Air Force removes inspirational posters after NOW claims content ‘sexist,’ ‘faith-based’

Officials at Air Combat Command have removed inspirational posters deemed “sexist” and “faith-based” by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and the National Organization for Women.

Quotes from an Air Force manual published in 1955 are at the center of a controversy for Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia. Posters that use “man” to generically refer to humanity — coupled with the idea that God is the source of all creation — sparked protests from NOW and MRFF. Maj. Malinda Singleton, a spokeswoman with Air Combat Command, confirmed to Air Force Times on Tuesday that the posters have been taken down.

One of the images, which includes fighter jets flying over the Statue of Liberty, cites the following from AF Manual 50-21, August 1955:

“The idea uppermost in the minds of men who founded the United States was the idea that each and every human being is important. They knew that the importance of man came from the very source of his life — because man was made in the very image and likeness of God, he had a destiny to achieve. And because he had a destiny to achieve, he had the unalienable rights and the inherent freedom to achieve it. That is the basic idea of our democracy. That is the keystone of our way of living. Discard that central thought and there is no meaning to our Declaration of Independence; there is no validity to our Constitution.”

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  • Carl Pyzowski says:

    What bunch of liberal bull—-! I hope that they don’t pick next on Morton salt when it is said that he/she is the salt of the earth. Talk about asinine behavior. This is what our leaders are most concerned about? Way to go Malinda! Another triumph in stupidity. This is what we pay you to do? Worry more about protecting America and obeying your commander-in-chief than this bull—-!

  • roboteq says:

    As a male with a gender bender name, I used to get mail from NOW regularly. That stopped after I was accepted as an honorary member of NOW because I was a woman business owner. Well, the mailings stopped when I responded that like Robin Leach, Robin Williams and Robin Gibb, I was the enemy. They are so touchy, yet we can’t say they are touchy without being sexist.

  • Luke says:

    For God’s sake you widdle liberal cry babies, this country was founded on Christian values and we need God, if you don’t like it move to North Korea where it is like what you want..The majority of us prefer men in the military and God on our side..

  • Rodney Steward says:

    I take it this Malinda is a queer like most women in the military, this is wrong, and Opey’s gone, NO MORE PC BS!!

  • justinwachin says:

    This sounds like a good quote to me. It’s a little long but it is 100 percent accurate. America has excelled because of our Judeo-Christian foundation of beliefs. Non Christians and non-Jews are able to enjoy prosperity and freedom thanks to our nation’s embrace of the principles found in the Bible.

    NOW and the atheists should appreciate the fact they can reap the benefits of our country. If this nation operated on what passes for their moral foundations we would be messed up.

    1. Dixie Danger says:

      Our country was founded on freedom of religion, not Christianity. Know your history and constitution.

      1. justinwachin says:

        Our country was founded predominantly by Christians who fled Europe to avoid persecution for their religious beliefs. The principles found in the Bible served as the foundation on which our country was based. These people did not want the young nation to create a state church. They felt America would work best when each person was free to worship God how they chose.

        Much to the dismay of modern day revisionists the colonies were not a melting pot of every religion where Christians was just one of many religions of equal weight nor were the colonists wanting an atheist state.

        Most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Christians and most of their sessions were opened with prayer. They sought the blessings and guidance of the God of the Bible.

        1. Dixie Danger says:

          ‘The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.’ That was ratified by the United States Senate without debate unanimously in 1797.”
          Treaty of Tripoli
          – John Adams
          I am aware of some of the forefathers being Christian, but it doesn’t mean the country was founded on Christianity. That is also why the first amendment says ‘freedom of religion’.
          A lot of our forefathers also owned human beings, commited adultery, etc.. which is not very Christianly.

          1. justinwachin says:

            We live by the U.S. Constitution, not the Treaty of Tripoli. This treaty was broken in 1801 and its replacement did not mention the phrase you refer to. It appears that this treaty was an early attempt at revisionist history. I guess government bureaucrats in the 1790s were as eager to appease the Muslims as they are today.

            The fact is the American colonists who fought for our nation’s independence were predominantly Christian. They carried those values and that worldview with them as they formed our nation.

            Yes, the people of that day were not perfect. That doesn’t mean they weren’t Christians. Our nation was founded on the Bible. If you have a problem with that you might want to move to North Korea. Christianity is not welcomed there.

          2. Dixie Danger says:

            I don’t have a problem with people practicing any religion. All I’m saying, is that people who live in America have a the freedom to practice or not practice any religion they choose.

          3. justinwachin says:

            I agree that people have the right to worship as they choose. The early founders were largely Christian but most of them were smart enough to know that you can’t force anyone to become a Christian. I would rather to have a church half full of people who want to be there than to have a building packed with people who are forced to attend.

          4. Dixie Danger says:

            America was to be a free country for all, not just some.

          5. justinwachin says:

            Although our nation isn’t perfect, it looks pretty good compared to some. In North Korea the dictator does the thinking for everybody. In our country we all have a remarkable amount of freedom to live our lives as we desire.

        2. Dixie Danger says:

          I am also aware that they fled to America, so they would not be persecuted by England for not having the same Chritian faith as the crown. I took history in high school and college.

          1. justinwachin says:

            The Christians fled Europe to avoid persecution. This was not a pleasure cruise. Many people died on their journey to America. Once they got here they did not set their values and world view aside to form an atheist government. If they would have been that eager to compromise their religious beliefs they would have stayed in Europe.

            You need to look up your history teachers and ask them if they covered the role of the Bible in shaping the founding of our nation. Either you got a flawed education from revisionist history teachers or you weren’t paying attention in class. If it is a matter of bad teachers you should start a drive to have them removed from the classroom.

            America started out founded on Christian values. Those values affected the laws of the colonies. The Bible’s marks are all over the founding of our nation. Revisionist groups are trying to erase that connection but I managed to read history books which were printed before these atheists and humanists got hold of them.

          2. Dixie Danger says:

            Christians being persecuted by other Christians.

          3. justinwachin says:

            Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven. The whole idea was each person could choose which church they wanted to worship in or they could decide to not worship at all. For what it’s worth, many of the colonies had what amounted to a state church. It’s kind of ironic that they fled persecution and then did the same thing.

          4. Dixie Danger says:

            I’m an atheist and I could care less if people practice any religion, that is what the first amendment protects. It doesn’t mean that everyone in America has to be a Christian. It means people are free to practice or not practice the religion of their choice without being persecuted.

          5. justinwachin says:

            Although I’m a Christian I think we agree on the value of the first amendment. The government doesn’t dictate what church I attend or give money to. At the same time it doesn’t require you to attend or tithe to any church. I have several Muslim friends. I have no problem with them worshipping at a mosque.

            The founders of our nation realized that each person should have the ability to worship God as they saw fit and the people wisely demanded that freedom of worship be guaranteed before they ratified the Constitution. I’m glad they insisted on the first amendment. It protects us all.

          6. Dixie Danger says:

            This site is far from being the Libertarian site it proclaims.

          7. justinwachin says:

            There is a variety of ideas on what constitutes a libertarian. By the way, I consider myself conservative rather than libertarian. The key thing most of us can agree on is the importance of liberty and our ability to debate and make a decision on the issues ourselves.

            If we could go back to 1776 we would likely find the same type of robust discussions going on in the colonies. Those early Americans were busy trying to decide what they wanted this great land to become. Although their opinions probably varied as much, or more, than your’s and mine, most had a basic desire for freedom and opportunity. Those of us on this website are happily carrying on that same love for robust discussion today.

          8. justinwachin says:

            I agree. Thanks for the link.

          9. justinwachin says:

            A good read. Thanks for sharing.

          10. justinwachin says:

            A good read. Thanks for sharing. This gives an idea of what some people were trying to escape when they came to America.

          11. Dixie Danger says:


            What I said, they fled to America to avoid religious persecution. I paid attention.

          12. Dixie Danger says:

            Religious liberty…
            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..”

          13. justinwachin says:

            Thanks for the link to the article.

      2. Dave Gray says:

        Then why were there THREE separate worship services held in the Capitol rotunda every Sunday with president Grover Cleveland preaching one of them?! WHY WAS THE FIRST ALLOCATION OF MONEY by the new congress allocated for the purchase of Bibles to be used in the public schools?!? I’ll stick with the history and truths godly people have given us rather than the rewrite secular humanists are foisting on an uninformed bunch of dupes, desperate for a godless life and eternity.

        1. Dixie Danger says:

          ‘The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.’ That was ratified by the United States Senate without debate unanimously in 1797.”
          Treaty of Tripoli
          -John Adams

        2. Dixie Danger says:

          And that is your choice and freedom to do so. Not everyone feels that way and that is why we have freedom of religion for all people, not just Christians. I could care less what religion people choose to practice, I do care if they try to push it off on others. Not everyone believes the same thing, that is the beauty of freedom and liberty.

  • Bob says:

    Another example of how some people will find anything to b*tch in a vain attempt to remain “relevant”. Hey NOW, Playboy just put nudity back in the magazine…get your protest signs ready. And how far would the MRFF get if Allah had been mentioned in these poster? Would they have even complained? As they like to say when Christians complain that Christmas is under attack, “Get Over It”.

  • texexpatriate says:

    In the English language that usage of the word man has always referred to humankind. The objections of women underscore their ignorance. The poster should not have been removed, and the organization told what they could do with their objections.

    1. Betty says:

      agree men and women ave died fighting for all MANKIND

  • Dexter L. Wilson says:

    Someone bring this to the attention of Trump and his commanding officers so they can deal with this Sexist attempt at control of the military. Remember always that we have chaplains and freedom of belief in the armed services as we have chaplains in the legislature. Any reference to “man” is a reference to MANKIND and has nothing to do with male or female. I still would like to see the officers who reprimanded a desk clerk for having the Christian Bible Quote on her computer “No Weapon Formed Against shall prosper” and was courtmarshalled, I would like to see them drummed out of the service because that clerk should have had every right to put that on her computer that she used. Someone else bring that to the attention of Trump’s military liaison. Trump is now the Commander and Chief and it is time to return God to the military. God know how many time He has protected those in the military when they have confessed Psalm 91 over their circumstances. Those others can do what they want.

    1. Christian_Patriot7 says:

      Yes, President Trump needs to know this. We must put God back in the military, in the public schools, in the colleges, and in America completely! If you don’t like it, then GET OUT of our CHRISTIAN NATION!

      1. Dexter L. Wilson says:

        For one, those in Congress and Senate should remind the Justices the original intent of Separation of church and state. That is the letter to the Danbury Baptists by Jefferson was to reassure them that Christianity was allowed in Government but Government was to keep its stinking nose out of the tent of the church, out of Christian churches and communities. The best way to do this is to begin to impeach those judges and jurists that legislate from the bench and call it misconduct because they were not elected to legislate, that they were appointed only to interpret. Any body who want to know what it meant originally can google it and see how the judges want to recreate America into their own image which means that they should have been impeached for misconduct. They completely forgot about the Free Exercise Clause. There was never any attempt to prevent city, county, and state governments to even have their own state supported church even though some of the colonies had these. the First Amendment told the federal government could not establish a state supported, tax supported church like the Church of England. Am I saying that individual states should start their own state supported church, no but the point is the feds could not but they have infiltrated the schools with Secular Humanism, a religion. Boy will the atheist freak out if we re-establish the original meaning of the the First Amendment.

        1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

          Agreed. To me, your money quote is: ” … those judges and jurists that legislate from the bench and call it misconduct because they were not elected to legislate, that they were appointed only to interpret … “. Which I express as they are in their positions to interpret the original intent of the framers of the constitution and apply that intent to the legislation passed in its name – not to legislate from the bench with their crystal balls filled with enumerable previously hidden penumbrae.

        2. mrpoohead says:

          More fake news from Mr Drivel. Church of England funds itself, not taxes. Judges don’t get to change things – merely interpret. They may make recommendations to the House but still has to go through due process. First Amendment allows for freedom of religion, Muslims included! Does not mean “no state sponsored” rubbish!

          1. Dexter L. Wilson says:

            Separation of church and state which was taken from a letter from a President not from the legislature, was interpreted by Jefferson to mean government was separate from the Church and had no power over it. they could do as they pleased as long as other laws were not broken like executions or theft in the name of religion. What does free excercise mean to you? or how about a shadow of a law concerning abortion when the preamble to the Declaration of Independence states God gives certain inalienable rights(not government) such as LIFE? Duh. Or Congress shall MAKE NO LAW AND THE COURT GOES AHEAD AND TAKES PRAYER OUT OF SCHOOLS. EXCUSE ME BUT THAT IS LEGISLATING FROM THE BENCH. DUH~! Did you know the Father of Public schools said the best text book for schools was the BIBLE.(“America’s God and Country”) That is no interpretation, that is outright legislation. The principle was supposed to mean that if they questioned legislation they were supposed to send it back to the legislature to determine if they were needing to change it, not for them to change it themselves.Why do you think they put the Supreme Court in the Basement of the Capital in the first place, meaning they never intended for the court to have as much power as the legislative and executive branches contrary to what we were taught in school. Even Jefferson had a problem with an Oligarchy of old men and women.

          2. mrpoohead says:

            And you know because you were there – so far conspiracy theory drivel!!!!!!!!!

          3. Dexter L. Wilson says:

            Get “Original Intent by David Barton, you can see clearly the intent of lthe First Amendment. There was a court case in 1879 but the Justices understood the intent at that time. They wanted to change the law to get rid of Christian influence in the country. You can also go on line and find something similar just google Separation of Church and state. You really don’t want to know because you love secularism.

          4. mrpoohead says:

            Actually I don’t really care. Nice deflection and no you still haven’t refuted anything I’ve said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            You may like this – Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          5. Dexter L. Wilson says:

            You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face and said here I am! So the quotes of the founders and what they said have no baring on the truth? I am sorry that you have a problem from actual sources.

          6. Dexter L. Wilson says:

            Again, actual comments from the Founders through there writings, the actual letter that Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist where the Judges got and promoted their interpretation of what Jefferson said without the Founders expression of their purposes and how many different ways they wanted to state the First Amendment, not that you should care about the truth only what you want to interpret and put in its place.

          7. mrpoohead says:

            “Between man and his God” is the important bit. Go away fool!

          8. Dexter L. Wilson says:

            Between THE GOD AND MAN, because God has a man sized hole in His heart and He is looking for a People. Man has a God sized hole in his heart and truly experiences loneliness until He experiences The God>

    2. Retired says:

      If either group get Gov. money it should be stopped ,that is the only way to stop this foolishness and also waste tax payer money .

    3. mrpoohead says:

      Stuff God – he’s absent and left America to the deprivations it sought.

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