Ben Carson: America’s now ‘very much like Nazi Germany’

Noted conservative speaker and nationally recognized neurosurgeon Ben Carson took his blunt talk about the state of the nation in a direction that deviated from his usual references to God and faith — remarking on America’s resemblance to Nazi Germany days.

In a recent public event in New York, Dr. Carson spoke of living “in a Gestapo age,” Mediaite reported. Following, Fox News contributor Mallory Factor asked him to explain.

And his response, as quoted on Mediaite: “I mean, [we are] very much like Nazi Germany. And I know you’re not supposed to say ‘Nazi Germany,’ but I don’t care about political correctness. You know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population. We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe.”

He attributed that to what he called the “PC police,” or politically correct crowd, as well as to “politicians” and a media that’s reluctant to be watchdogs.

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  • Betty4440 says:

    and we would have the strongest military ever. not cutting back on the military if we want to stay a free nation we have got to have the best military. and you do not get that by cutting back on it. but some think this pc crap is great just you wait until it hits on the home front and see where you stand. or where you lay.

  • Betty4440 says:

    if we had more like Allen West and Ben Carson. I don’t think this country would be in the shape it is in now.

  • James says:

    If memory serves me right, I believe that Hitler’s first party was the Socialist Democratic Party and later became the Nazi Party. So, it stands to reason if you elect a Socialist Democrat you will have a similar form of government.

    1. Bobnstuff says:

      You need to read some history, The Social Democratic Party was closest to the Tea Party,

      1. James says:

        Man are you ever misled. The TParty is nothing like, was
        nothing like and I hope never be anything like the Socialist Democratic Party. It is apparent that you just do not like the TParty and you are trying to claim something that is not and never has been true. The Socialist Democratic Party has been a powerful party in every Communist Country in the world and in most Dictatorships, and that is definitely not what the T party stands for.

        1. Bobnstuff says:

          You guys really don’t know anything about how Hitler came in to power or about Germany in the thirty’s do you. Hitler was not a communist. He became a dictator only after he was elected in free and open elections.

          1. GW says:

            The same as Obama.

          2. Bobnstuff says:

            You really need to see what a real dictator is. It is easy to repeat things but you really need to learn some real history. By the way if you don’t like the government spying on you get rid of the Patriot Act. also change the FCC rules on use of the public airways. Nothing that is transmitted over the airways is private and never has been. Learn the truth!

          3. James says:

            I know this must be a game with you, because no one can be so dumb as to believe this crap. First, I suggest you read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Riche” and then try to read “Mein Kampf.” I have read both of
            these along with many others. Next, I have a friend that lived in Germany during the rise of Adolph Hitler. You tell her that crap and she will kick your ass. You are one of those idiots that Eisenhower said would never believe that the Holocaust never happened.

      2. Lorenzo Llama says:

        Get thee to a Tea Party. Be a “SPY” ready to report all the evil you find. You will be disappointed and have nothing evil to report. Have you ever been to one?

      3. Betty4440 says:

        in your wildest dreams.

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