Graham, Cassidy pull out the stops in race to uproot ObamaCare

by Chad Pergram
September 25, 2017

Republicans’ attempt this week to repeal and replace ObamaCare in the Senate is supposed to be their last shot.


The effort looks bleak right now as the Senate careens toward a Sept. 30 deadline to try to rip out the 2010 health care law and replace it with a plan engineered by GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, and Bill Cassidy, Louisiana.

They retooled their blueprint over the weekend by bolstering funding for Alaska and Maine to court the states’ respective GOP senators, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, who each have expressed skepticism about the bill but aren’t hard noes yet.

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  • metheoldsarge says:


    I suspect that you kept chanting “Repeal, Repeal”, for the last six years of the Obama Administration, just to try and earn brownie points with the voters. According to Senator Cornyn, there was no intention of doing any such thing. I think Trump winning the White House caught all of you flat footed because you expected a Hillary win. Now you are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

    Can’t you, in the House and Senate, get it through your thick boneheaded RINO skulls that Trump and most of your fellow Republicans were elected and/or reelected to repeal Obamacare? Not try to fix it or amend it. The two biggest campaign promises by Trump and you Republicans in Congress, was the repeal of Obamacare and the construction of the border wall. Neither has been completed or really started yet. Seems to me that the Democrats are working to block or stonewall it and let you Republicans continue to fight among yourselves. We voters did not vote for a watered down, quick fix, throw together, doctored up, Obamacare band-aid that you will, most likely, exempt yourselves from. Starting to look like the promise to repeal is turning into a barefaced lie.

    If you in the GOP were sincere, you would have started working on a replacement to Obamacare after the election in November. You also could have worked on it for the last six years. You obviously didn’t do either. You will need to come up with something quick, that makes sense. You should also try to get some Democrats on board. What ever you do, you should get it done by this time next year if you want any hope of keeping the White House and control of Congress.

    As much as I hate to say it, a conservative Majority in Congress is a joke. The Liberals never lost control of Congress. All that you RINOs have done is to join with Democrats against Trump at every turn. Now your true liberal colors are showing. You have done everything to disappoint me and nothing to impress me. You work hard. I will give you that. You are working hard to make sure that two of the biggest campaign promises of 2016 will not be kept. Remember when George H. W. Bush said “Read my lips” in 1988? We all know what happened in 1992 as a result of that broken promise. This time you weren’t even smart enough to put it all on Trump like Congress did to Bush in 1992. I hope you all lose your State Primaries next year by the biggest land slide your states have ever seen.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Remember all those new people elected in the last few years saying they would repeal and replace but who never bothered to write a replacement bill and lied to you about being able to repeal the law. In November the Republicans know they couldn’t do a total repeal but they haven’t to date told you that. The only ones that are even trying to get things done are the ones that know they have to work with the democrats or they can do nothing. Remember those 80 people that voted against the Presidents deal to get aid to Texas and keep the government running.

  • Humble Servant says:

    If the GOP can’t find common grounds to dismantle Obamacare then they may as well go home and quit. How can a group of conservative thinkers not come up with a viable plan better than the crap the Obamacare system shoved down our throat? Quit pandering to the liberals and make this right.

    1. metheoldsarge says:

      Why couldn’t they come up with a viable and better plan? The answer to that is simple. They never wanted to in the first place.

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