Evangelicals launch effort to recruit 1,000 pastors to run for political office

A prominent evangelical Christian leader has launched an effort to recruit 1,000 pastors willing to run for political office, hoping to inject issues and candidates of faith into the 2016 election.

David Lane, the founder of the American Renewal Project, said he hopes he can persuade pastors to run for offices as varied as school board and city council to the state legislature and Congress. He’s scheduled an organizing meeting in January in Baton Rouge, La.

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  • I Seigel says:

    Pastors can save our nation by staying out of politics. Citizens can save our nation by demanding an end to ALL tax deductions for “charity”. The system is broken.

  • fedupwithpoliticians says:

    Thomas Jefferson was right about the need for a “separation between Church and State”. He warned us that the “irresponsible judiciary” would be the “germ of destruction of our nation” along with the Priests (pastors) that “abet the abuses of the despots for protection of their own abuses”. While Pastors may receive “Fed Ex miracles” from the 1 %, those 2 groups haven’t been paying the country’s debts for 34 years. Perhaps the 1 % write “FedEx miracles” to Pastors so they won’t have to pay taxes. I don’t remember Jefferson’s exact words but he also warned us about Pastors that “would take control of the country for their own needs for money and power (lust for it) based on deception”. Hasn’t any one noticed that this country hasn’t been able to balance a budget since the Christian Coalition got involved in 1980? $15 trillion in national debt has accrued since 1980. Prior to that time both parties were able to be fiscally responsible by paying the debt for WWII down from 125 % of GDP to 32 % of GDP in 1980. They can’t do that anymore. How many Christians wanted those 2 Muslims wars? How many corporations and business leaders wanted those 2 wars to “protect their business interests overseas”? Then ask, “How many Pastors, corporations, and business leaders wanted to raise taxes to pay for those wars?” So, Pastors and the wealthy “want what they want but they don’t want to pay for it”. That is the act of a child and not responsible people. I agree with Mike Lofgren. “Religion has degraded government and they have degraded religion” by their devious and slanderous behaviors like “lying for Jesus” and slandering John McCain in 2000. Why would I want to sing hymns with any THING like that? Those are just common bullies. Too many Pastors have enriched themselves while this nation has been severely indebted since 1980. Ask your Pastors how they are going to get the national debt paid back down to 32 % of GDP. I concur with Pierson & Hacker and Mike Lofgren that religion has radicalized the Republican Party. Christians had better look at their Bible. “When a leader listens to lies, ALL his officials will become wicked.” Since Pastors have ben listening to Republican lies, all of their officials have become wicked. The jobs and more importantly the REVENUES never came in 34 years to pay off the country’s debts! Their narrow focus on the “sins of abortion and sex” have remained the same while they completely blind to the “financial sins that caused nearly $15 trillion to go missing”. Why would I want to sing hymns with any THING like that? Then Pat Robertson complains that, “The people would rather be in the malls on Sunday than to be in Church” or Jesus “told us that they would hate us for being Christians”. He has a ready built excuse for everything except to look at what they have done to this country. You can’t reason with religion or the Christian crony system.

  • yael says:

    We need pastors in the blue states especially to step up and get involved in local and national politics. You pastors have the time-Oh, yes you do!- now get out there and save our nation. Praying is important but its only PART of the solution. In the 1700’s as our nation was being formed, pastors were always front and center of local and national issues. We need to return to that.

    1. Balto2 says:

      We had at least one President who was an ordained minister. James A. Garfield gave sermons in the Capital Rotunda. That wasn’t saying that the country had to support any special church, it was for the convenience of those serving in Washington to be able to attend a church service. Check out David Barton and his documentary on Washington. The only requirement was that the Government could not declare that we had to be a Protestant Country or we had to be a Catholic Country, like the feudal monarchy demanded in Europe. The Government could also not pick a denomination as a National Church and that was basically the goal and reasoning for our Religious Freedom. There were too many wars in Europe over religion as example, the English had their Church of England and the French had their Huguenots (Protestant and the Catholic King, Louis XVI was beheading the Protestants who would not conform to Catholicism which is much like the Muslims demanding that everyone must pray to Allah, or be beheaded. It is the Athiests like Madeline O’Hare who took God out of our classrooms and from then on, the Christians have had to bow down to the demands of the Athiests, a minority in comparison.

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