Donald Trump says the shootings in Dallas were ‘an attack on our country’

Hours after five Dallas police officers were killed and seven others wounded during a protest of this week’s shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump reacted with a call for peace.

“Prayers and condolences to all of the families who are so thoroughly devastated by the horrors we are all watching take place in our country,” Trump tweeted Friday morning.

Trump’s campaign later announced that his event scheduled on Friday in Miami had been canceled, and released a statement condemning the “horrific execution-style shootings” as “an attack on our country.”

“It is a coordinated, premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe. We must restore law and order. We must restore the confidence of our people to be safe and secure in their homes and on the street. The senseless, tragic deaths of two motorists in Louisiana and Minnesota reminds us how much more needs to be done,” Trump said in the statement, referring to the police shootings earlier this week, although the shooting in Louisiana happened outside of a convenience store, not in a vehicle as in Minnesota. (The statement was later corrected to read “two people.”) “This morning I offer my thoughts and prayers for all of the victims’ families, and we pray for our brave police officers and first responders who risk their lives to protect us every single day.”

“Our nation has become too divided. Too many Americans feel like they’ve lost hope. Crime is harming too many citizens. Racial tensions have gotten worse, not better. This isn’t the American Dream we all want for our children,” Trump said. “This is a time, perhaps more than ever, for strong leadership, love and compassion. We will pull through these tragedies.”

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  • Elaine says:

    This is the kind of message I want to hear from a President. The focus is, first and foremost, on the victims and their families. Then the blame is laid squarely where it belongs … on the criminals and their disregard for the law. Not once did he mention blaming it on the gun, or lack of gun control.

  • Original Anna says:

    You know, I don’t get why the FBI doesn’t investigate these protestors like black lives matter and others paid by Soros to riot and attack people. These protestors show up in air conditioned buses for God’s sake certainly not paid for by the protestors. They are inflaming and instigating a riot which is illegal and they should be serving the long years in jail that other rioting protestors are serving and even worst because they are being paid by Soros to do his dirty work. It isn’t Trump dividing this country into black and white, it is Soros who donates heavily to Hillary and the democratic party. Soros has been building this burning and killing like Ferguson and Boston and why isn’t he being investigated and arrested, he is in effect committing treason against U.S. citizens and threating people who just want to go to a damn rally, you know the right to listen to a speech every now and than. You don’t see Soros sending these protestors to any of his lover’s rallies. That alone should tell the FBI where to look for the illegal activity of these protestors. Attacking physically and harrassing people is not peaceful protest, it is attacking physically and harrassing people which is illegal.

  • Victoria Scott says:

    If one has a gun, don’t ever give them up, as that is our ticket to freedom.

    1. I Seigel says:

      That might be true if you’re white. If your black, or Latino, or Muslim, it might be your ticket to the morgue.

    2. I Seigel says:

      Yes, if you’re white, it’s your ticket to freedom. If your black or Latino or Muslim, it could be your ticket to the morgue.

    3. jnora says:

      Per the Barretts (I know them), the government is going to start by taking away our ammo, so really stock up, my friends. REALLY!

  • Shelba Herring says:

    For Americas sake people wake up, if hillary is elected we will have more of obamas muslims stuffed down our throats, gays, lesbians, transgenders, blacks and women had better study the muslims philosophy or take a good look at the quran and read what it says about how they will deal with you, you will not be allowed to live freely, gays and lesbians will be targeted and put to death, most blacks will wind up in servile positions and women will be held hostage and raped repeatedly, is that what you want, vote for hillary and more than likely that’s what you will get

  • Stikit says:

    By the way…Right on Mr. Trump!!

  • Stikit says:

    The O”Buma administration didn’t have too much to say about the racist assault on white people, especially cops. Seems that is not an issue, because killing white folks ain’t really crime, because ISIS now made us their target, as not to be accused of hate crimes. So nothing to see here, except those damn assault rifles…how do I get them away from white folks.

  • Triple J Jackson says:

    Spoken like a true PRESIDENT! Good job Mr Trump lets see more of that side of you. People need to stop this crap Black folks and WHITE folks have not had any problems in many years Now all the sudden in the last 5 years Our Black president and Our Black AG have called for protest and rewards terrorism. We have let the Fox in the hen house people! It’s time to get rid of the predator. Put the guard dog back in charge! We need president Trump to bring jobs back and let some of these folks get to work and stop this protest bull crap.

  • Kahanna says:

    Obama Is America’s #1 Enemy!!
    He hates America and white people.
    He has been trying to destroy our country and the constitution
    for many years
    He has been successful, because the media is complicit
    in covering this scumbag POS ass and support his leftist agenda.

  • Horseman says:

    The black caucus is particularly pathetic. They think that some new gun law will change the world view of 90% of blacks.

    1. jnora says:

      A huge portion of the gun crime is in the cities with the strictest gun laws (i.e. Chicago and Washington D.C.). Doesn’t that prove that gun laws don’t help. The crooks are going to have guns no matter what. If they will murder, they will surely not worry about breaking a gun law. The first thing Hitler did was to de-arm the population.

  • Lorraine E says:

    Divide and conquer is the name of the game by this administration. The police have always been our friends and there for us when we need them. The act of one evil police officer, who will probably be jailed for his crime, does not entitle anyone to “get revenge” on innocent police officers who are doing their jobs. However, the brain washing plan is to incite riots and murders by the black community so that police will become afraid to do their jobs or quit and thereby allow our country to devolve in a war zone and thereby give the appointed president a reason to use the executive order he signed giving himself the authority to implement martial law. Objective achieved.

  • Horseman says:

    And, you are all dancing around the real issue which is black crime.

    1. jnora says:

      YES! They act like they want affirmative action in the prisons, for crying out loud! If they don’t commit a higher percentage of the crimes per capita, then there would be less blacks in prisons. If they would obey the law, there wouldn’t be so many blacks in prisons. They have that attitude that I abhor. They should just assimilate and try to raise themselves up…the opportunity is there for anyone that wants it, no matter their financial situation. They like the money that comes with crime and drugs and so they stay with that lifestyle and pass it along to their descendants! THAT is the problem…black crime. There is plenty of white crime, too, but not as much proportionately.

  • Namdoc68 says:

    Here we have a shooter who states that he is mad at whites, wants to kill whites and specifically white cops. How is this not a hate crime or do only white people commit hate crimes? Here we have a shooter who does the same thing as terrorists yet he is not described as such. Why not? Here we have a shooter who is a born-and-raised American citizen who decides on his own to become a terrorist. Why is he not called a domestic terrorist of a home-grown terrorist? Here we have a shooter shown in pictures giving the Black Panther Black Power sign. So why is this not described by BHO as the race-driven, terroristic hate crime that it is? Must not fit the progressive narrative of a Christian clinging to his Bible and gun.

    1. jnora says:

      He should not forget that there are still a lot more of us than them.

  • jnora says:

    Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump…I had to put my Trump sign on the inside of my house window so no one would steal it. Why is it that it is only the Democrats that do things like steal signs, etc.? I would be ashamed to call myself a Democrat!

  • BruceW says:

    Trump, right again!!

  • justinwachin says:

    I’m glad to see this report on Donald Trump. His remarks are right and reflect what most Americans want in a leader.

    Donald Trump is doing a good job attacking Hillary. I’m glad he is also showing us that he has the tact and sensibility to be an effective president.

  • says:

    Soros ,Obama, Saul Alinsky— devisive techniques,massive corruption within the fed , banks and stock market .Communist hillary, the NWO all out to destroy America.. Totally false job and economic numbers.. We are currently a Banana Republic and they didn’t build those “FEMA” camps for nothing ..

    1. jnora says:

      First thing to do, according to Alinsky (and Hitler) is to dearm the citizens! They are working on it, my friends.

  • PBHayes says:

    Until the leftist socialist Progressive Democrat movement is destroyed once and for all we will continue to see Islamic Jihad and black violence on our streets. Violent criminals are nothing but that and should be given no respect and no quarter. Appeasing these crazed murderers is what got the world into two major wars resulting in the death of tens of millions and we are headed in that direction. Obama speaks of the BLM movement and Islam as groups who actually have real grievances against our country. Read the Koran and listen to what these idiots in the BLM movement believe. They’re all the same to me. They deserve nothing but prison and/or death so they can finally discover they have been killing for a non-existent God and a pedophile murderous false prophet.

    1. jnora says:

      I stay in my house most of the time because there is just so much evil out there. Such a shame!

      1. jnora says:

        Has anyone noticed that Bambi has bowed out after just one stupid comment? She can dish it out, but she cannot take it. Can’t take the truth, that is for sure. Gotta run now, but it was nice to vent. You guys keep it up and lets get Trump elected and try to stop the voter fraud. You know the Clintons are aces at it. GO TRUMP…donate as much as you can…I did and I have little on which to live…only Social Security. BTW, I LOVE rich people…I never worked for a poor person, did you? Oh, yeah, I worked for the government when I was 15…LOL.

  • GrizzMann says:

    Black Lies Matter. Based on a lie and remains a lie.

  • Jerry says:

    This was orchestrated by Obama, Hillary as well as some of the Black Caucus and Black low life’s don’t matter. This was to do 3 things Start the race war we knew Obama was going to start, They funneled the AR15 or long guns to the killers so the Democrats could go after the AR 15’s, This was the Black caucus. Hillary helped to get her name off the top page of the news. The leader of Black lowlifes, knew too much about it on TV this morning. Everybody knew before we were told they were black. Obama gave the dog whistle out last night from Poland. The shooting started right as soon as the demonstration was over

    1. dcfla says:

      I’ve Pointed this out, & thank You for doing the same, HE USES Every Horrific Event or Incident he can, for either further Division, or HIS AGENDA..Gun Control, Further US By Dividing, SO, the CONQUERING Goes ON! We Have been Invaded, Infiltrated, & From the TOP ON DOWN, CORRUPTED! Divided is NOT What we NEED, WE NEED TO Re-Unite, or GO DOWN, Like ALL Empires who HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN through SHREDDING Their Strengths, Weakening them, One thin thread after Another!..The More DIVIDED WE ARE, the Easier WE ALL Make HIS JOB! To…Continue to Conquer Our Nation, & Continue Our becoming just ONE more..3RD World Nation..Everything POINTS to it, EVERY SINGLE THING HE HAS EVER DONE! Such a Very LONG List..MANY Acts that TELL Exactly what HIS Words have MEANT..Actions Always SPEAK Much Louder than just words, AKA..HIS LIES!

      1. jnora says:

        I’d like to see them try to get the guns from our Tennessee rednecks! It wouldn’t be pretty. Sort of glad I live in the South. Yes, we love our guns. I know the Barretts. He says they will go for our ammo first, so stock up guys.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          It is great here in the South, born and raised, ROLL TIDE!!!! 🙂

          1. jnora says:

            Well, I was born in Colorado, but it is too high, too dry and too expensive. I love the South. Alabama, however. Hmmmm. My ex was all SEC in Football at FL (played left defensive end at 195 all his career), so I am not fond of Alabama. Jack Youngblood played behind him all his career and my ex had a knee injury his last year and couldn’t go pro. His last game was the Gator Bowl 1970 against TN where FL won 14-13. His first year (he played varsity all four years) was Spurrier’s Heisman’s year. Had a nephew graduate from AL, though. Funny, I used to make Tooth Fairy Pillows for a little sewing business I had and Alabama pillows were my No. 1 seller. Couldn’t sell a U.T. one to save me…LOL. My son graduated from LSU (full academic scholarship…what would you do?) and my other son went to Middle TN State University (has more undergraduates than UT). I went to college in TX. Just so it is SEC I am fine.

  • PatrickHenry says:

    Are these THE home grown Terrorists BO warned us about?

    1. Bill Burnett says:

      BLACK LIES MATTER is considered a terrorist organization.

    2. kbfallon says:

      No–that would be all the muzlims he stationed all throughout the country and no one is aware of who they are or where they are—they have rights according to him.

      1. jnora says:

        To me, NO ONE that is not an American citizen has ANY rights here in this country. Miranda or otherwise!

  • Worried Vet says:

    Trump is right. We have to unite and find a way to stop this. There are many honest, good cops out there who don’t deserve people saying to kill all cops. That kind of hate filled remarks won’t fix a damn thing. When a lease In the black community says to kill white cops that’s wrong period. This country hasn’t had any leadership for years, only response is to have more gun control. It’s sad politicians start right away for gun control instead of trying to at least five the families and country time to mourn. It’s a disgrace to keep doing the same thing every time this happens. These agenda driven idiots should be ashamed. How they think gun control would fix any of these murders is not using common sense, look at Chicago, San Bernardino and others. Where there is strict gun Controls has not done the first thing to keep guns away from criminals. Why would they follow any law about guns when they commit murder. It’s time to stop dividing us to further any agenda period. Stop disgracing your selves and come November we can’t vote most the idiots out in both parties. The corruption in D.C. is to wide spread to keep most any of them in office. It’s time to kick them out when they only care about power,money, control and not losing their jobs.

    1. jnora says:

      GREAT, on point comment worried vet. The vets seem to really know what is at stake. People one generation (the ‘Greatest Generation”) ago seemed to, also, know what is at stake. You, my vet friend, are the ones appointed to take the reins from them and convince people how fortunate we are to have what we have. Those who feel the way that Bambi69 (name speaks volumes as to what kind of people they are) does, need to perhaps move to a socialist or communistic country and lose their rights instead of misusing ours. For the things you did, you did not do for people like them to act like they do, Hoo ya to you! Thank you for your service. All the cop killers should be burned at the stake to show what happens to people that act like that. There should be cameras and audio in every direction everywhere the cops go to show everything. The bad cops should be disciplined to the full extent of the law and so should the offenders! There are more blacks in prison because they commit more of the crimes. What do they want, the same percentage of the population of blacks there are in prison as there are of the population? If everyone quit breaking the laws, we would not have this problem. Don’t they see that? Why can’t they see that there are valiant blacks and blacks that have made so much out of themselves. Look at Colin Powell. He was raised in Harlem. They have all the advantages the whites have if not more. In places where they don’t, it is their own fault because of their behavior. They need to learn to quit breaking up families and having babies just for welfare money. That is not healthy for a culture. Follow the lead of people like Condolezza Rice, etc. She, too, was raised in poverty. It can be done. The whites have to work hard to make something of themselves, also. I know, because I did it. Wasn’t easy!

      1. Worried Vet says:

        Thanks. This division has got to stop when something can be done to fix this. My worries for my grand children being mixed are real. This destructive way of trying to solve this just makes it worse. I wish everyone would wake up and unite and maybe see some people say and do things to divide us to fill their bank accounts. There are many who claim to be on the side of justice and only care about getting rich. The majority of the media are guilty of pushing this crap to make money. They don’t care about the real problems they only care about headlines real or fake to make money. Until we wake up it will only get worse

        1. jnora says:

          I, too, worry about not myself so much as I am 66 years old. However, I do worry about my son and my grandchildren. What kind of awful world are they going to have to live in for the next 70 or 80 years? Hillary is so evil and people follow both her and Obama over the cliff like the Pied Piper followers. Heck, she knows that she will be OK, so what does she have to worry about in life? This is what the Bible means about how hard it is for a rich man to go to heaven…easier for a camel to go through the head of a needle. I know many rich people that will, more than likely, be in heaven one day. They are not greedy and do good things with their money. Then there is Hillary and Bill. They are not only power hungry and greedy, but they have blood on their hands, Benghazi at the very least of it. The legislators are trying to take God out of this country and this country was based on God’s tenets and that is when it was at its best. Blacks and whites are all God’s children. He loves us all the same. Why can’t people understand that and get along? Because God gave us free will and it is US that is messing up everything. There is nothing wrong with believing in God and living life as a Christian, yet we will be persecuted, even by Americans. It has already begun. Our minister has been told by the authorities that he is being watched because he saw something he should not have seen in another country, one in Asia. This is scary, my friend. He continues to preach against homosexuality and will continue to do so. He (and I) are not afraid to die. I cannot imagine living life without my faith. I fear for those who do not know God. That is the only thing getting me through life. Perhaps this is God’s plan…to let us implode ourselves. Not by flood as promised, but by our own stupidity! There is no justice in this country anymore. Lady Justice has taken off her blindfold it seems.

          1. Worried Vet says:

            Your right and I’m not to far behind you. You said the key word about this country, stupidity. I want to add hubris for the elites in charge of the country.

          2. jnora says:

            Worried Vet…I am very well educated and I had to look up hubris! Never heard that word before…thanks. May come in handy for my crossword puzzles. Before all this mid-East stuff started, years ago, I was doing a puzzle and I have a genius (IQ of 153) son. The clue was journey to Mecca and was 4 letters. When he said hadj and it was right, I nearly fell over. Now, many people, including me would know it, but then practically no American would get it. To reply to your thoughts, the word fits in wonderfully. They have their noses so far up in the air, they can’t see what us normal people are doing…suffering from their dastardly deeds. I think if Trump chooses Newt for VP, he will win. Hillary so exposed, even though let off the hook legally, will still hurt her. Maybe their are some Democrats with some morals and don’t appreciate lying (though I doubt it sometimes). Maybe the old time Democrats that are Dems because their grandfather was a Dem, etc. Then again, they probably don’t even know what is going on in the world either. I don’t know how anyone, especially a Christian, could vote for her. I don’t think you could be a good Democrat and a Christian, if for nothing else, the abortion issue. Also, the Democrats promote idleness via their welfare system. To me, hunger is a good impetus for working. Even if they have to work on picking up trash on the highways, etc. In Russia, old women may sweep the streets, but everyone works. I am quite disabled (truly) and it just killed me when I was on disability (now it is combined as regular Social Security). I have worked hard for 50 years and still it bothers me. I would work if I could, but Social Security’s job specialist said there is NO job I can do and he is, unfortunately, right. So, I try to help people as much as I can. Things that cost little or nothing, like teaching young people to sew. I have a hard time sewing now, but I can teach it. We have generations of people on welfare. There is a job for anyone that wants it and there is an education for anyone that wants it. They come up with excuses and more excuses, but there is an answer for all. I lost my beautiful, paid for house on a golf course (not foreclosure) to pay medical bills…I actually pay doctors and hospitals…when I was on Obamacare for one year because I couldn’t pay the 20%. Most people wouldn’t give up what I did. I also had to sell all the gorgeous things my parents left me. I sold $22,000 of things out of the house. I live in half a duplex now and have little left that is beautiful, but I have my Lord and all the necessities of life. I am fine with it and my mother would be glad I sold them because she would rather me pay my bills instead of dissing creditors. I have very little money, but a credit score in the mid 800s. Too bad most of America doesn’t think like that. I am not very materialistic now and have a nice, well built, cozy home that is almost as large as my beautiful home on the golf course. I drive a 12-year-old car, but it will last the rest of my life because it is a Lexus. Both my house and my car are paid for, albeit them old. I take good care of both and don’t ask for more. My one luxury is I have a lawn guy now. My docs won’t let me mow my yard anymore. I am truly very blessed, even though I had my youngest son commit suicide a year and a half ago and my oldest son is mentally ill (married) and treats me awful. Wouldn’t even speak to me or sit with me at his brother’s funeral or since. The wife of my son that died won’t ever again let me see my two local grandkids (no reason…the entire family can’t see them) and my other granddaughter is in VA and I see her once a year, but he is being mean to me this year and not letting her come. My heart is broken, but the Lord eases my pain when it gets unbearable. I stay mainly home alone with my cats. I know, the crazy cat lady. My hair is coming out from the profound sadness so I wear lots of hats so I am the crazy hat lady at church. To me, I am the plain crazy lady. I stay to myself because I am just so sad. This election is making me even sadder. I have lost about everything and now I am about to lose my country. I pray it gets turned around for my son and my grand kids. Grandparents have no rights in my state, so I cannot see my grandkids here until they are 18 and I don’t think I’ll live that long (at least I hope I don’t). I don’t want pity, because I find peace knowing what is in store for me in eternity. Our lives are but a blip on the radar in the scheme of things. I didn’t mean to divert, but I have to vent from time to time. My depression is so very severe and it is so hard to manage and battle it. My Lord lifts me up when He knows that I can bear no more…just as He has promised…He will not let us bear no more than we CAN bear. All we can do about our country is pray and vote and talk to people sensibly, not in anger, about what is at stake and why Trump should get elected and pray he chooses Newt.

          3. jnora says:

            I am going to stop now, so I hope all of you will forgive me for the long posts. I type incredibly fast and sometimes I get going and don’t realize they are so long. Again…I am sorry! Please forgive.

          4. Worried Vet says:

            I’m glad you found a new word. I read a lot and study every day because I want to. I have been out of high school for over 40 years now but I still learn. I hate that your depressed and I’m very sorry for it. I lost my oldest grandson to suicide a little over a year ago, he would have been 22 this October. It was a total shock. I seen a doctor and they give meds but I go to the VA. Their not much help at least here. I understand grandkids. I have one who will be 17 next month I have not seen since he was six months old. The generations on welfare. I worked for the system for a long time and the fraud with Medicaid and food stamps is unbelievable. I left that job to do taxes and accounting so then for the next 24 years I seen fraud with refunds run rampant. The irs don’t seem to care much until the last few years. The people who use others social security numbers because they don’t have one, because their illegal. They file and receive earned income refundable credits in the thousands. The people who have three or more kids and split them up and the parents file separately to get earned income credit when if they file legal they wouldn’t. There are many more stories that would shock most people. As for democrats that are Christians I know many and with morals. They are my hope because they can’t stand Hillary. They know she is a habitual liar and crook. They also know she will day or do anything for power. I went back to college a few years ago to finish my MBA. The students there to get pell grants and loans and not worried about school was strange. They would attend classes just enough to pass and keep the money flowing. The number of students who bragged about when they finish that didn’t plan on paying any loans back was astounding to me. This is what our young people are being taught and have been for decades now. It’s a wonder this country has survived this long. God help us, and you will hear atheist say that when the bottom falls out. Like in the service there are no atheist in fox holes.

          5. jnora says:

            Yikes…next year will be my 50th high school anniversary. I can hardly believe it. My father went to his in Colorado (389 out of 600 were there) and their motto was “still alive in ’85.”

          6. Worried Vet says:

            That’s great. My father didn’t graduate high school he finished during WWII. He would have been able to go to a reunion of 65 years or so if he had graduated. I hit 40 years a while back got a little for 50 to go. We lost more than I though when I went. I hope less next time I go.

          7. jnora says:

            My mother and father both graduated high school, but neither went to college. My father was INCREDIBLY successful and quite wealthy. However, he was a smart and dedicated man…taught good values. He owned a machine shop and a neon shop in downtown Denver and then had his own business selling concrete equipment and designing concrete plants in FL. Also was a demonstration pilot for Cessna. That is why we moved from Colorado to FL sight unseen. I hold him in such high esteem. He could do anything he set his mind to do. He was a Christian and everyone knew it by the way he acted…he never had to tell anyone. Same with my mother. He sheltered her and she never worked outside of the home. Best mother anyone could ever have. Oh, how I miss them. I still want my mother, especially when I am sick. Life was just better when she was alive. That is one of the greatest blessing that God gave me.

          8. Worried Vet says:

            I agree my mother was a blessing. We had that and most kids don’t appreciate it now if their blessed at all of having great moms and dads in the home. The left started promoting have sex in the early 70s and we lost our morals. Now the left is pushing God don’t exist to push their agenda. It’s not a good time for America.

          9. jnora says:

            That is probably because of Viet Nam. Senseless war and then they wouldn’t let you guys win it (first war we ever lost) and then they treated you like crap when you came home. So very sad.

          10. jnora says:

            In my defense, I graduated when I was 17. Hey, a year is a year, right? LOL Funny how when you get older, you start aging yourself in half years again like you did when you were a kid.

          11. jnora says:

            But if they are a good Democrat, they would believe in abortion and a Christian does not believe in abortion…they think of it as murder. They can be one or the other. They may be good people, but not a good Democrat. They are mutually exclusive. In what state do you live?

          12. Worried Vet says:

            Well it’s not the same anymore compared to the 50s 60s or even early 70s. I know democrats who don’t think a blanket abortion during any time is right. They do believe in abortion when it’s rape. Or incest or the mothers health. I think some religious beliefs have bent more along those lines. I don’t know what I think anymore since I don’t like abortion. I do wonder though how I would feel if my family had one of the reasons I named. I think it’s a very hard call for most people

          13. jnora says:

            Well, if they don’t believe in abortion, they are NOT good Democrats. People will look at them and THINK they believe in it. It is the appearance of evil. I believe in abortion ONLY to save the life of the mother…that is it. Any other reason is murder in my opinion. I say you cannot be a good Democrat and a Christian. That is true. The Democrats believe in many very sinful things like homosexualism. I truly believe it is a sin. We may be born with tendencies toward different things, like, for instance, addictive personalities. God expects us to overcome those. I do not think we are born gay. I think our culture has made it into a place for wayward and lonely people and a fad and an acceptable way of life. It says in the Bible that it is a sin and that is good enough for me. If the government sees this and throws me in jail, then so be it. I have lived a good life and have no fear of death (or the afterlife anyway). I think the Obama administration and a possible Hillary administration will try to take God totally out of this country. One thing they can’t take is our thoughts and our souls if we are truly Christians. If I am to be beheaded someday, I would take it to stand up for my Lord. I would never reject Him, no matter the consequences. I hope it will never come to that.

          14. Worried Vet says:

            I agree the liberals only push the LGBT to have a cause. It’s an excuse to call conservatives racist and bigots for what they believe in. When they don’t have a cause they make one up.

          15. jnora says:

            It used to be ignorance. Now it is apathy and stupidity.

          16. Worried Vet says:

            Divide and Conquer. The liberal playbook.

        2. jnora says:

          One of my grandchildren is bi-racial, but it is Chinese, so I don’t worry about her. She will start at the #1 Public School in America in the Fall and you have to test to get in and it is totally race unbiased, so will be going to school with 70% Asian kids that are serious and want to make something of themselves and not thugs. I am relieved. I do worry about my other two grandkids, though. I do not know what is going on in their lives because I am not allowed to see them (for no reason). I pray for them every day, though.

          1. Worried Vet says:

            It’s amazing the difference between USA schools and what’s taught compared to many Asian countries. It was like that years ago in Japan. These elites wonder why the USA is falling behind, all they need to do is look at the differences and the curriculum in different countries. It’s not rocket science even though the idiots in charge think it is.

          2. jnora says:

            While on a cruise, my sister went to Jamaica. Most did not depart the ship, but she did. She visited an elementary school (or whatever kind of school system they had). She found that little bitty kids, say in the 3rd or 4th grade in our equivalent, were learning Algebra! It doesn’t take multi-million dollar buildings to learn. Why don’t they just build square buildings instead of making them all curvy, fancy and expensive? Our teachers are teaching crap. Teaching for a test here. My granddaughter came home from school (she lives in the VA suburbs of DC) when she first started school and told my grandson that it didn’t matter what you were born, you could be a man or a woman when you grew up. This is the type of stuff they are teaching. Even now in the 8th grade, one of her girlfriends received a very low grade on an excellent paper because she used Rush Limbaugh as a reference and the teacher told her that is why she received the low grade. Why can’t they just leave politics out of it? Simply teach them the facts of history instead of slanting them.

            I heard that in Texas they are discussing starting American history at 1887. There goes the Revolutionary Way and the Civil War. There was a building somewhere in the U.S. (I think some sort of black studies building) dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, Democrat. Can you believe the ignorance of the American public. We used to get a really good education. Pretty soon, we will have to address all envelopes in printing because everyone working at the post office will not be able to read cursive. They wouldn’t want the kids to read that pesky Constitution now, would they?

          3. Worried Vet says:

            It’s a fact. We have allowed them to control our schools to long. The problem is how to fix it. One thing the liberal elites think to keep pushing their crap on us, we will just lay down and say give us more. Well it won’t happen, and do they really think their whiny, safe space brats will defend those liberal elite? Wrong.

          4. jnora says:

            Last night, I was watch Bill O’Reilly’s American Patriot’s movie about Thomas Jefferson and I loved it. I love history anyway (sure didn’t in college). I have worried about what they are teaching in the schools. Although I could not afford it, I ordered the American Patriots edition (not the Real West edition) from Walmart (much cheaper) to be sent to my granddaughter to read. I hope she reads it so she will know what REALLY happened in spite of what she learns in school. He was actually a history teacher prior to becoming famous. He does great research and I imagine his book is really accurate. The founding fathers are not nearly as glamorous as we think they were…the movie certainly showed that. You should catch them on Fox on Sunday nights. I think (I may be wrong) they are on the regular Fox and not Fox News. They have also been renewed for next year. I’ll bet the liberals hate that.

    2. William Duncan says:

      I dont know when or where you servied, but I for one thank you for your service………..

      1. Worried Vet says:

        Your welcome. I served at the end if Vietnam. I was working with cryptology and had a top secret sci clearance. This is why some of my posts make me look angry. Hillary is getting away with some serious stuff because her last name is Clinton. Anyone and everyone I have chatted with who has had a clearance top secret and higher agree with me. The rules are much different when your a lowly service member. We agree on one thing if we had done what she did we would be under the jail still today.

        1. jnora says:

          My son has top secret (may be higher now) and has one of those “will have to kill you” jobs near DC. Can’t even have his phone in his car or use his credit card during the day. Says he is doing good things for people that do good things. Independent contractor.

          1. Worried Vet says:

            You made me think about my clearance years ago. I called my mom as often as I could afford and sometimes I used ship to shore. Well it was bad enough because of my job I couldn’t tell her where I was over seas but she had to use radio jargon. My mom was a nervous type and I had to give up using ship to shore. I worked with cryptology so telling her where I was and what I was doing was out of the question. She was glad when I came home so we could talk but still upset u couldn’t talk about my job. That’s part of the job and my point is hillary knew better and it was intentional.

          2. jnora says:

            My mother wouldn’t even watch much news during Viet Nam.

          3. Worried Vet says:

            My mother didn’t either. She was mad I went. I pushed her and my father to sign for me. It was the navy or leave home. She thought I had lost my mind. I told her after I came home for school which the base that trained me was, I was safe. They wouldn’t put me in danger. She didn’t believe me like mothers do. My job was safe and it was toward the end of Vietnam so I didn’t worry. She did for both of us.

        2. jnora says:

          She affects me worse than even Jane Fonda!

          1. Worried Vet says:

            I went over seas when Bruce Lee died and he was a hero but they still talked about Hanoi Jane. That’s a name I didn’t think anyone remembers.

          2. jnora says:

            I imagine everyone our age remember Hanoi Jane. I also think she is joined at the hip with the Clintons. You know….birds of a feather….the bad thing is that the younger people of today don’t know any of that crap about her or the Clintons. Heck, they were just being BORN in the ’90s when the bad stuff about Bill Clinton was coming out. Remember the death of Vince Foster? I hope Trump brings that up. Of course, the Dumbocrats won’t believe him. I truly don’t think Trump lies as much as people say he does. Do you?

        3. Arizona Don says:

          I too am a vet and I don’t care if I sound angry but angry is not the right word I’m pissst off. This women will take this nation down. There is no doubt in my mind about that. The current president is destroying the US Army I served my country in. Many of my friends gave their all, and he is making it look like it was for nothing. This stupid women may actually get us in a war with each other because she has made her top priority gun control (she means confiscation she likes Australia’s confiscation law). That cannot and must not ever happen here in America. Even the Aussies will tell you that. By-the-way the oath we took does not have an expiration date!

          Donald Trump says the system is rigged, and I agree, but it is worst then rigged. It is being stacked against patriot Americans, you, me and all good Americans including Trump, and getting worse everyday. If you want the freedom to pursue happiness as per our constitution they think you are on the wrong side. If hillary is elected our independence will be a thing of the past we will be dependent on this corrupt government. They think government can and will solve all of everyone’s problems. They can’t because THEY are the problem, not because of our constitution but because of the corruption!

          Right now, this very moment, Donald Trump is the only possibility of saving our constitutional freedoms here in this once great nation. There is no other possibility. No one else can or will! The choices are hillary or Donald. I suggest everyone choice wisely, lives may very well depend on that choice.

          1. Worried Vet says:

            I’m pisssst also. Your right lives depend on voting this time. Hillary is a lying careless stank with right to be POTUS let alone get finger on the button. These idiot liberals think it’s all well and good to keep spending money on stupid crap to socialise this county. Well Mrs. Thatcher said it well socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money duh were there. Obama has doubled the actual debt since taking office people wake freaking up. Now I was in the navy and when these guys came out with they surrendered to the Iranians to save Obama’s nuclear deal I was sick. There isn’t any deal not a good one. You can’t DEAL WITH TERRORIST PERIOD. Obama and Kerry are morons thinking anything else. We gave them back billions to spend on terrorist groups. How stupid can we get really. It’s not rocket science folks. It’s called common sense and research for truth. Don’t believe everything the corrupt media tell you. The media in this country has been the liberal propaganda machine for decades. Why anyone with common sense can’t see how they lie, avoid, bend and twist a story is beyond me. The two sets of standards with the media one for protecting liberals and if the same thing happens to a republican they crucify them. Now the law has two sets of standards one for lying , careless Hillary and anyone else. If a GOP had been so reckless with top secret material and the law says taking and storing it on a non secure classified place is against the law. They would have been arrested a long time back. If all this news and obvious pay for play at the Clinton foundation was a GOP foundation. Many would be in jail and the foundation broke up. People this country is going to hell fast and it’s not hard to see if you just look. We need everyone to look asap to stop this madness before its to late. We have a POTUS and his minions trying very hard to divide the races in this country. Turn the people against cops instead of trying to really debate and fix the problems. Not divide us all that is doing us costing lives and people all lives matter no one should die because of racist stupidity.

          2. Arizona Don says:

            It is surely true those who do not know history are bound to repeat it. There is also another saying from my father. He always said “learn from the mistakes of others because it is not possible to live long enough to make them all yourself.” He was also right! Unforced errors will soon destroy our once great nation unless we elect a non-democrat come November. Both political parties are currently being infiltrated by people who wish to bring down this once great nation. Only the people can keep that from happening. The current president has divided Americans from day one. There is only one reason to divide us or to pit poor against rich, black against white, ethnic group against ethnic group and religion against religion. It is to destroy America. As Lincoln once said a divided nation cannot stand. He was right! obama is the leader of the greatest threat the United States of America has ever faced. Hillary will be no different!

            The United States of America must be destroyed as it is today in order for the NWO to be realized. More specifically the constitution of the United States of America. It was george soros who said America is the only thing standing in the way of the NWO, he said that I believe in 2006 or 7, he supported obama. It cannot and will not ever work unless Americas freedoms can be curtailed. That is why obama is making such a push to control guns out of existence. As long as Americans are armed they see their goal unreachable. And I think it is.

            Between 170 million and 250 million innocent people were murdered “by their governments” during the 20th century. It was the bloodiest century in recorded history. When and if Americans are disarmed the murdering of Americans will make the 20th century look like a cake walk. To many of us have realized way to much freedoms and we will have to be either reeducated or done away with. Some say such a thing cannot happen here. They said that in Europe and Asia then. But it did happen!

          3. Worried Vet says:

            It’s happening now since the liberal media has gotten away with being the democratic propaganda machine for decades. With the media and schools responsible for brainwashing at least two generations. The liberals have not been slowed down in the least. I blame the whiny GOP even with bush as POTUS it was not stopped. I don’t know if it’s to late or not to fix this country, but we have to try. If Hillary is elected were in big trouble and that will make it impossible to stop with any chance of a peaceful method. She will continue Obama’s agenda and taking guns is number one. The liberals know they can not have an armed population and bring the NWO into existence. The main reason Japan didn’t attack the USA mainland was there was a gun owner behind every tree. Japan knew an occupation was not possible unless we were disarmed first.

          4. Arizona Don says:

            Right on the money my friend. If we can get Trump in there we have a chance otherwise no chance at all without war!

            Americans love their guns, for good reason, and will do whatever is necessary to keep them including going to war. The lessons learned during the 20th century must not be relearned in America in the 21st century.

            Not counting the wars between 170 and 250 million people were murdered by THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS! There has already been two wars started on American soil when governments attempted to confiscate guns. The American revolutionary war with Britain. The second was with Mexico when it tried to take back a cannon it had given to a town in Texas for protection. In both cases many died on each side. It can and will happen again. Make no mistake about that. Attempting to confiscate guns in America will not stop violence it will create it to the extent never before seen in the world. Even if the second amendment is somehow reinterpreted to not include individuals. Which is how she will go about it with a new supreme court.

            Interestingly enough those people who are now claiming it is impossible to deport eleven or twelve million aliens are the ones who suggest perhaps hundreds of millions of guns “can” be confiscated from unwilling noncomplying Americans and they expect them to all be confiscated! Really?

            Everyone knows right now today every act of violence against either citizens or police the president uses the occasion to push his gun control agenda. We may only know the basics about what happened and he is declaring more gun control is necessary and the incident proves it.

            What can we glean from the past that may help us figure out what could actually be happening here. Could the lead into WWII contribute anything. Well we know hitler used his own troops to attack German towns and blamed it on another nation in order to get the German people behind his actions of going to war. Could that offer any insight into what is happening here? Maybe. The most recent shooting of police in Dallas was certainly planned.

      2. jnora says:

        Yep…it doesn’t matter where he/she served…just that he/she did it.

  • Luke says:

    The libtard party of liars, thieves and criminals do sponsor many of the protest in America that has caused much damage and a lot of hate. I guess they believe it is easier to control the herd if they keep everyone fighting..

    1. Bill Burnett says:

      Very true

      1. Luke says:

        I live near Baton Rouge and have relatives still there, they were told that several bus loads of paid protesters were being bused in from St. Louis to cause problems in town..
        IMHO these buses should be stopped, which they will be at Jubin road on I-12 coming in.. These buses should be met with the fire power to shoot them to pieces and may well be.
        We don’t like no stinking paid liberal criminals coming to our town..

        1. jnora says:

          They had better stay away from LSU…my son graduated from there and would like to keep his alma mater! If they touch that tiger…arghhhhhh!

  • Patrick Driscoll says:


    1. bambi69 says:

      You need to shut your f…….g mouth. It is people like you who cause the horrific idiocy such as Dallas. President Obama is/was not even in the country when this horrible act occurred and he responded with strength and respect unlike the likes of you.

      1. jnora says:

        And your point is? You know he doesn’t do his dirty work himself.

        1. jnora says:

          It is people like him and his administration that has caused the division that caused this horrific event!

          1. kbfallon says:

            The worst is yet to come as his plan unfolds.

          2. jnora says:

            Yes and so very sad.

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            It has been named the Summer of Chaos from the brown clowns of the big house!!

      2. kbfallon says:

        And who the F are you to tell any one to shut their F-in mouth? The Empty tomato can is the worst thing to happen to our country and culture in at least 50 years. How do you explain to anyone why this guy is putting thousands of muzlims all through our country and not letting any one know a thing about it ….except to support them until they decide its time.

      3. Luke says:

        banbi, you sound more like a baaah, baaah

      4. hearmetalking says:

        Nambi bambi you get the stupid award for the decade. Everyday we hear no one can be this stupid, Then some one like you pops up to prove us wrong.

        1. jnora says:

          Bambi, looks like you are out-gunned (no pun intended). Gee, I hope you cannot vote…I imagine you are a felon or something.

      5. hearmetalking says:

        Can the American people just refer to you as numb nuts. Please name one thing that Muslim Obama has done in his long 7 1/2 years to make America safer, stronger and increase the livelihood of the American people. Name one thing that Obama has done to be pro-America, We can all name many things Obama has done to improve the strength of Muslims

        1. jnora says:

          He prays WITH them and let me tell you, he knows those prayers by heart pretty darn well!!!!! He won’t let us pray, but he prays with him. That gold Muslim-looking drape they always have behind him just grates on me.

        2. Victoria Scott says:

          In a round about way, due to his policies, Obama has caused our once great nation to fall. He planned this from day one. So, in a round about way Obama caused for all of these shootings because he wanted to destroy the U.S. I say, stay calm and don’t let Obama get to you, and don’t listen to anything that he says. And don’t ever vote for Clinton as she will be worse. Our nation has to heal after what Obama caused. We the people has to heal. And how do we all heal? First off, the people must learn to trust in Trump. Trump is a good man, he cares about this nation and the people, he will help this nation to heal. If you never heard of all the dirty ads from Clinton about Trump, you would like Trump.

      6. Ken says says:

        Have a cup of coffee – wake up. Arrogant King Barry Obanana is campaigning for Hillary and covering his ass. King Bo still operates with the same agenda that was handed to him by the Establishment when he took office in 7 years ago – just llike his predecessors for the last 28 years.

        1. jnora says:

          Yeah, on our dollar and on Air Force One!

      7. William Duncan says:

        He did NOT need to be in the country. he still has his phone and pen. Thats all he needs at any time, any place. When will America ever wake up ?? Some people will never learn, or face the truth like you, bambi69 !!!!!!!!!

        1. Cleverfun says:

          Do you think that “bambi69” is her stage name?

          1. jnora says:

            After looking at the picture and knowing her age, I would say “used” to be her stage name…LOL.

      8. BruceW says:

        Sorry a hole, but obama is the reason for all of the disrespect in America. If you don’t get it, you are part of the problem.
        I for one am tired of the liberal mindset and blame game.
        obama is a weak president and did not respond with anything close to respect or strength. obama is a coward, a liar, and a racist. If you believe otherwise you are a mindless liberal troll.

      9. jnora says:

        You claim to be a Christian in other discussions, and yet here we have an old lady using such foul language. You may have spelled it out because thinking it is just as much a sin as saying it!

      10. jnora says:

        I understand you smoked for 58 years. Shame on you. Don’t you know that your body is God’s temple? Such a hypocrite!

        1. bambi69 says:

          Who in the hell told you that, you blithering idiot? Yes, my body is God’s temple and I misused it. That is not an excuse for blaming someone else for your idiotic mouth!!!!

          1. jnora says:

            Words right out of your mouth, Bambi. You needn’t defame me by calling ME an idiot when you were an idiot to do that to your body. You said it in another discussion. Would you like me to find it and place it in this discussion, also? My ex died from smoking. First, tongue cancer and then Berger’s disease. It was his drinking, smoking, lack of God in his life, and his diagnosed sociopathic actions that made me leave him. Unfortunately, it was inherited by both of my kids. Glad it wasn’t me that had to take care of him. He just wouldn’t stop. Big strapping all SEC football player for FL, too. What a shame. Glad you stopped, though. Think of the money it cost you! Sorry about your husband’s trouble, too…honestly. I wouldn’t wish those problems on anyone. I am not really an idiot…just want people to take care of themselves. I have a sugar eating problem and my tests continue to come out perfectly. Not getting fat, either. Just lost almost 30 pounds without trying. It is the sadness of my son’s death, the terrible mental illness of my other son and the way he treats me, and not being able to see two of my three grandchildren (and they are local) that has made me lose weight and about half of my hair. I am not a diabetic because that is God’s work. I am surely not doing my job. I have other inherited bone problems that I cannot do anything about, unfortunately. IT HURTS, as I am sure yours does. Please don’t take offense. Just trying to keep you from starting again. My ex was only 65 when he died. I really thought cirrhosis would get him first. My son, at 37, knew he had it badly because all he did was drink. Always told me he knew he wouldn’t live to be 40. The Coroner’s report (very hard for a mother to read) said NOTHING was in his stomach except alcohol. So, his wife left him and took the kids and when they got to the end of the driveway, he shot himself in the head. Only 37 years old. He just disappeared from my life and his wife won’t let any of our family EVER see the kids. Now, THAT is pain.

      11. ricktenny says:

        What a lovely sentiment from who’s name implies a gentle soul. For the last five decades the Democrats have engineered an entire system that began with the takeover of the education system by the Federal Government. They have been able to delete things from what children were taught (things that were emphasized for those of us that started school prior to 1955) that setup a situation that now make it easy for the nations leaders to violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights from top to bottom. While this happened the parties public persona has been the party of the people. Elevate everyone. It’s all about Love and Respect, Income Equality, (think about what that one really means) sixteen years of education for everyone, free, good lord with the cost of a degree now somewhere north of $120,000.00, how will it be paid for. The party of everything for everybody. Don’t worry about money, we’ll just print some more. Now with a president the average Dem will defend to the death, who started polling senior Generals and firing those who decline to order there subordinates to use the Troops in their command against American Citizens in the Home Land. Can you imagine what that means. The party is very close to realizing the end game of total control of the people and their assets. Hillary Clinton is the perfect candidate for them to accomplish this and the best you have is STFU? Most of my friends who are Democrats are pretty intelligent people who during the last seven years have been appalled by who they put in office. They do not see his successor as good for the country. Think over what I said. This is a terrible time to make a mistake.

      12. Kahanna says:

        You are an ignorant moron!
        Just the kind of sheep Obama will lead to the slaughter.

      13. Stikit says:

        Who the F__K are you to tell anyone to shut their mouth…you terrorist loving prick! The ass wipe in Office is never in the country when there is a terrorist attack…or haven’t you noticed.

        1. jnora says:

          Good for you…why don’t you say what you think? LOL

        2. kbfallon says:

          Good point.

      14. Rodney Steward says:

        Well Mr. bambi, have you ever noticed that every time something happens he’s usually always gone or playing with everyone’s putter on the golf course! And U also forget Mr. bambi, he finds out about everything on the news, so now U know what U can do with your Kool-Aid mouth!

        1. bambi69 says:

          Sorry — It’s Mrs. Bambi to you, and you can’t blame the President for this one.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            Sorry Mrs. bambi, but U can bet it’s part of his clan behind this BS, such as BLM, or the new black putty cats, or what ever group it may be! But they all have one thing in common, they’re all weak minded blacks and about half or a little more have (perverted) to islam!

      15. KT says:

        Boy….your not very nice! Lefty alert!!! Deceived by the seducing lies of the Left……the Demon crats!

    2. dcfla says:

      Hey, Every “DIVERSION” & heat off of HITLERY..Counts in HIS “BOOK, AKA..AGENDA”..Shameful. Seriously, For Our Country has been so Divided, Infiltrated, Invaded, From Within & From Outside IN..We have been TRANSFORMED Alright, INTENTIONALLY, as Old as TIME Itself, DIVIDE & CONQUER..DONE & DONE..WHY WE MUST HAVE Mr. TRUMP..The System IS Broken, IS FIXED, Rigged, what ever someone calls it, IT’S THE TRUTH..& THEY ARE FROM..BOTH..Sides..Corruption is Top on Down, Far & Wide..People are being USED & MANIPULATED & TOO DUMB TO Even Know it, They are only..USEFUL FOR NOW..IDIOTS..Once like During HITLERS “REIGN” they’ll see once it ends, THEY’LL Have NO Further USE FOR THEM EITHER, & they will be..LEFT!! Alone to Defend & Protect..themselves, of course, this is ONE REASON he WANTS OUR GUNS! HE also USES Every Horrific Incident, Death, STORY, You name it, HE USES IT As either a Diversion, or an excuse to Further his END GAME, That END IS OURS..Gun control, Weakened in EVERY WAY Imaginable & Unimaginable..including Our Military, & now, HE’LL Further Turning Everyone Against each other, Actually DOING Some of the WORK FOR HIM! He knows, for the crazies, it doesn’t take MUCH TO Get them to DO What ever HE WANTS..As Proven by Dallas, & other Places around OUR COUNTRY..Not ONE GROUP Means, EVERY ONE IS A BAD APPLE, Not ONE “FITS” any Group..same for All Races, Religions, Classes, NOT ALL ARE THE SAME..Stop ALLOWING Yourselves to be USED & MANIPULATED..He’ll Soon be DONE WITH ALL OF YOU, & You ALL Will BE ALONE..with NO ONE TO Protect you, or Defend You..WAKE UP!

      1. Susan Kinslow says:

        <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq211p:….,..

        1. jnora says:

          Get off this site Susan Kinslow. We have enough scam artists in the White House and running for President on the Democratic side!

        2. kbfallon says:

          Hey Susan–if the scabs fall off before your crotch does-you should be ok!

    3. HadEnough says:

      You have got that right

    4. Rodney Steward says:

      Louis Farrakhan played a big roll in this deal!

      1. jnora says:

        No doubt.

    5. jnora says:

      If we knew all that he and the Clintons did that was illegal and conniving, it would make us cringe and revolt! I truly believe this country will have a civil war of some type, maybe in our lifetimes.

    6. jnora says:

      Yeah, with OUR tax dollars!

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