by MATTHEW BOYLE | Breitbart
September 6, 2015

MORGANTON, North Carolina — Speaker Rep. John Boehner’s worst nightmare is on the rise here in rural North Carolina. Rep. Mark Meadows is gaining steam as a clearly coordinated, highly orchestrated effort to remove Boehner as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives—and fix a broken Congress that no longer represents the wishes of the American people—comes into much clearer focus.

Meadows invited Breitbart News to accompany him on a district visit, and the concerns he discussed with his constituents offer a microcosm of the issues America wants Congress to address. Everyone here agrees: John Boehner needs to go as Speaker of the House, and Mark Meadows is doing something about that.

Unlike some others from the more conservative side of the House GOP conference, Meadows is calm, cool and collected. He doesn’t make headline-grabbing comments, and is a serious, well-connected and well-respected member of the conference. Despite clear efforts by leadership—Boehner’s office and its allies, including Chief Deputy Whip Rep. Patrick McHenry who represents the district bordering Meadows’ here—to isolate him, Meadows’ credibility in the House GOP conference only seems to grow by the minute thanks to his steady demeanor and well-intentioned aim to steer Congress back onto a track that more effectively represents America’s views in Washington.

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  • fred says:

    Bye Bye to ineffective treasonous criminal RINO, crybaby Boehner! The sooner he is removed the better chance we have at restoring OUR Republic! Send that traitor back to Ohip to run the general store…

  • KDC says:

    Get rid of Boehner and McConnell. They are RINOs and hindering the process of representing the people. We need a functioning Congress. Go Meadows!

  • Nina says:

    Supremely proud of Mark Meadows!! not in m district but have called his Moorganton office to show support an they have told me they’ve received calls from all over the country!! Thank you, it’s nice to see we do have a handful that we can count on. We should grab all them and get rid of the rest so we can start over! As far as that little weasel McHenry he turned out to be a a piece of crap! Used to be my rep then we got redistricted. Power power power seems that’s all he seems to be interested in. Too bad I won’t be around to vote him out!! Hope the ppl in his district are paying attention and do!!!

  • Seedman says:

    Keep us updated. The one thing I do not understand about Nancy Pelos’s boy friend is why he invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress. He promptly negated this by endorsing the Corker Bill which prevents Congress from stopping skunk Obama and Simpleton Kerry from giving Iran enough money to cause untold trouble.

  • pete G says:

    Remove this Rino and put someone in that will fight this psyco in the white house before we lose America to a mad pack of crazy Socialist. This Iran deal and all that money we plan to give them should be the last stunt this black racist every pulls.

  • McFerguson says:

    Good, let’s do it! Boehner and McConnell have been abject failures after we gave them a huge opportunity in the mid-term elections in November 2014. NOTHING has happened since. One could easily believe that the dems took back both the House and Senate as conservative initiatives collapsed completely under these two bozos. Go Meadows!

    1. grannie says:

      The remark has been made, emails have been sent and ignored….”Remember, the democrats are not the only ones We The People are watching.” Why is congress so afraid of obama? Or maybe the better question would be…What has obama offered them as reward for giving him his every whim? Cowards or hypocrites?

  • raynbene says:

    Being from Ohio, bonehead has become a huge disappointment, to say the least – and with help from Mcconehead, since we gave them Congress and Senate, what have they done, except bend over and kiss the democRATS and obomba’s filthy muslime butt ??

  • Charlie Jordan says:

    We need a new spealer! JB is a RINO ORIN OTHER WORDS a liberal democrat.

  • Peter Smith says:

    All I can say is this, “John, don’t let the door hit you in the -ss on your way out.” The sooner, the better.

    1. grannie says:

      I’ll hold the door for him!

      1. Peter Smith says:

        That is very nice of you grannie, but to be honest, I’d rather see the damn door hit him in the -ss. I would have a very nice laugh after the impact.

        1. grannie says:

          I just wanted to make sure he actually went through it. I would also have a nice laugh!

  • KentS says:

    Best wishes to Representative Meadows and his current endeavor. Those who do not seek the solution will not find the solution. Defeatism is not the answer to our problems.

  • Diane Brenner says:

    It will take more than one man to steer Congress back onto the right road. Most of Congress have already gone off the road and down the mountain side. It is too late to fix congress. Our current congress needs to be completely replaced. The people cannot believe a single word that comes from a single one of them.

  • Alfred Moniot says:

    Well and truly beyond time to NUKE DC.

  • jdbixii says:

    A restoration of the power of the congress is the only thing that stands between representative democracy and a dictatorship. Frankly, we are tired of the dictatorship!

  • Debar says:

    OMG! I can’t believe how much ignorance exists out here. Nothing else needs to be said. You all know who you are.

    1. grannie says:

      All I see are people who honestly love their country and want to see America back on the right track. obama should already have been arrested, charged, tried, convicted, sentenced, and incarcerated for his lawlessness. The republicans made a lot of promises and promptly reneged on most of them. Are they cowards or hypocrites?

  • HWayneS says:

    wow, a politician with PRINCIPLES, GO MARK MEADOWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Daniel C. says:

      WHO KNEW

    2. 7papa7 says:

      We support your efforts. I am going to contact my congressman and demand he get on board. He just needs to watch his 6 because boehner has proven that he will retaliate if this fails.

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