Florida Swelters And Asks: When Will Power And AC Be Back?

by Gary Fineout
September 13, 2017

In a state built on air conditioning, millions of Florida residents now want to know one thing: When will the power come back on?

Hurricane Irma’s march across Florida and into the Southeast triggered one of the bigger blackouts in U.S. history, plunging as many as 13 million people into the dark as the storm dragged down power lines and blew out transformers. It also shattered the climate-controlled bubbles that enable people to live here despite the state’s heat, humidity and insects.

Those who evacuated ahead of the hurricane are returning to homes without electricity and facing the prospect of days or even weeks with little to ease the late-summer stickiness.

“Power, power, power,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott said. “The biggest thing we’ve got to do for people is get their power back.”

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  • PatriotGal says:

    Our daughter and son-in-law are in their seventh day without power. So hard for them.

  • justinwachin says:

    The number of people living in the deep south would be much smaller if it wasn’t for air conditioning. I wonder how many of the climate change folks live in Florida and are awaiting the return of their electricity.

  • Norman Fox says:

    Puke (Duke) energy is the worst in the state. A pole snapped with transformer.Their attitude from up nauth Indiana “SO”. Went back to check if wires were out of road. What was left of the trees had been cut bringing dangerously low the actual power line. I did not see it and it hit the top of my truck. I reported it and again “SO” we are busy. UH DUH to all the morons of Puke Energy you must really want to get the pants sued off of you. I called a friend in fire service to ask him to have dept check it out as a pumper is tall enough to decapitate the driver and passenger. What a bunch of BULL SHIT to have to go through to be safe.
    Be known I along with others in construction did go down to help out at our expense after Andrew. There was a 440 line down and a bunch of Florida Flash and Flicker (FPL) standing by the wire. One of my friends son was on a front end loader and had to pass over the wire. He ask these ass holes was the wire hot of course these know it all idiots said it had been shut down. My friends son is no longer with us because it was hot and got tangled in the bucket and killed the boy. So much for intelligence

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    2. USNavyPatriot says:

      Damn shame about the boy. More and more service people just don’t give a happy damn about doing their jobs well and with pride in job well done. Now that slack ass attitude is costing lives.

      1. Norman Fox says:

        The slap in the face was that we went there with our own equipment, loader,dozers,dump trucks, etc at no cost to them We never not, that we expected to, got a thank you kiss my ass, can we help with the expenses.

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