1 out of 5 Americans support Iran deal, poll finds

Three presidential candidates, seven lawmakers, one reality TV star and a host of conservative and security-minded activists: This significant, noisy event has grown. Sarah Palin will appear Wednesday afternoon at the U.S. Capitol alongside White House hopefuls Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz and Jim Gilmore plus national broadcasters Glenn Beck and Mark Levin at the Stop the Iran Deal Rally. The plainspoken patriarch of “Duck Dynasty” — Phil Robertson — will also be on hand, as will C-SPAN, which will cover the rally beginning at 1 p.m. ET.

The public, apparently, shares in the dissatisfaction: Just 21 percent of Americans approve of the nuclear accord between the U.S. and Iran according to a new Pew Research Center poll; 6 percent of Republicans, 20 percent of independents and 42 percent of Democrats agree. Overall, half – 49 percent – disapprove of the deal; that includes 78 percent of the GOPers, 47 percent of independents and 29 percent of the Dems.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    1 OUT of 5 ….. Another way for Obama to PROCLAIM … F*CK YOU AMERICANS and his proigrssive POST TURTLES Follow him in GOOSE Stepping Mode….and his VOTING FANATICS iGNORE…

  • whoisshe? says:

    Sounds like Russia every day. I don’t believe any of that, it would mean that we just gave into Obama and he would have a third term. If there is no one running on the democratic ticket except for Bernie Sanders does that mean that Obama buys his votes ? The democrats will play every dirty trick in the book, we must vote for Trump, he can look a person in the eyes man or woman, talk to them, he is strong, but most of all he loves this country.

  • 32609307 says:


  • Pam says:

    If Soetoro and Kerry didn’t hate Jews so much, this “deal” would never have happened. No one with any honor would have done this. As far as the Europeans agreeing to it:
    France (at least for a while) was trying to tell the world that the US was “giving away the farm” and being just plain stupid.
    Many of these countries have a history of anti-Semitism.
    Some are drooling over fake promises of cheap oil.
    Some are giving in to “Corporate Greed” because their manufacturers want to sell more goods

  • reagangs says:

    The Silent Majority can’t be silent, any more …. we must raise our voices so even the deft tone radical liberals, progressives, socialist and commies can hear us. Remember old Sal Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals???? We must use their tactics against them and over power them with love, reason and logic. No more mister nice guy/gal. As one of our famed rockers once said: It’s Now Or Never.

  • Liberty's Advocate says:

    I can’t help but wonder what the average IQ of the people who comprise that 21% would be. I’ll bet money it’s 20 points lower than the IQ represented by the other 79%. In order to be that stupid and uninformed they have to work at it.

  • The redhawk says:

    1 OUT of 5…. that is an OBAMA Majority to hear the IDIOT tell it!

    1. John H. Kohlenberg says:

      He is the number one snake salesman ever

      1. Pam says:

        Please, you’re giving “Snake Oil” salesmen a bad name. The vast majority of them never set out to INTENTIONALLY POISON their victims.

        1. The redhawk says:

          BULLS EYE!

      2. The redhawk says:

        UNFORTUNTEALY he also has the biggest Number of MORONS that BUY his “OIL”

        1. Pam says:

          Just like Jim Jones with his Kool-Aid.*
          *For all you youngsters out there, that is where “You’re drinking the Kool-Aid” comes from.

  • Phil says:

    And I thought this was a government of the people, by the people and for the people. If so many of us are against this, why is it being pushed forward? We now are the silenced majority. Only one leadet now we can count on, God.

    1. The redhawk says:

      The Notion ” BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE” was Deleted in Fact by OBLAMO and Holder and their KKK FASCISTS…aka the Progressive Anarchists Empty suits of the DUmmie C rats congressional Horses A$$ Stable

    2. reagangs says:

      I would like to see a popular vote on this issue by the legal voting public (without voter fraud) using valid voter ID.

      1. The redhawk says:

        Not as Long as Anarchists in Congress have anything to say!!!

      2. pete G says:

        As long as this person in the white house remains there you will never see a popular vote on anything. The GD Republicans are as responsible for this Muslim’s irresponsible actions as he is. They have to know by now what a true POS this coward is.

    3. The redhawk says:

      That form of governent was Changed by the Election of the Prigressive Anarchist Majority in Congress in 2006 and then the Coronation of the REAL Snake Anarchist MUZZELINK in 2008…

    4. Richard Graziano says:

      Phil, it is because while Americans were asleep at the wheel Marxists hijacked the White House, The Senate and House and the Courts and the media. Too many people think they know about Marxism and everything they say is wrong. Unless we sop the Marxist train to political Hell we are done. This Administration has is Marxist orders and it is carrying them out.

    5. Richard Graziano says:

      He is leading those of us who oppose Marxism, Phil. Glad your heart is in the right place,

  • DonCentTX says:

    If true that only 1 in 5 support the Iran deal and the democrats push it through, then they should lose the next election by a wide margin.

    1. The redhawk says:

      BUT too many Progressive Uneducated and stupid Anarchists are still allowed to vote… so….

      1. John H. Kohlenberg says:

        We the People need to follow Obama where ever he goes for his events, and make him face up to all his illegal activaty and arrest him on the spot. He is just laughing his head off evading arrest. There is no man big enough or powerful enough to evade arrest. We have laws meant for all, not just the little guys.

        1. The redhawk says:

          How about taking a page from ” BLACK LIES NO LONGER MATTER” and have OTHER FLAGS saying “” NO MORE LIES OBAMA NO MORE LIES”???/

  • Mark says:

    With what we are conceding with the deal, we would be much better off without it. Now it will be up to Israel to stop global nuclear tyranny or global nuclear meltdown.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Did the poll ask if they know what was in the deal. I don’t believe that twenty percent under stand the agreement with all the misinformation going around.

    1. VoteAgainst Incumbents says:

      bob, and how many people were allowed to see the full agreement? That may be one of the reasons that people are against it – a secret nuclear agreement with ….. those who want to destroy the great satan.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        They talk about destroying us, we have invade their next door neighbor. They disrespect us we burn their holy book and make fun of the profit. Our Congress send them a letter saying that we don’t trust them and that we may not hold true to the agreement. Maybe we are the great Satan.
        Even the parts that have been made public are being misunderstood. I had a guy tell me that he didn’t want our tax money sent to them, he did know that it’s their money that we are giving back to them. Not only is the right saying that Obama is wrong on this, they are saying that every other country that is party to this are wrong. the most powerful nations in the world are all signing of on this one.
        Last, if you want facts don’t waste your time taking a poll, 23% believe in big foot.

        1. Liberty's Advocate says:

          Unless “the right” you refer to is 79% of the population, there are a lot on the left and in the middle who ALSO believe Obama is wrong on this Iranian Nuclear Agreement. As far as the other countries are concerned, more than one of them have histories of antisemitism … and the UN is well known to promote such views through some of the more more powerful members of its General Assembly.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            The misinformation campaign is working very well in our country. Even before the republicans know what was in the deal they started their attack on it and the countries we are talking about signing off on it have far more to lose the us.

          2. Liberty's Advocate says:

            Come on, Bob. You decry a nondescript ‘misinformation’ campaign being effective and then misinform people yourself. Republicans and conservatives (not one and the same) didn’t NEED to know what was in the agreement to oppose it: (1) giving an opportunity to the #1 State sponsor of international terrorism to obtain NUCLEAR WEAPONS was before the agreement and continues to be a BAD IDEA, (2) Israel was and is our best ally in the middle east, (3) Israel and the United States were and are the two countries hated most by Iran,(4) Israel and the U.S. were and are continually under direct threat by the Mullahs and (5) in Israel’s case the vow of her destruction is codified in Iran’s constitution. In a very REAL SENSE, your boy OBAMA has now become the world’s #1 financier of international terrorism by releasing the sanctions and $150+ Billion in Iranian assets back to them!

            The difference between democrats and republicans is the ability to reason, apply critical thinking and prioritize circumstantial threats instead of using political motivations as their guiding light of influence. Apparently YOU have a great deal of trouble with those concepts, too.

            BTW, clean up your syntax, tenses, spelling and usage so we don’t have to INTERPRET what you are trying to say.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            I’m fighting my computer, it skips every other letter so sorry about spelling etc. Now tell me how we are going to stop them from building a bomb without this agreement. There is nothing they need from the outside world to do it. The more we isolate them the less reason they have not to build it. The people of Iran want to be part of the worlds and this gives them a chance. If Iran violates this agreement they will have every power in the world against them, no place to hide and no one to protect them.

          4. Liberty's Advocate says:

            How have you become so deluded as to equate having THIS agreement in place with stopping Iran from building themselves the bomb? It doesn’t order the dismantling of any centrifuges so gaining enriched uranium at the same rate is assured; it returns over $150 Billion in convertible assets to them; it releases their oil embargo; it allows them access to international monetary markets and exchanges; it releases all other embargoes that prevented them from engaging in commerce to feed their people and strengthen their economy; it does NOT require that they disavow their their constitutional pledge to the destruction of Israel: it doesn’t require them to change their attitude and rhetoric toward us and the rest of the free world; it didn’t even secure the release of the American hostages as a prelude to any talks!

            lt also allows the Iranians (these known liars) to conduct their own inspections of their facilities and does NOT require them to open their military facilities to inspection. All of these concessions were given to a radical Islamic regime whose leaders are by all indications “Batshit Crazy” and recognized even by their Arab neighbors as a pariah. This lack of control is what has their neighbors and the rest of the free world who haven’t lost their ability to reason nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and will inevitably lead to a nuclear arms race in the middle east, further destabilizing the world. NOT HAVING THIS AGREEMENT opens up more possibilities to preventing the destruction of Israel and a preventing a nuclear conflagration than having it in place does by a factor of 10 or more.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Now I would like you to go find a reliable source and see just what it really says because you have gotten some misinformation, http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2015/feb/25/michael-morell/odd-reality-irans-centrifuges-enough-bomb-not-powe/

            If you want to know what’s in the full agreement http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2013/11/24/read-the-text-of-the-iran-nuclear-agreement/

            As far as their leaders being crazy, look at what we have in Washington

          6. Liberty's Advocate says:

            You judge them by their results. I’m glad you agree that what we have in Washington borders on an Idiocracy, especially considering what they called “negotiations” on this Iran deal. From the standpoint of the U.S., it amounted to a Fire Sale on State Security, Middle East stability and existential threats to Israel. Still, I will take our leaders in preference to the Mullahs any day.

            But in order for an Idiocracy to maintain power, the people have to be dumber than their leaders. Accurate information voraciously obtained and diligently applied, relentless adherence to conservative principles and eternal vigilance will triumph over the forces of darkness.

            Reading your links makes my point. It’s simple math. If there are about 20,000 centrifuges in play and only 5,000 are needed to enrich U235 to 90% pure weapons grade material, then with 20,000 they have enough to enrich 4 X as much weapons grade material.

            Why would an oil rich country with practically unlimited petro energy opt to start a NUCLEAR program when they already have enough fuel to fire unlimited electrical generating plants? Answer: They wouldn’t unless they could use such a program to mask attempts to develop a MILITARY NUCLEAR program to accomplish their Institutionally ingrained, stated objectives of destroying Israel and the United States.

            Keep your focus on Iran’s stated goals. They are only interested in achieving them and will (according to the Quran) unabashedly use lies, deceit and deception to achieve them.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            The number of centrifuges is limited to 10,000 and the production is watched. Why do they need nuclear energy, the same reason we do, cheep and clean. The reason we should want this agreement isn’t because of them getting the bomb, if they really wanted it they would have had it ten years ago. The agreement brings them back into the world. There will be businessmen from all over the world going in and out of their country, Their economy will be linked to the rest of the world, their people will travel and exchange ideas. It becomes alot harder to do things in secret with company around. Once they get Iphones and internet do you think they will want to give it up? The other countries are going to sign the agreement and take advantage of the economic boost that a new trading partner with $150 billion dollars to spend. We have a choice, Go along with our allies or be left out. As far as Israel goes, they are not a good allies or good neighbors. They believe that you should force your will on other nations.

          8. Liberty's Advocate says:

            I cannot believe the naivte’ in the “reasons” you offer. You apparently feel it is up to the U.S. to sell the farmhe proceeds to known supporters of international terrorism.

            But let’s begin with your first point: Who told you the number of centrifuges was limited by this agreement to 10,000? That is flatly untrue. No agreement to limit future numbers or dismantle existing centrifuges is part of this contract. Current estimates put the existing number at 16,000 or more, so how do you limit their number to 10,000 with no onsite inspections – except those that may be done by Iran herself? No one else is allowed.

            As far as “cheap” energy is concerned for producing electricity, how much cheaper can you get than FREE? Iran owns the worlds 3rd largest oil reserves. You apparently have no concept of Islam and Sharia Law because the rest of your arguments have no foothold in reality. YOUR FOCUS should be on Iran’s promise (codified in their constitution) to wipe the Nation of Israel from the face of the Earth, and to eliminate “the Great Satan (USA)”

            To your last point about Israel. Only someone who is devoid of any historic knowledge and/or lacks an historical perspective concerning the history of Judaism in the 20th Century would make such lying, incorrect, devious and malicious statements. From the time Israel became a Nation on May 14, 1948 – she has never attacked her neighbors without first being attacked herself. Each time, she has repulsed attacks and been forced by the UN to sign peace agreements when the aggressor nations complained Israel had them in a corner. Never having achieved anything but a “cease fire” with these enemies, violations of the agreements INVARIABLY came from Israel’s enemies. Look up the wars with Syria, Egypt, Jordan and the terrorist acts committed by Yassir Arafat of the PLO against Israel. Each time the UN asked Israel to make concessions – even though SHE was the one attacked.

          9. bobnstuff says:



            Just a few of the facts about the agreement.
            They are better off selling the oil then wasting it making electricity with it.

            How many wars has Iran started in the last 15 years? How many has the Americans started? Maybe we are the Great Satan.

            How many times has Israel threatened to bomb Iran.

            Who keeps steeling land to build settlements.

            Who last year killed 10 Palestinians for every 1 Israeli death and who runs the concentration camps on the west bank. The present government of Israel doesn’t want peace.
            The people who know the facts about the agreement support it but since Obama wants it the republicans will try to block it just like everything else.

          10. Liberty's Advocate says:

            [Just a few of the facts about the agreement.
            They are better off selling the oil then wasting it making electricity with it.]

            Not at today’s price levels they’re not.

            [How many wars has Iran started in the last 15 years? How many has the Americans started? Maybe we are the Great Satan.]

            Who the hell are you anyway? This anti-American rant tells me you are NOT American. If you are a pretender to the coveted title, your education is sorely lacking. Anyone who convinced you there is a measure of moral equality between two systems of government as disparate as ours and ANY socialist/communist regime on the planet has just twisted your mind to the point of creating a “useful idiot” out of you for the purpose of furthering their false agenda. To re-educate and enlighten you would be fun and rewarding but that is NOT my responsibility nor is it my job. It’s yours. There appears to be a serious lack of balance in your viewpoint and level of understanding.

            Your sources are all Left Wing, as one indication. The chief source for these “news outlets” is the Obama administration, and apparently no one but you believes them. America is the only nation on earth that freely and quite often has spent her treasure and sent her sons and daughters to fight AGAINST tyranny and FOR the freedom of oppressed people all over the Earth. Not for colonialism, not for conquest but for FREEDOM. THROUGH TWO WORLD WARS, AT LEAST TWO POLICE ACTIONS AND SEVERAL ARMED CONFLICTS IN THE 20TH CENTURY, THE ONLY LAND SHE HAS CLAIMED AS A RIGHT OF CONQUEST WAS ENOUGH TO BURY HER DEAD.

            How many times has Israel threatened to bomb Iran.

            Every time someone in Israel reads or hears about Iran’s radical systemic threat to annihilate them, hears about Iran’s continuing nuclear enrichment program, hears that the USA is negotiating with Iran on “behalf” of Israel’s interests or hears the current administration say to them, “We’ve got your back” – that is justification enough for Israel to let the world know SHE WILL DEFEND HERSELF. I hope to hear MORE of those threats more often.

            [Who keeps steeling land to build settlements.]

            Fool! It’s NOT STEALING when you are reclaiming that which was taken from YOU.

            [Who last year killed 10 Palestinians for every 1 Israeli death and who runs the concentration camps on the west bank. The present government of Israel doesn’t want peace. ]

            Your stats are a result of pure happenstance. Most of the thousands of rockets the Palestinians launched at Tel Aviv caused no deaths. Israeli retribution was swift and effective on the other hand, especially in response to the cowardly repeated attacks on schools, women and children. Contrary to your assertion, the Nation of Israel wants ONLY to be left alone.

            [The people who know the facts about the agreement support it but since Obama wants it the republicans will try to block it just like everything else.]

            The people of the U.S. are 80% against it. The whole country is only 30 – 35% Republican so a lot of Independents and Democrats are against it, too. Stop rationalizing support for something that amounts to NOT JUST A THREAT, but an EXISTENTIAL THREAT against a nation and a whole race of people.

            If anyone should be negotiating terms with Iran it is Israel. Israel knows that would be foolish because there is nothing to negotiate with someone who has sworn a blood oath to kill you. Should you negotiate them down to only taking 1/2 of your life? 1/3? How much of your life would you be willing to give away?

          11. bobnstuff says:

            You are blinded to the truth. When you come and take the farm of a man who’s family has been farming for hundreds of years and who has proof of ownership, that’s stealing. If you starve people, destroy their homes, keep them from getting the supplies to fix them. Treat them with no respect in their own country and then are surprised when they try to blow you up. Last year there were a little over a hundred Israeli deaths and over a thousand Palestinians.
            The text of the agreement, you know the real agreement is facts not left or right but facts. ABC is a left wing news source?
            Next explain to me why we invaded into a sovereign nation, spent countless American lives on a lie. Why does our country feel we have a right to change leaders in other countries and not be held in contempt by them. Do you remember the Shah of Iran, how did he become the leader.
            As far as being anti American you make remarks that are treason and call me anti American. You like the constitution until it doesn’t support your prejudges. The SCOTUS is good and just when they find for you but should be gotten rid of when they don’t. You are big on the first and second amendment but can’t tell me what’s in Article II.
            Just remember who’s the only country in history to use the bomb. All those people that are against the agreement, most couldn’t find Iran on a map and only know what’s in it by what the republicans in congress has told them, just like you. I had a guy tell me that the money we were giving them were are tax dollars. Go get some real facts and come back. You are against something that you haven’t bothered to learn about, you take your lead from people who started saying it was a bad agreement before they even read it and who committed treason. You my good man are a sheep. Wake up and see the world as it really is and our country as we are seen by the world.
            Oh and all that money Iran is getting, go look at where it’s going. To pay their bills to other countries, It seems that they owe around $500 billion so a big chunk will never even make it to them. They need the cash from their oil sales to pay their bills as well.

          12. Liberty's Advocate says:

            It’s interesting that your loyalties and sympathies lie with Iran over Israel since there is irrefutable evidence they are the world’s leading sponsor and financier of international terrorism. (On an administrative level, Obama may have just claimed that title.) An Islamic country whose chief prophet and current Mullahs preach a philosophy of hate and death. These rhetorical attacks aren’t just political posturing. They are taught in their schools, preached in their Mosques and culturally inculcated generationally. From this you would have us believe that their reasons for wanting Nuclear Power are completely motivated by the contemplation of peaceful uses. YOU are either the most naive person on the planet, blinded by an ideology you refused to admit, so full of hate yourself you wouldn’t recognize the “TRUTH” if it bit you in the ass or #4 “All of the above”, or you think the rest of the world is that dumb.

            The USA is not a perfect nation. But the principles WE were founded on did not include pledging the annihilation of another nation in the text of our Constitution. Our principles WERE Christian in nature, valuing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as Natural Rights of the individual. They have not been revoked and there is a movement afoot to reassert them, claiming back power that has been usurped by government.

            The key to these rights is “Tolerance” as an integral part of them. One cannot claim to have a right to do ANYTHING if in exercising that “right” they interfere with the exercise of, or deny, the Natural Rights of any other individual(s). Above all is the Natural Right (given to him/her at the CREATION of that life [conception] by his/her Creator) of the individual to his/her destiny, or self-determination of his/her LIFE. The individual controls it because God gave him/her that RIGHT as a GIFT. We were NOT created by government. BUT, the individual cannot assert that control to the extent that it causes injury or death to ANOTHER individual without suffering the legitimate consequences of his/her actions. That is the principle behind the Death Penalty for murder. If you take another’s life, you should pay for it with YOUR life. For thousands of years of recorded human history, the ONLY successful defense against a charge of murder is the successful proving of Self Defense – defending one’s OWN life against the threat of its loss or serious physical harm.

            In America, ALL of our Constitutional rights are INDIVIDUAL rights and ALL stem from our absolute, unalienable, Natural Right to our own lives.The Christian philosophy of love for your fellow man (the family of Man) is the glue holding this fabric together: the recognition that NO ONE has rights superior to that of any other individual.

            The Sharia philosophy you espouse (based on your support of active regimes practicing Sharia Law) is based on hatred, denial of rights of the individual, subjugation of women to men and subjugation of men to the will of the State (government) based on the teachings of a false prophet who molested children and murdered people. LOVE will prevail over hate every time, yet you find a moral superiority in a philosophy of hate. Go figure.

            Obama is a Muslim shill, a faquir, a liar and a deviant in many ways. But our Constitution and the government it created has resulted in such a freeing of man’s creative juices, America has created a technologically amazing world at home and around the world. Only through freedom and the power of self-determination could this have happened.

            As far as the bomb goes, we say “Made in America – Tested in Japan” so that never again would the world experience its horror. The lives saved on both sides by its use are testament to the value of that experiment.

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