Dave Brat waiting on Donald Trump to flesh out entitlement plans

Virginia Rep. David Brat said presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump could have a tough time delivering on his pledge to protect entitlements without increasing the national deficit if he is serious about not making any cuts to the programs.

Mr. Brat said there will be some “tension there” when Mr. Trump finds out that in 10 years there will not a dime left to spend on national security and other areas of government.

“When he finds out that there is no money for education, transportation and running government in 10 years, you are going to have to deficit fund the whole government,” Mr. Brat said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Mr. Trump has vowed on the campaign trail to save Social Security and Medicare without making cuts — suggesting robust economic growth could stabilize the programs.

For his part, Mr. Brat, who defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the 2014 GOP primary, has supported raising the retirement age for Social Security recipients.

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  • Alan Doud says:

    Simple. Stop nepotism and inside deals. Stop treasonous supporting enemies with billions (Where does those billions come from if there is no money) Keep the money at home in our economy and workforce. Stop frivolous milk and bilk programs designed to cheat tax payers and line the pockets of buddies. Bring back tariffs that was meant to stabilize the economy. Lending programs such as SBA should go to citizens only. Job programs Vets and citizens first. This is just a few off the top of my head.

  • Alan Doud says:

    No money for schools, SS and vet programs yet there was enough money to give the enemy Iran 6,000,000.That is 6 billion US $. what would that money mean at home. It would go back into at home spending medical and so on strengthening the economy. Instead aiding Iran in their vow to destroy us. Are we raising a country of idiots? Why would anyone vote a supporter of such things like Hillary back into office? there should not even be 1% of the people supporting Obama or Hillary and most of the democratic congress or any republicans respecting such office.

    1. Steamer says:

      And yet our liberal media fails to report that an Hispanic steals a police officer’s gun in an attempt to assassinate Trumps at his own rally! I think maybe we ALREADY ARE a “country of Idiots”!

  • ONTIME says:

    We do not have to import non assimilating middle eastern refugees and allow illegals to cross our borders and then give them entitlements…That money is for Americans in need and B’Ob created a huge number of them since he slithered into office……

    1. Josephine Woods says:


  • SDofAZ says:

    I think Trump who is a financial person has a grip on what he faces. And additionally any good accountant could identify the fat and trim where it helps. I don’t think our politicians have a clue about a budget and Brat should be a bit more informed but evidentally not. How about divert what is sent to the countries south and other parts of the world to our own economy. How about boot the freeloaders off welfare and entitlements. And let us not forget deport the illegal aliens who are voraciously sucking on the systems. Add the unvetted refugees BO has rewarded with our social security, etc. too and then ship em back to points of origin. And on and on and on.

    Plenty of room to assure our seniors who paid into social security are paid what they were promised. In fact, maybe Trump can give em their COLA. BO seems to be too busy giving money to the illegals, unvetted and UN to give a cost of living raise to our seniors for how many years now? If anyone with any sense was running our government we would not be in the situation we are now. Someone needs to teach a Budget 101 class to congress. Go Trump.

    Arrogant narcissistic sociopath BO and he thinks we believe he has done a great job? Delusional too! But then not listening to others is another fault of a sociopath. Everyone else is wrong, only he or she as in Hillary are right!

    1. Alan Doud says:

      There was a guy that lived in a complex where I did that was bilking Christian churches.Probably found some legal loop hole to hit up their charities. In any event they finally had to send him a big check requesting he used it to move to another state because they couldn’t afford him any more. We should follow the example send aliens milking the system to some other country or back to their own.

  • Steamer says:

    If greedy government officials had kept their hands out of the money we citizens and our employers put into Social Security it wouldn’t be in the dire condition that it is now. SS was NOT tax dollars it was our FORCED retirement plan. My employer and I paid nearly 6 times more to SS than what i could put into my IRA. My IRA has enough $ in it that it would last until I’m about 109 years old based on the small monthly SS payments I am eligible for. Now there are rumblings of the Govt. trying to take senior Citizens IRA’s. What is the definition of theft?

    1. Alan Doud says:

      there was more than enough money when they dipped their grubby fingers illegally into SS. SS was not to be involved in government or used for ID. the whole idea was to protect the citizens from the government. Like the constitution they are trying to take away didn’t do much good. Everyone just let them get away with it. The Lie was there was a vast surplus that wouldn’t hurt anyone and it would help pay off the national debt. Well the debt got worse due to more inside thieving from government.

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