Conservative groups trying to derail two potential Supreme Court picks

As President Trump nears a decision this week on his Supreme Court nominee, conservative groups are actively trying to derail at least two of the judges reported to be at the top of his list, saying they can’t be relied on to pursue conservative goals from the federal bench.

One group is running ads accusing 11th U.S. Circuit Court Judge William Pryor of showing hostility toward religious liberty in a 2011 case, and another is warning Mr. Trump not to pick 10th U.S. Circuit Court Judge Neil Gorsuch, saying he has not shown enough devotion to pro-life causes.

Mr. Trump met with top senators Tuesday to begin the consultation process. He said he wants to make his decision this week and announce the nominee next week.

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  • Tiger says:

    They just don’t get it. Trump is the president and we own the both houses and the way I see it no backing down, no mercy and take them to the ropes, that is what they do.

    Suck it up all you butter cups. Ladies and sissy men.

  • duncmck says:

    so far so good. you’ll never get everyone to agree even so called ? conservatives.. he mentioned scolia like.. great! that guy hes putting in the treasury ..munchin? is a buddy of george soros ..i hope he’s keeping his enemies close..trump is a political genius..i doubt many of us can grasp the strategy.we are not in the inside loop.the left are desperate .living a cognitive dissonant reality..imo

  • justinwachin says:

    It’s refreshing to see the debate being made about who is the most conservative. If the Democrats had been in control of the Senate last year we would have had someone on the order of Kagan or Sotomayor currently filling Scalia’s old seat. If Hillary had been elected in November, Merrick Garland might be looking good right about now.

  • Webb says:

    Obama did not get his choice…
    Hoping Trump will make the best selection for the future of America…

  • teaman says:

    Pryor is not it. This is the scum of a lawyer/judge who went after judge Roy Moore over the display of the 10 Commandments, which our Justus system is based on. This is why the totally mentally ill perverted left want them done away with, along with the constitution and every thing civil, so they can do whatever they please. When you take Morality, integrity, and common sense out of any society, you get what Chicago lives with every day.

  • David Hummel says:

    All I can say is that thank God obama wasn’t allowed to appoint one, than would have caused a civil war sooner than later.

    1. rivahmitch says:

      Only have been “civil war” if the swamp dwellers won. In the alternative, If the people win it’s a 2nd American Revolution.

    2. texexpatriate says:

      To have a civil war a nation must have states fighting against one another. That will not happen here. What will happen is secession. And, despite what we have been wrongly taught for 150 years, secession is approved by the U.S. Constitution.

      1. Tiger says:

        The Constitution does not directly mention secession.[54]
        The legality of secession was hotly debated in the 19th century, with
        Southerners often claiming and Northerners generally denying that states
        have a legal right to unilaterally secede.[55] The Supreme Court has consistently interpreted the Constitution to be an “indestructible” union.[54] There is no legal basis a state can point to for unilaterally seceding.[56]
        Many scholars hold that the Confederate secession was blatantly
        illegal. The Articles of Confederation explicitly state the Union is
        “perpetual”; the U.S. Constitution declares itself an even “more perfect
        union” than the Articles of Confederation.[57] Other scholars, while not necessarily disagreeing that the secession was illegal, point out that sovereignty is often de facto
        an “extralegal” question. Had the Confederacy won, any illegality of
        its actions under U.S. law would have been rendered irrelevant, just as
        the undisputed illegality of American rebellion under the British law of
        1775 was rendered irrelevant. Thus, these scholars argue, the
        illegality of unilateral secession was not firmly de facto established until the Union won the Civil War; in this view, the legal question was resolved at Appomattox.[55][58]

      2. David Hummel says:

        Correction…You are thinking North vs. South. Its not having one state fighting against another most of the civil war that will happen in todays politically charged country will be inside each state, this civil war will be between liberal progressive commucrats, which have taken over the democrat party vs. true American Patriots. Secession won’t happen.

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    As long as the supreme court pick abides by the constitution the way it’s written then Trump’s pick is okay with me.

    1. Barrustio says:

      Yes but the cons have a point. If indeed a judge’s record shows hostility towards religious freedoms, it be obvious that would disqualify him for the position…just as being nonchalant about the right to life…being as to how the Constitution alludes to “life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

      1. Shelly Shannon says:

        Your’e right, I am still researching out these two because I knew very little about them. But religious freedom is super important, I agree.

        1. Barrustio says:

          Any Justice who cannot see that it is inconceivable to force a business to cater to a gay wedding, bake a gay cake, conduct a wedding ceremony or force a charity like the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide contraceptives or abortions against their religious beliefs, is not prepared to take a position which requires that the Constitutional protection of Freedom of Religion be considered the PRINCIPAL reason for which the Constitution was written.

          1. Shelly Shannon says:

            That is absolutely correct. I stand behind that view 100 percent.

      2. Tiger says:

        You already have liberal judges who did not back away from cases they were clearly biased on.

        I am very excited about new judges and so proud Trump our president.

        1. Barrustio says:

          Absolutely…if Democrats are not willing to admit that the two judges who had officiated at gay weddings before the issue of gay marriage came before the court, were wrong in not recusing themselves from the decision on gay marriage…then they should have no say so as to whom Trump choices for a justice.

          1. Tiger says:

            I absolutely love our posts. You are fast becoming one of my favorites and I love the fact that you are smarter than me. I learn form you. Thank you.

          2. Barrustio says:

            No, no, no…don’t even go there. I am NOT smarter than you. You see, you are by far smarter than me simply because you have started to listen to people at an obviously younger age than I did. I was a rambunctious know-it-all until I was put in my place by an older and much wiser man than myself. You see I had it all…Knowledge, education, intelligence, “smarts” but no WISDOM. Ever since, I have met many an educated fool like the self I used to be. I learned that wisdom allows one to make a point without the need to argue, debate or disagree with anyone while remaining totally stress free. I often joke with people who disagree with me just so I can get a glimpse of the old me. You are very smart…don’t knock yourself.

          3. Tiger says:

            Oh I think my self smart and my grandfather used to say “Too soon old and too late smart.” I tried hard to listen and learn so I wouldn’t be like that. Just some people like yourself are so delightful and so good with your spelling and grammar. I admire that. I know all the rules and can spell just don’t pay much attention to it when posting only when writing an article for our paper etc.

          4. Barrustio says:

            I do a lot of reviewing before I post. I hate when you can’t go back and edit because I too have being know to get thing wackbards.

          5. Tiger says:

            Well I should be spell check on because it is true writing is important, and grammar along with spelling very important. I think I am a bit between languages from all my travels, or from all the old books I read. I spell things like for instance theater, theatre etc. don’t know why just do.

          6. Barrustio says:

            Actually theater is one of those words which can be used either way without much problem from the word police. Usually, people will say, “I’m going to the theater”, as opposed to actors, who will say, “I’m in theatre”. The important thing is that if you are able to get a relevant point across, most people are willing to overlook human error.

          7. Tiger says:

            Ahhhh thank you.

          8. Barrustio says:

            ur welcom…heheh

  • Mort Leith says:

    I only care about them supporting our 2nd Amendment to the fullest.

    1. rivahmitch says:

      I’d prefer it if they’d also support the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th 10th, 11th, 12th (as amended by the 20th), 15th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th. (Those I’ve let out (above) have either been overtaken by events (13th & 14th, 18th and 21st) or unbalanced the founders intended checks and balances wrt federalism (16th & 17th).

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