Clash of the Titans: Policy Takes Back Seat In Chippy Debate

September 27, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in a fiery opening debate where seemingly nothing was off limits, clashed sharply Monday night as the Republican nominee worked to cast his rival as a career politician unable to bring change – and the Democratic nominee fought to tag Trump as an empty suit “hiding” something from the American public.

Entering their first encounter after a solid week of intense preparation, Clinton seemed ready for several of Trump’s taunts on stage at Hofstra University.

When Trump, discussing how he’d been “all over” the country talking to inner-city communities, said, “You decided to stay home, and that’s okay” – Clinton had a swift retort.

“I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And yes, I did,” Clinton said. “And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Later in the debate, Trump summed up his counter-argument in a few words: “Hillary has experience, but it’s bad experience.”

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  • Bob says:

    Clinton said of Trump, “This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs.” – But he did not call them “Trailer Park Trash” or “Bimbo eruptions” as she has in the past.

    “or even spends 11 hours testifying before a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina,” – Leaning on your elbow, playing on you phone does not take stamina. However, figuring out what lies to tell and how to back them up with such memorable lines like “What difference does it make” I guess could take something out of you (like your soul)
    Trump said she did not look Presidential, and morons took that to believe it was because she was a woman. Since she said the same about him, does that make her anti-man? She said his “birther” crusade was racist. Was it equally racist when Sidney Blumenthal did it on behalf of Hillary 2008?
    Both are flawed candidates. Trying to make it all on Trump and not at all about her is not only wrong, it is malpractice on the part of the media.

  • Rosita_Asano says:

    Hillary was robotic and Lester Holt never interrupted her because if he did she would’ve lost her place she practically memorized. Why hasn’t she mentioned an accomplishment? Liberals say she won, no Donald Trump won because the liberals and drive by’s were expecting him to implode. This is her 15th debates and Trump’s first. Trump was being himself and brought up a lot of good points and Hilary was being herself by name calling like she always did. THIRTY YEARS AND NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. NOW SHE WANTS TO FIX WHAT BEEN BROKE. THIRTY YEARS.

  • justinwachin says:

    Hillary won the debate, but she is still the worst choice for president. Hillary will give us more of the same flawed leadership that we have seen for the past eight years. Donald missed several opportunities to go after her on Clinton Foundation donations and her inability to remember things under oath.

    Hillary belongs in a prison cell not the White House. Hillary claims to be in top health yet she is unable to remember things when she is called to explain her actions. Hillary has a good imagination which worked better in the days before YouTube and camera phones. If elected Hillary will be the most dishonest person ever to hold the White House. She will sell access to the highest bidder. The Clinton Foundation will make money on a grand scale.

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      according to cnn she won the debate, but according to many other media outlets Trump won.
      I found this debate to be boring, Trump missed a lot of opportunities to nail her, was this intentional, is he setting her up for the next one, or was he advised not to go for the jugular at this time. Wait for Oct. 9 for the next one

      1. justinwachin says:

        You make a good point. Hillary has been preparing for this moment for most of her life. I think Donald is in the race because he realizes that our country is in trouble and he realizes the professional politicians aren’t going to be able to get us out of our problems.

        Four years ago President Obama bombed out in his first debate with Mitt Romney. He did better on the next one. We all know how that worked out for him.

        Donald Trump may be planning to take a page out of the Reagan playbook and close big in the final debate. Reagan’s question in the final 1980 debate summarized the choice better than anything–most voters knew they weren’t better off than they were four years ago. Reagan’s question ended Jimmy Carter’s reign of error. Donald may have something similar planned for Hillary.

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  • Rodney Steward says:

    The same old Hellary, same lies, just tell the people what they want to hear, and like Trump said, she’s been at this game for over 30 years and just now figured out how to solve a lot of our countries problems, wait, she never said how she was going to solve anything, except that the law enforcement needed to be retrained!

  • Momma Beth says:

    Her Valium was in high dosage last night

  • Karll says:

    I thought the freakiest thing was her robotic delivery. Trump
    got in some good shots, which were accurate statements, and
    she stood there with a frozen, but “pleasant” expression.
    I suppose that’s all it takes to impress idiots that she’s capable.

    Trump missed a great opportunity to nail her at the beginning
    when the question was “cyber security”, he could have buried her right there. “This woman has proven she’s a criminally reckless idiot regarding securing of data.” But he was too ticked off over her comment about his father.

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