Conservatives give Ryan a pass on budget deal they despise

December 18, 2015

The House Freedom Caucus hates the massive government-funding bill: Spending levels are billions of dollars higher than what conservatives wanted, and at least two top policy priorities — language addressing Syrian refugees and so-called sanctity of life — were cut.

But unlike past fiscal battles, when lawmakers took shots at GOP leaders and tried to tank bills, this time conservatives are largely holding their fire. Even as they vow to oppose the package, many are still praising Speaker Paul Ryan’s handling of the $1.1 trillion spending bill and $680 billion in tax breaks.

“In terms of the process, I can tell you I’ve had more meaningful conversations with the speaker and leadership in the last couple of weeks than I think I have in the last couple of years,” said Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), who instigated the revolt against Speaker John Boehner that led to Boehner’s resignation this fall. “I would give it an A-plus in terms of trying to reach out to the rank and file.”

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  • Bob in Florida says:

    So they had “more meaningful conversations” – what did that get us – except ‘screwed again’? They must have been one-sided conversations – Ryan sure as hell wasn’t doing much listening to the ‘rank and file.’

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Worse than Bon*er? RatRyan is my new name for this rino. I thought Bon*er was appropriate too for his prior leader. Vote their base out. McCain is a target in 2016 and any dem or rino on that ticket must go. Now is the time for competitors to run against those who are seeking reelection, step up!

  • Roy Clingenpeel says:

    All that we got when we voted in a dominant GOP congress was a stronger democratic party hold on our future. The progressives have lied to us again. We voted in a group of liars (GOP) and received a group of liars(GOP). Republicans should have voted for democrats so that we would still have a do nothing congress instead of a RINO capitulating a– sucking congress.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Selectively cull the GOP. And obviously replace dem lemmings and rinos with conservatives now that we know how it is in DC and Congress. 2016 is a good start and we just need to do it from now on. That is our job. If the reps and senators know we are on their butts and stay on them, it will change. Now we also have to clean out party leaders. Dem and GOP party leaders are disgusting. Who died and said they could all decide who was to be elected? I will work on the GOP but the dem voters must do their work as well. Being one who has switched at least two or three times in my 67 years as in first independent, next dem, and finally republican with knowledge accumulating I would advise that we have all been complacent and it has backfired big time! Get off your butts and vote everyone. I am ready for Trump in 2016. And the GOP party leaders had better watch out, I am joining the ranks of the party at the bottom rung and working up from there. Join me! Time for change is here.

    2. I Seigel says:

      How do you figure that “The progressives have lied to us again”? Seems like it was the Republicans who talked one game during the campaign and are now playing a different game. What did the progressives do to similarly deceive you?

  • SDofAZ says:

    Well, isn’t that nice of the suppose to be conservatives. NO PASSES from the supporters of those representatives or senators who voted for the RyanRat deal! When any of them run for reelection, vote em out! Send em emails, call their offices, and call them out in the town halls if they will have them. McCain and Flakey are real picky about their town halls. I believe they are afraid of the anger generated in this state by their actions throughout the terms of this abominable administrations two terms. McCain is going to go in 2016. He lied like a rug to get his last term and we just won’t let him do any more damage to our constitution, our rights as legal US citizens, and his own oath. What a POS senator! Old man, you need to retire.

    And the GOP wonders why we want a president who does not have anything to do with the establishment. I wonder if they realize that they are not suppose to make a career out of their office? Legal citizens are suppose to enter and leave the process as it was intended by the Founders. Guess these BAU good old boys and girls did not get that intent from the Founders. Greedy, self serving elites is what they all are and apparently the longer they serve in those seats, the worse it gets.

    1. reggie says:

      Yeah, remember Arlen Specter? After over 30 years, he was absolute aghast that “his” constituents didn’t re-elect him. How dare they. Hopefully his zzz is rotting in hell as i type this.

      1. SDofAZ says:

        I also really think they have underestimated the silent majority and the ire they have all stirred up. The upsets in the establishments like the house whip in 2014, taking the senate in 2014, some more upsets this year are the results of the silent majority too but 2016 ought to be very telling! Right now the GOP is trying to work around the Trump nomination. I think the silent majority will once again be sending the party elites another surprise message. Trump will get enough votes to prevent their little shuffle game for this up coming primary. And if they don’t listen there will be real trouble for the future of that party.

        1. Bob2002 says:

          By the Republican Party acting the way they have ever since regaining the majority in House and Senate, they obviously do not want the responsibility of leading, so lets take it away from them. Vote all incumbents out of office; we need new blood.

          1. SDofAZ says:

            It is the rino support base for the McConnell/Rat Ryan leadership. Course Reid/Pelosi team too. Vote out all rinos and dems at every opportunity. If no one votes per the lead of these four individuals, they are done and will likely be removed from those positions. Would be fitting end even if their states continue to support them. McCain is going in 2016 cause this state is FED UP with his rino BAU ways. Old liar and traitor to his constituents. Time to be put out!

          2. Bob2002 says:

            I agree, McCain is not a good Republican because of his propensity to “work across the isle.” That is what McConnell and Paul (Liberal Rat) Ryan do and they do not care about the American voter. It is their donors who they are supporting. They believe, with enough money, they can be elected every time.

          3. SDofAZ says:

            Yup and this is the year coming up to remove him and all dem and rinos wanting their reelection. Vote em all out at each and every opportunity.

        2. reggie says:

          As the cookie crumbled, it made no difference in 2014 that I can see. Bozo got his money, bozo gets everything he wants, and throws a few leftover crumbs out to the rest of us. There’s a lot more to the underground story than we’ll ever know. Is soros the new J. Edgar Hoover?

          1. SDofAZ says:

            I agree that there is a horrible cancer in DC. I agree that the Reid/Pelosi/McConnell/RatRyan tag team and minus 95 republicans and 18 dems the congress sold us out again as late as this week with this bill giving BO what he wanted. It is also obvious Reid is still leading the senate and Rat is leading the house but we must vote their base out at every opportunity.

            These turds are there and this GOP rino versus conservative exists because we were lazy. Time to get into politics. There are numerous flaws but our votes do count. And all of us need to drag everyone we know to that poll to cast that vote.

            I believed the Republicans when they said they needed the senate to do anything. I did not understand the rino/conservative split in the party. Now we all do. McCain is toast this coming year, damn old rino.

            One thing BO has done is show all of us where the holes in our systems are. We have much to fix but cleaning out congress is of supreme importance. Dem lemmings and rinos must go. And we need a president who is not tied to a rich ahole. Makes Trump for 2016 our man, doesn’t it?

            And from AZ I can tell you we are fed up with amnesty in any favor illegal or legal. Cruz is an amnesty guy or has been. I want to be sure that practice ends. It was flawed from the beginning. Rewarding illegals with citizenship has caused this mess and now that BO is in the picture it has turned into a crisis. Go Trump. This has to stop or we might just as well move to Mexico ourselves.

  • Gary Vogt says:

    I WILL remember how they voted. Go Trump!!!

  • albertbryson says:

    The Freedom Caucus is a bunch of dumb dodo’s and they are not keeping their promises. They deserve to be kick out of office in 2016 elections. Wake up we the true American conservatives must really face reality. The Republican party is totally hopeless and need to be oppose in the general election even if these means evil and immoral Democrats win. Our country is doom because of the corrupt politicians and crony capitalism.

    1. Bob2002 says:

      Go Tea Party.

  • I Seigel says:

    Yup, lots of good old-fashioned PORK on that bill. Like the 9th Coast Guard cutter that will be built by Thad Cochran’s friends in Mississippi – when the Coast Guard only requested 8. More money for NASA, courtesy of Ted Cruz and his Texas colleague. Less privacy, thanks to the cybersecurity portion. Coburn in Oklahoma – did I mention that Cochran, Cruz and Coburn are all Republicans? – made sure there was extra money for planes and ships that the Air Force and Navy didn’t even request.

    THAT’S True Conservatism at work for you. As Bush said – “Follow the Money”.

  • zulu says:

    I suppose the terrorist facial hair was supposed to make Ryan look like he had a ” pear”, but that hasn’t happened. They are so afraid of what the Republicans will look like if they don’t kiss up to the Democrats. The people who elect them don’t want them kissing up! They need to get a clue. Let Obama veto! Close don the government if need be! Stand for something!

    1. I Seigel says:

      Oh, please! The Republicans aren’t kissing up to the Democrats. Look around you!! The Republicans are kissing up to their big money donors. THAT’S their guarantee to stay in office and soak the taxpayers, NOT by “kissing up to the Democrats”. Get a clue a place the blame where it REALLY belongs.

      1. SDofAZ says:

        I Seigel, you got it right. The rino turds are a bad as the dem leaders. All have their hands in big business pockets except for 18 dems who are not lemmings and 95 republicans who are not rinos! You have called a spade a spade. GO TRUMP 2016. And out McCain 2016. I am still trying to vet his GOP competitors and the dem candidate is an absolute no go. Looking for a GOP competitor who is NOT FOR AMNESTY. We in AZ are tired of being over run by the illegal hordes, the voracious welfare sucking, the job stealers.

        I laugh when I hear that legal citizens won’t do the work in our jobs in AZ. What the business wants is below minimum wage workers, no worker rights, and no benefit costs. That is what DC is giving them now. The welfare our taxes pay for is the benefits for the employers illegal alien workers. Does everyone understand that? So, why would the DC crowd want that as well? Money and donor bought support. It is cheaper by far to buy politicians than pay the business’s share of benefits, legal wages, etc….. Got it? I do know of what I post!

        1. I Seigel says:

          Well, SD, I think my ears must be deceiving me. Do I actually hear you saying – altho not QUITE saying – that you support workers’ rights, and the right to unionize so as to collectively bargain for those rights? Like a decent minimum wage and some basic health benefits? Because if you REALLY don’t like the idea of businesses importing illegals to do less-than-minimum-wage work, then you have to be for unions. If you REALLY want Americans to do the work, and not illegals, then you have to level the playing field and make a decent minimum wage manadatory. Only then will you get a lot of unemployed Americans back into the work force.

          1. SDofAZ says:

            You do know I am a retired CPA, I Seigel? I know unions too. Some parts have a place in negotiations, some don’t. Since you brought it up, you do know they got in bed with the mafia and that relationship has not been terminated, right?

            But in answer to your question, I believe in at least paying minimum wage. The workers in fields are not being paid that, do you disagree? And the employer is ducking out on benefits as well. Thus the welfare supplement.

            Problem is those wages and those welfare benefits put those people (illegal aliens) at a higher income than our working poor (legal citizens) who will not qualify for any welfare or entitlements. That fact in itself is an insult to Americans regardless of the wage problem.

            That’s my answer. And I will say, I have done the books for unions and know a lot, a whole lot about unions.

          2. I Seigel says:

            You don’t hear too much about the Mafia anymore, and they don’t seem to be a focus of the FBI and law enforcement. Am I missing something?

            So I’m not as to your feelings about unions. Are you saying they’re all bad because a few “they got in bed with the mafia”? Are they all corrupt, or do some – or most – of them do good work by protecting workers’ wages and working conditions? Where would coal miners, for example, be without protections from corrupt owners like the one who was just convicted?

            I think a lot of Republicans’ objections to Unions is the practice of trying to influence elections and making campaign donations. If that money was banned, would you have the same objections?

          3. SDofAZ says:

            By the time I did the books the mafia profile was veiled. The guys on the front end had ties but no direct mafia involvement that I saw. This was before I got my CPA and BSA credentials. Books were clean and audited often. But there was still influence and investment at the personnel level as in heads of the unions.

            Making investments in organizations and businesses is where it is nowadays for those organizations I believe. The FBI has bigger fish to fry today too and I believe the mafia is trying to become some legitimate force nowadays.

            Unions have a place, but I have noticed they are learning to bend with the economy and new laws geared to keep them in line. Like congress some have learned to make deals with their enemies so I would say depending on their negotiation skills and their true intent all observations would depend on those two drivers. Some might do a great job, others may have vested personal interest and less interest in helping their members. I did saw this even then, both sides of that coin.

            That does not really give you a solid answer. I believe there are great union leaders and members. I also believe their are bad leaders and members. Just as we have it in congress. Kind of sad but it is indeed true. And over the years I think I have seen it all from both sides not just unions. I was an excellent auditor and excelled in tax situations. Finance was not my strong suit. That kind of suits my views on unions and their leaders too. Good and bad, strong and weak in their intent and skill set.

            And unions as the new business interest are an influence most assuredly but I would perceive the newly rich tech guys, the bigger richer old money, etc including the Koch Brothers, Soros, the big name banking families the old ag corporations or farm conglomerate run companies, etc. much more of a threat to influence and buy our politicians.

            I still can’t believe the courts ruled for the corporations to donate in elections. That truly made this a bigger mess where the only power of the legal citizens of this country is their vote. BO and all his new illegal edicts has stopped legal inquiries too at the polls to prove the voter is truly a legal qualified citizen registered to vote. Isn’t that nice?

            And vote we have to do, all of us. I have a feeling what I have said will not comfort you. Mankind in general is not altruistic. Being honest and being good is work for most sadly. And temptations are plentiful.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Well, SD, I have to say that you seem to have a fairly balanced viewpoint and you can see the world in shades of grays. rather than black and white. So thank you for a decent, thoughtful response.

            I’m glad you don’t seem to be condemning all unions because of the corruption or bad decisions of past leaders (UAW anyone?). I happen to work thru a union, and I wouldn’t get the pay or basic health benefits or minimal vacation/sick leave that I get if I didn’t. I’m happy to pay the work dues, and I chose to join and pay the yearly membership dues. They’re a small percentage of my overall yearly pay, which I wouldn’t earn without their negotiating. I THINK they contribute to candidates, but I’m not sure – it’s not that big a deal to me.

            I know there are plenty of college-age kids who would jump at the chance to do my work for half my pay, so, again, I’m glad to have a job that’s protected by union rules.

            Unions have their problems, and union workers in various localities do have a reputation for not being the best of workers. But that’s a problem with the union leaders and discipline, not an intrinsic problem with unions.

          5. SDofAZ says:

            Thanks I Seigel, I do try to be fair. I have noticed you are a democrat which has been a union choice in the past. And you have posted some decent arguments. I would urge you to consider looking at Trump more closely. I believe he is more a man of the people than Ms Clinton. And I have been an independent, then a dem, and am now a republican through at least three elections. I will still cross the line if the candidate has the background and the credentials and the history in politics or business to add to whatever office they seek.

            You already know my background and I can see from yours you are an intelligent working person.
            Being union if they can give you steady work is good enough and obviously you are content. But BO and Hillary if she gets the seat and this congress are bringing the country to a financial crisis. I do think Trump with his particular skill set may be the only person who can manage through what is coming.

            Another tip here from me to you is don’t have a variable anything and make sure if you have stock investments they can be moved within 24 hours. Bonds should be fairly safe when interest and stocks go wonkers. What is coming will be ugly and all the financial signs are there. I have been in accounting for forty years and earned some knowledge so I have been preparing. I trust you have too but this warning is just a courtesy for you, another hard working forthright person. Protect your assets. And if we end up on different sides of the argument remember I do try to see the other side and will have reason to oppose your views. And I will always tell you why.

          6. I Seigel says:

            Thank you.

            Regarding the coming financial crisis: I don’t mean to sound flippant, but were you making a similar prediction in 2007?

            I was at a shareholders’ meeting with Kerry Killinger 6 months before WAMU came a-tumbling down (I’m sure you remember). He was as good as any used car salesman, painting rosy pictures of their future. What was your viewpoint back then? Is this coming financial crisis all Obama’s doing? Or does it involve China’s slowing economy and the lack of economic progress in the EU and the plummeting world price of oil, all of which are outside the control of US policy or the current president?

            And what about our economic condition of the past several years? Historically low interest rates, rising employment, well-performing stock market, fewer and fewer bankruptcies, lots of M&A and venture capital investing. All positives, aren’t they? THOSE results are more influenced by US policy and the current president, no?

          7. SDofAZ says:

            Actually I was trying to figure out the derivatives a bit before the real mess hit. Been retired basically since 2004. They were new and apparently quite lucrative for a while. Even China got stung big time by them.

            And I did shelter everything as soon as I figured it out. We moved out of stocks but got a slight ding. There is more here than historical data. This is a new world with the feds. They were recently even talking negative lending rates. That one really tipped my boat and took me some time to understand. Let me know if you want that explanation.

            The low interest and speculation being called a CREDIT derivative as opposed to MORTGAGE derivatives of 2007 is in full swing due to the super low fed rates. The problem here is speculation as in 2007. You are pretty smart, connect those dots as I have.

            Derivatives are bundled. In 2007 they were mortgages not well vetted since deregulation has been happening since maybe 1970s. That left poor lending practices an open door and they have begun to fleece the public every since.

            Zip forward for the last forty years or so, we have had more and more finance flops as in recessions. Again, these mostly are related to poor regulations. To deregulate we were told business knew how to regulate themselves now so our presidents deregulated with each administration. They gutted the regulations controlling standards to establish a person’s ability to pay whatever they were obligated to, etc..

            2007 was really a depression, BO and the Feds just bought us time and we have been limping along world wide since. That is also why there has been talk about negative fed rates. Quite and interesting concept and really too dangerous to use in my view and evidently theirs cause it did not happen.

            Yup, as they removed the regulations put in place after 1929’s Great Depression every president assured the constituents that the businesses were able to regulate themselves. Well, apparently they aren’t able to regulate anything. Even the banks are at it even after 2007. In fact even our government does not want to get off the high and we still have no protection in place to keep the too big to fail out of our coffers again. Congress did not pass the necessary legislation that was running through after 2007. That is the financial stuff at a pretty surface level.

            The employment data, the published stats the government puts out is slanted as well. There are different metrics used by different analytical groups publicly and privately that can produce different results. I am a statistics person nor a real strong finance person but I do read that money news and often the articles are simple enough for me to get the picture of what is skewed. What is being reported is not really truthful but you should already suspect that.
            How many times in your lifetime have you seen so many government economies faltering? This interest rate low is also a sign to consider. This was low artificially for BO’s entire time in office. It is an historic low and it is not there because our economy is healthy. It is there because it is sick. It is artificially low to stimulate the economy and in the stock market it has created a credit derivative environment. People again are speculating and it is a financial bubble just like the mortgage bubble. Problem now is we are trillions of dollars in debt and so is the rest of the world.

          8. I Seigel says:

            So it sounds like you would support additional regulations on the financial sector? Dodd-Frank? Did the Republicans make a serious error by dismantling or weakening its provisions?

          9. SDofAZ says:

            It was not just the republicans or the dems, all the administrations put in their time deregulating. The ones I am talking about set banking regs and personal financial regs to assure the lenders were not unbalanced in speculations and the personal regs set minimums of income to debt ratios, etc. Minimal safety standards really. LIke would someone who made 40k a year and single qualify with nothing down for a 300k house? Not in the old days but during the mortgage derivative of 2007 that person got the loan and the house. He was paying only interest per the variable loan so he managed that speculating a quick sale on rising prices. The loan was sold in a bundle of many bad loans like described and maybe a few good ones. Then the bubble burst and we got 2007. Bush nor BO could have stopped that. No laws to prevent it. The self regulating game. Now we have a credit derivative of the same type being sold. I am telling you like it is. Believe me or not. This is the worst of what created 2007 and whether you believe me or not this country, the world is not over this yet. And they are at it again!

    2. reggie says:

      They can’t stand for anything. They’re so weak kneed and lily livered they sit down to pee.

  • TexRancher says:

    This is pure BS! Ryan has turned on us just like Boehner and McConnell did!
    Ryan gave the Socialists (corrupted former democrats) everything they wanted in return for — NOTHING!

    We, The People gave them the Senate and the House and in return, they both screwed us!

    The worst enemy we have is in Washington, D.C.

    1. LaRae Bailey says:

      Boehner picked his own replacement and these shit birds signed right on to him, what did you expect? The same old dirty dealings to the American people

  • Roy F Wilt says:

    I’m sure as hell not going to give him “A Pass”!

  • Bob2002 says:

    Yea Mark Meadows, Ryan is reaching out alright. He is capitulating to the Democrats on everything they want. Which to me, is no better than what John Boehner did the whole time he was Speaker. Might just as well not have the Republican majority in the House and Senate if you are just going to initiate the Democrat agenda. We put you guys in charge to stop Obama; not to fund everything he wants. Where is the leadership? We voters will remember this next year.

    1. reggie says:

      What good did it do in 2014?

      1. Bob2002 says:

        Yea, all we got in the 2014 election was another batch of RINOs. Perhaps that is all the Republican Party can put in office.

        1. reggie says:

          They have to protect their own pig trough. Hillary will continue to protect it, Trump, Carson, and some of the others may/may not.

  • Bob2002 says:

    Yea Mark Meadows, Ryan is reaching out alright. He is capitulating to the Democrats on everything they want. Which to me, is no better than what John Boehner did the whole time he was Speaker. Might just as well not have the Republican majority in the House and Senate if you are just going to initiate the Democrat agenda. We put you guys in charge to stop Obama; not to fund everything he wants. Where is the leadership? We voters will remember this next year.

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