Ex-Clinton official got Boeing bucks while pushing Iran nuke pact – before $25B jet deal

by FoxNews.com
June 24, 2016

A former top Clinton administration diplomat who used his political sway to garner support for the Iran nuclear deal apparently was being bankrolled the entire time by Boeing — which is set to make billions off a jet deal with Tehran now that sanctions have been lifted.

Thomas Pickering, who also served as co-chairman of the board examining the Benghazi attack response, publicly pushed for the nuclear deal before its approval last year. He did so by penning op-eds, writing to high-level officials and even testifying before Congress.

With the deal in place, Boeing has since moved forward on a $25 billion deal with Iran Air made possible by the nuclear agreement.

While Pickering never denied being on Boeing’s payroll during the talks, he didn’t regularly disclose it either, according to a new report in The Daily Beast. And that’s the problem, transparency advocates say.

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  • Snoopy says:

    It is ALWAYS all about the money!!!
    Typical friggin’ politicians!!!

  • Worried Vet says:

    Well I hope the news I just seen about Hillary and her email. The corruption is coming out that she told state she didn’t want her personal email where anyone could read it. Now it seems personal is crooked crap she was hiding. If we can get this out past the lying media Trump wins. This media crap is getting real old. They ignore and deflect the truth. If any sane person can vote for her when she has sold us to the highest bidder and lied and tried to hide it by doing illegal email and a server that any idiot could hack into. She should be arrested and convicted of treason. They shot people during WWII for much less. It’s time we take our country back from greedy freaking crooks. To many have died because of their greed.if liberals still are stupid enough to keep believing this traitor then they need to move to Iran or some other country and pull this crap. See how far they get shoving crap down our throats like men in bathrooms with young girls. That idea is completely insane. There are reports of perverts using that law to look at babies going to the bathroom. I would bet if the GOP tried to pass that law all of them would be sicko perverts and all over the media trying to bring them down. This two sets of standards should piss off everyone. What happened to fair play and honor?

  • takeitbacknow42012 says:

    And by the way “Shame on Boeing” If you have stock in it get out!!!!

  • takeitbacknow42012 says:

    That’s just great – corruption and now Iran will be able to deliver their bombs on Boeing planes! Who thought of that great idea? Come on Hillary, admit it was you or perhaps Mr. Obama? You two!!!!

  • Harold Sammons says:

    Isn’t it noteworthy that someone affiliated with the Clintons would be making international deals ,that can screw the world but put big money in their pocket: ( has a great roll model in Hillary)

  • onefour says:

    It’s sad the Boeing would even consider selling a killing machine, yes planes can be used to kill think 9/11 also suicide flights, to a country that has vowed to kill us. Oh Russia would sell them planes but the blood would be on their hands not on ours (Boeing)

  • ch says:

    Traitor, traitor, traitor. He probably was trying to cover up Benghazi while Gowdy was trying to get facts.
    We need to vote all the traitors out of office. Since they won’t set term limits on their seats in Congress, we the people need to do it for them, by voting them out. It has to be so, otherwise they will keep selling us down the road

  • mudguy1 says:

    One more reason that if Obama was the President during World War II we would have lost. This would be like Boeing building and selling B17s to Germany. Sad but Boeing money ahead of keeping American safe.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      So do I my friend, but I’ll never give up on her and will continue anyway possible to make it better!

    2. Worried Vet says:

      Yes Obama was president he would have said I’m sorry to Hitler for whatever and we would be speaking German if we even survived. What a sad state were in today.

    3. Sinnie Kemp says:

      That depends on when you were born. This kind of corruptions have been going on at least 5 to 6 decades ago.

      1. mudguy1 says:

        Try the 50s and 60s.

        1. Sinnie Kemp says:

          Best time to grow up; things were not are crazy as it is today.

  • ralph says:

    just part of the Islam terrorist in the white house

  • DJTX says:

    We’re becoming a corrupt banana republic, where only a few politicians still represent ‘we the people’ and most only represent their own self-interests and those of the highest bidders….

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Seems that almost anyone will sell their soul to the devil to make a dollar, even if it is to our enemy!!

  • ADRoberts says:

    Face it. Clinton only deals with corrupt people. And those who might know too much, then have fatal accidents.

  • Bowserb says:

    To be sure, money has moved and there will be more money moving, via a circuitous route, from Boeing to Obama and Clinton. There can be no doubt that lots of money paid off many people. Airbus Ltd. execs are surely having strokes right now, furious that Boeing spread so much more money around than they did.

  • Worried Vet says:

    Shocker I wonder what Hillary and Obama know?

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Probably no more than they did about Benghazi! 🙂

      1. Worried Vet says:

        For sure. They know if the whole truth came out about all these cover ups the American people would want their heads. Our government is great at keeping the truth from us. Of we only knew how much they are deceiving us. This crap is what scares me because the real facts could cause a civil war. There are millions who are tired of being lied to. I wonder if they really know how ticked people are? I feel if they did they would change but I have been wrong before.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          You’re not wrong, this is why the WHOLE SYSTEM really wants Hellary for PREZ., she is everything they want, EVIL, GREEDY, and HEARTLESS, = another Civil War!! They know the people have opened up their eyes, and it scares the he$$ out of most of them! Why the BIG GUN CONTROL push!!

          1. Worried Vet says:

            Yes and more are getting it. I just seen a trump speech and he said a lot about the Clinton foundation and it’s corruption. He actually sounded like a president. I pray he keeps it up because he also included how the media is in the tank for Hillary. He spoke the truth and with conviction. He keeps that up and he will win. The only way he could lose is if the Clinton machine steals or bully’s voters. We will be watching at our polling places come November, I suggest every honest voter do the same. Don’t let these liberals steal the election by cheating or intimidating voters

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            Like Obama did!!

          3. Worried Vet says:

            Yes having people vote six times for him. I heard so many stories after the election but no follow up. We have no idea if they were true or how far corruption went if it was true. I lean on the true side because of the amounts of fraud reported. I don’t think we’ll ever know. If we found out the truth of everything being hidden and covered up by the government and media God only knows how the public would act. I know I’m tired of it. They are supposed to work for us not get rich while in office. Like Trump said the Clinton’s have made 151 million for speeches to many countries that mistreat women and gay’s. To corrupt company hot shots and why. She did many favors while SOS and maybe it will all become public. If she is elected and all the lies and corruption are out I’m moving to another country. if people are that loyal or stupid to out her in charge of the most powerful country after all her corruption it’s time to turn off the lights and go.

          4. reggie says:


          5. Michael Lloyd says:

            Where will you go? Mexico won’t have you. South and Central America rate as sub par sh!t holes. Africa? The Middle East? Everybody is scrambling to leave those two. Europe? The worst of the Middle East and Africa are there. Canada? You have an opinion and won’t fit the mold. North or South Pole, Iceland, Greenland, Siberia? You’ll freeze your butt off.

          6. Worried Vet says:

            Lol your right. So many places to go. There are a few places people do go to retire. It’s not liken the USA but now days that could be a good thing. No I will stay and fight to get Trump elected. He may not be the best but he beats the hell out of Clinton. Her being elected will destroy this country. She will be her husband and Obama on steroids. She is so corrupt this country could never be fixed. Anyway if someone don’t get control over our debt soon it won’t matter. The elites are protected but you and I not so much.

          7. reggie says:

            Yup, and they thought Brexit wouldn’t happen either, even after 0b0 “lectured them”. Trump right again.
            “Obama says ‘we respect their decision’ as Britain defies his lecture and trade threat to quit the European Union”
            dailymail (.)co.uk/news/article-3658258/White-House-crisis-talks-Britain-DEFIES-Obama-quit-European-Union-plunge-world-markets-shock.
            ‘It’s a great thing. The UK public have taken back their country’: Trump praises Britain for voting to leave EU as he says it’s ‘too bad’ that Cameron has resigned

    2. Michael Lloyd says:

      It’s a triangle of dirty secrets, deeds and lies. Corrupt 6itch Hillary has the goods on Bath House Barry and Raper Bill; Bath House Barry has the goods on Corrupt 6itch Hillary and Raper Bill; Raper Bill has the goods on Bath House Barry and Corrupt 6itchHillary. They have each others’ back by necessity.

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