Get Over It, Democrats: Putin Didn’t Rig the Election

January 24, 2017

Without a real leg to stand on after watching the campaign implosion of perhaps the worst candidate ever to run as a Democrat, liberals are reaching back into Cold War lore to scare up distractions ahead of the Trump presidency. Accept it! Hillary lost the election because she did not engage with working class, breadbasket whites, inexplicably (and rather arrogantly) skipping over even the women in that demographic. No, humility is impossible when there is an inflammatory red herring to be played. Putin, seeming to lean slightly to the right in his muted comments about the US election, now finds himself at the center of a hacking controversy that no one believes, not even the Dems themselves.

The DNC is hoping beyond hope that no one actually paid attention to the saga of John Podesta and Julian Assange. (In case you weren’t paying attention, Julian Assange is the head honcho at Wikileaks currently living in exile in Ecuador. Why? Simple: He is perhaps the best whistleblower the Democrats have ever faced down.) Assange is a man Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly tried to kill, according to unidentified state sources.
Podesta is a close Clinton aide whose emails were hacked by an unidentified third party because of a typo from his aide, Charles Delavan, as reported by the New York Times.

Here is where the story takes an interesting turn. CIA operatives blame Podesta’s breach on Russia, saying they followed a shortened URL address into a hidden web of Russian infrastructure.

There is already a problem with this scenario: is an open service, available to anyone. It is not a sophisticated technique whatsoever. Neither was the “technique” that was used to hack Podesta originally. The breach was caused by a phishing email, which basically means that someone sent a Nigerian prince scam to Podesta and he clicked it.

Does this really sound like the technique that a man of Putin’s caliber, a guy who was photographed as an espionage agent within striking distance of President Reagan, would use?

You have to do some digging, and you have to know some people, but it can be – almost – confirmed that the Podesta hack that revealed Donna Brazile’s CNN debate cheating and the DNC’s sabotage of Bernie Sanders was orchestrated by a random flyover state neckbeard with rudimentary security skills. That is how Wikileaks gets most of its information, not to mention that the DNC completely skipped over the master of digital espionage, Assange himself, as a suspect.

The DNC also wants to try to connect Trump to business people in Russia. As a matter of fact, the Podesta emails showed that Podesta had a substantial amount of shares in a Putin-affiliate company. Even if the Donald has business ties with Russia (like DNC shill Jay Z), he’s only following suit with the Democrats.
Get over it, Democrats: Putin didn’t rig the election. Your remedial politics and arrogant candidate worked overtime on that job.


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  • snowyriver says:

    If Putin could have rigged the election, Obama would have never been in office. As it was the democrats in office at the time of Obama’s election rigged the election.. Obama was never eligible for the office of president of the United States.

  • justinwachin says:

    The Democrats did not challenge the accuracy of the emails which were hacked and released. Hacking basically showed the American people the total corruption of the Hillary rotten Clinton campaign. Vladimir did not create the emails or the corrupt schemes that Team Hillary used.

    One of the benefits of America’s decentralized voting system is the difficulty in anyone hacking the system. Many of us vote on paper ballots which are machine scanned. In Kentucky an audit is conducted after the election to verify the accuracy of the scanners by hand counting select races in randomly chose precincts and comparing those with the machine totals. In fact several of the Jill Stein recounts revealed massive voter fraud in some of the precincts which voted heavily democratic. My favorite example was the sealed voting boxes which contained a fraction of the ballots allegedly cast and counted on election night. Yes, there was fraud in the election but it appears to have been conducted by the Democrats. By the way, this is a good example of why the electoral system is a good idea. It limits the ability of regional voter fraud to impact the election outcome.

  • maxx says:

    If Hildabeast hadn’t used an unsecured private server all her slimy deals, emails and comments would have been recorded in the US Archives as prescribed by US law. If she had been an honest person that is what she should have done. But her job as SOS was used for corruption and criminal activities. Putin didn’t need to lift a finger to do anything to have her pushed aside by the public, she was completely responsible for that by herself. Trailer trash in Hope Arkansas is still trailer trash if it moves to D.C.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    As the saying goes, you do people wrong long enough, it’ll come back to bite you on the butt! The Dems. under Obama lost over a thousand seats in different areas of the system, but they still don’t get it! They’re so determined to make people pay for there own stupidity, they just keep digging a deeper hole and going further to the left, that it will cost more Dem. seats! Fine! 🙂

    1. Anthony says:

      Yes, what goes around comes around..

  • Webb says:

    Trump Won…

  • mort_f says:

    Some old adages:
    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.
    And then there is how to make a mule listen. You need to hit him on the head first.
    Equate the mule with the ass, the symbol of the Democratic Party. But it is an ass on steroids, and a simple bop on the head will hardly suffice.

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