GOP: It’s Time for Term Limits

by SCOTT WONG | The Hill
January 15, 2017

Emboldened by President-elect Donald Trump’s call to “drain the swamp,” conservatives on Capitol Hill are renewing their push to impose term limits on members of Congress.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) have already offered a constitutional amendment that would limit senators to two six-year terms and House members to three- two-year terms. Several other lawmakers are preparing to roll out similar legislation.

And the far-right House Freedom Caucus, of which DeSantis belongs, has been discussing whether to take a formal position in the coming weeks to support restricting congressional terms.

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  • Jim says:

    This would be the first step to draining the swamp.

    With the Liberal Progressive losing ground ever time they open their mouth, …..this may be our last chance to recover the Constitution as prepared by Thomas Jefferson the first democrat (small d) Republican.
    Our Founding Father’s wrote this Document to keep Government small, and none – intrusive.
    The Progressive party of Washington and Adams, wanted more Government,
    and in 1800 Thomas Jefferson began shaping our Free and independent Country.
    But the party of Washington and Adams keeps rearing it’s ugly head.

    And we have Democrats wanting to hold on to the PAST.


    Control and power …. They don’t give a damn about the Citizens!
    Only person gain!

  • patriot37 says:


  • William R. Sullens says:

    If they can pull this one off, which I hope they can, then they need to go after the lower federal judges. The only term limit to put on the Supreme court could be to put an age limit of 80 on them).

  • snowyriver says:

    Hate to bring this up, but Mr. Cruz has not shown me that he is even a citizen of these United States. If Cruz can be a Senator, then the son of Osama Bin Laden can also.. both have at least one parent as a citizen of these United States, both born out of the States.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    This won’t sit well with McCain, McConnell and Graham, the Obama lap dawg trio,and finally get Pelosi and the crud like her!

  • Ron Long says:

    Great. Along with this push in the House and Senate we need to support a Convention of States to propose Term Limits. The political ruling class in DC will never support term limits themselves, we the people must do it.

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • Reality99r says:

    There should be no such thing as a professional career politician.
    Constant turnover will enable the government to function with an injection of timely common sense (rather than entrenched corrupt dinosaurs).

    1. Retired says:

      That is why the military work , rotation of duty stations.

  • GrizzMann says:

    Term limits are in place right now. They are called elections. The terms are 2, 4, and 6 years. People vote for what they want. They deserve what they get.

    1. alshightech says:

      most of them vote for what is good for themselves. they really don’t know what they will get.

    2. mudguy1 says:

      Congress should have term limits as the President.

      1. GrizzMann says:

        Ask FDR about term limits. He is the reason for presidential term limits.

    3. Webb says:

      TERM LIMITS…This is what many Want, Hoping its what We Get!

    4. gvette says:

      True, but remember there are a lot of stupid people that vote! The only way to fix stupid, in this case, is term limits!

  • Daniel Amare says:

    The issue of term limits has been talked in congress well over 3 decades if not more but never materialized like many other pressing issues. It seems SenatorTed Cruz this time is determined to get results, we champion the Senator for that because no term limits opens the door for corruption on both isles. We pray also the Senator from Texas succeeds, “It can be done” RR. GHU JW

    1. gvette says:

      It’s hard to get term limits, when the ones that are voting on it, are the ones it affects! This one need to be on the ballot for Americans to vote on!

      1. Retired says:

        The only way would be through a federal election. And they would call it advisory so it does not have to take place , a game policics play.

      2. Clairewmcdaniels says:

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  • Webb says:

    How many in Congress are Willing to go along with Term-Limits…
    How many are willing to give up Fame and Fortune that our elected have fought against for years…Such as Term-Limits!
    How many are willing to give up $174, 000 per year and ALL The Perks that go along with their Jobs…
    Term Limits should have been installed Years ago…We Wait…

    1. alshightech says:

      most of these people turn criminal in their second term. they learn all the tricks!

  • suz says:

    I’m for term limits. The way the Dems. do the map they cut out the other side. Term limits may help with dishonest people that get corrupt like the one’s that told their wife to put the money from the freezer in her underwear. Good grief. I think he was from Louisiana

  • JIm says:

    At the same time, repeal Amendment 17.

    1. suz says:

      I think it also helps when these people get older they get senile which you just have to listen to Pelosi when she talks. She sounds like she’s drunk all the time. She looks like a drinker also with the bill of booze from the plane she use to have at over 1 million a year.

      1. alshightech says:

        i would swear that Pelosi has been brain dead for many years. Her eyes could only see her bank account!

        1. alshightech says:

          tell me how many of these creeps faces are mad of plastic as hers????

          1. alshightech says:

            her body has been dead for years but her brain stays alive from greed!

          2. suz says:

            We can only hope San Francisco gets another big one and takes her and her family with it.

    2. Thunder98 (Orcutt, CA) says:

      And also the 16th Amendment

  • Stephen Howe says:

    YES! We need term limits…starting with John Lewis, Whacko McCain, Linseed Graham, Schumer, Pelosi…etc.

    Most importantly, we need term limits on the SCOTUS justices.

    1. mudguy1 says:

      Mitch Mcconnell needs to the first one.
      SCOTUS yes and all the other lower court justices. No more lifetime terms.

      1. Thunder98 (Orcutt, CA) says:

        How about a 15 years term limit for SCOTUS?

        1. jbarrus says:

          Why so long for the justices???? Six years should be adequate, with only 1 term.

    2. alshightech says:

      yes, they are the worst, live only for themselves!

  • The_Frog_Prince says:

    Since ‘We, the People’ send these people to the nation’s Capitol to do our bidding, this is an amendment that needs to be put to the states to decided if that is what we want. I believe it will pass through the ratification process with no problem. Needed as new faces and fresh ideas on a rotating basis and not on a career party based basis.

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