Ben Carson visits Syrian refugees in Jordan, sharpens foreign policy chops

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Friday traveled to Jordan to get a first-hand look at Syrian refugees in a United Nations-run camp, according to reports.

The Carson campaign said that the trip would improve Mr. Carson’s understanding of the Syrian refugee crisis. The refugees have become a major issue in the presidential campaign because of President Obama’s plan to bring 10,000 of them to the United States, despite widespread concern that Islamic State terrorist could be embedded with the refugees.

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  • I Seigel says:

    NO journalists were allowed to accompany Carson as he visited the refugee camp in Jordan. NONE. The campaign released some black-and-white photos of him at the camp. That’s it. What do you think they were afraid of?

    1. Sherry says:

      Carson doesn’t want this to APPEAR as a photo op as “O” is so prone to do! How do you think those refugees feel about the cameras peering into their awful situation just for the sake of nightly news without a bit of concern for their REAL plight? Trump has the same problem. He needs to spend some time away from the camera, go to these countries and see for himself what the real truth of this matter IS! At least Carson isn’t a phony looking for notoriety. He will come back with the REAL report! Not something the Media managed to whip up to slant in the worst possible light! He will show the real issues and the REAL NEEDS with a plan to solve problems from THEIR perspectives, not OURS!

      1. I Seigel says:

        Not a photo op, huh? The only photo the campaign released was one of Carson putting his hand on a young boy’s head. Kinda like the Pope, you know? Get your head out of your ass and take a real good look at what’s going on, read between the lines a little.

    2. crazyfreddie says:


      1. I Seigel says:

        Oh my! I might actually agree with you on this one!!

  • crazyfreddie says:


    1. Sherry says:

      WHO are YOU talking about?? TRUMP?? “O”?? Cruz?? Carson??

      I do not see how anyone can be “clueless” to what’s going on here via the “imported” Muslims/terrorists! Everyone KNOWS….NO body is doing anything to STOP it! What I don’t understand is how can “O” undermine States Rights?? How come these states aren’t STOPPING these invaders “invited” here by “O”? This is the first time this country has ever been invaded by invitation by a corrupt administration and “O”

      1. crazyfreddie says:


  • brtw says:

    I guess he doesn’t trust what Obummer is telling us. Smart man.

    1. Sherry says:

      Much SMARTER than MOST: Especially Trump!

  • The Redhawk says:

    Yes Carson GOES to get REAL Information while the IDIOT in the WH is all Occuoied with climate Change, Politiciziing the Death of a COP @ a Planned Parenthood Baby kiling facility to promote GUN control and is all Joyfully watching “BLACK LIES MATTER” shutting down Retailers in CHI which just might cOST jobs for these Useless idiots BUT Ignore talking about the 3 black THUGS who Invaded a home, Raped a pregnant WHITE wife of a minster and Killed her…..and tries hard to force STAES to take in ISIS Jihadist Terrorists dispersed among Syrians UNABLE to LEARN the LESSONS FROM EUROPE…The IDIOT in the wH is IN TOTAL DELUSION…in need of Some actions like a White Jacket and a Padded room…

    1. I Seigel says:


      1. The Redhawk says:

        The best that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZERO can do… OUTFREAKING STANDING!

    2. Korean_Vet says:

      As you said–Hawk–“One of these ‘Black Rapists” might have been
      Obama’s Son” & “Nothing is more important to George Soros paying
      crowds to protest Christmas Shoppers from ‘enjoying their soldiers
      return Home for the Christmas Season”-! George Soros Never
      liked Christmas anyway–“He rather give his money to “Act-Up”,
      “Acorn”–the “Miracle of the Vote-Changing Program in Unions” &
      “Pulling the Wool over Americans Eyes on ‘Medical Marijuana” &
      “Stirring Up the Idiots–on Global Warming” (or is it Cooling this
      Winter)-!? We had trouble finding the Best Liar–Obama or Soros-!
      Carson was a Doctor–who Tried to Save people–not Kill Them”-!
      When Carson was asked–“If he had to place ‘Boots on the Ground’–
      how “Many Men would He Need”-! His Answer–“I’d ask our Armed
      Force Experts–how many they needed for that operation & wouldn’t
      reduce that figure by one man less”-! (He’d get the Facts from where
      it counted–You’d get informed in a hurry-!) Not like Obama–who
      like an idiot in the Battlefield–“Thinks all he needs is a few rocks”-!

      1. The Redhawk says:

        Thanks for your Service Especially in times when Anti America TROLLS were NOT backing Our Military….The Biggest Difference bewtween Carson and BHOZO is that Carson is much Smarter in that he Knows where to get ANSWERS… on the Other DUMBASS Narcissistic Barry the “DAISY” is too much od a Dumbass to know What he Does not Know…Good Post and SEMPER FI!

        1. Sherry says:

          AMEN! Thank you! BTW, just ignore the NAZI I Seigel

          He’s just trying to corner you into saying something you don’t want to say…It would be pointless, anyway!

          1. The Redhawk says:

            OH the Canarsie Sewer Troll lives on an EMPTY tank and I got him Cornered into making DUMBASS Statements…He is as USELESS as USED Toilet paper ….kEEP firing Sherry ..

          2. Sherry says:

            Thank you…I will. BTW, the only thing you can do with used toilet paper is to FLUSH IT! Then pray it doesn’t clog the sewer with all that s–t in it!

          3. The Redhawk says:

            and that is What Inbred Progcommie libtards are good at…. CLOGGED BRAINS a sa result of Wadded panties that cause CRAP flow Reversal….resulting in cOW pies coming out of their Mouths! :0)

      2. Sherry says:

        GREAT POST! I AGREE with everything you said!

  • a flag waving AMERICAN mike says:

    Gary your right.but it is hard to fight back, when you don’t have guns to fight with and no one to lead you who knows how fight back and skill to lead them.hands vs guns. guns 1 hands 0 but I don’t want them here in the US. Fact, if I was running the show I would round them up and give them a choice deported or shot there choice

  • Gary Vogt says:

    He’d be better served if he stayed home and dealt with folks here. You watch he will come home and will have figured a way to let some of these people come to America that are unwilling to fight for their own. What makes you thing they would be willing to protect this country if the need arose.

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      I agree. The other thing is even if he does see the Islamic threat, I don’t think he has what it takes to get angry enough to drop a hammer on a few of those Islamic States

      1. The Redhawk says:

        and that will get some DING BAT to Escape the BHO-zo Belfry to do some STUPID POSTS…Just you wait….and there be one below……:0)

      2. Sherry says:

        It isn’t anger that is required; it’s knowledge, intelligence to make sound judgements, and the bravery to do the right thing! Hitler had anger issues that failed him, Reagan had the forethought to deal wisely with Iran and Russia without ANGER! It’s the same as dealing with your children in a discipline issue: Anger never gets the thing handled correctly because of your uncontrolled emotions. Steady, thoughtful and wise decisions are made through total emotional control! Both JFK and Reagan had that gift! So does Carson! Never drop the hammer out of FEAR and ANGER!!! Careful patience and wisdom will always work things out correctly without looking like an ogre! Uncontrolled anger is immaturity at best and destructive at most! Emotion will only cause fear and quell any righteous response. Carson is a devout, born again Christian,so he has the advantage over ISIS and Islam because God will honor his faithfulness and make sure of his victory over the Muslim invasion and destruction!

    2. I Seigel says:

      Hey, if he comes back knowing the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite, it will have been time and money well spent. Then, maybe he’ll come home and spend a day with a 7th grade Geography teacher and learn the countries of Central America and the countries bordering the Arctic.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        OH WELL Bho-ZO might need a brain Transplant and a GPS to Find his way to Discover ISIS…in his Fogged Climate Chaage mind set iccuopied by Delusional Brain DiaRREHA…BTW is he ever going to mention naything about te 3 Black thugs that Raped and Killed a Pregnant White Minisyer’s wife in Indianapolis???or is cRICKETS his ONLY message on B on W CRIME??? HEY SIEG HEIL ” WHITE LIVES DO MATTER” but GROWN UPS do not MORPH INTO LOOTING AND THUGGERY

        1. I Seigel says:

          I’ll bet that Carson and Obama both know how to use spellcheck. You, on the other hand….

          By the way, this is a news story about Carson, in case you hadn’t noticed. Are you capable of reading and commenting on a subject other than Obama, or do you find him so fascinating that you’re obsessed with him and you ignore all other news?

          1. The Redhawk says:

            Still on an EMPTY TANK aren’t you ZERO??? obama is as Fascinating as a COW pie in a Prairie.. and so are your Empty tank Comments…

          2. I Seigel says:

            If he’s that boring, Chickenhawk, why is EVERY comment that you make somehow about him, rather than the topic at hand?

          3. The Redhawk says:

            You ae JUst about the Biggest DUMBASS next to BHO-ZO

          4. The Redhawk says:

            Hey dumbass Sieg HEIL.. do you get all your “STUFF” from the SEARS catalogue?? you EMPTY TANK!

          5. I Seigel says:

            Still can’t come up with a logical answer to a legitimate question? Nah, I wouldn’t expect you to, shite-for-brains.

          6. Sherry says:

            Probably, because “O” is wholly responsible for ALL of our USA problems! BTW, did you know that the “chickenhawk” is in reality the great, HUGE, and beautiful Redtailed hawk? Besides, he already has his mind made up about Carson as most of us still do!

          7. I Seigel says:

            Really? ONE man, the president, responsible for ALL our problems? So Bush, Clinton, Reagan – they wet also responsible for ALL of our problems during the terms? You don’t think that ANYTHING happens outside the control of the United States? Putin, Gorbachev, etc have always done things in accordance with the US president? The president is responsible for all the gun violence, all the bank corruption, all the companies taking advantage of tax loopholes to avoid paying ANY taxes? Did you hold Bush personally accountable to the disasters, deaths, corruption and waste in Afghanistan and Iraq? The illegal immigration and the foreclosures during his term? The 9.11 attacks that happened during his term?

          8. Sherry says:

            NONE of the aforementioned COMBINED did as much damage to the USA as THIS POS YOU call your POTUS! The usurper in chief has done FAR MORE damage to our nation in every aspect, that none of us living today will see this nightmare reversed UNLESS we set a REAL HERO who has the wherewithall to accomplish what your POS couldn’t in 7 years! EVERYTHING “O” touches turns to crap! He is responsible for this wretched nightmare! As for the House and the Senate: the GOP hasn’t been in “control” since “O” took office and you know it! “Boner” and “McComick” along with the rest of the RINOS who won their seats posing as “T” party CONSERVATIVES, never intended to keep their oaths! There is very little difference between the Rinos and the Commiecrats! If, and when we can clean out the swamp known as D.C., we will see the pendulum swing the other way, that is, if the beloved POS doesn’t call for martial law FIRST, just before the elections! I pray God help us and our beloved country that was once a real blessing to the world!

          9. I Seigel says:

            Maybe martial law will protect this country from your “solutions”. Consider that.

          10. crazyfreddie says:


          11. The Redhawk says:

            and now the jOKE of Canarsie wil really gO bATSHIT!

          12. Sherry says:

            Anyone with a brain would tend to keep an eye on whatever is destroying our Faith, homes, country, and our constitution! That would NOT be Carson! You seem to be blind to the chaos and destruction of our freedoms, economy, SAFETY, and education. You trolls are oblivious to the total destruction intended to hit us this coming year! Oh, you will LOVE living in the dark ages under martial law! The REAL terrorist is “O”!

      2. Sherry says:

        You are an idiot….Carson is a lot more intelligent than you OR me! He is more qualified at almost everything than we are! Just reading all of these posts tells me that! Carson is WAY above us! BTW, when was the last time you separated conjoined twins successfully? Or repaired a child in the womb successfully? Or done successful brain surgery? He was top of his class in everything he ever studied! At 34, he became the youngest head of ANY dept in any hospital; especially the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital. He KNOWS much more than any of us….he’s running for POTUS, you dummy!

        1. I Seigel says:

          Sounds like he’d be a good candidate for Surgeon General. The CEO of Amazon, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are both proven leaders and successful more than you or I. Does that qualify them to be president, and make them electable?

          1. Sherry says:

            CAN YOU DO ANY OF THOSE THINGS?? What he excels at is choosing the right people to do the very jobs THEY were TRAINED to do! THAT is what a POTUS is supposed to do…What do YOU excel in? Could you do any of the jobs required to make this country great AGAIN? ALL of us have gifts and talents! Some are just lazy; some are to timid to just TRY; some are bold initiators, some are inventive; but all of us can do SOMETHING besides FIGHT here on this site while ROME IS BURNING! BTW, you do know what caused the abject failure of Rome, right? Well, we are now at that very door…….

          2. I Seigel says:

            He’s put together a pretty meager “team” so far. Even his foreign policy advisor abandoned him, saying Carson was clueless.

          3. The Redhawk says:


          4. I Seigel says:

            Prove it. How much does Carson know about arctic icebreakers? I bet Hillary or Obama (and Sen Patty Murray) know more. How much does Carson know about oil pipelines in the Ukraine? I bet Hillary or Obama know more. How much does he know about free trade in South Asia, or Alberta tar sands? I bet Hillary and Obama know more.
            Go on now, call me some stupid name. Because you don’t have the capability of answering a legitimate question.

          5. The Redhawk says:

            PROVE OTHERWISE you MORON…
            Apolgy tour…Explain
            ReseT RED button.. explain
            Iran Deal… explain
            Open borders for Isis … Explain
            Highest OUT of work numbers of American in History.. Explain

            and when done I have more questions………… Take yoir time you JOKE!

          6. I Seigel says:

            And how much does Carson know about all these things you list? For example, do you think he knows more about the Iran Deal than Obama? If so, how could that be? Carson could know only what’s been reported by journalists. He’s certainly not privy to classified information. He hasn’t spoken with Kerry, who helped negotiate the deal. How would you explain that?

          7. The Redhawk says:

            Typical CHICKEN shiite Prog EMPTY tank attempt to ESCAPE the TRUTH due to a FRAGILE ego.and being DUMB …aww go suck your thumb

            and take a nap

          8. I Seigel says:

            Really? You refuse to answer another simple question, and one that you raised?? Talk about an empty tank….. The only one stupider than you is me, for continuing to waste my time responding to your bullshit. So you know what? I’m gonna smarten up and be done with you. I’ve FINALLY figured out that you have absolutely NOTHING to offer, no ideas, you’re just an empty-headed echo chamber who can’t spell. Ta ta.

          9. The Redhawk says:

            REALLY?? YES Ab So LUT ly you Ignorant spineless Balls Free DIP STICK …………running on EMPTY

    3. tchr says:

      I read that Obama changed the immigration admission that the people don’t have to defend the US. Check with US Immigration.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Instead of repeating internet rumors, why not try fact checking before running your mouth.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          SEE here is a DING BAT…Right on CLUE! But Clueless as always

          1. I Seigel says:

            More mental diarrhea? Maybe you should try a cranial enema. Ask Ben Carson, he’s the brain expert.

          2. The Redhawk says:

            Oh this is good….So who write it for you… you are too much of a DUMBASS to think it! Just more ZEEEEEEEEEETO!

          3. I Seigel says:

            Read over what you wrote here. My point is made again and again. You don’t disappoint, Chickenhawk, and you’ve yet to prove me wrong.

          4. The Redhawk says:

            Still on EMPTY TANK eh JOKE??? You Prove yourself wrong FOOL .. No HELP NEEDED.. YOU do just FINE!!! hahahahahahaha!

      2. The Redhawk says:


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