the top great and that is Senator Cruz. We are in agreement on that for sure. IMHO Cruz is the present day Reagan.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        He says what you want to hear, does he believe what he says? Cruz is not the present day Reagan, not even close. Reagan was pro immigration, signed of on amnesty, spent money the country didn’t have. Ted stands for nothing Reagan really did. The TP would have never supported Reagan.

        1. KDC says:

          We don’t want anyone who is for illegal immigration. Mexican, Muslim, S. American, etc.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Have you heard how he is going to stop them. Where is the Trillions of dollars going to come from? He says what you want to hear. Only half the new illegals come in from Mexico as it is and they have to stay because they no longer can just go back and forth. Do you believe Trump really want to get rid of the illegals? who will build his buildings and work in his casino’s. Who will he marry?

          2. dmttbt says:

            Maybe the unemployed we have will be able to get those jobs.
            Are you saying that you like the way this country is being run? Are you kidding?
            Do you think Hillary is honest?
            Do you think that John Kerry is honest?
            Do you think that reverend Wright is not a Muslim?

          3. bobnstuff says:

            The unemployed don’t want their jobs, try hiring someone today and find out. I work for one of the largest companies in the country and I have been trying to retire. They can’t find anyone to take my job. The applications come in the drug tests go out and they won’t be hired. We have a record high help want listings right now. The good workers have jobs. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out. Do you thin k Trump is honest?

          4. dmttbt says:

            I think you are living under a state of mind that only you understand. We have the highest number of people on government assistance ever.
            I think anyone who collects food stamps or any other government assistance should be required to undergo drug testing. I see people living in government housing selling drugs and making a better living than those who take the jobs.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            90% of people getting assistance have jobs. When they tested for drugs in Florida it cost more then they saved since less the 3% failed. If you see people in public housing selling drugs turn them in. You can’t get public housing with a felony. I think all public housing projects should be torn down. They were a bad idea from the start.

        2. dmttbt says:

          I don’t get where people think the government is promising to work on immigration. They are working on open borders and amnesty. When we say the government is working on something that means nothing will be done other than they talk and that is it.
          When people say that they are afraid the government will be shut down, I want to rejoice. That will give the tax payer a break. What has the government done? Have they balanced the budget? Oh heck no. Do you think they handle their own checking accounts the way they do ours? They did because at one time they could borrow all the money they needed from the government and did not have to pay interest or even the money back. Organized crime is what this is.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            If the government is opening our borders why are we spending more money on border agents then any other type of law enforcement? Why has the president asked for money to expand deportation? Show where the government is opening the borders. I would love to see the House shut down, they love to waste money investigation things. They spent $100 million on investigation White Water and came up empty. How many times have the investigated Hillary and come up empty. I guess you don’t understand who does the spending in our government, It’s the congress. All money bills start in the House. Guess who is handling your money, not Obama. How is borrowing all that money, The Congress. Have you looked at how it’s spent, go check a break down and see. Do the republicans want a balanced budget? the last one was under Clinton.

          2. dmttbt says:

            Do you actually believe the things that politicians tell you? Especially obama. I also see that you think Hillary is innocent of the white water scandal and all the accusations. You do realize that papers were subpoenaed from the Clintons and they said they didn’t have them and then a couple of years later they said oh yes here they are lying on this table. Do they ever clean up in the white house and the papers get to stay there for months and years and they are never noticed.
            I can tell that you are too far gone to reason with, that is why I write in Donald Duck and vote for him rather than the cartoon characters who are running for office.
            I f you want to vote for someone because they are a woman I suggest Fiona. She is on the right track and perfectly capable of telling the truth. If the election commission would have none of the above it would make it quicker. When you don’t vote at all they take it that you are happy with what they choose. I am not.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            You do know no wrong doing were ever found in White Water and that you have never checked the facts, you are a tool of the Times. I don’t believe anything until I check the facts, you believe everything you are told by your handlers. I don’t write in Donald Duck, I write in my name. I once won an election doing that. It seemed no one wanted the job.

    2. Tuck Neilson says:

      You’re right about everything EXCEPT Ted Cruz. The founders relied on the writings of Emmerich Vattel to determine what a “natural born citizen” was. Obama in NOT a natural born citizen. Vattel CLEARLY states a natural born citizen has to be born of TWO parents who are CITIZENS at the time of the birth AND that the child be born on soil that is controlled by the country of citizenship. Obama, Cruz, Jindal, and Rubio do NOT MEET THOSE STANDARDS. Obama is an ILLEGAL president and Cruz, Jindal, and Rubio have no business running either. Research the facts and turn you support elsewhere. My personal choice is Rand Paul, but Carson, Walker and others are decent candidates as well. Cruz says a lot of the right things and does a great job as a senator, but he’s just not Constitutionally eligible to be the president. Sorry.

      1. Tuck Neilson says:

        BTW, the were four early SCOTUS decisions the veriifed “parents” not “parent” as necessary to be a natural born citizen.

    3. KDC says:

      Well, you could be right, but maybe Trump is looking at the whole thing in a business stand point. America has gone down the slippery slope and he sees that America is hurting in every way including business. Maybe he wants to make America prosper again. Only God can see the heart of man.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Businessmen make bad presidents, Trump is Hoover times ten.

        1. KDC says:

          Nah, he’d make a great one!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            None of the other businessmen that were President were any good, history doesn’t look good for Trump. Ever heard of Hoover.http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/presidential-campaign/262749-history-shows-businessmen-make-bad-presidents

          2. KDC says:

            Ever hear of Obummer? Same difference.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Read the link. Tell me where they got it wrong.

          4. dmttbt says:

            Read Obama’s books and tell me where he got it right. His own words convict him.
            If you want to talk about my lack of History knowledge that is great. I admit I haven’t been to school in 49 years but when I see on the Jay Leno show that people on the street do not know who George Washington is or what he did and they are in college I have to say it doesn’t make me feel smart but it makes me afraid of what we are producing in this country.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Educate yourself, read the link. I have been out of college for over 40 years but I have never stop educating myself.

          6. dmttbt says:

            If we don’t get someone like Trump we will all be history. The legacy for the present administration will be that we were sold out on every item. While you are at it tell me how we got an 8 year president out of someone who ran on the statement that we all know capitalism doesn’t work. What does that leave socialism, Marxism, Communism? Is that what Americans have given their lives to get?

          7. bobnstuff says:

            What business has the present government taken over? Is the country more socialist today then seven years ago? Give facts. Name names of companies that were turn into government run. Do you even know what the words mean?

        2. dmttbt says:

          Which of the bad presidents were businessmen? The ones I have seen have all been attorneys. You know one who said that depends on what is is. That is because he thinks everyone other than him and his ass ociates are too dumb to figure out that riddle. He is right we have let the government go from 9.6 trillion deficit when Obama was running the first time to over 28 trillion now. Is is .

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I gave a link, read it. Ever heard of Hoover or Taft Did you take any history class? Do you think a business is in any way run like a democracy? The bigger the business the less democratic it is. We are not talking about Obama here although if you thought he was bad elect the chairman of the board and watch how he does things.

    4. dmttbt says:

      When you complain about how will Trump do what he says, answer me this why haven’t the people we have had in office done anything other than bankrupt social security and pass Obama care and sign a treaty with IRAN that we should have bombed years ago, don’t forget they are the ones who want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and they hate the Americans equally as much. What do we get out of a treaty with people who hate us? NOTHING? Obama is the daddy of that deal and we will see why soon enough. We are going to keep an eye on their nuclear capabilities by having them do their own inspections. What Fool came up with that part?

  • Gnowark says:

    How do I spell R-I-N-O?

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