Democrats’ ‘DREAMer’ demands threaten spending bill, gov shutdown in coming weeks

by Chad Pergram
November 26, 2017

A showdown could loom in December.

Not over tax reform, but over funding the government.

The federal government is funded through December 8. Republicans control the House and Senate. But historically, the GOP has failed on its own to provide the necessary votes to avert a government shutdown.

The party required a bailout from Democrats as recently as Sept. 2015 to help make up the vote deficit and pass those spending bills. Republicans sometimes balk for a variety of reasons. They don’t like stopgap appropriations packages. They’re disgusted by the process. They demand more for defense. What about entitlement spending? Where’s the plan to reduce the national debt?

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  • Liam says:

    Can Congress ever return to ‘regular order’, where every element of the annual budget was debated in public hearings and differences between Senate and House versions resolved in ‘conference’ with the imposition of arcane and stupid ‘rules’ before being sent to the President for signature? This gamesmanship of conflating ‘policy’ with ‘budget’ and forcing ‘continuing resolutions’ is leading The Nation to an inevitable bankruptcy. God Save These United States… because our elected elites of both parties, in their quest for more power and control, cannot be bothered to put Country above Party and Person.

  • Jose says:

    As usual, the republicans are afraid of their own shadows and the demoncrats will “ALWAYS” cater to the ILLEGAL INVADERS since this is the only way they can get more votes. It is time for the republicans to grow a pair and support the President; do not be afraid of your own shadow.

  • John Wirts says:

    This is irresponsible thinking. To fund ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS while we have a huge deficit is insane! The U.S. needs to balance the budget by cutting spending. Exit and quit funding the U.N. stop foreign aid and any gift programs of the U.S..

  • bobnstuff says:

    Ted Cruz shutdown the government over the ACA so why would it be any different for the democrats to do it over DACA? Why is it OK for the will of forty conservatives to overrule the rest of congress? In the past Trump supported solving the DACA problem. A clean bill would be better but we know congress doesn’t work that way. We need the moderates on both sides to take over congress and start making government work. These games need to stop but as long as we have people unwilling to bend on anything and others who are afraid of them we will have gridlock. Pass the bill and move on.

    1. ccblogging says:

      No DACA, No Democrat Globalist Agenda! We are taking our nation back, so you parasitical Democrats are out of luck on implementing your globalist insanity. MAGA!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        You do understand that Globalism was Republican before it was Democratic. Also in order to make America great we need the markets of the rest of the world. There has been no other President that has damaged our standing in the world more then Trump by his lack of understanding international relationships, international trade or the fundamentals of manufacturing. One of the things that has helped create the economy that has promoted the growth of our nation is the influx of fresh blood and youth provided by immigration. As unemployment drops a problem of a shortage in the labor force developed and our economic growth is slowed. There are still republicans that understand these things but the new right wing of the party is working hard at pushing them out.

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