Bishop checkmates Obama on birth control

February 10, 2012


It was no secret inside the West Wing that Bill Daley, a Catholic with deep connections to the church hierarchy, vehemently opposed the administration’s proposal to require church-run hospitals and universities to give their employees free contraception.

But it was the way he pushed his case that aggravated some women on President Barack Obama’s senior staff, according to current and former administration officials. In early November, without consulting them, Daley set up a four-man Oval Office meeting for himself, Obama, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Vice President Joe Biden, who both shared the view that the policy would sink the president with Catholic voters.

Obama, a person close to him tells POLITICO, hadn’t made any final decision, hadn’t fully analyzed the dueling arguments, hadn’t expressed a strong policy preference, and felt “mildly uncomfortable” being put on the spot.

On Jan. 20 — after a protracted internal debate over the policy’s implications and lobbying from allies in the reproductive-rights community — Obama approved the mandate, to the horror of the conservative Dolan and even to more liberal Catholic allies such as Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne.

From the standpoint of the 2012 campaign, the debate over birth control, the stuff of the 1960s, has opened a dangerous electoral schism for Democrats, pitting Obama’s base of female supporters against the church and a GOP presidential field all too eager to seize on a perceived assault on religious liberty.

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  • TheRowan says:

    The bigger issue which must not be forgotten, now or in November, is that since this President and administration came in to power they have continually pushed the envelope usurping power which was never granted to the Federal government in the Constitution. From the Csars to Obamacare, to the current recess appointments this President has shown his willingness to circumvent the Constitution to achieve his political policies and his idological goals. Congress specifically went into a Pro Forma session prior to leaving town during that time. For those who do not know what this means, this is a parlimentary move to stay in session, and not officially recess the legislative session, they are able to leave Washington, going back to their home districts to interact with their constituents, yet, the legislative session can be reconviened to vote on any issue/s at any time as needed. The President made several appointments during this time, to the NRLB and appointing the head of the Consumer watchdog agency created under Dodd/Frank financial legislation, knowing that Congress was not in recess, thus technically making those appointments illegal and extra-Constitutional. The President does not have the power to do this.

    As with the attack on the Catholic church he is again exibiting a policy which is beyond the scope of the Federal government’s perview under the Constitution. Nowhere in the Consititution is the President given the power to “mandate” any institution, group or person to purchase a product. And the first amendment gives us protection against the government interfering with any religion or our persuit of our religious beliefs and practices. President Obama’s decision to grant a waiver from the HHS’s new policy, is a mute point since the President can’t grant a waiver from a policy he does not have the power to enforce in the first place.The original imposition and then the copitulation of sorts to then require the insurance companies to pick up this cost is no less an unconsitutional act on the part of the President and his administration. What people need to do is learn what the actual roll of the Federal government consititutes and what our Republican candidates views are on that issue. Thus voters can make a better informed decision in the election, which is the most crucial election in nearly two hundred years.

  • james hennen says:

    I hope Obama and OBiden do not think that their back-tracking will be forgotten by the electorate this coming election. Obama and OBiden’s latest effort at steam-rolling the Catholic voters for the support of their liberal-based abortion supporting female contingent will be one fo the deciding factors in this one-term fiasco call “Change We Can Believe In.” And don’t anyone tell me I am racist. If you think I’m racist, ask my BLACK daughter and she’ll correct your mis-notion in a heartbeat! What I am is totally opposed to the ineptitude and incompetence of Obama/OBiden, with their constant attempts at social re-enginering of our society and economy, PERIOD!

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