Gingrich wins Western straw poll for Trump running mate

by Valerie Richardson
July 4, 2016

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won Sunday’s Republican vice presidential straw poll of attendees at the Western Conservative Summit.

Mr. Gingrich, who took 194 votes, for 20 percent of the 985 votes cast, was followed by Sen. Tom Cotton, Arkansas Republican, who spoke Saturday at the three-day conference and took 148 votes, or 15 percent.

Rounding out the top five were three former Republican presidential candidates: ex-Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

The seventh annual summit usually holds a presidential straw poll but switched this year after businessman Donald Trump effectively cinched the nomination in May. He has not yet announced his choice for vice president.

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  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Vote in November . . . .
    . . . . . . . the TRUMP and Newt vs the TRAMP and Fauxahuntus.

  • louann says:

    Jeff sessions would be good. Trump 2016

  • Gail says:

    I do not for the life of me understand why he would even consider Newt. Newt is old time Rino . Trump needs to have a VP that will carry his agenda not their own. Newt has always had the Oval Office in site He couldn’t win before because sane people knew all about him . He wrote a book about God with his 3 Rd wife an walla he is a saint. . They are right he can take out his opponents but he is clearly Establisment all the way . There has been 3 assassination attempts on Trumps life. Once he is president if they succeed look who would be filling his chair . We are tired of that bunch and it is time America succeeds not keep on with the same old bunch. We want Trump because he is fresh not well schooled in trickery of Washington.

    1. Lorene B says:

      The other person that I believe would be an excellent VP is Senator Jeff Sessions, definitely not an insider but has a great deal of experience, truly a conservative, patriotic American who supports the Constitution.

  • lindajoyadams says:

    NO! as Hillary care began then and Speaker of the House did not stop it and the collapse of the heathh care system only got worse and worse since, 1994 order to stop enforcing laws under Medicare and thievery began … then 1999 all of the medical records of any one with health insurance private, employer or govt became owned by Group health In AND no HIPPAA law for govt contractors and its a deadly mess. of errors and co mingled patients records to this day and no way to correct it as one cannot get a copy to even know and yet its what is often used in an emergency room, etc. I HAVE HAD TWO CLOSE CALLS WITH MY LIFE OVER IT. AND THE HIPPAA LAWS DID NOT MUCH GOOD WHEM MOST VIOLATIONS ARE UNDER THE GOVT CONTRACTORS as the medical profession already had ethic laws covering that etc with so many deaths and harm done to this day from it being used for treatment . And that is just health care. PLUS THE BOTCHED IMPEACHMENT THAT STOPPED THE WORK Cong Dan Burton was doing that was going to stop massive corruption in the govt. and foreign money into campaigns. And in health care the policy to ignore environmental toxic and chemical injuries and diseases got under way and is the monster in the health care now not being addressed as people get sick and injured more than every with less available now for treatment than before. . All this got missed and should have been addressed publically as you have the gift of gab and did not use it. to help the people. The welfare reform bill that entraps people in poverty replaced work fare that helped people rise out of poverty was passed also. He may be smart but in the wrong way and we do not need another one that runs around that California grove in power either worshiping an OWL? These lists of possible candidates seems to leave a lot of good conservative Republicans off of it and the people have had enough of the new world order running this nation with no oversight by the real govt as we are robbed and robbed of our public monies, and lives and livelihoods. Newt you are smart, but when we needed you to use it for the people, you blew it . and you knew that a stained blue dress was not gong to get a political out of office or many would have had to leave office over the years. You also missed the computer company and server set up while Bill Clinton was president also. that may still be an issue but we do not know this yet??? Donald Trump said he is looking for a governor that understands how govt works as it has not worked much since and got worse in 2002 when over sight of agencies of their contractors ended and the whole nation got contracted out. these polls keep leaving off a lot of choices.. Linda Joy Adams

    1. susaneskillern says:


    2. Kathryn Taylor says:


  • Lorene B says:

    Gingrich would make an excellent VP, lot of experience which Trump needs to effectively run our government.

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Yes he would. His age may turn off voters though, I don’t know. Trump isn’t any spring chicken and we like him lol. This is the craziest year I have ever seen. My first time voting was in 1976 for Ford. I was married with a newborn son. It seems like forever ago and a completely different election. The difference from then and now is astounding. The corruption that has become public now makes Nixon look like a choir boy. They pretty much kicked him out for a minor infraction compared to now it looks like a traitorous felon will become president and the media and many of this country is okay with that. What a sad time in our country.

      1. Lorene B says:

        I agree. It is so sad to see our country in the hands of pure evil.

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