Freedom Caucus goes all-in on IRS impeachment

by Rachael Bade | Politco
July 14, 2016

The House Freedom Caucus filed a measure Wednesday designed to force a vote to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, according to sources familiar with its plans.

Members of the group of conservatives had warned Paul Ryan they would file a privileged resolution — effectively bypassing GOP leadership — if the House speaker did not agree to initiate impeachment proceedings in the House Judiciary Committee. Ryan has declined to do so because Judiciary members don’t believe they have a winnable case against Koskinen. Several senior Republicans also fear the effort will inappropriately lower the standard for impeachment.

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  • theseer says:

    we have the right to use the power of citizen arrest….for all these crooks…
    we need to strengthen that power…and use it…

  • theseer says:

    90% of Americans believe there is rampant corruption and traitors to us and our country in our government … and it will continue never stop as none of the crooks and traitors are ever arrested, prosecuted who should serve long sentences…or worse for treason….
    both lerner and koskinen should have been arrested and imprisoned….

  • Timekeeper2 says:

    I hope that RINO Ryan loses his re-election bid… this guy is NOT a representative. Well, maybe of his donors….but certainly not the people.

    Something as easy as bringing up proceedings – there’s certainly evidence for it… let it play out… but not RINO Ryan – he obstructs the process …

    …and will the media talk about this? we’ll see.

    Vote RIGHT – it IS that important – Make AMERICA great again!

    TRUMP in 2016.

  • ADRoberts says:

    Do you suppose that Obama will declare by EO that he has the right to veto an impeachment? Or will McConnell show his wimpiness and write the rules so that you have to have 60 votes to remove scum.
    Whatever happened to the “nuclear option” that Reid put into operation to prevent the Republican from having any say. We had it so that it only took 50 votes for them to end debate or approve an appointee. Guess NcConnell had a reset butten so he could give CONTROL back to the Democrats.

    Traitors? Yes. McConnell, Ryan, Cornyn, Collins, and all RINOs. Totally controlled by elite CFR and Bilderbergs

  • Rodney Steward says:

    I’ve about decided that Ryan is a closet muslim, they’re appointed in all other high places, security and all!!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    It should be illegal for the I R S to be used as a weapon, and much of their power, and authority should be reigned in.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      I agree, like most all Gov. departments they’ve CREATED their OWN POWER!

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    IF Koskinen, the Tramp and the 0webomb don’t deserve impeachment then no one in the government will EVER be impeached.

    1. theseer says:

      yes you are correct….

    2. theseer says:

      they each deserve arrest….prison time loss of their positions and barry deserves permanent exile…or worse for the scam he’s played on us!!!!

  • Blue 3 says:

    They could have done this 3 years ago and didn’t. Where was the Freedom Caucus then? Ryan got legal advice stating that they’d very likely loose and more importantly don’t have a solid case. Sounds prudent to me particularly heading into a presidential election cycle that they again claim is the most important in our lifetime. Bunch of bozos who care more about seeing their names in print than they are conducting the country’s business. This is the crap that turns off independents when we need them most and for what gain? The president just chooses another one.

  • otoman says:

    Ryan, fulfilling the desires of his godfather Boehner. The takedown of the republican party. IMPEACH RYAN NOW.

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