Eric Cantor presses amnesty for children of illegals: It’s ‘biblical’

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said granting amnesty to children of illegal immigrants is a biblically-based notion and that’s why he supports it.

“I’ve always said that there’s a biblical root and a tradition in this country that says we don’t hold children liable for their parents’ acts, and when you have kids who may have been brought here, let’s say, at 2 months old, unbeknownst to them, and they’ve been here all their lives and they want to serve in our military, my position has been I agree with that principle,” the Virginia Republican said, Newsmax reported.

He went on: “They should be allowed to serve in our military and be allowed to become part of this country as a citizen, but not their parents. Not the ones who committed the illegal act. So, this is the difficulty.”

Mr. Cantor has fielded quite a bit of conservative fire in recent days for his views of immigration. For instance, David Brat, who’s challenging Mr. Cantor for his seat, called him the “No. 1 Republican supporter of amnesty” at a recent press conference, Newsmax reported.

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  • johnsnare says:

    Now we know why this fraud and phony lost the election. Another phony conservative, with a left leaning liberal brain. Sure, just what America needs, an influx of immigrant children, that we will have to,clothe, feed, and educate. As my dear departed mother in law, would say.”America is like an old Whore, she lets everybody in.”

  • David in MA says:

    Mr. Cantor is committing political suicide and people had better understand he is a RINO!

  • edgineer says:

    Time to kick Cantor out.

  • JuneUSA says:

    Send them back to their homeland. We can’t afford all of them and we will not accept them when they take the food out of our children’s mouths., and we have to pay for them forever and ever. Congress had better do something and fast. Mr Cantor , we don’t need anymore Obama’s , especially a so called Republican one.

  • azbear166 says:

    canter needs to be removed from his seat!!!! what part of illegal don’t these people understand!!!!!!

  • Don says:

    Mr. Cantor needs to wake up and decide if he is a Republican or a DemonicRAT.

  • CTH says:

    I think Mr. Cantor might be reading a different bible. One has to wonder about some of the stupid positions he sometimes embraces.

    1. hpinnc says:

      It seems to me if the parents are here illegally, the kids would be too. In order not to break up the family, send the entire family back home. On the other hand, I personally do not hate these people, many of them are here to work & provide for their families, that’s more than you can say for many Americans who were born here & are leaches on the government. I would favor sending a same number of people who have made welfare a way of life, south for the same amount of Hispanics coming here. Of course I know that would never go over. I do feel like if they aren’t criminals, & are willing to try to contribute to their own needs, let the ones who qualify, serve some time in the military or something of benefit to this country, let them contribute something, not just give them blanket amnesty. I have met some these people & many of them are good, decent, honorable people. If it were up to me, I would not kick them out & slam the door. The ones who want to come here & bring their culture & flag here should not be allowed to come.

    2. David in MA says:

      The Bible does say take care of widows and children, BUT, it does not say illegal children due to shenanigans like Islamic Marxist Obama is promoting, for his purpose is to destroy America, not help the children. Hag Hillary will only continue such a destructive agenda and all for power and money.

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