Gay rights movement ‘emboldened’ by marriage ruling targets religious liberty

by Bradford Richardson
April 15, 2016

If the debate over marriage looks like it’s becoming more polarized, that’s because it is.

Professor John C. Eastman, founding director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, said the Supreme Court opened a Pandora’s box in June when it struck down all laws nationwide defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Rather than resolving an issue once and for all — as the court often thinks itself capable of doing — the decision only “further emboldened” the gay rights movement and led to a series of fights at the state level, he said.

“Now, they’re going after any exemptions for religious liberty and whatever. It’s incredibly polarized,” he said.

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  • johnthejustone says:

    The gay rights movement will now open up a front requiring that no mention of homosexuality may be made from the pulpit that states it is sinful. Woe to those who say good is evil and evil is good. ththey call that hate speech ere is a point when the Lord will no longer tolerate this nations evil. When we try to save a homosexual soul by telling him or her that their lifestyle is condemned by God – they call that hate speech when in fact, it is love speech. We do not want them to face judgement by God when they are in this sinful state and are in opposition to Him and His word. Now for those of you who want to immediately say “Judge not lest ye be judged” (one of the few verses you might know – here is a couple more “Judge with righteous judgement” (ie Gods’ word is righteous and it condemns homosexuality. And Pauls statement that Christians would judge the world. Again the measure used is Gods’ word. Now you wish to say – bugt you are a sinner too. And you are right – I am – but – I have accepted Christ and obeyed His word to repent (change my ways and mind), confess and believe that He is God, be Baptized (Immersed in water – because He commanded it) and thden work hard to follow His word throughout my days. You need to do the same. This is my love for you. Now those of you who are hardened to Him may now disparage me.

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet says:

    This is exactly why we need a Republican Pres. and majority Republican House and Senate that will vote to overturn the SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage and also make this transgender go away.

    1. Gnowark says:

      We have a Republican majority in Senate AND House, but I haven’t seen any legislation going to the Executive Branch where it could be signed, vetoed, or delayed (not acted upon). If the soon-to-be Republican President doesn’t get any legislation from a frightened Congress, it is moot. Maybe we can ask Congress to “grow a pair!” please, please, pretty please with sugar on top?

      1. Lily Haley says:

        It would definitely be vetoed by the current president or the next if we end up with a democrat.

  • Betty says:

    the refusal of the gay community to allow companies to refuse them service when other companies are available tp sue to force themselves on christian,s with their beliefs is losing them supporters I believed in live and let live but am turning against them due to their actions would now not vote in their favor as I did

    1. HENRI says:


      1. Betty says:

        Since I agree with you do not understand your reply There are those who gladly perform these but why try to force Christians to do so

  • Richard Hennessy says:

    This decision will haunt the Court just as badly as the Roe vs Wade decision did, and for the same reason: the Court had no Constitutional basis for the rulings, and just did what it wanted to do, the Constitution be damned!! After this ruling, together with the unconstitutional defense of Obamacare, the Court has no credibility.

  • JIMBO says:

    Yes the supreme court is trying to0 play God and they are getting burnt by there decision. And now there is talk of Obama being considered for a supreme court nominee. How much worse can it get than this?

    1. Gnowark says:

      I’ll fire an E-mail to Trump, and ask him if he is really serious about a communist/socialist SCOTUS nominee. I think it is probably just a DNC (or RNC, or both) pipe dream

  • justinwachin says:

    So much for tolerance and diversity. I’m not surprised. I figured once gay marriage was legalized it would open the doors to religious persecution on a level never before seen. Over the years the Supreme Court has created a variety of cottage industries due to their decisions on school prayer, the 10 commandments and abortion. Over time some of the Court’s original decisions have been scaled back. The same may happen with gay marriage.

  • Ken says says:

    The percentage of Gay Zealots/Bigots is proportionate to the percentage of Religious Zealots/Bigots – a small group for each but both are just noisy.

    1. Gnowark says:

      Are they bigots because of their zeal, or zealots because of their bigotry, and what about those in the middle? Surely you can disparage them also.

      1. Ken says says:

        Before asking questions it is wise to understand the words. When you don’t know that you appear less the intelligent.

        1. Gnowark says:

          It appears you consider them equivalent/comparable by Strunk & White, which is disparaging to their admonition to “make every word count.”

          1. Ken says says:

            Better things to do on the weekend – I’m going fishing. While you’re screwing your head back on you can figure out what zealots and bigots are. zif all else fails google it.

  • gerald Hughes says:

    The perverts and bent genders are not the problem, they are unimportant.
    The problem is the liberal dem bloodsuckers, they are also the primary culprits in beating on religion.
    We can no longer coexist with the liberal scum,the only way out of this without civil war, is to physically separate ourselves from them.

  • regulus30 says:

    America’s SCOTUS has become a “JOKE” , they have followed the “anti-Constitutional” president’s lead, instead of interpreting and upholding the Constitution they are rewriting it to suit their twisted liberal agenda. Obammiecare, gay rights, freedom of speech, right to bear arms are all things a DIKTAKER must promote to ensure his continued existence.

    1. rockcut says:

      You lose on your issues you make statements like this one.

      1. regulus30 says:

        probably to you, I need not say why; slurp.

      2. regulus30 says:

        would you believe I am NOT TRYING TO WIN ANYTHING; just exercising my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

        1. rockcut says:

          We both are exercising our first amendment rights. What a wonderful country we have, I hope you can agree on that. I just consider the decisions of our Supreme Court as being correct. Your anit-Constitutional only applies when the decision doesn’t go your way. I understand.

          1. regulus30 says:

            absolutely incorrect;; there is protocol involving the separation of powers, many times it is violated to seek an activists approval; you can have ALL THE RIGHTS you want as long as it does mean I lose mine. The squeaky wheel gets the grease in today’s arena, there is an old adage [it is called the 80/20] rule].

          2. rockcut says:

            We both have a right to exercise our first amendment rights and you scream absolutely incorrect. I was right you think your rights are under attack when decisions you do not like are made and you turn that into your rights have been violated. I will continue to exercise my right to disagree with you !

          3. regulus30 says:

            WHEN YOU WANT A wedding cake for your partner and I do not want to bake it because your position is objectionable to me and a law is passed to force me to accommodate you I HAVE LOST MY RIGHTS.You need to find another bakery who tolerates your position, that is the way this world works.

          4. rockcut says:

            All Americans have the right to be treated equally. You are just using and extending a line of unacceptable behavior when people who think like you base their decisions on the color of one’s skin or their sexual preference If one is in business they serve all and have no right to refuse service. Yes, they have a another choice. Get out of business. I personally do not need a wedding cake since I have been married to my lovely wife for over 50 years. I just have a different sense of justice for all.

          5. Gnowark says:

            Sorry Rockcut, I won’t bake a cake for you and your wife. I realize, to you that is not justice, but to me it follows “prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion.”

          6. rockcut says:

            Petty nonsense is my reply …My Lord you are twisted your quote to justify your actions.

          7. Gnowark says:

            Have a good day, defender of the Constitution that you apparently never understood (“twisted quote”?), and disparager of any that disagree with you.

          8. rockcut says:

            I defended the Constitution for 22 years in the military. I defended everyone’s right to their own opinion be it your’s or mine. I understand it well.

          9. regulus30 says:

            fascism is alive and well; I can chose anyone I want to do business with, it is my business not yours.

          10. rockcut says:

            you do not impress me with using the term fascism….to cover you unconstitutional behavior. It appears you are having trouble with diversity. When I served and defended America for 22 years, I defended all Americans not only the ones you would defend.

          11. regulus30 says:

            diversity is accomplished by all parties coming to the table with unbiased opinions [which you are not], nature takes it’s course, government should not be involved.

          12. rockcut says:

            People come to the table with many opinions and they are never unbiased. That is a pipe dream. The art is meaningful give and take and in the end a blended decision.

          13. regulus30 says:

            NOPE, when dealing with fringe groups [blacks . gays. illegals], America as it was founded always must give up what made HER GREAT; GO HOME WET BACK, suck it up blacks [get an education and get off welfare], and get the government out of our personal lives as to sexuality and abortions.

          14. regulus30 says:

            you do not impress me with your ignorance of biology either; if all people were gay save elaborate clinical manifestations of fertilization the human race would die. You can play all the head games you want but biology dictates the survival of a specie; heterosexual behavior as distasteful as it may be you is how we got here. progressive ideology will destroy this planet; Europe is in a shambles because of liberalism and you nut jobs want to go down the same failed path; repeating the same mistakes thinking there will be a different result is called [INSANITY].

          15. rockcut says:

            After reading this latest post let me be very blunt I am not GAY, nor am I ignorant of biology. You misconception plays right into the many misconceptions you defend.

          16. regulus30 says:

            YOU selected the venue I DID NOT; as we move forward in destiny may I remind you that America spent hundreds of thousands of young men’s lives to

            attempt to save Europe from [FASCISM] , which America is currently experiencing and the truth is you and all your compatriots really need to feel the impact of that concept [ideology] before you experience the brutality of your misgivings and there will be NO NONE to save you from it’s wrath. God bless America.

          17. rockcut says:

            You are speaking gibberish to me. I served with honor for 22 years in the military and I am a proud retiree. I served so you can post to me in your gibberish. Do not try to insult me .,….

          18. regulus30 says:

            YOU are one; my uncles and father served in the Bulge and the Pacific and won “purple Hearts” so don’t try and insult me either;they gave blood and treasure to give YOU the right to be here and not have to give the Heil Hitler salute or the commitment to the Emperor.

          19. rockcut says:

            Well, I followed in your uncle’s footsteps fighting in South East Asia and I am as equal to your uncles and you as an American. I am proud to my core to be an American.

          20. tim says:

            and any one of those businesses has the right not to be of service if they do not want to

          21. regulus30 says:


          22. tim says:

            any business has the right to refuse any service from any customer they want to

          23. Gnowark says:

            You sound like you think like a “progressive,” your first post was: “You lose on your issues you make statements like this one.” Where is your evaluation of your opinion (free speech) instead of your evaluation of regulus30 (attack)

          24. rockcut says:

            Read my whole thread with regular…comments for I have outlined my position. I also commented on his comments and position.

          25. regulus30 says:

            an example substantiating my point is the rewriting of obamacare by Roberts, it was never popular with more than [40%] of slackers, there are still 30/40 million uninsured [it failed to help], the insurance companies are going to drop it and Medicaid has been expanded placing a huge burden on states, it should never have been implemented because it was obama;s attempt to control 1/6 of our economy, NEVER ABOUT HELPING ANYONE.

          26. rockcut says:

            Roberts made the right decision. You are a nay sayer. Thanks to the Republican Gov. is the cause of so many uninsured who refused setting up exchanges and expansion of Medicaid. I will be honest I do not get my health care through the ACA so therefor I have formed my opinions from the outside. However, I will say that the ACA is not perfect and it needs to be improved. My anger comes when the two parties cannot come together and improve it or change it like adults.

          27. regulus30 says:

            no he did not; he rules against the populous and it is failing for many reasons, but obammie thought he could bully states into his fiasco and it failed because it is WRONG, just because you want it to happen does not mean it is right.

          28. rockcut says:

            The GOP governors willfully with held medical coverage from there people and had no other replacement or cared to help those people. This is one of many reasons I will never ever be a Republican.

          29. regulus30 says:

            liberal ideology at work, anyone can walk into ER and be served, you obviously believe in the myth of obam; let’s look at the way this joke was perpetrated on America; Pelosi/reid forced this idiotic scheme on America by not allowing discussion or amendments, re; to my early position that Constitutional protocol was abused by liberal zealots; you seem to ignore factual data [why am I not surprised] on the subject, it will gone in 18 months, no one RULES against the will of the majority of we the people. It is fiscally unsustainable and the insurance companies are opting out; it IS A FAILURE to join in along list of other liberal ideas that are pie in the shy.

          30. rockcut says:

            Going to the ER costs everyone and not the answer. You are wrong there were months of discussions and many amendments added to the final bill made by Republicans. Your claim is bogus. You are one of those standing on the sidelines cheering for now 4 years that the ACA will be defeated. Now, you are pushing the goal posts out another 18 months. I am not impressed.

          31. regulus30 says:

            health care costs have sky rocketed under this scheme, you are not going to see the reality so my discussion is mute, too bad for you. it WAS A BAD MISTAKE. PRIVATE sector should have dealt with it, health savings accounts, cross state insurance competition, introduction of “tort reform”and maybe just expanding Medicaid

            which [70%] of the newly insured have been pushed on to would have done the job; you see you are unable to approach a problem with pragmatic ideas, you are WRONG ABOUT THE PASSING OF THE BILL. NO SENSE IN DISCUSSING FACTS WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU, you are a social justice sycophant and so facts and critical thinking are not in your wheelhouse.

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