Ben Carson Quietly Builds Support Among Likely Primary Voters

August 29, 2015

Don’t forget Ben Carson.

The retired pediatric neurosurgeon isn’t generating the headlines or drawing the crowds of Donald Trump, but his numbers in some surveys suggest the appetite for his presidential candidacy might be just as great, if not greater.

Consider a recent survey by TargetPoint Consulting, a top Republican polling and data-research firm. Roughly two-thirds of likely Republican primary voters polled said they would consider backing Mr. Carson, the highest level of support for any candidate in the field. Just 16% said they wouldn’t, the lowest such tally. Those results include voters who didn’t know who Mr. Carson is.

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  • enubus says:

    You always want to look at the sample population, is it skewed, and what types of questions were asked and were they biased. Doc Carson appears to be a nice guy but he is not charismatic, which is necessary to get the people motivated. Also, Iowa is not necessarily a bell weather for success in both the primary season nor the general election. I used to be the way Maine votes so goes the nation, not anymore! Just one man’s opinion.

    1. rafapc5 says:

      I have no disagreement with any of your valid points, with the exception of motivation.
      I’m sure you will agree that there is an entirely different electoral mood in play, this time around! Our “grass roots” are now totally disenchanted with both sides of the aisle, as well as very disgruntled at our government’s apparent inability to take any action to solve our problems but only to keep kicking the can down the road, allowing problems to continue to grow! We the people yearn for someone who is intelligent, speaks the truth, has an unblemished background and can’t be bought! Both Trump and Carson fit those requirements fairly well. Arguably, Carson quite a bit better than Trump! I’ll grant you that Trump’s flamboyant mannerisms may have influenced many, as well as those who simply want to jump on a winning band wagon! However, in the long run, I feel that substance will prevail over fluff! If I’m wrong, I’ll buy you a drink! If I’m right you can buy me two, since you will be better able to afford it, not having lost the election to the wrong side of the establishment! Also just my opinions, but well seasoned, having lived thru the terms of 15 presidents, including two who were my Commander-In-Chief and one who was my Commanding General!

      1. enubus says:

        Well written!

  • runnindeer says:

    Ben Carson is a nice man it seems like. He is a very good Doctor. He speaks softly and phrases his sentences well. A practiced speech habit from years of dealing with patients and the people of his professional career no doubt. But I seriously doubt that he has the support of the amount of people that Media is trying to sell us now. The GOP wants to put him up as a favorite because they feel that Mr. trump would not dare say one word about this man because of his race and social standing as well as his background. GOP will continue to push him at Donald Trump and Media will no doubt try their very best to pit them against one another. Again showing exactly what politicians over all are really made of. While proving what Media likes to see.

    1. rafapc5 says:

      Wherever you got the idea that Carson is being “pushed” by either the media or the GOP, is beyond me! The doctor is not of, by, or for the Establishment, and his very strong conservative and constitutional values have been widely set forth in his many books and public statements! Trump has not attacked Carson, and won’t – Carson has not attacked any fellow Republican, and won’t, following the stated policy of Ron Reagan! If you compare the basic substance of their positions, they are, essentially, the same and each man has been supportive of the other!! The media has simply been reporting the newsworthy poll results!
      The attacks against Trump, by many other candidates, are because they are being pummeled by him and they fear their loss of support in the polls! Some have said that it is highly unlikely or even impossible for Carter to be the GOP nominee – I hope they are wrong!

  • mousekiller says:

    We have had too many light handed soft spoken, promise makers & breakers, dope
    smoking embarrassments in office. It is time for someone that is not
    afraid to tell it like it is. This country is where it is today because
    of the lack of forcefulness, trust and action in favor of the Constitution. We need some one that is not afraid to stand tall, salute
    the flag and not bend to the minority groups that did not get an award
    in 1st grade and think they are owed., We need a forceful President so we never have to worry
    about terrorists like is happening today. Someone that can and will
    get the job done. Kind of like getting a bigger hammer. We don’t need
    another career politician in the white house.

  • Roy Rush says:

    Dr. Carson is who I’m for. He tells it like it is and he knows how to say it.

  • Terry T says:

    Carson/Fiorina. We don’t need more politicians running the government – look where they have led us.

  • enubus says:

    NEVER HAPPEN! His energy level is as bad a Bush!

    1. rafapc5 says:

      Enubus, Unfortunately, you have much to learn! What you perceive as lack of energy is actually a firm and powerful ability to intelligently analyze problems, decide on a correct solution and then make sure they are implemented and successfully completed!

      1. enubus says:

        LOL! you are delusional. I hope you have plenty of antidepressants, when he doesn’t get squat. He seems like a nice fella, but he isn’t the anointed one.

        1. rafapc5 says:

          It’s too bad that you find anything humorous in my support of Dr. Carson.
          I think the phrase “very hopeful” more accurately describes my feelings.
          Your last sentence pinpoints just one of the many problems inherent in our present out-of-control government. Mr. Trump has vigorously pointed out many of them and, in so doing, has struck a resonant chord with all areas of the electorate, as evidenced by his unprecedented poll numbers. Dr. Carson’s crusade is focused on returning that control to “We the people” as our Constitution intended! Those, such as yourself, who seem to have the defeatist mindset that the people cannot regain that control may be destined to remain without representation, if they do not join in fighting against that form of repression and loss of freedom. QED!

          1. enubus says:

            Look you can support anyone you want, and I am sure Dr. Carson is a renaissance man, but he will not be the nominee. I know hope springs eternal, but I think you remember the slogan “Hope and Change” and what happened with that. Maybe, when a Republican wins the White House, He can become Secretary of HHS.

          2. rafapc5 says:

            My primary concern remains – electability, and I fear the possibility that none of the establishment candidates will be able to cut it even tho we probably have the best possible opportunity to do so! Anyway, thank you for your views., que sera, sera!

          3. enubus says:

            I understand your concerns, they are mine as well. America can’t afford another RINO, or a Demonrat. I like Ted Cruz and I like Trump’s energy and I like him sticking his thumb in the Politician and Media’s eye. We will see what happens. Also, we need article 5 of the constitution to be activated, that is the convention of the states, and they are 3 states away from activation, so let us pray!

          4. rafapc5 says:

            Semper Fi

          5. enubus says:

            Back at you, but my service requires me to say Semper Paratus!

  • primitive says:

    I intend to back Dr.Ben Carson. He is not a politician. He already has
    an irrefutable legacy in medicine and also in education. He is a proven
    leader, not in government, but leading is a mindset. He is a
    constitutionalist and adamantly opposed to pc speech. His profession
    absolutely required teamwork from the first plan to the last stitch. He
    is the only one I see out there with this kind of life experience
    professionally and in his personal life, no one out there can say at
    all, ”He can’t possibly understand my situation.” Or colloquially “He
    can’t know where I’m at.” He can and does and has been there!

  • Brad Bryant says:

    Dr. Ben Carson is the common-sense, quiet, diplomatic, sensitive man of faith that we need to head the team with Senator Ted Cruz as his possible running mate. WINBENWIN

    1. primitive says:

      My dream team as well!

  • rafapc5 says:

    Long before the good doctor opted to run, I had read his books and positions and realized that he was abundantly well qualifdied to serve as our next president! Tho my friends did not then agree, they have begun to realize that the gentleman has what it takes and will truly represent “We The People” as well as adhere to our Constitution which, currently, is being largely ignored! Of singular importance, however, is the certainty that Dr. Carson will be able to draw the necessary share of the minority vote to counter that which the democratic candidate and powerful democratic machine can obtain, regardless of whom runs! Please ask your friends to review his qualifications and platform.

  • Nina says:

    No doubt the well informed voter IS NOT VOTING INSIDE THE BELTWAY THIS VOTING SEASON!!!! We have been waaaay too many times. Now after coming an inch of losing our country FOREVER we are not taking any chances!! That’s why the top picks are Ben Carson, massive brains and a sponge for learning, Ted Cruz, although in Washington, an outsider, Donald Trump, very outspoken who knows what people don’t want a more and speaks it out, needs more polish. Then there is Carly Fiorina brilliant woman, she may have a chance. These are my picks. I can have something to say about each and every one of the others but y’all are probably not interested.

    1. rafapc5 says:

      Nina, You are on the right track with Dr. C. and Cruz could be a viable running mate – I like the ring of Carson-Cruz “cruising” to victory!
      However, i don’t think Mr. Trump would be able to draw the necessary amount of the minority (and distaff) vote that we must get to be sure of regaining the WH! Ron

      1. Nina says:

        I like Carson and Cruz! Just don’t know which one is the headliner! Can’t decide!! Trump I’m still tossed time will tell. Don’t know how far he can go.

        1. David Stovall says:

          When the country is really sick, we may have to swallow some strong medicine.

        2. rafapc5 says:

          My preference is for Carson, since he would, undeniably, be able to draw a better margin of what I feel to be the critical minority vote! The lack of that ability has been identified as a problem in other recent contests! Cruz would be invaluable as VP advisor and counsel!

          1. Nina says:

            I’m very excited about this one!! It would be an unbelievable gift from GOD if we or I should say they could pull this off. The country would be so Blessed. Those two minds and hearts together are very unbelievable!!!

        3. jack says:

          Trump says it like it is. Obama and company say what they think you want to hear. Trump isn’t perfect, but we know what he is all about.

    2. omegaman says:

      Your “last” statement was 100% correct. I certainly do not!

  • peter says:

    I am for Dr. Carson because this country is/has been desperate for someone to lead who is not a sociopath,not a political thug,not a pathological liar,a crook,a thief,an extremist who has actually lived,earned the American Dream through indomitable desire.

    Dr. Carson came from a disadvantaged background but faced every obstacle that comes with that to become a world renowned Neurosurgeon who “walked the walk”,”earned” the vision,the ideals of so many millions,generation after generation afforded us “until NOW!

    Dr. Carson is brilliant,well spoken,a man who is doing this for the Country,for his beliefs/my beliefs of a place where anything is possible for those who “earn” it,work for it,challenge and defeat obstacles after obstacle. A man who knows that freedom,a present,a future,unalienable G-D given rights are non-negotiable in a Constitutional Republic,a Free country,the legacy that millions and millions of “legal immigrants” risked everything to embrace,fought to protect,too often died to defend because for most,it worked!

    This is NOT a career for Dr. Carson! It is payback to a country,a people drowning in a Failed,corrupt,political,electoral system a cancer that must be removed!

    I feel a breath of fresh air for the first time in memory and Dr. Carson is the source of hope that maybe we will return to the ideals,the meaning of why America was born!

    1. rafapc5 says:

      Peter, Your remarks are exactly on the mark and very well put! Ron

      1. peter says:

        Thank You Rafapc

        Let’s hope,
        I pray the majority of sane people out there realize that this man is potentially our LAST chance to re-claim the country we once were as opposed to a nation of Tyranny,the “State Of The Union” Today!!

        1. rafapc5 says:

          Peter, If HRC somehow manages to get the DNC nomination, I would like nothing better than to see Dr. Carson wipe the deck with her in debate! I’m sure he can handle Biden just as well too! The results in the Iowa caucus will be great momentum builder if and when Dr. C. pulls that off!

          1. says:


  • Paul Dragotto says:


    1. Roy Rush says:

      Just because Dr. Carson is black doesn’t mean he’s like Obama. I hope you didn’t mean to sound like a racist.

    2. says:


  • KDC says:

    Trump, Ben & Cruz…that’s a great team. It would be hard to pick from the three of them.

  • Bingolady says:

    Dr. Carson has the one thing most other candidates besides Fiorina don’t have and this is the ability to calmly and clearly articulate his ideas without creating animosity among his listeners. That is what will win this election.

    1. KDC says:

      No offense to your opinion, but Fiorina is a slick talker. I just don’t trust her.

      1. L Gburg says:

        I don’t agree about the slick talker comment. She led a massive company and was after all a CEO. If you become a CEO you know how to talk. Doesn’t mean she is incinsere. I am willing to bet that they (the Libs) don’t find much in her past that they can use. I think she is solid and has real experience as a leader.

    2. omegaman says:

      Bingo — That’s only your opinion…And not a very good one.

    3. Terry Stephens says:

      Dr. Carson is able to unite people with his ideas, not divider and instigate hatred as the Democrats do so famously!

      1. Bingolady says:

        So true. Dr. Carson is who we need.

  • Bullfrogman says:

    I think the emergence of Trump, Carson Fiorina and on the other side Sanders is proof America is fed up with partisan and career politicians.

  • bill coleman says:

    If a candidate can not be out front on difficult but important issues, they do not get my vote. Why is Jindal not in the top 5?
    Being a good public speaker alone can get attention, but one way to vett a candidate is to vett them without being swayed by their public speaking ability. Carson scores good by this method but frankly I worry that if elected, he might become the “Jimmy Carter” (God bless him) of the Republican Party. Ask all political candidates this question at stump meetings: “Do you have a plan for stopping the advance of Islam in the USA?” or if in a private setting “How will your election help to stop the advance of Islam in the U.S.?”.

    1. Bullfrogman says:

      I agree. I like Jindal too.

      1. Nina says:

        Jindal is high intelligent but I think his republican rebuttal after Obozo’s state of the Union, did him in. He did not make a good showing, he looked weak and weak is not something that he is!! It is something people will remember since they don’t know him. Its unfortunate but true. I e followed him for quick awhile and I know he’s awesome but not enough people do.

    2. rafapc5 says:

      Bill, To try to equate Dr. Carson to Carter is probably worse than Paul Dragotto calling him just “another black president!” Dr. Carson makes both Carter and Obama look like the
      incompetents they were or are! Dr. Carson’s plan for defeating ISIS/ISIL is to hunt them down and kill them wherever they are in the world but to give the military the task to decide how best to accomplish that mission, without attempting to dictate it from the Whtle House!

      1. bill coleman says:

        Carter was incompetent. Obama is a muslim and a success at jihad. I do need to learn more about Dr. Carson. Let’s move to the “bottom line”. Not saying that any of the other candidates do or even want to….does Dr. Carson have a plan for stopping the advance of Islam in the USA?

        1. bill coleman says:

          All I hear are the crickets chirping…….hint >>>>>>the founding fathers did not intend the U.S. Constitution to be a suicide pact among patriots. Trump leads the way forward.

          1. jack says:

            I like Carson to but or we going to let this chance pass us by again. we need a man like trump that wont take no bulls..t. and he knows how to make this country strong again. and straighten that dam boarder up. if we don,t get the right person in there this time this country is gone.

  • Mary O'Neil says:

    Dr. Carson is my top choice because of his intelligence, his unwavering respect for this country, and a steady hand operating on the brains of children will remain as steady piloting the ship of state.

    1. rafapc5 says:

      Mary, I can only applaud your very intelligent choice, and I am feeling such relief that so many others are making that same wise selection!

    2. pete G says:

      Yes Mary my choice also for many of the same reasons you have but in particularly his love for this country and his truthfulness. I think he will prevail.

    3. Barry Johnson says:

      Mary, I’m 71 and served in the Milatary under 8 Commander In Chiefs.
      I have never been as excited as I am for Dr Ben Carson. He is the one man
      I feel that can get our Country back both as Commander in Chief but will get
      Our country back on a Moral Foundation.

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        Barry, I like Carson, I respect him, he has a lot of good qualities, over-all he is a good man, almost too good. I just don’t believe that he is tough enough. We are living in hard, perilous times, if and when push comes to shove, and it will, then will Carson have the strength, the toughness, the fortitude, to un-cuff the military, then let them do the job that they were trained to do. I have a fear that he won’t, I also think he maybe too open to, too much compromise. Yes he is a conservative, but in him I see shades of Jimmy Carter.

        1. Terry Stephens says:

          You could not be more wrong in your assessment. Dr. Carson is NOTHING like Jimmy Carter in any respect!

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            I said shades of Jimmy Carter, and by that I mean in his feelings, compassion, empathy, and fairness. Carter was and his over the top with those things, as well as over-tolerance. Carter was politically correct before there was political correctness, or rather political cowardice.
            Carson is one hell of a lot smarter then Cater ever was, and with-out a doubt a better man, then Carter ever could be.
            Please keep in mind I said shades, but only in these areas, feelings, compassion, empathy, and fairness. I did say that I believed that Carson is not tough enough to be president, or even vice president, because if anything happens to the president, then Carson would be it.
            If I felt, or believed that Carson could be, is, and will be tough, then I would change my opinion in a hart beat

          2. Barry Johnson says:

            Use to be a liberal
            Here is where I see the differance between the two. Being a 20 year Military and I did serve under Jimmy Carter the Commaner In Chief and actually while serving at the Pentagon I visited the White House. Dr Ben Carson while being an incredible Doctor and world famous Surgeon I see some toughness in him that overshadows Jimmy Carter in every area of the job. It takes a very strong and tough man to stand up beside Obama and basically called him out at the National Prayer Breakfast. Now to make it even better he is a Black Man standing up to Obama. I
            Look up to Br Carson quoting someone but still apply. He is the Man That Walked Softly But Carried A Big Stick. Now by my serving under Jimmy Carter and having a
            Bad impression and a good one of Ben Carson don’t make me a expert on them I do know what the Military Needs they will get. He is to honest and to good but I say this, it will be so nice not to be anything like Obama and just here a honest God Fearing man, a tough man in the White House in January 2017. The right question was asked and I hope I have provided you with some good info that may help.

          3. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            I can only hope he is tough enough, both internationally and on the domestic front.

          4. Bingolady says:

            Dr. Carson is a man of knowledge, morals, and conscience who would think many times over before entering the skull of a human being, thus I think he would exhibit the same moral courage in leading and protecting our country as president.

          5. rafapc5 says:

            Terry, As I pointed out to “used to be liberal” (Mistakenly “Barry”) a day ago, Carson’s position with respect to terrorists is that they must be hunted down and killed, wherever they are in the world! That doesn’t sound like a wimp to me. Any attempt to compare Dr. Ben with either Carter or Obama would immediately make it abundantly clear that Dr. Carson is in class by himself far superior to either! Again, please don’t take my word, satisfy yourself, as I have, by a simple request to:
            John Philip Sousa IV, Chairman
            The 2016 Committee
            P.O. Box 1351
            Merrifield, VA 22116-1351
            Believe me, if you find an individual totally without ‘feelings, compassion, empathy and fairness,” you have someone not fit for our presidency! I look forward to your opinion change in a heartbeat!

          6. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            I agree with your comment, but guess what, I am not Terry today, or Barry the other day, not that I mind, because me, myself, and I have one more to go.
            Must be a computer glitch, or you have a gremlin in your computer

          7. rafapc5 says:

            u_t_b_l, please accept my apologies, I just can’t believe my senility has reached that level, I’ll have to be more careful! At least the two names rhymed!

          8. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            No need to apologize, no harm done. I just hope that the people that you wanted to reply to, eventually got your reply.

        2. rafapc5 says:

          Barry, Please see my reply to Bill Coleman 3 days ago! Carson has stated that the terrorists must be hunted down and killed, wherever they are in the world! He intends to task the military with that mission and not attempt to dictate how from the WH!
          He is as different from Carter as are white and black, if you’ll excuse the expression!

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            This isn’t Barry, but no matter. Where can I see where Carson said he would do that? If in fact he said that he would do that, then that is a game changer for me, to be more in favour of Carson, and not so worried if he does become president.

          2. rafapc5 says:

            Please don’t take my word, but send a request for his position on that issue directly to his campaign manager and author of the greatt book: “Ben Carson – Rx For America”
            from whom I received that position statement! Welcome to the winners circle!

          3. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            I will do that, thanks.

    4. Terry Stephens says:

      Yes, precisely!

  • mjmaf says:

    Dr. Ben has the right Prescription for America – He is in my Top 3. Mr. Trump is the other “outsider”, with outsiders not being brainwashed into the beltway sell-out machine who do not address the needs of Legal American Citizens! I am still not sure who will attain the most winnable traction at the end but Dr. Ben, The Donald and The Cruzer seem to have the most guts and are not afraid to go against the “grain” that seems to be sucking out the life of America. Unfortunately the Dems do not really have anyone qualified, nor can be called a Real American, who can get this country back to where it needs to be on the world stage. Dems are destructive, divisive, name-calling sell-outs, enablers of the Caliphate machine, do not respect our people in uniform, are persecutively anti-Christian, fiscally dangerous, and do not respect the Constitution, nor do they respect our flag! And they do not care about our national identity and work hard to keep the massive flow of unknown, often destructive humanity flooding into our country and massively overtaxing our resources and shrinking tax base.

    1. rafapc5 says:

      mjmaf, I think your choices of Dr. Ben and Cruz have real merit. However, I feel that Mr. Trump’s heavy-handed approach may end up costing him support, whereas that of Carson, who has attacked no one, should prove more acceptable to the electorate. Certainly his ability to draw a very healthy share of the minority vote just be considered. Mr. Cruz is about the only establishment contender that i find acceptable!

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    I Agree Ben is the up an coming outsider. Quietly building consensus, building momentum, Finally we have 3 great choices. Dr. Benjamin Carson, Senator Ted Cruz an the Donald who is taking the fight to the Establishment clowns ,thieving ,lying ,back stabbing, treasonous scumbags.

  • Chip Osborn says:

    Dr. Carson is a proven Leader, without the political “garbage” .

  • grafra102 says:

    You go Doctor Ben, tell the truth what “OBOZO” is not!!!!!!

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