Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld: Gun Control Losing Because Americans Refuse To Feel Guilty Over Self-Defense

by Breitbart
April 5, 2015

On April 3, Fox News’ host Greg Gutfeld explained that the media’s gun control arguments increasingly fall on deaf ears because Americans refuse to feel guilty over using guns for self-defense.

Gutfeld said, “No matter how hard the establishment media tries, they can’t convince good people how bad guns are when they’re in the right hands.”

He then explained that the American people, while supportive of the police, have simply come to realize that there are long seconds–and frequently, agonizing minutes–between the time they dial 911 and the time police arrive. Moreover, he stressed that Americans understand that in many instances the police will only be coming to count bodies–that any defense that is going to happen has to happen before badges, handcuffs, or sirens are on the scene.

Gutfeld suggested the gun control media’s inability to understand these things has only placed greater distance between their esoteric arguments and the American people. He said: “Perhaps the media misses the big point…

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  • LaRae Bailey says:

    for those of us who are 30 minutes from the closest law enforcement on a good day the simple fact is if we do not own a gun we are dead before the phone dialing is done. as a female living alone it would not bother me a bit to shoot anyone trying to enter my doorway. the only people who it does slow down is the criminals if they think for a minute a person or home is locked and loaded, as it should be if they have any common sense at all. I will be shooting to keep from being carried by 6.

  • Les Siegel says:

    When I was 17 years old I joined the U S Navy to fight Comunism in Korea. I was very idealistic, and wanted to save my country. I would go and fight anywhere to prevent Comunism from coming here. Now that I am 79 years old I realize I should have gone to Israel to fight Islamist muslims. At least I would stil have something to believe in.

  • ChuckL says:

    So called “Gun Free Zones” should be called “Criminal Protection Zones” because the only people without guns will be law abiding citizens.

  • ChuckL says:

    Finally, a fair report on “People Control” which is masquersding as “Gun Control”.

    Greg left out the fact that the proliferation of private carry of guns has reduced violent crime throughout this country. It started when Florida passed the first mandatory “Shall Issue” law in the early 1990’s.

    I still have to see the reason clearly explained though, so here it is:

    Criminals are not stupid and they use the same analysis of success in their crimes as businessmen do in their businesses; “What is the reward/risk ratio?”

    As getting shot is a bad result, the chance of meeting an armed victim is a bad deal for the criminal. This reduces crime.

  • David in MA says:


  • Brad S. says:

    There is nothing more refreshing than a concise reading of Leftist pedigree.

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