Congress Quietly Passed A Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes – Only 1% Opposed It

by Tyler Durden
August 27, 2017

A bill that will allow homes to be searched without a warrant was passed with overwhelming support by the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Trump—and it happened with no media coverage and very little fanfare.

On the surface, House Joint Resolution 76 looks harmless. The title of the bill claims that its purpose is “Granting the consent and approval of Congress for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the State of Maryland, and the District of Columbia to enter into a compact relating to the establishment of the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission.”

The proposal for a safety commission to act as a wing of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority may sound logical, when its power includes thing such as the ability to “Adopt, revise, and distribute a written State Safety Oversight Program” and to “Review, approve, oversee, and enforce the adoption and implementation of WMATA’s Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan.”

However, there is one major red flag buried within the text of the bill that stems from the list of “powers” given to the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission, and it violates one of the basic tenets of the U.S. Constitution.

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  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Sure is a good thing these parasites have to swear to uphold the Constitution when they take office.

  • elmcqueen3 says:

    Has our Congress now become home for those who hate the American Bill of Rights…have they all become “communist” of the New World Order?

  • Original Anna says:

    Why did President Trump sign something that allows three democrat/progressive states to enter into anything that is forbidden in the Constitution. He has to not trust anything democrat/progressive states want. The same baloney will be in our states next.

  • barbarakelly says:

    Oh yes –I’m sure all the dems and about 10-15 rep passed this bill. I want to see the names of who past it. Let the public know who they were to kick them out in 2018. We have a right to know.! We have a fight on our hands and we better get better informed now.!!!!!!!

  • ONTIME says:

    Has to be reviewed by the SCOTUS…..or it isn’t worth the time and effort put into it…..

  • JIBIJOA says:

    Time for Texas independence,
    before the American Union is dismantled by the Jewish international bankers !!!

  • setemfree says:

    So there going to throw our Constitution in the garbage. Write your Senators. or be prepared for a dictatorship. I have stood behind Trump up until this time, Now with laws like this, we have no Constitution. Vote ALL Senators out of office and replace with all new.

    1. Sylvia Avila says:

      The way I feel the Evil Dems and some in GOP already disregard our Consitution! They are in NWO gang! They want to over throw our President and Country! They are s!owly preparing us for their New World Order Agenda!! Fascist! Vote them out! They have lost sight of who they work for! Time to eliminate them!

  • Bethony Sproles says:

    Little steps. How far out from the railway does it go. Why would they make government buildings subject to warrantless search and sizeure. It is the beginning for it to be expanded and because it will be deemed innocuous people will not pay attention. Can you take over a government if you are free to enter at will? Can you occupy the house on each side of the railway? These are just a few questions you can ask about what could or could not happen. It is against the law anyway.

  • snl says:

    Are some of you people kidding me!? You can’t pick out, just some areas, to place people under an unconstitutional law. That is the very essence of profiling! It is a slippery slope. They’ll fight it by saying then they have to do it to all. After all, their foot is in the door. And, no one complained. That is how it works. Take away a little freedom, then a little more. Soon, none left. It has been working so well.

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      We already have an unconstitutional 100 mile wide “Rights Free” zone extending inland from our nation’s coasts and borders.

    2. ONTIME says:

      Another good reason to give the congress a C- grade….All those who serve as elected or appointed gov officials should have to pass the US Citizenship Test and have the results posted publicly before they can become candidates………..

  • Jose says:

    “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”. The little boy that cried “wolf”. This seems to be the hysteria of some commentors.

    1. Ramon1710 . says:

      “I’m stupid enough to trust our government” seems to be the ignorance of one of the commenters.

  • astrojohn says:

    The full text reads “ owned or occupied by the federal government…” How does THAT justify your misleading headline? You trying to join the fake news crowd – or was it just clickbait?

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      Apparently, the part of the FullText you didn’t quite grasp is this part:
      ” … agents, may:Enter upon the WMATA Rail System and, upon reasonable notice and a finding by the chief executive officer that a need exists, Upon Any Lands, Waters, And Premises Adjacent To [emphasis added] the WMATA Rail System … “.

    2. Builder135 says:

      “…including. but not limited to, property owned or occupied by the federal government…” ? How far do you have to go to imagine where this will lead?

      1. BH says:

        What about the part where it says “upon reasonable notice”? And is there a “right of way agreement” in place?

    3. ONTIME says:

      The gov owns no property, it is simply a guardian of the public interest…..

  • James says:

    Since this only involves the homes and property adjacent to the Metro Railway system, (which is only the DC area and surrounding liberal strongholds), I say “go for it”. Perhaps WE THE PEOPLE can be shed of a bunch of freeloaders on the gov. doll. At the same time, it provides security from terrorists’ attacks.
    IF THE PEOPLE DON’T LIKE IT, START SHIPPING THE TERRORISTS BACK TO THEIR HOMELANDS!!! As for antifa and their kind; round them all up and put them out to sea in a leaking boat with no propulsion. NO MORE ‘HOMEGROWN’ TERRORISTS EITHER!!!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Almost all the terrorist attacks in the US have been home grown. A number were right wing groups or just crazy people. The media love the stories but in fact we have very few terrorist attack in the US.

      1. WOA says:

        If there were only ONE, that would be ONE TOO MANY! Attacks from outside are preventable if the administration is not full of Muslin sympathizers. Thank God for Trump!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Do you mean you value life. You care about one life but do you have a problem letting 33,000 people per year die from gun violence. Not one thing Trump has done would have save a single life from Terrorists. The sanctions are on the wrong countries and would have stopped none of the terrorist we have seen so far. Trump has no problem with Muslims, after all he sold $115, billion in arms to the country that has produced the most terrorist we have seen in our country.

          1. WOA says:

            I have NEVER seen a gun kill anyone… I have seen people use a gun to kill. Guns do not spontaneously jump up and kill. I have seen guns stop a killer just by “being there”. The mere presence of a lethal weapon being sufficient to deter violence. BTW.. go back and break that 33K number of yours down. I think you will find that about half of them are suicides. Banning guns will NOT stop a suicide. In fact, years of statistics show that banning guns does NOT reduce homicides, but actually increases the homicide rate. I, myself, prefer to have a means of self defense available. “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six”

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I’m not one of those people that want guns banned but there is no reason they can’t be made safer. All to often you see stories of some little kid finding a gun and shooting themselves or some one else. You have mentally ill people buying guns or having easy access to them, you have felons buying guns from private owners. If you don’t support some type of safety measures like trigger locks, smart grips and making people responsible to what happens with their guns you can’t complain. The auto industry cut vehicle deaths in half, we didn’t ban cars. Just so you know countries that limit gun ownership have much lower homicide rates over all.

          3. ipsd48 says:

            Felons are more likely to steal guns than buy them

          4. bobnstuff says:

            They can only steal them if you haven’t secured them. I keep the bolts locked up in a different room. Without a bolt they are just fancy clubs. Unless you are standing there with them they should be in the safe. After all the do you no good if you aren’t there. Most felons that steal guns sell them, to other felons. A bugler if he’s smart doesn’t care a gun. It adds 10 years on if he gets caught.

          5. ipsd48 says:

            If the bolt is missing they’ll look for it. That’s why I only remove the firing pins

          6. bobnstuff says:

            Good for you, but once they see my guns they wouldn’t waste there time looking and even if the do they have to get past the safe and the dogs. It’s the reasonable gun owners that pay the price for the fools that are to careless and to stupid to own a gun.

          7. ipsd48 says:

            and chicago is proof that many of them are gang related.Gangs like MS13 who obama PARDONED

          8. Leslie Woodhull says:

            This has NOTHING to do with gun rights. You ALL need to watch “UKRAINE ON FIRE”! It’s what OUR government did to a LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE & it’s what SOROS/CLINTON/OBAMA are trying to do here. This is part of the Color Revolution and I’m NOT talking about the Fashion industry! Remember Clinton came out in Purple after she lost the election to give her concession speech? That was code to begin the RESIST movement. ANTIFA/BLM/ALT LEFT= THE REAL FACISTS/COMMUNISTS. THIS IS TREASON AND THIS IS SEDITION. THERE ARE OVER A MILLION SIGNATURES ON WHITEHOUSE.GOV REQUESTING ANTIFA/BLM/ALT LEFT BE DECLARED TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS. TRUMP WILL HAVE TO ADDRESS THIS.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            You really need to get some mental health help because you are crazy. Your million signatures are 300,000.
            Over a million people want the president to release his taxes and almost as many want him to put his finances in a blind trust.

          10. Freedom Rules says:

            This Is What The Far Leftist Want And Are Succeeding, They Have To Be Stopped !! Watch Entire Video:

            Transforming USA into a COMMUNIST country (FULL video)


          11. Leslie Woodhull says:

            WRONG. You are quoting something that is very old. The last one I saw has 150,000,000 signatures on it. Nice try though.

          12. ipsd48 says:

            a hundred and fifty MILLION? You couldn’t GET that many americans to agree on ANYTHING

          13. bobnstuff says:

            I gave you the link, that’s today’s number. You do know there is a link so you can sign too.

          14. Leslie Woodhull says:

            and NO ONE cares about TRUMP’s taxes except those who are ALT LEFT.

          15. goldie says:

            Don’t talk about valuing life until you are anti-abortion.

          16. bobnstuff says:

            I,m not just anti abortion I even care about them once they are born. I don’t believe in punishing a child just because he is born poor or in the wrong place or to bad parents. It’s easy to be pro birth but being pro life takes some work.

          17. ipsd48 says:

            Except FBI official figures put the number at around 11,000

      2. Leslie Woodhull says:

        They were NOT “right wing groups”. They were plants or patsies made to look like whatever fit the agenda. Like San Bernardino- the survivors said the gunman were THREE LARGE WHITE MEN IN TACTICAL GEAR!!! NOT those kids they framed and killed!

        9/11? NOT done by Bin Laden or Tim Ossman as he was known by the CIA when he was their go to while the Russians were in Afghanistan. Oh, btw, he died in 2000 in QATAR (NOT in some op approved of by OBOZO!) & he died of RENAL FAILURE NOT LEAD POISONING. ALSO, before he died, he was interviewed in the hospital in QATAR by non other than JOHN F-ASS McCAIN!!

        SO, who did 9/11? A LOT of people but they weren’t MUSLIM, they didn’t live in IRAQ or AFGHANISTAN or IRAN or LIBYA, either. They WERE AMERICAN, ISRAELI, FRENCH, SPANISH and some others mixed in. There’s one person who’s put a lot of things together that weren’t able to be put together before. For example, did you know that since D.B. Cooper the airlines worldwide have had one protocol that ALL airlines have used so that off there was ever anther hijacking regardless of what country it was in, or where it played out, there would be one set of code words used? And did you know that NOT ONE FLIGHT ATTENDANT USED THAT STRICT INTERNATIONAL PROTOCOL ON 9/11?? NOT ONE?? Did you know that there were Israeli “artists” living in the WTC towers for FULL YEAR before 9/11? Did you know that they removed a window from one of the towers, extended a wooden balcony out of the opening, hired a helicopter and photographed the event, and PUBLISHED that photograph before 9/11? Did you know that several of those artists’ specialty in their service for the Israeli military was in DEMOLITIONS? No. I’ll bet you didn’t. Did you know that they published their art in a book called that B Thing?

        There are a lot of things that are coming to light now that really need to come to light. Find Rebekah Roth’ s interview with George Noory on YouTube. It’s well with your time.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Do you know you are crazy?

          1. goldie says:

            We all know you are.

          2. Leslie Woodhull says:

            No I’m not, I’m dead on right. You’d better look in the mirror buddy, you are the one who is delusional.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Your story has many problems, the first it the removal of a window in the WTC. I know the people who made those windows and they do just come out. The fight attendants aren’t on the radio, the pilots are. The rest of your story is just as stupid. The 9/11 terrorist came from Saudi Arabia, you know the country we are selling all those arms to.

          4. Leslie Woodhull says:

            Hey BobnStuff YOU HAVE MANY PROBLEMS-instead of being stupid-look it up!! I’m sure you meant those windows DON’T just come out!! You’re RIGHT! THEY DON’T! THESE THINGS ARE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. THAT PHOTO MADE THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE SO YOU NEED TO FIND IT. I HAVE THAT PHOTO. I’m not going to do your homework for you. I have the photos/pictures and they’re freely available on youtube. Check it out for yourself. Until you do, SHUT UP!


          5. bobnstuff says:

            I have seen photos of Big Foot and UFO’s. I watched the towers fall, my nephew did search and rescue at the towers and hangs out with the fire chief at Shanksville so I know BS stories when I hear them.

          6. Leslie Woodhull says:

            Did I ever say the towers didn’t fall? NO! This is NOT a B.S. story folks. Please go to this YouTube site: lovethyneighbor as thyself. The date I have on my screenshots is November 13, 2015. I have 20 photographs from inside and outside the WTC. The title is:
            The B Thing
            The ISBN : 3-88375-507-7 or 547-9 it’s a little unclear. But the date is 2001. If you understand German here’s the rest:
            Verlag Der
            Walther Konig, Koln


          7. Leslie Woodhull says:

            Apparently you don’t read the NYT either, right? August 16, 2001. Nice big article about the “Israeli art students” and the Balcony out of the 91st floor of 1WTC. SO, the rest of you can look that up. BTW, I was incorrect about one thing. I said they were allowed to live there for ONE year before 9/11-TURNS OUT IT WAS FOR 4 YEARS BEFORE 9/11! THAT’S PLENTY OF TIME TO WIRE A BUILDING OR BUILDINGS FOR DEMOLITION NOW ISN’T IT? ESPECIALLY IF YOUR EXPERTISE WHILE SERVING IN THE MILITARY INVOLVED THE USE OF SAY, MILITARY TYPE EXPLOSIVES LIKE THERMATE??? HMMM??

          8. ipsd48 says:

            ………..and were connected to the wahabbist movement which the saudi royal family as been warning us about for 50 YEARS

          9. Leslie Woodhull says:


          10. bobnstuff says:

            So are the stories about big foot. All your stuff is baseless rants form the RWNJ. I do my homework.

          11. Leslie Woodhull says:


      3. goldie says:

        Right-wing groups?! You have your facts wrong. These were Left-wing groups.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          So Timothy McVeigh was a Muslim?

          Dylann Roof was Muslim, I think not.

          Here is what the FBI says.
          Domestic Terrorism

          “Domestic right-wing terrorist groups often adhere to the principles of racial supremacy and embrace antigovernment, antiregulatory beliefs. Generally, extremist right-wing groups engage in activity that is
          protected by constitutional guarantees of free speech and assembly. Law enforcement becomes involved when the volatile talk of these groups transgresses into unlawful action.

          On the national level, formal right-wing hate groups, such as the National Alliance, the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) and the Aryan Nations, represent a continuing terrorist threat. Although efforts have been made by some extremist groups to reduce openly racist rhetoric in order to appeal to a broader segment of the population and to focus increased attention on anti government sentiment, racism-based hatred
          remains an integral component of these groups’ core orientations. Right-wing groups continue to represent a serious terrorist threat. Two of the seven planned acts of terrorism prevented in 1999 were potentially large-scale, high-casualty attacks being planned by
          organized right-wing extremist groups.”

          “Fifty-six percent of domestic terrorist attacks and plots in the U.S. since 1995 have been perpetrated by right-wing extremists, as compared to 30 percent by ecoterrorists and 12 percent by Islamic extremists.
          Right-wing extremism has been responsible for the greatest number of terrorist incidents in the U.S. in 13 of the 17 years since the Oklahoma City bombing.”


          1. ipsd48 says:

            Think Progress? REALLY?
            Funded by the biggest terrorist of our times

          2. BH says:

            LOL! This was the FBI under Comey. It kind of makes Trump look good in firing him. No mention of ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter thugs. Just this weekend they shut down a prayer rally that Pelosi called a right-wing hate group rally. They did it by threatening violence. Two non-liberal/leftist speakers were shut down at Berkeley by these thugs with violence and rioting. In Charlottesville, they came with bats (with nails in them), clubs and bottles filled with various odorous liquids, including urine. Often time ANTIFA and BLM take out their violence on the police (remember Dallas) and then are protected by the media. You need to rethink (if you even thought about it) your theory.

      4. James says:

        Don’t know what “kool aid” you’ve been drinking bub, but it’s causing brain damage, or loss of perception. It’s been the leftists who have been terrorizing America. This goes back to the days of the democrap backed KKK.
        IN the end; you will find the NWO elitists behind it all, the leftists are just their patsies!

  • Dennis says:

    If it goes against anything the Constitution states as law of the land then it is lawless. The people propagating such a plan should be censured and out of office, I don’t care who the officials are, they are breaking their oath of office and should be thrown out of office. Wait until this next election if you want to see a real bloodbath of voters rejection off what is commonplace in D.C.

    1. BH says:

      Take a deep breath and let’s actually investigate what the bill does and says before we start lobbing shells over the fence. The writer does a very incomplete job.

  • BH says:

    Uh, how about telling us what that list of power is so we can see if it is in fact a violation or if the writer is blowing smoke.

  • Patriot47 says:

    Any unconstitutional law is null and void, PERIOD.

    1. BH says:

      But what is the violation? The article never tells us, it just hints that it’s there.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        “In performing its duties, the Commission, through its Board or designated employees or agents, may:Enter upon the WMATA Rail System and, upon reasonable notice and a finding by the chief executive officer that a need exists, upon any lands, waters, and premises adjacent to the WMATA Rail System, including, without limitation, property owned or occupied by the federal government, for the purpose of making inspections, investigations, examinations, and testing as the Commission may deem necessary to carry out the purposes of this MSC Compact, and such entry shall not be deemed a trespass.”

        This is what passes for overreach. It give them the right to go on your property if there is a problem and it’s next to the rail line. It looks like it’s aimed at the Government more then anyone else. The right that protects you from warrant less search was taken away by the Patriot Act years ago.

        1. BH says:

          On the surface it seems to be a problem, but are there right of way documents in place that this codifies? I think the subject needs more research before an article such as this is written. There is, I think, a lot more to the story.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            It’s a re post from a less then reliable sight. The people at Zerohedge love to spine these kind of yards.

          2. BH says:

            I just reread it. I had sort of skipped over one phrase and I’m wondering if this covers the concern. It says “upon reasonable notice” these things can happen. Does that.mean that they tell people BEFORE they may have to enter their property? And again, what’s written into the right of way agreement?

          3. bobnstuff says:

            This is a non story. The web sight is just trying to get their readers worked up over nothing. This is their MO.

      2. ONTIME says:

        This is the reason for checks and balance and the 2nd amendment………….The Preamble of the US Constitution explains this in the very 1st sentence….

  • Jeanelavelle says:


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    1. setemfree says:

      Is this another one of those scammers.

      1. Ramon1710 . says:

        Same scammer. The guy uses a picture of a different girl every week or two, and a new fake name every time the marketing idiot has their disqus account cancelled for advertising abuse (usually daily). You can speed the process by clicking on the fake name, and then on the three blue dots to the right of the grey box which always says “private”. That will bring up two choices, “Block user” and “Report user”. Hit report user, and then “spam” from the list of reasons.

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