GOP preps ‘Keep Your Plan’ bill after Obama health care apology

House Republicans hope President Obama will follow up his apology late Thursday to Americans losing their existing health plans by supporting a bill they are offering that will let these same people maintain their coverage for another year.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee said Friday the chamber plans to vote on the “Keep Your Health Plan Act” next week, offering a key test to Democrats who are nervous about early flaws in the rollout of Obamacare.

“Actions speak louder than words. If the president is serious about offering relief to Americans whose health plans are being canceled, then he should strongly support the Keep Your Health Plan Act,” Chairman Fred Upton, Michigan Republican, said. “This bill is a simple solution that would begin to restore health care peace of mind.”

The House has voted about 40 times to repeal all or part of the Affordable Care Act or alter it in some way, a run of bills that have died in the Democratic-run Senate.

But those votes occurred before the Oct. 1 launch of websites tied to the law. The federal version,, serves 36 states and has experienced rampant glitches that prevent users from enrolling in a new health plan.

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  • Ed Kitting says:

    Let it play out. Let the public sign those big checks for those government policies. Then maybe they’ll see what socialism really costs.

    1. awegweiser says:

      More than rampant, uncontrolled Capitalism costs in bought politicians, legislation and elections?

      1. Ed Kitting says:

        We have unions,epa regulations,the labor board,layers of taxes etc,so I would hardly say it’s uncontrolled capitalism,however with regard to the insurance market,without question corruption exists. Insurance companies kept purchases from across state lines from taking place with the grace of corrupt politicians therefore squashing any competition from taking place.
        The thing is the government could have addressed that law instead of taking over the insurance market,and by their own words,Harry Reid,Nancy Pelosi this is the first step to single payer.
        While that law in and of itself probably wouldn’t have completely addressed the unaffordable insurance market and the other barriers some people face,it would have been a lot better starting point than another giant government program.
        I don’t know how much regulation you want but I’m generally in favor of as little government in our lives as possible.

        1. awegweiser says:

          The Supreme Court, in its infinite wisdom and unbelievable stupidity, opened the gates for huge sums to be given by corporations and very wealthy individuals with little or no transparency. As a result, we have the Koch brothers doing all they can, in myriad ways, to mold our democracy in their warped, selfish and greedy image. And another case to permit yet more uncontrolled donations (ie” “bribes”) is pending.
          Just last week 10 of millions of dollars from Monsanto, Bayer and other monster corporations, swamped an initiative in Washington State, to merely label what is in our food, genetically modified items, whose safety is as yet unclear.
          Furthermore, not one person from the financial corporations whose greed cause the housing market to collapse, has been jailed.
          I call these, and many other circumstances, cause for more and better government regulation.
          Of course, many who favor as little government in our lives possible, see no harm in it interfering and controlling women’s, bodies, lives and health and even intruding our bed rooms. Case in point: the recently defeated creep Cuccinelli of Virginia.

          1. Ed Kitting says:

            To start,yes there are people on Wall Street who should never see the light of day. Why haven’t they……ask Obama. Don’t tell me there’s no laws against cooking the books.Campaign contributions should be limited to the individual not to companies unions,organizations etc. A $2500 limit on those contributions and an intent rider put on the above,which is basically attempt to circumvent said law is a felony,and will be prosecuted under the organized crime statutes.
            There is corruption no doubt,but that cannot exist on the grand scale that it does without corrupt politicians.
            Now your shot about abortion: Look there are many of us who object to a baby being sliced and diced and flushed like garbage.There are many of us that object to a child’s spine being severed,or their skulls being removed so people won’t be inconvienced by their presence,sorry as hell if that offends your perceived right to murder.
            Intruding into your bedroom:but it’s ok if I pay for birth control. With money comes strings,that’s a fact of life whether your left or right

            As far as interference in our lives: It’s the left who continualy expands the powers of the EPA who now tells you when and if you can fill in a ditch on your property that you pay taxes for,it’s the left who tells you you can’t gather rain water in rain barrels on your own property,that once again you pay taxes on.

            It’s the left who pushes for bans on transfats,soda,caffine, while at the same time pushing for legalization of coke,meth,heroin.
            This country is $17 trillion in debt,that’s getting worse every day, and for that thanks to both parties.If that trend continues all the arguments over this agency,that agency won’t matter because whether people believe it or not we can and at some point will collapse.
            That’s one big reason to oppose an ever expanding government,we can’t afford it.

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