Clinton server emails were ‘top secret’

An intelligence community review has re-affirmed that two classified emails were indeed “top secret” when they hit Hillary Clinton’s unsecured personal server despite a challenge to that designation by the State Department, according to two sources familiar with the review.

The sources described the dispute over whether the two emails were classified at the highest level as a “settled matter.”

The agencies that owned and originated that intelligence – the CIA and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency or NGA – reviewed the emails to determine how they should be properly stored, as the State Department took issue with their highly classified nature. The subject matter of the messages is widely reported to be the movement of North Korean missiles and a drone strike. A top secret designation requires the highest level of security, and can include the use of an approved safe.

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  • billwhit says:

    Hillary should already be sitting in a prison cell, not running for President! Anyone who supports this criminal skank is a retarded American Hater that has the brains of a fecal maggot! Hope none of you fall into that category!

  • dmacid says:

    When the hell are they going to indite her and toss her lying , power hungry, greedy , treasonous, traitor—— witch in jail. Is this old gals opinion. This is ridiculous. She and the big shots in this admin should all be locked up. At least 20 of them. Everyone treats her with kid gloves for some stupid reason. She sure as hell didn’t treat our people in Benghazi with kid gloves. Not even any compassion or she would have demanded the troops get there as fast as they could. NOT STAND DOWN!!!! Am I the only one out raged by all this?
    IMO it really seems strange how many people (friends?) have strangely died around them. Why is everyone who can do something so cowardly afraid of her and Bill and even this admin from the Oval Office down?

  • I Seigel says:

    This news story – and every other news story about this topic – has not specified whether she SENT the top-secret email, or if someone else sent it to her. BIG difference. A person can’t control what others send to them. Everyone has to follow the protocols, or one person’s oversight or misunderstanding could allow a leak. And is there any reason to believe there WAS a leak? No evidence so far.

    1. ravenwings says:

      Makes no difference if she sent or received… she was the one with the private server that she was using for her email routing. She knew it was wrong and went out of her way to make sure it worked. She did not want and would not use the gov. secured system. She was covering up something from day one. She should be in jail. If they do not charge her they need to delete and pay back all those such as Gen Petratus from less egregious handling of top-secret information.

    2. VM Sheppard says:

      It doesn’t really matter if she sent it, or if someone sent it to her. With the number of emails that she had on that server, she knew it was not secure. She made the decision to have her own server and to use it. If it was sent by someone else (who had top-secret level information), they KNEW not to send it as well. That would make both parties guilty and they should be prosecuted for it.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Well, 2 of the 3 responses (so far) to my comment basically said, “What difference does it make?” That’s pretty much what Hillary asked during her earlier Congressional hearing, isn’t it? If it’s an acceptable answer for you, than why not for her?

        1. VM Sheppard says:

          Nope, sorry Kemo Sabbi… You said she could not be held responsible for someone else sending her a top-secret email on an unsecured server. But, she COULD have prevented it by not having it in the first place. That server was installed by, and belonged to her. If it wasn’t available, it couldn’t have been sent to her at that email address. Finding out if she sent it or if she received it only proves if someone else is ALSO guilty of mishandling top secret documents.

    3. dmacid says:

      She never followed the rules. She was not supposed to have that server. So does not matter who sent what or where through it. And they claim it was hacked.

  • dmttbt says:

    What is all the discussion about if these e-mails were top secret and should have been on only a secured e-mail server??? She did it on purpose, she knew that she was not suppose to do it and it worked out ok because she just destroyed the ones she didn’t want the investigators to see, such as Benghazi information.

  • KDC says:

    Okay, okay so why isn’t she in prison already? We keep hearing this stuff, and she’s still running around.

    1. Dave In Arizona says:

      The Department of Justice is under the control of Lynch who is under the control of Obama. That’s why.

    2. ravenwings says:

      because she is an Obama democrat

  • Kent2012 says:

    could not be, why the ho clintoney and her former leg humper, billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney are the paragons of truth and honesty…they make George Washington look like a backwoods piker…

  • 7papa7 says:

    Why hasn’t she been arrested and thrown in jail yet? She should be in jail with no bail because she is a definite flight risk. Then convict her and execute her. Easy fix.

    1. dmttbt says:

      Why aren’t they in prison?

      1. 7papa7 says:

        That was my question.

        1. dmttbt says:

          That should be everyone’s question.

    2. dmacid says:

      Agree, YES.

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